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Headcanon Danny actually does sing Arin Sleeptime Junction so he can fall asleep and when the others find out they demand a sleepover so he can sing it to them, then drag him into the middle of the cuddle pile as thanks.

Sorry I thought I’d replied to this. Things have been so hectic over the last couple weeks. 

I find this so cute and think at first it would happen whenever Arin was stressed and Dan knew he needed to chill out, so Dan would sing that song to him, mainly to make Arin laugh but he then falls asleep and as time goes on it just becomes a thing. One time Ross sees them and records it, he wasn’t even planning on making fun he just found it cute. Then when he returned to the main part of the office everyone was asking why he’s smiling so he had to show them and that led to a sleepover with Dan singing them all to sleep while cuddling. (They all fought over who got to be cuddled up to Dan)

my parents still don’t take me very seriously when I say that I’m a lesbian because they repetitively still refer to me getting a ‘boyfriend’“. Sexuality never has been a huge deal for me so I’m pretty much chill about it, I mainly just don’t want them to panic when they find out one day that I am an ACTUAL real life ™ farm fresh 🌽🌽🌽organic 🌽verified gay

Mctherrussia’s 1 (one) year anniversary giveaway!


The blog turned one year old today! So in light of this milestone, I’m doing an art raffle! There will be three winners total who will be randomly selected.

How do you participate?

Simple! You follow me, like/ reblog the post and you’re in! You can reblog as many times as you like as long as it doesn’t hinder your followers. And don’t follow me just to participate and then unfollow right after. I’ll check.

The prizes!

First place winner gets a full body drawing of maximum two people. (yes this includes shippy art)

Second place gets a half body drawing of maximum two people

Third place gets either a bust drawing of max two people

Are there things you won’t draw?

Yes. I will not draw underage nsfw, mechs (sorry, scat, bestiality and mlp ponies. Aside from that you’re pretty much free to ask for whatever c:

When will the winners be announced?

The 12th of June, the day the Overwatch anniversary event ends!

So good luck and may the odds be in your favor!


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So glad to hear you're feeling better!!

Aw thanks so much!! I’m really glad to be feeling better. Well, relatively, y'know? Haven’t had a new flare yet and my memory retention has been better. Tremors have decreased probably by about 90% and the twitching by about 65%. And the swelling in hands and feet by about 50%. So yes, even if the pain has increased, I am doing much better!

I’m currently enjoying a lovely visit with my dad and brother, who paid for a deep clean of my house yesterday afternoon. One of the best gifts I’ve received in a long time, and it will do wonders for my stress levels! Already has, in fact. :)

Sorry haha, figured I’d take the time to do a little update while I was answering.