On Sidney Crosby (and his recent incidents).

So along with the amazing goal he had in our last game, Sid has been the subject of much controversy due to his stick to the groin of O’reilly and the slash to Methot’s hand tonight.

Both should have been penalties. However, do you realize how many times throughout the course of a single game, let alone a season, things that could be penalties are NOT called?

The stick to the groin was a shitty play and I do think he knew what he was doing (Sidney Crosby does not miss pucks often, if at all).

However, slashes happen multiple times in ANY given game. Methot was really unlucky that it hit him in a bad spot and I wish he hadn’t been injured and that he is able to play again soon.

But if you think some random referees mean that the LEAGUE has a bias towards the Penguins I honestly don’t know what to tell you.

Should he have been fined for the cheap shot in Buffalo? Probably. Should he have gotten penalties for both of the above instances? Absolutely.

But the man also takes so many cheap shots each and every game that I’m not entirely surprised that he reacts and does things like this from time to time.

I watch literally every regular season game (and obviously all of playoffs). Has Sid been known to make a dirty play every now and then? Sure, but you know what? He also usually is the first to apologize if it’s something truly awful (he did this just the other night after he ball-tapped O’Reilly). 

Anyway, has he taken some dirty plays that should have been penalties recently? Yes. Is he a “dirty player”? I personally don’t think so, but I’m sure there are people out there who will disagree with me. 

Also, to those claiming “The League” favors the Penguins, that’s kind of laughable. We are penalized pretty regularly and our challenge and overturned goal totals are pretty far up there, too.

But, hey, who am I to tell you to stop whining about Sidney Crosby? After all, that’s what you all hate him for, right? Being a whiner back in his rookie year?

One More Dance - Joker x Reader Imagine

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Prompt: I was wondering if you could do a joker X reader imagine were the reader is in a wheelchair because they lost their ability to walk & the joker takes interest in them I’m in one & I haven’t seen any with the joker I just think it’d be interesting

{A/N} I really hope I did this justice, the idea I got when I read your request was immediately very sweet to me. I hope you enjoy it, sweetie! P.S. I made the reader a girl, you said “them” so I wasn’t sure- but if you’d like me to change that, please let me know and I will right away.

Warnings: Slight fluff.

Imagine being at an opulent lounge in a designer party dress. It’s the most expensive place in town to be, with thousand dollar top shelf liqueurs and liquors, and a live orchestral band. It isn’t your usual scene, in fact it isn’t really your scene at all, but it’s your best friends birthday, and she just had to come.

You watch everyone on the dance floor, spinning and swaying, looking as though they were floating on air and you feel a pang of jealousy. You lost your ability to walk some time ago, and being in a wheelchair now makes you incapable of being spun around on your toes like the other girls. The only thing you can do now is watch and sigh, silently damning your predicament.

“It’s not so bad,” she says to you, knowing whats going through your mind already. “I mean, look at that guy over there, he’s totally eyeing you!” 

Oh, your best friend knew how to get a smile out of you, and you loved that about her the most. She always reminded you that it isn’t so bad, and you always felt better. 

“He is not,” you say, glancing over in the direction she’s looking. To your surprise, he is. His glacial eyes were on nothing but you from across the intimate room. He was staring at you like he’d been stuck in the desert for years, and you were a ocean of fresh water.

You take another look, longer this time. His hair is slicked back and bright green, complimenting his exuberantly pale skin and crimson lips. He’s smoking a cigar, the grey thick smoke surrounding him and his wish-they-were compeers. The smell is lovely to you as it wafts through the air, and you feel as though there’s no one else in the room but the two of you as you let your eyes fall on his again. 

It’s The Joker… you think to yourself, why on earth would he be looking this way?

“Here it’s my birthday, and you’re the one getting ogled,” your friend teases, clearly not knowing who the infamous man staring at you from the table is. “I’ll be back, I’m going to get us some more drinks.”

She leaves, and it’s just you and a half-empty - or half full, as you would call it most of the time - glass of Moet on the table.

It’s as if he were waiting for the moment she got up to leave. He gets up from the table curtly, not bothering to excuse himself from his conversation with the other men. Seconds pass before he’s sitting in your best friends chair, puffing on the cigar now only inches from you.

“Hi there, doll,” he coos.

Unable to grasp what was happening, you stare at him in all his perfection. Up close, he was even more gorgeous. The visible tattoos that covered his face and hands were harsh, but the danger about them covertly excited you.

“Hello,” you finally say, reaching for the glass of champagne before you, wondering where your friend went.

“Nervous?” He asks, lifting a faint brow before revealing his shining metal teeth in a wide grin.

“A little,” you say, all too honestly.

Well,” he started, drawing out the word before taking another puff and releasing it as he speaks, “I was wondering if you’d like to dance with an insane man.”

You can’t help the laugh that his words elicit from you. Shaking your head, you look down. 

“Can’t really do that.” you say, trying to hide the sudden emotion caught in your throat.

“And why not?” He asks, his tone harsh.

Looking away now, assuming this is some sick joke. “Listen,” you start, before you’re suddenly being swept out of the chair and into his arms.

Unsure of whether you wan to scream or smile as he carries you out onto the dance floor, you stay quiet, already calculating a plan to get out.

“You can do whatever the hell you want to, doll face,” he says, almost annoyed before holding you up in the middle of the floor as the band swings to their own music and the couples on the floor get lost in each others eyes.

“What are you doing?” You ask softly, now staring into his blue eyes.

“I asked you to dance, and you didn’t answer me.. So I took it into my own hands.”

You can feel his arms wrapped around your frame as he holds you up with ease, your feet on his as he begins to turn with you. Your heart begins to beat quickly against his chest, and all you want to do is hold him forever. This may be the sweetest gesture from the sickest, most twisted man on earth, and it’s all for you. You catch yourself smiling up at him as his eyes rest on yours.

“There’s that smile I’ve been dying to see..” he growls, and you feel like his breath of fresh air after being suffocated. 

“I could see that pretty, little, smile until the day Batman finally sticks me in Arkham for good.”

neil josten is that guy that can’t take a decent selfie (he could if he knew how, but he doesn’t) but when other people take photos of him on the court, in the dorm, asleep, eating or laughing he looks ethereal and delicate despite his scars

  • me to anyone that even remotely likes Phantom of the Opera: OH MY GOSH we are friends now!!!! I love you!! Is PotO not AMAZING let's have an in depth discussion about every single character.
  • person: I literally don't even like you
  • me: how do you feel about Erik? AND isn't Raoul a cinnamon roll? Christine Daae what an angel. DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THE PERSIAN. you're great. love me. I would die for u.