Stop this madness

Today is a sad day. I want to say that my heart is in Barcelona and I condemn this barbarism. Since 2004 Spain, my country, had not suffered a terrorist attack. It was a massacre. You don’t know the impotence I feel when I know that there is scum distributed by the world capable of killing anyone with cold blood, even children, without remorse and in the name of God. God is love, not hatred and violence. I can’t avoid putting myself in the shoes of some of the people who have suffered the attack or their families. I can’t conceive of the amount of shit these assholes have in their heads to do something like that. I’m not able. Today was Barcelona, ​​but you never know if the next time it’s your turn. We must put an end to this, but we must do it all, together. #StopTerrorism

First Appreciation Post!

Hi, it’s me your lovely Yoongi biased army person but my name is Jacqueline, just in case you guys didn’t know that. So it was shocking to see how fast my blog had grown the last couple of months. I made this blog back in 2013 and this was in the midst of my One Direction era, what can I say, except that I’m a sucker for boy bands, but I never really got the point of Tumblr so I didn’t really do a lot with this blog, it even had a different name, I believe I went under “mysafehavenonline” or something like that. I also never had a lot of followers and I was really insecure, which all changed when I discovered 7 amazingly talented guys(okay at first I only thought they were hot) I can safely say that I first thought that Jungkook was the hottest guy ever, although I still think he is way too handsome, he is a bit young as I’m a year older than Jin, so I looked further until I noticed Suga or Yoongi and I was sold.

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But let’s get to the point, just forget about what I just said. I never really thought my blog would grow so fast but it did and from 300 followers, I suddenly went to 400 and higher and now I reached a number I never thought I would reach. 

1.000 Followers and counting!!

When did that even happen and to say I’m puzzled about this is an understatement. I reblog mostly from others and only put up fan fiction, so I guess you must be liking that right? I’m really thankful for each and every follower. I’m thankful for the lovely messages I receive or the silly questions. I’m grateful for the games you want to play with me when I desperately pleading you guys. 

I’m happy that you are loving my fanfics, that I write with love and I’m grateful for the requests that you guys send me. The reactions you give me when I post a new chapter. It always brings a smile to my face and even the people who are giving me feedback on how I could improve myself, Thank you really because without those messages I can’t improve. 

Thank you for the followers who have taken the courage to talk to me and even though I’m not that good at keeping in touch, you’re always in my thoughts and don’t think I’m suddenly ignoring you, it’s just that I’m awkward and not always know how to keep up a conversation but I’m always here to listen to your problems or just your daily life. You guys share the same passion, who are these 7 incredible guys. 

So usually there is a follow forever but honestly, I don’t really know how that exactly works, so instead I’m just going to give a shout out to the people I talk to and admire. If I don’t name you, don’t think that I don’t like you or anything, it’s just that I don’t know you but again I appreciate and love every single follower!!

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@jeonity, @minimilkiway, @park-happyvirus-chanyeol , @skyebloodhood, @kpop-universe , @jeonjowaaan , @agust-d-bts, @notnormalhuman, @cutiepiefox89, @sierra-clifford, @coolkyky000, @pikamelly, @bubbytea, @peachytae5, @bandobsessed413, @allforbts, @unorthod0x-proxy, @war-of-hormoan , @war-of-hormone , @archer-whovian-violinist , @sugasuite , @jimiyoong , @koreanfan1 , @minblush , @daegucrew , @yoonseok , @jeonify , @bangtansonyeondarnit , @infiresseokjin , @parkjiminsjagiya , @pjmksj , @mochi-nochu , @jiminfc , @dailydoseofdia , @ktaebwi

These are just a few, that cross my mind right now and as I said earlier I named a few that I maybe never talk to but I do follow and admire you. It’s not easy to give a shout out to a lot of people but for the people I forgot, 


but it’s really a lot, so to the people, I forgot, also a shout-out to you! 

Also before I forgot this. I use a lot of Gifs and as I don’t have a clue how to make nice gifs I really, really appreciate the people who make Gifs because it’s amazing to see how fast you guys are and please know that whenever I use a gif you made, I always use the ones with credit and I NEVER repost them because I know how much work you put into them. I just really want to thank you guys for making the gifs in the first place!

So this was my first appreciation post, I hope I can make another one within no time and please if you guys want to talk or whatever, just know I’m here and believe me I’m just as shy and awkward, so don’t feel like you can’t approach me. Again thank you all so much for following me, I can’t say this enough and I promise I will be entertaining you with a lot more fanfics in the future.

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you can thank @noon30ish for this piece of softness


Viktor is usually the first to wake in the mornings.

The moment the sun is up he’s already stretching in bed, back arching delicately off the mattress, arms high and stretched far above his head until his palms meet the headboard and his muscles are satisfied. Sometimes he gets up, starts a pot of coffee for his night owl husband and scrolls through his instagram feed until he has two piping hot, steaming cups in either hand and he wakes Yuuri with a soft kiss and a murmur of “good morning, beautiful”.

Other times, he rolls around in bed and curls into Yuuri’s side if he isn’t already, with his palm flat on Yuuri’s chest and his eyes tracing Yuuri’s wonderful, prominent jaw, smiling so hard because he still can’t believe it’s been years since they first met rather than days. He stays there, tracing hearts into Yuuri’s skin, touching Yuuri’s mouth and cheeks and collarbones until the love of his life wakes and they kiss good morning one or two or twelve times before anything else happens.

Sometimes, though, Viktor is not the first to wake.

It’s rare, but it does happen, and when it does Yuuri is usually the one kissing him awake, holding him close and tight until Viktor’s breathless and one of them ends up on top of the other, eventually. Even rarer than that, though, are the mornings when Viktor wakes and Yuuri is staring at the ceiling.

Viktor’s mid-stretch when he notices one morning. There are blue-purple bags under his eyes and Yuuri is staring at nothing in particular, just up, far past the ceiling and the sky and whatever else is beyond that. His throat bobs, a slow, little thing, and his eyes tighten, and Viktor knows.

He reaches out, and when he touches him Yuuri jerks back to reality, stares at Viktor with wide eyes just briefly until they fall half-mast again, and his mouth quivers.

“Solnyshko.” Viktor brushes the backs of his fingers across Yuuri’s cheek, and he cups his jaw when the glimmer in Yuuri’s eyes grows more pronounced.

He’s seen Yuuri like this before, when the anxiety hits and the sadness that follows, and Viktor’s sorry that he didn’t wake up sooner.

Viktor’s already crawling over, wrapping Yuuri in his arms and pressing his ear over his heart. “I have you now, sweetheart.” he says, right as Yuuri’s hands tremble over his back and into his hair, and when they squeeze he tilts up and presses a soft kiss under Yuuri’s jaw. He feels Yuuri’s throat bob and the slide of water on his brow and Viktor only holds him all the tighter, lets Yuuri play with his hair and twirl his fingers around his curly q’s and push the curling ringlets of his bangs back into his hair.

They stay like that, Viktor leaving kisses into Yuuri’s skin and Yuuri playing with Viktor’s hair, until Yuuri kisses a thank you into Viktor’s brow and offers him a smile. It’s small, gentle, but Viktor knows Yuuri feels a little better and, to him, that’s what matters the most in all the world.

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hiello, so i finally decided to invest myself in sh (thanks to season 2b) i love your blog and i was just wondering if you could recommend me some sh (mutilfandom or not) blogs, people who post mostly about magnus, alec, maia, luke, simon and izzy. thanks!

YESSS 2b is a a thing of beauty and welcome to the fandom!!

My faves in no particular order would be: 

@amorverus @lukemagnus @magnusgoatee @lukegarrobane @highwarlockkareena @harmonization @alecmagnu @omamories @latinalightwood @laffbending @magsbanes @f-f-f-fight @abloodneed @banelewis @canislytherinthings @capstevierogers @samxbucky

apart from that i recommend daily blogs such as @dailymalec @dailyaleclightwood @dailymagnusbane @dailylukegarroway @shadowhunterspocdaily @izzylightwooddaily @maiarobertsdaily

scooby dooby doo where are you we got some work to do now scooby dooby doo where are you we need some help from you now come on scooby doo i see you pretend you got a sliver you’re not fooling me cause i can see the way you shake and shiver you know we got a mystery to solve so scooby doo be ready for your act don’t hold back and scooby doo if you come through you’re gonna have yourself a scooby snack that’s a fact scooby dooby doo here are you you’re ready and you’re willing if we can count on you scooby doo i know we’ll catch that villain

Super Junior...5AM thoughts...

I can’t believe it’s been two years. It feel like just yesterday Siwon left and now he’s back. Waow! Everyone came back so fast. 

The longest I’ve had to endure was Kangin and Sungmin. That is probably because they never updated their social media a lot during their service so I never saw their faces much. At one point, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I missed Sungmin so much I cried to myself. I just wanted him back. The closer it got to his discharge date, the more impatient and restless I became until pictures and videos were uploaded of him walking out with a huge smile on his face. I was so happy that day! :’) (then some people ruined it for us both)

With Sungmin back, I took a huge sigh of relief and didn’t get emotional over the other members being gone (mostly because they still made a few posts here and there when they were on vacation). Now, I look at Kyuhyun and Ryeowook’s discharge date…2018 and 2019…and I pray that time flies by. 

I was busy with university when Siwon, Donghae, and Eunhyuk left so maybe that’s why it feels fast. Plus, the group was on hiatus and I decided that this was my change to give me studies and life all the focus it needed because I knew it would be a mess once again when they made a comeback. 

Now, Siwon is back and we only have two more members to go. :)

It was so hard seeing Kangin leave since he was the first one, then Heechul and Leeteuk. One by one…but after Leeteuk came back I was at peace. It became routine and I just wanted them to go and get it over with so they can come back sooner. I respect their duty to participate in this mandatory service and I am proud of them for completing it. But, you can’t disagree that it did cause some struggles in the fandom - especially at the start. We got through it though.

And now they’re almost done!!!! 


I don’t really body brag a lot, but recently I’ve been really happy that the gym is helping me get stronger. About 2 Septembers ago I was in a really depressed state and didn’t really eat much as a result I got really weak. Since I got better I’ve been going to the gym mainly to build upper body strength, and now I’m stronger than my brother (but he’s always been a lanky guy, so no real surprises there). I just thought I’d say for the first time in a pretty long while, I’m very happy with my body (even if I am podgy in the middle), and I hope those looking for happiness in themselves find it soon. :)

Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

literally God

1 Corinthians 6:9‭-‬11 ESV

louis has such good comedic timing and does excellent line delivery.  here are two examples, off the top of my head: 

- dodgeball video where he goes on and on about how much he loves dodgeball and then they ask if he’s ever played before and he’s like “no, never.” 

- the “well, well, well…” during his evil cat impersonation 

so, even if he isn’t an actor right now he should be. he should be an actor in lots of stuff.   

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who are your favourite blogs? 🖤

i actually made a page here with all my favorite imagines blog !! 

but i also have to mention @myfriendmagislit / @fandom-imagines-forever / @cantankerousintrovertedpumpkin / @proudchocolateaddict / @sociallyawkwardperi because these amazing peeps never fail to support me, whether it’s by sending me lots of requests or just generally being super nice people !!!