Because Onision is demanding an apology, I’d like to give him one. Actually, I’d like to give him a few.

I’m sorry I was ever subscribed to your miserable, sorry ass.

I’m sorry that I ever considered myself a fan of you or defended you in any fucking way.

I’m sorry that there are people who have actually decided to spend money on you every fucking month because you are not even worth a penny out of anyone’s bank account.

I’m sorry that there are young girls who actively pursue a relationship with you and your wife because if they are successful in doing so, they are doomed to the misery that your exes and current partner were/are subjected to.

I’m sorry that you snatched Lainey up at such a young age and as a consequence of this, stunted her growth as a person and shaped her into the selfish prick she’s become.

I’m sorry that you are so egomaniacal that you think ANYONE, ESPECIALLY Jaclyn Glenn, owes you an apology.

Fuck you.

Small Rant

So I watched a little bit of Onion’s “Difference Between Sex and Gender” stream or whatever, and I wanted to talk about a few things I saw in the parts I skimmed through.

So like, when I started hearing about everything going on in the stream, my first thought was “Taylor is so insistent that she only argues with Greg in private, why is this public..?”

And then I noticed her comment

She’s basically saying that she tried to handle it privately, so I guess Greg was the one who “Nah I’m gonna use all my fans to prove you wrong.”? Correct me if I’m wrong, like I said I kinda skimmed. However, Greg did also say in the stream that Taylor told him that he would be “ripped apart” if he went on and streamed. I mean, I truly applaud Taylor that she’s standing up for herself, but… honey, telling him that he’ll be ripped apart… I don’t think that’s how you go about it.

Last thing, before Greg told the audience about what Taylor said, he started with all of the people who were commenting things like “I’m sorry Lainey.” Saying they had no reason to be sorry for her.

I have to admit, it’s things like these that make me question my own opinion on Taylor. I do have pity for her, and do feel that she’s trapped. Despite what things she’s done, I do feel pretty sorry for her.

Not to mention Greg tried to lovebomb her a while after the stream and god I hope she doesn’t forgive, at least not easily.

anonymous asked:

i once felt sorry for lainey because gregs abusive to almost everyone. she's also loving to him which he doesnt deserve. but then it was outed about how she too was manipulative and obsessive from the jump. and now she willingly takes part in and/or agrees with the abuse of others. that's not ok. it's also not ok to keep children around such a disturbing situation. lainey has all the support she needs to get away but she Does Not Want To Leave. she's not a victim and certainly not innocent.

I swear, I swear I don’t ship it ugh

Okay so story time.  tous-les-coups and I started lining up for our Jensen & Misha photo op super early, so we were close to the front of the line.  That meant that we were let in to the photo op area before they were ready to start taking pictures, and they were still resetting after the J2 pictures.  So Misha came in and started talking with Jensen and Chris (the photographer) and okay, this is the part that is so not fucking cool, because Misha looked kinda tired or down about something, and it seemed like Jensen and Chris were sort of giving him a pep talk- except that apparently in order to do that, it was necessary for Jensen to hold Misha’s shoulder, gaze deeply into his eyes, and hold his hand over his heart like he was giving a really heartfelt speech.  I fucking kid you not.  AND THEN Jensen continued to hold this position for a good long while, and even when he moved his hand from Misha’s shoulder it sort of grazed his arm???  I don’t even know guys, I swear I don’t fucking ship it but these assholes make it really hard not to do that, ughhhhhhhhhhh

Anyway, then we got to do our photo op, and we told them that Lainey was Hannah and I was Crowley and we were going to get in the middle of Dean and Cas’ “friendship” (we didn’t use the airquotes, but it’s possible they were implied) and then this happened.  Not exactly what we pictured, but Lainey got to wrap herself around Misha and I got to PUT MY HANDS ON JENSEN’S PECS so it worked out perfectly.

And yes, they’re actually MORE ridiculously good looking in real life.  What a bunch of rude assholes.

**please don’t edit or repost this without permission, thank you!**

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I always felt so sorry for Lainey for being gas-lighted by Gurg to the point where she would cry in videos when he would insult and berate her, but when the whole Billie thing escalated, I realized she's just as guilty. Not as much, yeah. But Lainey stood on the slidelines when Gurg revealed so much private info about Billie, about Ayala, which is the reason why I dislike her so much. Yeah, she did 'nothing'. But she did NOTHING (to stop it)!

she then turns around and acts like a victim, claiming that Billie never loved her, when I could - and I am very tempted to - make an entire post of evidence that Billie did love her, only for Lainey to not appreciate such love.

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I don't think Lainey is closeted lesbian. She likes females now bc Greg is not emotionally there & she can't have another male bc he wouldn't allow. He is the one that molded her into thinking she had to like females and he says all women are bi. In old video she was talking w. her friend & said she didn't like females like that. But Greg was trying to force her even then. & was only after he outed his attraction to males that she declared being agender to keep him. In this I feel sorry for Lain

Lainey even said that if it were not for Onision she would not have discovered who she really was. Meaning if she never discovered Onision, she would have thought she was straight for the rest of her life. So you seem to be right that Onision influenced her into thinking she was bi, agender or what ever she thinks she is now.

If someone is going to base their sexual identity and preference off who they met (like Lainey has) then most likely their identity is manufactured and not in-born.