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rip tourabu wiki chatgoers today im not sorry at all for killing you guys with this

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3 favorite characters and why? :)

Ahhhh this is very difficult??? I’ll talk about three but know that my favourites are not limited to just these! This is going to be super long and I apologize okay I’m seriously so sorry.

Satsuki Shishio

Idk if everyone knows but Shishio is one of the main characters in the manga hirunaka no ryuusei. He’s like my alpha husband tbh. He trumphs them all. Anyway I adore him as a character. He’s playful, beautiful, stylish, understanding, perceptive, rational, and so much more. His role in the manga ended as something antagonistic to majority of the fans but I will defend him with everything that I’ve got. I feel like he was one of the most “real” characters because of his self-control, rationality, and perhaps even his anxiety. I seriously love him for who he is.  

Akane Tsunemori

Akane is the main protagonist of psycho pass. I tag her as queen because let’s be honest, she is one??? If you’ve watched the show, you know exactly why I love her so much. She is an adorable creature that can cut your throat any second. That’s why I love her so much. Akane has a great sense of justice and rationality and she is able to understand where she must fight and where she must back down. She’s not like your usual female protagonist that doesn’t do anything or is fan service; she is determined, strong, resilient, and caring, so so so caring.  

Tooru Oikawa

Obviously I had to put something haikyuu!! related in this post lol. Basically all characters of haikyuu!! are my children except Oikawa and Kuroo - those two are my boyfriends just saying. Anyway I have a lot of respect for Oikawa. I think it takes guts to be able to say and work at defeating geniuses at something that they’re born good at. Oikawa says “fuck that, I’m coming at you as a commoner and I will defeat you”. That’s really inspiring. Moreover, Oikawa works hard and puts a lot of effort into it. Yes, he’s determined, but what’s so human about him is his anxiety that gets to him frequently enough that Iwaizumi is constantly trying to support him and talk to him before he breaks. THAT is the reason Oikawa is amazing. He is willing to do whatever it takes but he’s also so afraid of the outcome at the same time. 


Congratulations, therealjacksepticeye on hitting 5 Million subscribers!

It’s not much, and I doubt you’ve played the series, but have you and Sam in Paper style (inspired by Paper Mario series)! I posted one with and without the text!

I know I’m gonna see you at IndyPop, but I thought you’d really like this Paper style of yourself, and I know we’re all proud of you for getting where you are today!

Keep up the good work, and don’t change from being our loud, energetic Irishman!

i really hate when “girl group stans” make it a point to let others know that they like every girl group in existence except snsd, like that somehow makes them special or something. you guys do realize that snsd was a huge victory for girls and a gateway group for thousands of kpop fans right? you realize they did what other girl groups couldn’t in an industry that was dripping in testosterone? and that because of them other girl groups could succeed too? its not an exaggeration to say that without soshi, kpop would be very very different today. make sure you know that before you make another snide remark about snsd

My wife leaves before I do in the mornings, like several hours before I even wake up.

She always comes around to my side of the bed and kisses me before leaving, tucking the blankets in around me. This morning, my foot was sticking out of the blankets. There are few things in the world as sweet as a warm kiss to the arch of your foot when you are half asleep.

I’m so goddamned lucky. I’m the luckiest girl alive.



Yeah, but they ~know~. No. No they don’t. Because you know what? It’s impossible to know someone is married unless they tell you. If you wear a wedding ring, you are telling people. If you refer to your husband or wife, you are telling people. If you change your name. We invent cultural signifiers because otherwise NO ONE KNOWS.

And I know that it’s a joke or whatever in fandom, but it’s actually nails on the chalkboard to me because it misses the point so desperately about why Anakin is in trouble if he gets caught and why he gets away with it for so long. Everyone can know that he and Padme are hooking up. Everyone can suspect that he is in love. But the moment they know he is married, they know he has violated all of his vows to the Jedi Order in a deliberate and conscious way. He and Padme didn’t have to get married. They could have conducted a four year affair and been entirely above board as far as the Jedi Order is concerned. But the act of committing themselves to each other, promising a future that Anakin technically does not have to give, was too important to both of them.

And if everyone ~knows~, they being are unintentionally faithless dicks. I’m sorry, but they are. Obi-Wan loves Anakin enough that he can pretend that nothing untoward is going on, but when literally every other Jedi character ~knows~ it means they don’t give a shit about their own doctrine. Sure, they impose it on people and cause grief to everyone struggling with it, but you know. It doesn’t actually matter.

Again. I get that this is a joke. I just don’t like it. I will go back to having a sense of humor soon, I promise.