i love how ruki was so unsatisfied with this part of guren during the 2009, listened to it 3 times  and decided to change it.


now in the new version he brought it back to how it was originally 

do u get this  ? every time he performed this song he probably thought “damn fuck shit shit i should have kept it as is i dont like it”

he has been wanting to change that part for 8 years

and now he did 

*slow clap*

edit: srry this sure is confusing XD. to clear it up a bit if you listen to the recorded old version of guren at 3:11 and to the new version of guren at 3:17 you will notice the difference in lyrics XD

I did it

inspired by this fat cat


I’m just gonna sit in this corner of mine

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Zen and Mitsuhide got just drunk enough to admit that they both know very little about *the sex* and are *very* curious to learn more. And Obi... well Obi is just like LET ME LAY ON YOU SOME KNOWLEDGE

At the height of summer, underneath a sky full of stars, Kai Ulkir promises forever to a pretty girl with a spray of freckles across her nose. They kiss in the moonlight, fingers twined and wrists tied, and only part when the revelers ready them for their first night. Her smile is shy but eager as their hands slip from one another. His is bright and confident. He looks like a man ready to bed his wife.

But the night before is another story altogether.

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my brother’s always sending me cowchop vids like “please watch this they’re fucking mad its amazing i love them” and i tell him every time that i cant because they’re TOO crazy for me those dudes are on a whole nother level 😂

So maybe it was a weird thing to set him off, but really— was Tim in control of his life just now? No. He hadn’t been for several years, if he were being honest, and why change what worked? He was hardly ever an emotional wreck (once a week maximum), which was fine. One day in seven was fine.
Until it was one of those days, and he was standing outside his apartment, holding his key ring, trying not to scream or cry or punch a wall, or maybe all of the above. He hadn’t decided yet.
He was thinking about Bruce. Bruce didn’t remember him. Of all of the things the universe could have thrown at him, that was maybe the worst.
Most days, he just wanted to tell him— drive out to the manor, let himself in, lie down on a couch, and wait for Bruce to walk by. He could picture himself doing all of that, easily. It was the bit after that where he got stuck.
Bruce wouldn’t recognize him. Tim kept thinking about his eyes— they’d be empty, polite, “oh look, a stranger” eyes, and Tim wasn’t sure he could take that. He felt sick just thinking about it. It made it hard to breathe, so he leaned his head against the doorpost, still staring down at his keys (vehicle master, Jason’s house, apartment, manor). He could do it if he wanted. Turn around and tell Bruce. Maybe he should.
Bruce would want to know, wouldn’t he? He always did. The thought of Bruce making a such an important decision without all the facts was ridiculous— Bruce didn’t do that. And surely if he knew he was Batman, if he knew about his kids—
Anyway, Bruce deserved to know, and the rest of them deserved that too. Tim knew the others were suffering— Damian wasn’t allowed to go home, so he’d been migrating between safehouses for weeks. You knew he was desperate when he started showing up at Tim’s, and he’d been doing that a lot lately.
And as much as he wanted Bruce to be happy, well… didn’t Tim deserve to be happy too? It had been a while.
He didn’t blame Bruce for shutting them out. How could he? It wasn’t Bruce’s fault. It was just that Tim wasn’t sure what to do without Bruce. It was hard to explain.
Tim had a strange life. He was a secret— there were only about a dozen people who knew what he did with his time, and less that knew him personally, for real. There had been years when it was only him and Bruce, and now Bruce didn’t remember any of that— whole years that were just Tim now. By himself. It made him feel less, somehow, like he was disappearing. Even on the days when Jason was pacing in his kitchen and Damian was asleep on his couch, Tim felt horribly, horribly alone.
He just wanted Bruce to remember. It didn’t seem like that much to ask.
Tim could picture himself at the door to Wayne Manor, with the key that he’d had since he was thirteen. He could see his hands opening the locks (top turned right, bottom turned left, shove the door open with a knee when it stuck). He could imagine meeting Bruce again, and a couple of half-formed sentences he might say.
“Tim Drake-WAYNE. Your son.”
“You don’t have to be Batman if you don’t want to, but you’re kind of stuck with us.”
“Would it be okay if I came home?”
But after that, all he could picture were Bruce’s stranger eyes. The thought was enough to make him go cold all over again— he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t.
Tim unlocked his apartment and stepped inside, past the kitchen and a pile of blankets that was probably Damian camped out in his living room again. He pulled his manor key off of his ring and set it on the counter. Wouldn’t be needing that anymore.
After that, he went to bed. There was nothing else he could do.


Alright, time to get more active here! I’ll start posting more casual updates and things, as well as more “unpolished” art (sketches and stuff). The blog is pretty dead without it, so let’s go. Once more things have gotten in order, I’ll give a heads up with tags to blacklist if you, say, only would like to see all-whole-and-finished artworks.

Feels good to be more or less back on the blog!

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Fergus barreled down to the dock as fast as his own two feet could carry him. He had to see this- not everyone could brag that their capital city was a mermaid, could they? He only hoped that he was in the right spot to catch her. She could be anywhere by now. Floating around Cape Breton, riding the tides of Fundy, or pranking fishermen. After a moment of thought, he decided he would stick his head under the water to get a better look. He looked right, left, then right again-

Ivy was swimming around the reefs, tying knots into the seaweed when she heard a distinct plonk in the surface of the water. Looking up to check out what it was, she gasped when she saw her brother’s head under the surface. Then snapped her mouth shut out of reflex, forgetting she could now breathe underwater.

She swam up, making sure to stay out of his line of sight, all the while snickering to herself. You only got to prank your brother by using a mermaid tail once in a lifetime, right? She may as well make the most of it.