• Krystal: The other members always come to me after they fight
  • Krystal: Which, keep in mind, is VERY often
  • Krystal: They just charge into my room, sit on my bed and cry until I ask what's wrong
  • Krystal: I hope that soon they'll realize that I really, really, really...
  • Krystal: Don't give a fuck

Kiri trying to teach Bakugou yoga

*bakugou face down, visibly shaking, with what Kiri assumes is tenacity to stay in position*

Kirishima: you have to try to relax Baku!

Bakugou, trembling and breathing heavily, secretly watching Kirishima in his joggers: …

*Kirishima, laying a hand on Bakugou’s lower back*: Here let me help!— woah, you feel like I do when I use my Quirk… are you—

*Bakugou’s hands start letting off explosions, and he is launched into the ceiling*

Kirishima: um…yeah, let’s never try that again…imma…imma call for— SENSEEEEEIIIIIIIIII

*Bakugou, blushing, foaming out the mouth, head hanging upside down from the crumbling roof*: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

the-darkest-of-souls replied to your post

You flaunt you’re credentials like that means you can’t be a stupid fucking person
I’m sure Richard spencer has some college under his belt and he’s full on retard just like you

😳 😳 😳

🙄 🙄 🙄


Random Hatfield appreciation - Stagecoach, 1939

Rewatched Stagecoach yesterday. It´s good that I already know what´s going on there, so I can be distracted by how damn pretty John Carradine is in this movie. Besides that, I do consider Hatfield to be an interesting character, just so you know I´m not completely shallow.

my brother’s always sending me cowchop vids like “please watch this they’re fucking mad its amazing i love them” and i tell him every time that i cant because they’re TOO crazy for me those dudes are on a whole nother level 😂