Remember Me (KlanceWeek Day 3: Scars)

When Lance Mcclain had been five years old, he’d befriended a boy without a family. He was Lance’s best friend at the time.They’d been inseparable. But that was ages ago. That boy had disappeared, just like he’d said he would. Lance still thought of him, sometimes, when he was fighting alongside Team Voltron, or just drifting off to sleep alone in his room. Was he okay? Had he found a family? Lance only wished he could remember the boy’s name. Or his face. But he remembered none of it. Only that he should have a scar on the back of his head, just behind his left ear. Why was that all he remembered? For some reason, his childhood self had thought it was the only thing important enough to hold onto.

But what did it matter? He probably would never see him again.

…but what if he did?


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Loins, can I call you loins?Loins. Vmin stress me out .After the Taegum honeymoon video I knew the vmin would be strong but damn. Japan. I forever thank Japan for bringing out the true vmin nastiness. I have watched the video Tae posted of Jimin like more than 50 times and the fact that Chim'svoice is so deep when calling out Kim fucking Taehyung kills me. I realized at this point I'm just ranting and I'm sorry but when will I ever find love like vmin. Also Tar has Jimin nudes. What is life

!!They have taken their public flirting to a whole new extreme, I’m so pleased to be able to witness this escalation and I once again I feel so blessed to ship the lovey-est, nastiest pair, I really do, they give us more content than we could ever hope to create on our own, they are allowing us to come alone on this journey of bickering teasing flirting loving and self-discovery with them, and I think that’s just beautiful!!

The Fall 3.06 thoughts (part 2)
  • YAY! stupid arrogant lawyer man, you shouldn’t lay out condescending ultimatums like that, presuming that you can lay weakness on a colleague for being female, and be shocked when she tells you to shove it, basically. i like her.
  • oh jeez stella’s face :’(
  • but hey, it’s my favorite belfast doctor of the lovely eyes. that’s something i suppose
  • poor stella. i guess it’s been sort of inevitable, things coming to a head this way, and the show has been leading us there with her talk of him infecting everyone–she couldn’t get out unscathed. but it’s too soon in the finale to feel that anyone is safe so i don’t like that one bit.
  • she looks better, cleaned up. and dr. o’donnell’s so cute. this is totally the wrong kind of show for it but i kinda want the two of them to get a little house in the country with a dog where reed smith joins them sometimes and everyone is retired and safe and happy.
  • well, dash that, with his wife and five kids. but it was a nice fantasy for a moment, as this show hurts my heart.
  • and we’re back in the gosh darned room again with the guy who won’t shut up. i wish the psychiatrist would listen about declaring him faking, but i doubt he will.
  • that poor little girl. his daughter, beloved by him while he raped and murdered women…and her mother nowhere to be found in helping her…i just can’t even. ‘when i have a baby, i might go and see him.’
  • and finally, finally, the only thing that could possibly humanize kitty for me: a one-on-one with stella. she can’t hold up against the force that is stella, finally she’s a human teenage broken girl.
  • also, what a contrast between this scene and all the psychological ones between the two men. this one interests me. they have something in common, and she’s not entirely lost yet. (my money’s not on her becoming a happy functioning person but i get why stella has to try)
  • what is he doing to the poor little schizophrenic kid?
  • oh. manipulation. duh.
  • yeah, i actually expected him to break out.
  • he didn’t need to beat the crap out of the psychiatrist though. yuck.
  • oh, the poor kid. :(
  • not sure i understand the plan if his goal wasn’t to break out…one last hurrah?
  • oh, or to get caught as suicidal. maybe?
  • stella apologizing to the doctor as though she should have been able to control the monster, as though it’s her fault, is heartbreaking.
  • well this is the very definition of 'it wasn’t supposed to end this way.’ stella wanted justice. she worked so hard.
  • also this is disgusting. i’m tired of realistic hangings.
  • i don’t feel bad for you, jim burns. you’re still not forgiven for trying to force yourself on stella and should have to live with your mistakes like everyone else.
  • OHHH the farewell hug between stella and dani
  • yeah…that didn’t really feel like it ended. i feel like i can’t even say 'i liked it’ or 'i didn’t like it’ because it just sort of…trailed off. but i hate when things just *stop* like even if that is realistic to life i’m not here for realism i expected more of an ending somehow
  • …but tbh it’s still better tv just based on stella alone than most of what i watch because it has a message i agree with even when i can’t stand experiencing it. so i think i would watch a series 4? even though i’m so deeply tired of violence against women on tv i’m feeling quite sick.

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"Hi Jack, sorry I'm late..." Danny panted, catching up to the smaller male, "I was studying and kinda lost track of time..." he sighed, "Sorry..." Well he was lying, having been with Nico rather than studying, but Jack didn't need to know that...

Jack smiled at him, “It’s alright, you’re here now.” he said, leaning up to kiss Danny softly. “How was studying?”

Last Day -Sasha & Ian-

Grabbing his bag off the bed making sure he had all of his belongings they were being rebellious knowing that they needed to be home by time they weren’t going to be made him alittle worried but they needed the night away, needing to be alone after everything that’s happened the small break from cameras is what Ian needed. Walking out the front doors his hand slid into the pockets of jeans making his way down the long drive to his car, putting his bag in the back seat. Leaving the door open he leaned against the car waiting for Sasha to join him.

Arrow Hellatus Project - Arrow Summer Rewatch (by olicityalamode & geniewithwifi) Week 16 | Black Canary

‘Who the hell are you? ’
‘I’m the justice you can’t run from.’

by cherrychapssstick

Books & Cupcakes September Photo Book Challenge

Day 11: Can I Live Here?

Now, I don’t necessarily want to live in a world where the zombie apocalypse is occurring because I would probably die first, BUT if it means that I don’t have to go to school anymore and that I don’t have to pay back my student loans, then yeah I’m down for some zombie slaying (I’d probably last about a good week or two lol)!

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Tiva + star gazing ? :)

“I know this was my big romantic idea and all, but I’m starting to think we shoulda just looked out the window.”

Ziva laughs as she curls in closer to him. Her arm winds its way round his waist whilst she shifts a little, her feet braced against the hood of the car.

“This adds to the experience, yes?”

“Yeah,” he gets out between shudders. “But it’s damn cold.” With a sigh he pulls her even nearer, as if he can somehow steal her remaining heat. When he breathes deeply clouds form between his lips.

“I thought you said you knew the names of the stars, Tony.” she points out, reminding him of his initial claim before he’d dragged her outside. He lays his head back, shivering again as the cold metal of the hood sits against his hair and chills him further.

“Sure I do. That’s a planet, and that one’s a big star.”

She swats a hand against his stomach, and he whimpers. Looking up to the sky once more, his eyes track across the litterings of stars, constellations he knows he’s never even heard of, right before his eyes. All that above him, and his gaze still gets drawn to Ziva by his side.

“God, you’re beautiful.” he murmurs, unable to look away from the expression of wide-eyed wonder on her face as she looks up at the clear sky. It soon falls as she turns to him, frowning just a little even as a small smile tugs at her mouth.

“Thank you. But what makes you say that?”

He can’t resist sending her a grin as he links his fingers through hers. Leaning down, he catches her lips in a brief kiss before pulling back and leaning against the hood again.

“Your nose is cold.” she mutters distractedly, her legs linking with his as she lies down fully against his chest.

“So’s yours.” He kisses her head, then points to a random part of the sky. “Now that, is a UFO.”

She slaps him again and he can’t help but laugh. As she cuddles in closer and he holds her tight, he realises, he doesn’t even feel cold anymore.