Nilda: We don’t need to be best friends exactly but I just want to make sure we’re okay? I need to be a bigger person now, I want to be a good example for my child.

Tully: Really, you have a kid? Wow, I didn’t know that.

Nilda: Yeah, Axel’s 7 months now. Are we okay?

Tully: Truthfully I have gotten over this so long ago. We’re completely fine and I’m sorry too. I’d love to meet Axel sometime.

he’d always felt a connection to Zelda but as he regained his memories it started becoming clear to him that his feelings for her were not quite platonic. he figured it would go unrequited until he heard Kass’ song and realised that he might actually have a chance with her, and found himself less and less inclined to actively seek out partners.

he and Zelda had a lot of communication issues after they reunited (thanks trauma!!) so by the time they sorted their shit out and tumbled into bed together he’d been celibate and well and truly emotionally committed to her for several months.

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Okay, so I’ve gotten multiple imagine requests for “fluff” for Patrick Hockstetter, and while I’m open to writing most things, fluff as I know it, just doesn’t  suit his character(as in legitimate fluff), and I personally just can’t comfortably write it. 
I’m incredibly flattered that people like my writing, and so many of you are super nice about it, but it’s something I’m just not personally able to do in a way that I think would follow the request but also be in-character.

I feel bad, but for anyone who’s requested fluff for Patrick, it’s just not something I can do and I’m sorry D:

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For your distraction game: Which are your Top 5 LP songs? (Though this might be a bit too obvious and not really distracting, sorry!)

You’d think it’s obvious, but I don’t have an answer ready. It’s really hard to choose. I guess:

1. Roads Untraveled
2. When They Come For Me
3. Waiting for the End
4. Breaking the Habit 
5. Sharp Edges 

Ughhh it’s sooo hard to only write down 5 of them, so so hard.
A Thousand Suns in its entirety should be here!! 

Thanks for the distraction <3!
‘Chicago P.D.’ Star Jason Beghe Investigated for ‘Anger Issues’
Jason Beghe, the star of NBC’s “Chicago P.D.,” has been investigated for ongoing anger management issues. NBC launched the investigation after learning last year that there were m…
By Debra Birnbaum, Daniel Holloway

Jason Beghe’s anger issues is reportedly the reason Sophia left CPD.

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I just saw your blog and your art and they're so AWESOME!!!!!!! <3 mind if I ask, I saw your 5d's x Avengers au , I wonder who is Loki in your avengers x 5d's au? :D (so sorry if I ask too much ; w ;)

ASDFGHJ my avengers AU!! You know I think there isn’t a 5ds character that fits his role, at least nobody that Jack could consider as “brother” except for Yusei and Crow… and Bruno is out of question…. so I thought about Placido, since he’s just a big drama queen that has nothing better to do rather than going around with a sWORD and being the villain of the situation just because he has time to waste- remember the Ghost robots spread in Neo Domino city??? that’s basically Loki creating chaos in New York and tbh I couldn’t think about a better compairison (I’d love to sketch him with those two big Loki horns but I can’t rn lol)

A Loving Fan isn't a troll.

Sorry Mod. I’d go on with my real account but they reported my last one and a bunch of other anti accounts. A Loving Fan is a 22 year old maxvid shipper. Their Twitter got banned for abuse they always tweet RT and harass Antis with maxvid content. Their newest url:
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