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So I have a question, and I figured you'd be the best to answer this. I'm a self harmer/cutter, I'm trying to quit if this helps, and if I were to get a job would they not hire me because of it? And if I were to relapse, if I got the job, could they fire me for it? This might sound like a super dumb question, but can they tell my parents I do it? Or no? Sorry for all the questions, just kinda nervous if I get a job soon. Thanks in advance :)!

Hey There Anon Friend, I’m so sorry but glad to hear that you are trying to stop.

First, you know what I’m going to say and may as well get it out in the beginning.  Don’t try to go this alone.  Get help.  If you are scared your parents might react badly, then get an advocate such as a school counselor or nurse.  Let them know that you need help telling your parents.  


As for the job since I know from your statements you are under age.  

If you cut on the job and are “caught”, BY LAW they have to report it (child protective laws)

As for not hiring you, that is personal information that you do not have to disclose to them for any reason nor should you.

If you feel the need to cut while on the job, use some of the other techniques for distraction such as

snapping the rubberband against the skin where you want to cut

using ice 

placing tape on the skin and pulling it off

writing in pen where you want to cut

Call someone

Have a conversation about anything with a coworker

Again, if your parents don’t know and I’m sorry if they don’t, please get help through this.

Hope that helps

Have a peaceful day/night

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Will there ever be another episode of Lolitics Survival Guide?

if people are asking if there will /ever/ be another episode, …. i think this means that perhaps it’s been a while since the last one… ://  (I’M SORRY !!) i know i’ve said many times that i’ll try my best to get started on a new episode… but…. i never do. and that’s entirely my fault, i shouldn’t say things that i can’t promise. 

i guess all i can say is that it’ll be up when it’s up?? i do usually make a text post saying that i’m about to upload a vid when i’m almost finished editing… but yes, there will be another episode!! there will be many more (hopefully!), i just never know when i’ll feel up to making them. for shitty videos that are made on windows movie maker using terrible ms paint drawings, they sometimes take surprisingly long to make!! but when i have made a new vid, i always do my best to inform ppl about it !! i hope this huge pointless ramble answers your question !!! :-) 

ps: i always link new episodes here incase you miss my ~informative posts~ 

pps: in the meantime, i definitely think you should also check out @tomdoesntmindbeinghere‘s new YouTube channel if you haven’t already !! he’s starting an animated series called Political Paints and the trailer for it looks freaking amazing and i think you should #GetHyped for that !! 


My bias towards Izuku being #1 son is showing, but Todoroki really needs some positive reinforcement.


It’s in my blood - Joker X Harley X Reader imagine

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Heya can u do a oneshot where your just join the sucidde squad but join a cell with Harley but when joker comes to free her he sees you talking to yourself and Harley’s tells joker to save you . But little did he know he helped the most best theif on earth” asked by anon. 

A/N: Yes of course, i’m sorry if it’s not brilliant, but i had a whole lot of homework to do, so i wrote this really quickly. But hope you enjoy!

Word count: 1279


“And for the final and last person I want in this squad we have, (y/n), she’s fearless, crazy and tuff as hell. 12 brand new cars were stolen in under 32 hours, Lamborghini, Bugatti, McLaren, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Koenigsegg, Maserati, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Hummer, Jeep and for the final Audi.” Amanda Waller said introducing your background story. “And what exactly is she?” the man asked Amanda, not totally understanding why you were getting in the squad. “Simply the best thief the whole world has ever seen” Amanda said taking a sip of her red wine, and smirking at the man. “But why would we need a thief in this squad?” the other man said confused. “Because, if it gets down to the point where we need certain kind of information, we need someone who’s fast and quick on their toes, and doing their job so well that you wouldn’t even recognize that whatever they took is missing. That’s what we need (y/n) for.” Amanda said leaning back in the chair, proud of this group of criminals she selected. “So how did she get caught?” the first man said looking at Amanda waiting for the answer. “As I told you before boys, everybody has something in their life that means the world to them, for (y/n) it was her partner in crime, also known as the Harley Quinn I just introduced you to before” Amanda said leaning forward on the dinner table. “Wait, so (y/n) and Harley know each other?” the other man said surprised. “Indeed, so when we told (y/n) that we had Harley, she gave up. She loves Harley as her own sister, but they don’t tell people that they know each other, so that no one could use them against each other, just as we did” Amanda smiled at the men. “But if no one knows about them, how did you?” the first man asked again. “We know everything, every single thing” Amanda said leaning back once more, and crossing her arms over the chest. “Okay then, I will talk to the boss, and we’ll see if he agrees on this” the first man said, getting up from the chair along with the other man, and walked out.

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Here you go anon! Sorry my handwriting is garbage. TBH I don’t know much about drawing but the best advice I can give is to MAKE THE EXPRESSION YOU WANT TO DRAW WITH YOUR OWN FACE

Pay close attention to what your face does when copying the expression. Are your cheeks pushing upwards? Are your brows low or high? Where are the corners of your mouth? Is you nose wrinkled?

Think about it like that and drawing expressions will be easier. I don’t know if it’s the right way to do things, but it’s how I’ve taught myself and what I keep in mind when drawing.

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What's the one 1d moment that always makes you smile?

Hi anon,

This is late but I can’t pick one!!!    

I love moments where they’re all on the same page, all giggling together or being snarky together, or just in awe of everything in front of them or that’s going on, and actually some of the best moments I picked for Ziam are also great OT5 things (interviews wise) and make me smile. 

So I’ve picked a few and I went through my likes on Youtube and literally could’ve plonked all of them on here (and i can do that)  but here are the ones that always make me smile, and they aren’t really moments.  (but for particular incidents I’ve copied the link at the precise point something happened).  

The bug incident.

This interview in 2014 with the whole how tall are you thing, replay, a couple of precious Ziam moments and stroppy Niall with the selfie.

I want to also include all the 2012 interviews like the Freshly squeezed one + (where Zayn leaves them all ‘what??’ when he says about strumming (niall’s guitar that is though they clearly don’t think so)   and this one + and this one + (all on the same day - the last one where they’re all giggly messes)  

I could also pick the Current Affair interview, Mario Kart, Brits 2014, the perfume ads and literally as I said so many concert moment (twitter questions are so good for seeing them all interact, all the times on red carpets, all the backstage stuff we’ve seen, just any where they interact) but 1d day as I’ve wittered on about so many times is my fave.

Yes it was a mess in so many ways, and yes they were so exasperated but god, its so good for all the little interactions.  

Wrong Direction.  +    If you ever doubt these 5 can’t keep a straight face then watch it.  Its amazing and these 2 ‘stellar’ lookalikes sum it all up.  

The Piers Morgan interview with all the pre-amble and ‘smelly’ Morgan. 

All the little looks, all the withering glances (mainly from Louis), define girlfriends, my only one proper ‘girlfriend’, the most embarrassing moment, harry and the little girl, the gun hasn’t got an end on it and their reactions to that, ‘he’s doing his sexy eyes’,  listen they can put them all on separate settees and try and put them in an uncomfortable position with planted questions and they’ll always be on the same page.

The Jerry Springer segment where I love how you can hear their voices, hear a couple of them even getting affronted a bit by the ‘scoring system’, the toddlers talk, the whole Paul carrying them to the band bit, Liam and Zayn doing the final bit and Louis drawing all over Liam’s face who just lets him.   +

The food challenge 

And supportive Liam of Zayn and vice versa, then when Niall gets his answer wrong, Louis and Harry both look after him, one with water, the other with the nice food and then they have a food fight and Liam gets struck in the balls. 

Basically ALL of 1d day but if you want an object lesson in barely concealed disdain of Simon Cowell and all the nonsense and Niall saying ‘none of this TV crap’ re the creation of 1d and Louis’ expression when Cowell says he thought they’d all get through as solo artists then its gold, oh and not forgetting Cowell calling for Lauren when they present the babygrow’s and he calls her like she’s one of his dogs rather than his girlfriend or mother of his first child. 

I just really really love 1d day.  Not to mention SOML and Little Things where they sound great and of course the latter with all the ‘couply’ moments.

But in conclusion…when those 5 boys smile

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or the 5 men laugh their hearts out   +  or when they’re together 

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there’s literally nothing better.

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is there? 

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Hi! Can you do a sub jungkook drabble where you are rubbing him through his pants and he wants you to take them off, but you don't listen to him. Sorry if this is to much, thank you!!!

His hips jut up to meet your palm that still isn’t satisfying enough for him.

“Just take them off, please mommy, I need to feel you,” Jungkook whines, his brow furrowed in a frustrated pout.

You shake your head once again, continuing at your consistent massages at his crotch. He does his best and rolls his hips, brings his hand over yours and presses you harder against him.

Please, please, please, it hurts, it hurts so much I’m aching so bad, please!”

“Jungoogie baby, maybe you’ll just have to cum in your pants?”

His eyes shoot wide, fiercely shaking his head as he pants. “No, no, no, I can’t anymore, I’m so hard for you, it’s not enough.”

“Cum in your pants or the cock ring baby, what’s it gonna be?”

Jungkook nearly lets out a sob, shaking his head until his fluffy hair falls in his eyes. “If I get the cockring.. would you ride me?”

“Sure babe.”

“Okay then that.”


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Wait I'm sorry I'm super nd but could you break down why Flemeth being Andraste would be bad? I'm a different anon and I think I know what you're saying + agree with you but could you break it down? I'm so sorry! It's okay if you can't or don't want to I think I'm just missing some pieces! And I want to follow along fully.

Okay, I’ll do my best. But honestly to explain it fully it’d take an essay and I just do not have the energy for that, so here’s a very short explanation.

It is not only obvious but canonically confirmed that Dragon Age elves are heavily inspired by a few different minorities, including various native cultures. I’m not going to speak for anyone else, but I’m sure after this you’ll be easy to see how the problem is indeed shared, and if anyone wants to add please do.

You have some knowledge of the lasting damage of colonialism, genocide and assimilation, yes? Well a big part of this was when the Europeans came along they insisted that aboriginal peoples adopted Christianity and Catholicism. And I won’t get into the various ways this was forced here but I encourage you to google it, unless you’re concerned with triggers and genuinely bad people doing bad things while calling themselves valiant explorers and heroes.

And the thing is, this has a very lasting effect. White people absolutely love to study indigenous beliefs and use them to either a) prove aliens exist, b) make a big deal about how ‘primitive’ everything is, or c) apply their own beliefs and history over them. I can tell you this is why a lot of cultures are wary of sharing things with others, and you absolutely cannot blame them. If someone tells you something is not for you to know, just accept that.

Anyway, example: I was watching a show on the “History” channel a few months ago that caught my interest reading the description; it was about trying to prove a famous pirate legend in my province. And so I was watching and finding some enjoyment in it… Until they decided to interview a young Mi’kmaq man. I cannot remember the details of what was shared. But I remember that not only did they have the gall to ask the man if he thought his beliefs were not real and just a ‘primitive’ way of explaining early white pirates (ignoring the fact that contrary to every high school history class ever, Canada’s history goes back long before the existence of European settlers,) but then a voice over saying “__ may not believe this is the case, but can you argue with the evidence?” (Something like that.)
Very ridiculous. Very disrespectful. Very repetitive as this is far from the only case. And it’s all about denouncing a very real people’s culture and history.

I’ll let you piece together the similarities between this and saying Mythal is actually Andraste. It would also just be one other piece of the writers doing to same thing to the Dalish; ‘proving’ their beliefs are wrong and ‘primitive.’

Now’s the part were a million and ten voices tell me I’m overreacting and that it’s just a video game and that I have no right to dislike the white writers using the Christian-coded religion as the only “right” one. Quick answer to it all: Go away.

TL;DR: Building up the Christian-coded religion by tearing down that of a race coded after many different minorities victim to Christians is bad and I don’t want it to happen. It has a bad narrative. 

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Hi Seo!! I know you get so many asks so you wouldn't remember this haha but at the beginning of the year you gave me study tips..I was really worried I'd fail my exams and was completely unmotivated. But from your tips I pushed through and I found out a couple of days ago that I got into my dream university. I can't thank you enough honestly..I thank you and the entirety of the studyblr community



Hello genius writer. Not sure if you are still taking prompts but I would love a smutty one with Dougal being jealous of Jamie and Claire’s intimacy…..xoxo

I’m sorry, anon. I’m still trying to hammer out the kinks in using the queue and answering asks in my box. I tried to queue up this ask as the answer, but when I went to post it in my queue, it turned into computer gibberish. So, for now, this is the best that I can do. I hope you’re one of my regular followers and can read this. It was a lot of fun to write.

This one spurred on an idea and I hope it fills the ask in the way you wanted. If it doesn’t, you’re welcome to private message me and let me know. It didn’t quite get as smutty as I’d hoped, but I think it’s still pretty yummy.

Married for only a week and his life was vastly different. It wasna just him any longer. Now it was Claire too. He had her to watch over.


Shaking himself, he looked down at her.

“Aye, Sassanach?”
“I… I need to tell you something.”

Frowning, he looked down at her.

“Alright. What is it?”

“It’s… Well, er… On our wedding night… Dougal rode out to tell Captain Randall that I’d married and…”

Whatever it was she wanted to say, it bothered her quite a bit.

“Ye can tell me anything, Sassanach. So long as you’re honest wi’ me, I’ll be honest wi’ you.”

She licked her lips and took a deep breath.

“Dougal made… He made an advance toward me. Offered me… Other pleasures, is how he put it.”

Jamie clenched his jaw and felt one hand curl into a tight fist. Claire felt it too.

“I told him I wouldn’t. That I was your wife now and I wouldn’t be unfaithful.”

“I thank ye for tellin’ me. And… For saying no.”

She turned toward him, her face as serious as he’d ever seen.

“This might not have been my idea, marrying you, but I don’t break my promises.”

“Aye, Sassanach. I ken yer word’s good.”

With a soft smile, he kissed her forehead and wrapped his arms tighter.

Truthfully, he’d suspected as much. He hadn’t thought Dougal had been quite so blunt about it, but he’d wondered. Claire was a bonny lass, and every man in the rent party kent as much. But she was a good woman and he trusted her word. He’d have to keep an eye on Dougal, though. Claire would continue to deny him, of that Jamie had no doubt, but men didn’t always accept a woman’s denial.

The next night, after checking that the horses were properly hobbled and fed, he went to find Claire. Watching her ride her little horse all day had given him all sorts of ideas. And he could act on those ideas now, not just sit around and mutter to himself. 

She was helping to prepare the evening meal, adding her odd herbs into the pot sitting over the fire. It smelled good, he thought as the wind changed. But no, that wasna the stew he smelled. That was Claire.

“Jamie,” Dougal said.


“Go an’ fetch us some water, aye?”

Jamie frowned up at his uncle. There was water on the wagon. Why did he need to go and get more? Claire stood up and dusted off her skirts.

“Actually, I need some fresh water to brew a tonic for one of the other taxmen,” she said.

“There was a stream not far back,” Dougal said, nodding behind Jamie. “Water should be fresh.”

Jamie nodded slowly and stood. Grabbing a few buckets, he cast one glance back over his shoulder before leaving the light of the fire.

Quick footsteps behind him had him dropping the buckets and drawing his dirk in one smooth motion. Claire came to a quick halt, her hands raised in surrender.

“It’s only me.”

“Sorry, Sassanach. But you shouldna sneak up on me like that.”

“I can see that.”

Narrowing his eyes at her, he cocked his head to one side.

“Why are ye no’ wi’ the men?”

“I didn’t want you to get lonely.”

“Och it’s only water. I’ll be fine.”

That wasn’t the reason for her to follow him and they both knew it. She bit her lip and looked behind her.

“Well… I didn’t like being there alone.”

“Ye’re no’ alone, Sassanach. There’s twenty men there.”

“Yes. And most of them were looking at me like a fresh piece of meat.”

“They’ll no touch you,” he said sharply. “So long as I am here.”

She put her hands on her hips.

“And that is exactly why I’ve come to help you gather water. So I’m with you.”

“Well I’m glad of the company,” he said, offering his hand.

Breathing a sigh of relief, she took his hand and went with him to the stream.

“Was it Dougal, then? Lookin’ at ye?”

“A little. Angus was too, but I really don’t think he’d do anything. I just felt uncomfortable.”

“Dinna worry, Sassanach. I’ll keep ye safe.”

They found the stream easily. By unspoken consent, they sat down beside the water and were quiet. Then she leaned forward and pulled off her shoes and stockings. She moaned slightly as she dipped her feet in the cool water. He took her hand in his own, tracing the each line with one finger. Her skin was soft and cool against his, reminding him of all the things he’d been thinking all day.

“Claire,” he whispered.

She looked up at him, the corners of her eyes smiling. Deciding they were far enough away from the camp, he dropped her hand and kissed her hard. To his absolute delight, she kissed him back, fingers grazing the back of his neck.

Before he knew it, he was on top of her, rucking up her skirts. He could feel the gooseflesh on her thighs when her skirts were finally out of the way. Oh God… She felt more incredible every time. Her own breath caught, hips coming up to meet his.

“They’ll be wondering where we are,” she said with a smile.

“I dinna think they’ll be wonderin’. We’re newly marriet. And everything ye think is plain to see on your face.”

“Oh is it?”

“Aye. It is. Dougal kent we didna need water.”

“Well then…”

Moving his hips, he got her to stop talking for a few moments. He hoped it would never stop, how badly he wanted her. It could, he knew. He’d seen it often enough living amongst different people. But he hoped and prayed it would never stop.

She was pulling him close, making those sweet little squeaks he loved. He was moving harder now, desperate to plant his seed in her womb. Distantly, he became aware that they weren’t alone anymore. Given the circumstance, he was a bit distracted. But when Claire made that squealing cry that signified the peak of her pleasure, Jamie forced himself to look around.

Dougal was watching.

The bastard. Fixing him with the darkest glare he could muster, Jamie kept moving until he finished. Dougal’s face was hidden in shadow, but Jamie didn’t look away. Claire’s hands reached up and pulled him down for a soft, sweet kiss. Rather than let it end there, he decided to remind her just how good he was at kissing. She was breathing heavily by the time he was done.

Dougal had left.



“What are you staring at?”

“Och, it’s nothin’ Sassanach. I thought I heard something, but there’s nobody there.”

She turned and arched her neck to see better, but Dougal was gone.

“Oh. Well, I suppose we should get back with the water, then?”

“Aye,” he kissed her. “I suppose we shall.”

Moving off her, he helped put her skirts down and they filled the buckets. Back a the campfire, supper was ready.

“What took ye so long,” Rupert complained. “Ye left near a quarter hour ago!”

“Got lost,” Jamie said with a smirk.

“It’s nae more than a stone’s throw from here,” Rupert said, eyeing Claire’s messy hair.

Jamie looked around for Dougal and, having spotted him, made for him. Dougal saw him coming and stepped a short distance away from the men.

“I thank ye for fetching the water, Jamie.”

“Claire is my wife,” he said bitterly. “I’ll no’ have you speak to her like she’s a whore.”

“I’ve done no such thing.”

“See that it remains that way, uncle.”

“Is that a threat?”

Jamie shook his head.

“Nae, uncle. Just a promise. Claire is my wife. Not yours.”

Dougal glared, but Jamie ignored him and went back to his wife’s side.

“Everything alright?”

“Just fine, Sassanach.”

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I never knew that I needed RitsuMob in my life, but once I saw your drawings I began to ship it hard. I just want Ritsu to try and get some of Mob's attention for affection, or simply try holding hands with him. Please don't stop making cute drawings of the two. You are the best! <3 ; v ; A-Also do you mind if I can use some of your Mob art for icons as well? (Of course credit is going to be given.)

Ahhhhh!! Sorry for replying this so late again! Orz I’m the worst… Amg, dear, I need RitsuMob too //cries// Welcome to my neighbourhood of RitsuMob (ʃᵕ̩̩ ᵕ̩̩⑅) I know, right?! At least Mob ruffles his lil’ bro’s hair! That’ll be so cute!!   _(:3」∠)_ That’ll make my day– I won’t stop, anon! ;;; 7;;) If it means for these two– //slapped// And Anon?? Yes! Please do! ;;; 7;;;) It’s an honour! 

Goodbye, Dalton. (Sebastian Smythe x Reader)

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Request: How was your day, fanfic queen? Can you write an imagine with Sebastian Smythe where his best friend is the reader and she’s been acting strangle lately but one night he finds out why and its because she’s leaving dalton to another state and she’ll be leaving him? they’re roommates!

For: anon

Tags: swearing, heartbreak, Sebastian’s POV, kinda short sorry, inspired by Skins once more and maybe for the rest of my imagines if i’m inspired ^-^

“Do you want me to stay here until you fall asleep?” I wasn’t tired. We were in the middle of watching a movie that Y/N and I long loved since we were kids. She would always never decline a movie, but tonight she was acting strange.

“I was thinking you could sleep, Sebastian,” she said. “I’ll watch the movie.”

“I’m not sleeping without you sleeping. I have trust issues.” Indeed. Especially when Y/N is a huge prankster and has drawn on someone’s face with a marker while they were asleep.

But she didn’t let out a chuckle. “Sleep, Sebastian. I’ll be fine.”

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okay this might be a kind of reallllly dumb question but do you know of any good books about mythology? I just feel like a huge chunk of tumblr knows so much about it and I don't.. but I find it to be a fascinating topic that I'd like to learn more about. idk sorry this is such a dumb question ugh ugh

Hey dear anon! That question is not dumb at all! To be honest it’s best just to browse the net instead of reading in the books, you can probably find anything you want to know and more like this.

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Hello! I'm crying right now because one of my friends I like told me on skype that he wasn't going to date anyone else and removed me and I'm upset. Could you please cheer me up with a big Woozi fluff like that expect instead of crush it's just your friend and Woozi comforts you? Thank you it would mean a lot! - Woozi Anon

Oh my gosh sweetie I’m so sorry! When I saw this I was ready to fight! I just wanted to hug you and punch that guy in the face! Sweetie if he’s gonna treat you this way you can do so much better. You deserve better. If you ever want to vent (and that goes for all of my readers) I’m here for you. I tried my best to make it as fluffy as possible, I don’t know if I did a very good job. I hope you like it and I hope you feel better. If you don’t like it I can rewrite it for you. I’m so sorry love, I’m sending a big hug your way! - Maya
Pairing: Woozi x (female) reader
Genre: angst, fluff

Originally posted by mountean

“Jin, you’re here!” You exclaimed when your laptop screen displayed the face of your long time friend.

He hummed and kept his gaze down onto his hands.

“Is everything okay?”

“No, everything is not okay. I thought I told you Y/N. I don’t know why I even put up with you.”

Your fingers tightened around the arm of your computer chair. He didn’t mean those things. He just wasn’t in a good mood. You smiled at him to try to mask the pain that was trying to seep through and show itself through your facial expressions.

“You don’t mean that, Jin. You-”

“No Y/N, I mean it. You just don’t get it do you? I told you I wasn’t going to be with anyone else. Yet here you are still trying to get me to change my mind. I know you still have feelings for me and honestly it’s pathetic. Don’t call me anymore, Y/N.”

With that he ended the call before you could even respond. You tried calling him back, but it said he wasn’t available at the moment. You sat in your chair, unable to believe what happened. He said you were pathetic. He didn’t want to talk to you anymore. You were the only one to blame.

Something wet fell onto the back of your hand. You lifted it up to wipe away the tears, but more clouded your vision. You held your head in your hands and stayed in that position until you heard your phone ringing from the bed. You would’ve let it ring if it was someone else. The familiar ringtone echoing throughout the room.

“Jihoon, what’s up?” You asked clearing your throat.

“I’m coming over.”

“For what? Why? Don’t come over!”

“I was calling to see if you had one of my sweaters, but I can tell something’s wrong. So shut up and deal with it. I’m on my way now.” He explained casually. Before you could deny anything he hung up the phone.

You sighed and laid on your side. Your eyes landing on a small picture of you and Jin. You were a little relieved that he was coming over. You confided in Woozi and he did the same to you. Maybe not as much as you did, but when he needed someone to listen to him you were there. You covered your face with the palms of your hands and turned over. It was your fault Jin ended your friendship. After being friends for so long you went and ruined it by having feelings for him. You didn’t blame him, but he didn’t have to be so harsh.

You didn’t know how long you’ve been in that position when you heard a knock on your bedroom door. You groaned in response and heard it open up.

“Your door was unlocked, that’s really dangerous Y/N. How long have you been like that? You look like death.”

“Jihoon.. What’s wrong with me? Am I really that horrible?”

“Y/N, what happened? Was it that asshole Jin?” Woozi asked sitting next to you.

You buried your face deeper into your pillow. Jihoon has warned you so many times about him. You just didn’t want to listen. You had faith in Jin and hoped maybe things would work out for you and him. Jin just didn’t think the same of you as you did of him. He sighed and sat you up so were leaning on him instead.

“I won’t say I told you so, but I will say I’ll kick his ass. Y/N you deserve someone so much better.”

“What if I never find someone Jihoon?” You asked leaning your head onto his shoulder.

“You’ll find someone Y/N. He’s missing out on someone beautiful and caring. Anyone would be lucky to have you.”

“Even you?” You asked wrapping your arms around him in a side hug.

“Even me. You don’t need him in your life. Besides you already have a best friend and that’s me!”

“Jin was never my best friend, Woozi. No one could ever take your place.” You giggled.

“It better stay that way too or I’m hitting you with my guitar.” You pulled away and pushed him playfully.

“Lee Jihoon, did you just threaten me?”

He stuck his tongue out and pushed you over on your side.

“So what if I did? What are you gonna-”

His sentence stopped short when a pillow hit his side causing him to fall out of the bed. The pillow falling out of your hands and onto the open space in front of you.

“You’re gonna get it now.”

Jihoon jumped on the bed and his fingers ran up and down your side tickling you. You squirmed underneath him and tried to push him away, but he wouldn’t budge.

“I’m sorry! Stop! Please, I can’t take it! Jihoon!” Your body shaking with laughter the more he tickled you. 

He released his grip and laid down next to you. He may not be affectionate and can’t always express how he feels, but he had his moments. He was the first person you called when you were upset. Although it may seem weird to others, it didn’t to you. For some reason his grumpy attitude brightened your day and you wouldn’t want to change that.

“Jin is stupid.” You said while giggling.

“Hell yeah he is!”

“Thanks Woozi.” You said grabbing his hand that was next to you.

“Anything for you Y/N.”

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After every thing that's happened do you have any good blogs to follow? Or just blog rec in general? Preferably nice beans also really wish you can take a break from all this since it seems so stressful

@90syj has a safe blogs list somewhere, as well as a good “#block list” tag! for good people i follow (sorry if i miss anyone!! im just going down the list on my phone):

@andrewminyadr @barbaragordondotcom @batsjr @blkcnry @cassteph @crossvinyl/@embalm @damianwane @gaymidnighter @golanv @gothsuperman @graysonightwing @heterophobicsuperboy  @jasoncorpsedotcom @jmkrk/@lycans @kaleldotcom @lanceismixed @longlivethedemonbrat @sinbadism @suifeng @syques and best for last @zenyattadotcom ! plus probably anyone in the notes on this post

if anyone wants to be taken off lmk, and if i forgot someone you can reply! i know it’s intimidating but there actually are a pretty good number of us, and these are basically just my own mutuals– there’s more good people who i don’t know personally!

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How would sormik be in highschool/college au?


  • climb on the school roof during recess and judge others from above
  • become prefects so that you can hang out at the restricted areas with ‘reasons’
  • walk to school together
  • wait for the other to finish school activities so that you can walk home together
  • my bento is your bento, your bento is my bento
  • volunteer for something and ask your bf to tag along too
  • so used to everyone asking you about your bf because your bf is “always with you”
  • after-school / after-class outings
  • Your bf is your number #1 fan and freeloader
  • “Please let me drive next time, I feel like puking.”
  • “This is by far the stupidest thing you ever asked me to do.” Does it anyway.
  • School carnival dating
  • Bunk bed? Nah we both sleep on one bed cuz we downloaded movies to watch together
  • If I’m the only one eating while we’re talking, there’s a 100% chance that I will spoon feed you
  • Silent communication via facial expressions and hand gestures when we’re in the library / class / more than 100m away from each other
  • If I’m inside our room on the 4th floor and you left something, you can bet that I will wrap it up in tons of newspaper and throw it to you from the balcony
  • Let’s see who can unpick the lock to our room cuz we both left our keys inside
  • What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours to the point that we forget who owns what
  • Paying for each other’s meals
  • Sleeping / Napping together while studying
  • Spending time under a tree / on a hill to relax
  • The teacher / lecturer confuses you and bf’s name for the whole year / semester
  • Cheering for each other in competitions
  • Having bandaids and ointments cuz your bf is clumsy af
  • Get excited over the same things
  • Inside jokes
  • Stupid songs you made up with your bf that both can still sing until today
  • Hug it out after a win / final exam / great game / presentation
  • Professional selfies, stupid selfies, secret selfies, candid selfies
  • When your bf is breaking down / having a bad day and you do your best to be there for them
  • Short trips during mid-sem break and skipping a class or two if you accidentally extended your stay (cuz both missed the flight lol)
  • Shopping together and making sure the other feels their best in new clothes
  • Birthday? No, its a doomsday of jumpscares, stupid surprises and a burnt cake with a smiley-shaped frosting
  • Everyone knows who you and your bf are because you’re literally never apart
  • When your bf is sick, you’re sick too
  • Buying your bf’s fav things when you know they’re down
  • Don’t know why your bf is hyped over this one thing but you’ll be hyped too and know everything about their fav fandom and shit
  • (Sormik exclusive cuz I don’t do this) Tickle fights  

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✘$⁇ツ✿ø from Ichimatsu

Anon said: /)-(\ X for ichimatsu??


✘ - A hateful text.

>didn’t I tell you to fuck off

>you’ve made it pretty clear how you feel about me

>just leave me the fuck alone

$ - An accidental text.

>I love you so much it hurts

>wait no

>I didn’t mean to send that

>that was Karamatsu I swear

⁇ - A drunk text.

>cme ober

[Sends blurry picture of around 10 cats]

>im surroundend by pussy rn

ツ - An excited text.

>holy shit


>there’s a fuckin kitten on my head

>just laying there

>this is the best day of my life

>I can feel it purring

>I think I’m gonna cry

✿ - A suggestive text.

>hope you know your abc’s, cause I wanna give you the fourth letter of the alphabet

>which is

>the D

>I wanna give you the D

>my D


>that was dumb

>point is

>wanna fuck

ø - A late night text.

>I can’t sleep

>can I come over

>I miss you

Picture Perfect (Baekhyun Photography/College!AU)

Requested by anon:  Ok soooorry for the spam with Baek (I send the date one hehe) buuut can you do a Baek scenario with a photography/college! AU? Tysm~

Genre: Fluff, Photography/College!AU

Word Count: 460


(I am so sorry to the anon who had to wait so long for this)

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Photography has always been one of your passions, ever since you were young. You would take photos constantly; nature, people, you name it. You grew up and finished high school and decided to take a photography course to further enhance your knowledge and deepen your love for photography.

So far, the course had taken you on one of the best paths of your life. You made many friends and did really well in all your assignments. There was only one problem though.

Byun Baekhyun.

You had met at the start of your first year of college, when he undertook the same photography course as you. You two were always thought to be rivals amongst your friends, but in all honesty, you admired his work and the amount of time and effort he put into all his assignments. What you didn’t know however, was that he felt the same way towards you.


Walking into class early on a Thursday morning, you inhaled deeply and took in your surroundings; statues placed neatly along the walls, students strolling leisurely through the hallways, but your eyes immediately caught something, or someone, that never failed to catch your attention.

Baekhyun’s tousled brown hair had been swept off his face, and his brows were furrowed in concentration as he tried to perfect his photo of a frog perched on a lily. He was so concentrated that his tongue had begun to stick out, making you giggle a little bit, which caught his attention.

He looked up from his work to make eye contact with you, making you blush slightly. “(Y/N)! Nice to see you!” He called out, waving at you. You waved back and made your way over to see what he was currently working on. “What are you working on this week Baekhyun?” You ask, interest piqued, as you looked over the simple but elegant design on the screen. “Oh, just a photo that I am going to submit as my work for this week, nothing special” He said nonchalantly, shrugging his shoulders. “It’s amazing Baekhyun! I don’t know what you are thinking, but you are an amazing artist and photographer” You said, without really thinking about what came out of your mouth. He looked at you with a large grin and turned off his computer before facing you and saying: “You have no idea how much you saying that means to me. I think you are an amazing artist and don’t get nearly half the recognition you deserve.”

This shocked you. You stared at him with wide eyes and gaping mouth before coming back to your senses and smiling at him. “Thank you Baekhyun, maybe you could be my muse one day for my work”

And that day could not have come sooner.


(If you want a part 2 of this let me know!)

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Hello, I'm new to Topp Dogg and I'm in love. I'm working my way to being a Topp Klass. Anyways, I wondering if you could please help me with the pronunciation of the all the boy's stage names? Please and thank you.

This has been sitting in my askbox for ages because I had no idea how to give a good and helpful answer. I’M SORRY ANON PLEASE DON’T HATE ME!

It’s a bit difficult to teach someone how to pronounce a word by just writing it, so I’m gonna do my best by using the hangeul and romanization of their names, as well as American phonetic symbols.
(if you are not familiar with phonetic symbols, you can refer to this article)

제니씨 (jenishi) /dʒeniʃi:/
(Though since Jenissi’s stage name comes from Jehovah Nissi, you can also pronounce it /dʒenisi:/)

P군 (p gun) /pi:gu:n/

서궁 (seogung) /sɒguŋ/

곤 (gon) /gɔːn/

호준 (hojun) /hɔːdʒun/

키도 (khido) /kidɔː/

상도 (sangdo) /sæŋdɔː/

낙타 (naktha) /næktæ/

한솔 (hansol) /hænsɔːl/

비주 (bi ju) /bidʒu:/

제로 (jero) /dʒelɔː/

아톰 (atom) /ætɔːm/ or /eɪtɔːm/

야노 (yano) /jænɔː/

I hope this helps at least a little bit! But if you really want to pronounce their names the right way, I suggest you learn to read hangeul. You can find a lot of classes on the internet and it’s honestly very easy to learn! You can learn how to read and pronounce hangeul in just a few hours~