*sorry about the crap quality* here I was bored so I made some new ocs. We have billy the tool. A kid hipster trying to bring cowboys back while also being a radcal kid skater tool. And then we have qb aka queen bee. Shes the ruler of mega super bees. Ill add them to the comic and reveal more about the bees there


5SOS with Mikey Piff promoting Girls Talk Boys [x]

I was rereading the DGM manga because I like to suffer and yOU KNOW WHO NEEDS MORE LOVE? THE THIRDS, they’re just so…

Just imagine how difficult it must be for them, being half-human, half-akuma, to be around the exorcists, not only that, but also having to protect them. Tokusa even says it’s annoying, but still, how many times do they protect them? A LOT

Tokusa stop with the sarcasm He was almost dying in the last one but still he went and protect Allen, gDI TOKUSA STOP!! And then comes the thing with their bodies…they have no complete control over it, even though things probably wouldn’t have gone so rough if Alma hadn’t awoken, it must have been difficult to be…connected like that without much of a chance to fight it. And even though they seem like the hard-type, they’re just as scared as everyone else to die, especially to die alone !!

They even have their own creepy-shadow combo just like Allen and Kanda!!! 

But they still have their dorky sides too…especially Tokusa wtf

They’re just like another family that deserved so much more, they give their all to people they probably don’t even know about because that’s their job, but they really care for each other, and I just love them so much, cAN WE TALK MORE ABOUT THEM PLEASE?


My watchdog OC (oh boy); his name is Martin, here’s some info:
-Operates a slightly illegal bar (The Moist Pupil) out the back of the skullship.
-Is definitely not fixing the drink prices.
-Has managed to accumulate a staff of two.
-Appreciates your custom.

He popped up due to a few things, but one of the big reasons was thinking of something like this.

@wherefancytakesme has ruined me and pitched a scenario where Peepers up and tells Martin to sort his gropdarn life out (and get back to REAL work). Things got squishy. If you’re not incredibly adverse to OCs eyeballing (EH?) the main cast, here are some links:



finished drawing that one magic kid

(looks so much better if you click on it)

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