9. Distracting Kiss

@florakinesis So here we have a late SIAS Alex trying to show how much better he is with yoyo tricks, but since Splitting the Atom (of course it’s this one move) would be humiliating for Jamie and Matt’s skills, lets cheat again and stop the tiny man. 

Part of the Types Of Kisses Prompts I turned into a drawing prompt

How Avengers Age of Ultron should have ended.
  • Natasha: Why did Bruce leave me, Steve? I wanted to run away with him. *single tear*
  • Steve: Well that's-
  • Tony: -weird. *points spoon at Nat, mouth full of Velveeta* Like way weird. Romanoff? *waves hand in face* You still in there.
  • Steve: So they got...extremely an extremely short amount of time.
  • Natasha: ILOVEHIMSOMUCH!! *Sinks to ground*
  • Thor: No...the Man of Iron is right. This is...strange behavior.
  • Wanda: What's...going on here?...*eyes widen* oh, ha ha ha,I almost forgot about that. *red lights seep from Nat back into Wanda's hands.*
  • Natasha: *snaps out of it, face contorting with rage* REALY?
  • Wanda: It was my brother's idea.
  • Pietro: *apears out of nowhere with cup of velveeta* Oh, yes, that was good joke. Very funny.
  • Everyone: *stares, mouths hanging open*
  • Wanda: *hugs Pietro* *cries* Brother, I thought you were dead.
  • Pietro: Of course I am not dead. I am like, you say, a kitten?
  • Everyone: *stares, mouths hanging open*
  • Fury: *Appears from behind a bookshelf wearing his eyepatch and a colorful knitted sweater.* He means a cat, you dumb asses.You know,furry, nine lives.
  • Everyone: *stares, mouths hanging open*
  • Tony: Did I say you could eat my velveeta?
  • I am so sorry...but I'm not.

And after we’re done, you can hate me, and that’ll be fine, because I was a horrible friend, and I hurt you. And you can walk away knowing you were right all along. I really am just a dumb bunny.