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  1. Why did you choose your url?

    I actually have absolutely no idea.
  2. What is your middle name?

    I’ve god two! Emilia and Aleksandra
  3. If you could own a fairy-tale/fictional pet, what would it be?
    Dragon. A fucking dragon.
  4. Favourite color?
    I always say either bloody red or dark purple but honestly I like all the colors.
  5. Favorite song?
    Ughhhh…. don’t ask so hard questions. The ending of Kekkai Sensen.
  6. What are your top 3 fandoms?
    Haikyuu!!, Free! and either Daiya or Kurobasu?
  7. What do you enjoy about Tumblr?

    I don’t even know. I can blabber all I want and usually no one cares and if they do they’re supportive.
  8. Tag 9 of your Tumblr crushes (they do all 8 questions too)

    Sorry guys, here goes (though not all exactly “crushes”). kalaperillinen, peachbirdy, meanderfall, fukunagapls, oikawatooruinedmylife, br0kuto, enkelijeesus, bokutie and takaokazunyari

I was gonna update with some new material, but while reading through the tags this past week, I saw a lot of confusion and questions about full outfits and heights, motives,appearances, etc. I thought you all might appreciate some more insight on the story so far instead. I’ve had so many requests to draw fanart, write fanfic of this, and even cosplay so I hope this helps! Thanks for all the love and patience! (sorry this update was a bit late!!)

 If you have any questions just let me know! To those who have already asked I’ll be answering them tonight and tomorrow! There will be a roster for the Band of Bosses (Ganon’s men*) as well so be on the look out! Sorry also if its hard to read/typos! >A<

More of The Ocarina of Time: a 1920′s Zelda AU, Here

We’re getting into the home stretch of this hiatus, so I’m having a sale to celebrate the impending emotional rollercoaster of an episode! The hats are $6 off the usual price though next Wednesday.

Contest/Sale rules:

  • Reblogs count as entries and winners will be chosen at random
  • Three winners will be announced at 10PM Eastern Standard Time (US) on Wednesday, March 20th (after the new episode finishes airing)
  • If your friends buy hats and tell me your url, your url will be entered in again to have an extra chance to win a free hat!


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I just spent the last 2 hours scrolling through all of your headcanons. And omg the feels! Your blog is amazing!

So…a couple people asked for a ficlet about the tags I left here….

Oliver bolts upright after reading the text.

Connor looks up at him with a quizzical look, still slouched down in the couch, holding a handful of popcorn in midair.

“What’s up?” he asks, slowly bringing the popcorn to his mouth. Everything had been fine two seconds ago, quiet night in watching a movie, then Oliver’s phone buzzed and he shot up like a light. Now Oliver was chewing his thumbnail and staring at his phone.

“My mom texted,” Oliver says.

“Okay.” Connor waits a beat but Oliver just keeps staring at his phone. “What’d she say?”

“She wants a picture.” Oliver’s response is short and curt.

Connor waits another beat before prompting again. “A picture of—?”

“You!” Oliver practically shouts. He turns the phone around and shoves it down in Connor’s face. “She wants a picture of you.”

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i’ve noticed that there are a few of us on here who all follow each other so we end up frequently reblogging posts from one another and it’s like this cute little cycle where I’ll see the same post on my dash 5 times but reblogged from a different one of us each time. it’s really nice cuz it almost feels like we’re in our own private group chat and we’re sharing these cool posts with each other. we should start a club XD

Meet the artist!! I was tagged by asheerio and aki-anyway. Thank you Gamze and Erika :) xx Sorry my handwriting is terrible.

I tag: prettymuchjustsomezain, rosketch, harrything and cyrilliart. if you guys haven’t done it or feel like doing it. xx


Hahahahahahaha! I fucking KNEW this shit was going to happen once I started being open about it! Although I didn’t expect it to be this bad yet. It’s been one day and I reblogged like what? Two? Three billdip pictures? Are you guys serious right now??

I was just going to ignore these but I feel like I should say something. First of all, to those of you that follow me that are actually genuinely bothered by it for whatever reason, I truly am sorry. However, I always make sure to tag everything like this so if you want to blacklist it, that would be your best option. You can also always unfollow. No hard feelings. I understand. :)

Moving on to these messages. I think anyone could go through my blog for a quick second and see that any billdip I reblog is not even a little inappropriate. Dipper’s either aged up (and even then I STILL don’t reblog anything inappropriate) or it’s just fluff like cuddles and kisses. If you mean to tell me that you’re so deeply offended by fluff, tumblr might not be the best place for you. I’m sick of all the bullshit going around lately and there’s no need for any of it. If you don’t like that I post this stuff, FUCKING UNFOLLOW ME! It’s not that hard! Also, I don’t think I need to tell anyone that telling someone to kill themselves is NEVER FUCKING OKAY! I don’t care how horrible you think someone is. You don’t say that! I can get over things like this pretty fast but some people can’t and they might actually end up hurting themselves or worse so don’t even joke about it!

This is MY blog. You can’t just straight up tell me not to post something. Asking me to tag is a diiferent story and I’ll always tag anything  no questions asked.

For anyone else who might be dealing with rude anons for the same reason, stay strong. Don’t let these idiots bother you. The only reason I posted these in the first place was so that I could explain my thoughts on the whole issue so people know what’s up. But I’m done hiding what I love because of people like this. It took me so long just to work up the courage to reblog ONE picture and I think it’s ridiculous that I was even afraid to reblog cartoons in the first place. That’s all I have to say about this for now. Stay safe everyone!

Edit: I’ve been getting a few messages since posting this so I thought I’d clear something up. This post was directed solely to those sending me hate. This was not in any way meant to invalidate anyone who’s triggered by billdip. I understand that the ship is pretty problematic and I’m doing the best I can to make sure my followers feel comfortable on my blog. I’m not sure what else I can do other than tag it and just make sure I communicate with you guys. If anyone has any suggestions for ways I could work on this, please feel free to let me know!

Pssst! Hello Narusaku family

I’m sorry to be posting this in our tag, I know a lot of you don’t wanna hear it..but I had a little idea and I wanted to hear some opinions from you guys about it

New York is my home. I go to comic con every year. I already had it marked on my calendar before the whole “The wonderful Kishimoto is coming to NYCC!!”

Anyways, I was wondering if one of u would make me a collage of all the major Narusaku moments in tbe manga.. then I will print it and when I go to the autographing I will hand it to him…just to see if he will have any reaction at all
Seeing his own work. His own pairing that he strongly developed for years just to shit all of them and his true fans in the end

He most likely won’t even look at it and just quickly sign it then a person will be like “NEXT”
but just maybe he will have a reaction if not out loud but just inside his mind and heart then that’s all that matters…

I’m pretty sure everyone going to see him will be hardcore naruhina fans who will give him naruhina things to you know, the narusaku collage should stand out some.. ( I don’t have photo shop or anything so that’s why I was requesting x3).

Okay sorry for this rambled text post

have a good day :*

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Rules: Repost and tag 10 people you want to know better.

  • Nickname: TT, Music Ninja, Bass Clarinet Queen, Tarba, Music dork, Tarita
  • Birthday: 5/18/99
  • Star Sign: Taurus
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5 feet 2 inches(157 cm)
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Favorite color: Turquoise/Teal
  • Time and date at the currect moment: 5/16/15, 7:15 AM!
  • Average hours of sleep: Anywhere between 6-10 hours. I’m a really sleepy person.
  • The last thing I googled: Clarinet mouth pieces, I’m looking for one with more resistance, and want to buy my own, and my own Clarinet! So I’ll get a job soon.
  • First word that comes to mind: Birthday… Because I’m having my party today, and part of tomorrow! Also my birthday is Monday and I’m so fucking excited. A friend filled weekend (:
  • One place that makes me happy: The band room… it’s literally my element.
  • How many blankets do I sleep under?: 1.. I swear easily.. so I sleep in one thin Blanket.. all year around. XD (More like a sheet)
  • Favorite fictional character: The Bass Player from the music anime “ Hibike! Euphonium” she is so adorable!
  • Favorite famous person: Bii… this man is a legit god.
  • Favorite books: Poetry, I really loved the “Ophelia” series. also the Tithe series was pretty boss.
  • Favorite animal: I actually have 2, turtles and cats. 
  • Favorite shows: Hibike! Ephonium, and The Walking Dead.
  • Favorite musician/bands: Dude… I have so many to the point where that it’s not even fucking funny. If you really want to know, send me a language and a genre, and I can tell you my favorite for those!
  • Favorite games: Card games.. LIKE BULLSHIT. UGH I love cardgames tbh. Also the dice game Bunco!
  • Dream holiday: Go to South Korea, OHHH Athens, Poland(Because Bass Clarinet is very popular in Poland!), and Taiwan! I’ve always wanted to go to these 4 places.
  • Dream Job: Music Major(Clarinet). I want to go in to performance, mostly for my Bass Clarinet but I’d have to be a Clarinet major!
  • Wearing right now: My pajamas, a tank top, and some pj bottoms. It’s like 7:30 AM! XDD

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Look we made a network to hang out and cry about OTP’s because why not??
Ship focused, but it also a blog dedicated to two really cool guys in a band and them as people.  Because there amazing. 


if you get in:

  • follow all other members
  • tag triggers and respect names and pronouns!!!! 
  • introduce yourself to the net!!! 
  • be active in the tag! <3 


  • selfie reblogs
  • fics/music/everything really its gonna be g8
  • friends. Best friends. 
  • cah games, kik/skype groups
  • other ppl to cry about feels with. Hahah

application deadline is June 6th, admins will choose and post the members around then! 

I was tagged by gladiolvs​~ thank you!

Why did you choose your URL?

I like tiny things and I love ienzo so tinyienzo is the perfect url 

What is your middle name?

I don’t have one

Favorite color?

blue! like ienzo’s eyes

Favorite song?

I don’t have a particular favourite song but it’s gotta be in the kh ost somewhere

What are your top 3 fandoms?

Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy and well I’m not sure what could be the third one but it’s either Legend of Zelda or Persona 3 tbh

Tag 9 of your Tumblr crushes!

mickeyblades stormcrests storm–fall purple-ascots masterxaqua vanikey finalmixers paopufruiit organyx

Do it only if you want to~


Hey guys! Sorry this is posted kind of late, I had to close at work -__- buuuut, I have another tag video for you all and it is the 50 random facts tag. This was a fun video to do and I’m probably going to scare a few people away after this haha. I hope you guys like it!

Please subscribe to my channel for more embarrassing things about me lol


So I was tagged by Alex and Hope aka kaisramen and call-me-jongin to do the selfie tag a while back sorry it took me this long to do it OTL you guys are favs!!! 😙 I’ll be tagging imdabesthasafakswag ♡♡♡ daebak-k-pop krimmro alexiaaltamirano saeseah chanyoels-dimples i-am-tiger-lily oh-min-yoongi holyxiuhan call-me-hunnie el-kyungsoorado starsnrocket kawaiitao youresoadwhorable ily all!!!

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as im sure you guys all know, saulkarath, darthrrevan, and I all graduate this year!! We were thinking of having a graduation party this Friday, CAH and alcohol a star wars  movie (I THINK Rev and I talked about RotJ, but that was a long time ago and I don’t totally remember). So basically it would be awesome if we could find a time and do something Friday. Hopefully all of us are free, because tbh I meant to make a post about it awhile ago and it’s been some time since I’ve talked to Saul or Revan about the grad part in general 

Wow look at my face! Aren’t I hideous?? 😂😂 I was tagged by unviverse-at-my-fingertips to do this thing :/ The rules for this are 1) mention five facts about myself and 2) tag ten more people (sorry) 1) I can sort of play both bass and guitar. I’m still in the learning process… 2) I have read and watched all the Harry Potter movies and books in the span of 9 months. 3) My nails are now always constantly black. 4) I AM AN ARTIST!! I DO THE DOODLY-DOOS!! 5) I’ve had a crush on the same guy for the past school year without even realizing it?? I tag ironicallyblonde galaxyhair corrosive-lithium saveyourheart1197 and california-rain-girl (I am so sorry you guys are the only ones I kind of/really know!! And sorry Sam, my brain can’t remember your username right now)

You know what I love about the C&Q family? All the interactions you guys have with each other. Like last night/yesterday a bunch of you started this Weirdness Internship things (sorry I don’t know what it’s officially called!), and then a sexy train gets going, hilarious and inappropriate things ensue when people get drunk, and just other randomness almost everyday. You guys have so much fun talking and hanging out with each other! It’s nice to see that this kinda has become a happy little (though ever-growing with even more wonderful people!) family.

And then there’s the glorious, perfect love-triangle between Quills, Meggles, and Ash. Their love for each other is my ultimate BROTP (SISOTP? GALOTP? Is there one for girls??). You guys are ALWAYS making me crack up with how much you love each other and your adorable awkwardness. It’s great ^_^

There’s no real reason behind me posting this other than I’m just glad to have been invited to be part of this crazy little corner of tumblr. It’s why I stay. *Hugs and pie for everyone*

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 92 truths about you. At the end choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person that tagged you. la-and-mia tagged me (thanks Rosiepoo). HERE WE GO:

What was your

Last Drink: milk

Last Phone Call: my mom asking where my sister was

Last Text Message: to my friend discussing her the consequences her mom said she had to pay because she biked to my house

Last song you listened to: Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars

Last time you cried: i cried a lil when Liam mentioned Zayn at the bbmas shh

Have you ever

Dated someone twice: No

Been cheated on: No

Kissed someone and regretted it: No

Lost someone special: do animals count?

Been depressed: No              

Been drunk and thrown up: meh

In The Past Year have you

Made a new friend: yeah!

Fallen out of love: nope

Laughed until you cried: yepp

Met someone who changed you: uhh sort of maybe?

Found out who your true friends are: Yes

Found out someone was talking about you: dont think so

Kissed anyone on your FB list: No


How many people on your FB friends do you know IRL: I do not have a FB lol

Do you have any pets: not at the moment

Do you want to change your name:i mean its a little late now..

What did you do for your last birthday party: took an AP test #livinlikelarry

What time did you wake up today: 5:00 am (thanks sis)

What were you doing at midnight last night: snuggled up in me bed

Name something you CANNOT wait for: SCHOOL TO END

Last time you saw your mother: three seconds ago

What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: im good

What are you listening to rn: this weird noise my computer is making

Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: ye

What’s getting on your nerves rn: my hair

Blood type: oh shoot i do not know

Nickname(s): Ame, Ames, Amski, Ramsy/Ramen, AH ME

Relationship Status: Single

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Pronouns: She/her

Favorite TV show: the Tonight Show <3333333333

High school: a secondary school that provides students with secondary education

College: who knows

Hair color: dark blonde/brown

Long or short: sort of long

Height: 5′6″.

Do you have a crush on someone: heh yeah i suppose

What do you like about yourself: i like that some people like me

Tattoos: not

Righty or lefty: righty

First surgery: nope

First piercing: ears

First best friend: Cassie since kindergarten :) 

First sport you joined: my sister and i joined an all boys t-ball team in like kindergarten 

First vacation: Deep Creek

First pair of trainers(sneakers): probably my kim possibly sneakers that mY NEIGHBOR’S DOG ATE

Right now

Eating: nothing

Drinking: air

I’m about to: probably go running

Listening to: the dishwasher

Waiting for: myself to finish this

Want kids: thinkin about it 

Get married: sure

Career: right now im thinking something to do with science like meteorology 

Which is better

Lips or eyes: i guess eyeballs

Hugs or kisses: why not both

Shorter or taller: lets do medium height

Older or younger: older

Romantic or spontaneous: spontaneous 

Nose, stomach or nice arms: not sure

Sensitive or loud: BOth

Hook up or relationship: Relationship

Troublemaker or hesitant: troublemaker

Have you ever

Kissed a stranger: No

Drank hard liquor: possibly

Lost glasses/contacts: ha yeah    

Sex on first date: No

Broke someone’s heart: dont think so

Been arrested: No

Turn someone down: No

Cried when someone died: Yes

Fallen for a friend: No

Do you believe in

Yourself: eh on good days

Miracles: yeah

Love at first sight: i guess it depends

Heaven: yeah

Santa Clause: hmm 

Kiss at first date: sure

Angels: yes

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Felicity’s Sweet Revenge (Olicity AU Fanfiction) Chapter 15

Rating:  Mature

Summary:  After six years as Oliver Queen’s secretary, Felicity is finally quitting her job at Arrow Architecture. And now that she’s finished being the stony architect’s office slave, Felicity has decided to go out with a bang (hee hee!) and get some fun-and-sexy fantasy fulfillment before she walks out of his life for good. But nothing ever goes the way you plan, does it?

Tags:  Fluff and Smut, pretty much :)

Disclaimer:  I do not own Arrow :(  No copyright infringement intended.

Links:  AO3 and

A/N:  Hey guys! Sorry about the bit of delay in posting; I was in the midst of my yearly celebratory trifecta (when Mother’s Day, my birthday, and Nurse’s Week all fall together) and my family tends to look at me funny when I try to sneak away into a corner to be alone with my laptop…go figure! So, a few of you asked how long this fic would be and I now have an answer…20 chapters. Is this good? Bad? Ugly? I do not know; I only know I’m a bit nervous to post this chapter because it feels like a turning point, in a way. I certainly hope you like it!

Chapter 15:  The Human Shield and The Human Tornado

“I can’t tell you how glad I am that you’re here today, Janice,” Felicity said, smiling at the grandmotherly woman by her side.

Janice’s blue eyes twinkled like Santa’s as they walked down the hall from Felicity’s office to the Arrow Architecture employee lounge. “This seems like a very nice place to work.”

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