Tumblr History Community Survey
Do you like answering questions about yourself? Take this survey.

I love pie charts and I have Questions about the tumblr history community, so I made a survey. It isn’t terribly long. Please take it.

I’m using a very loose definition of the word “community” here. This is a survey for anyone who posts about or follows people who post about history, you don’t have to consider yourself part of a special club. All questions are optional, so you’re welcome to skip any questions that don’t apply to you or that you just don’t want to answer. Also, if anything on it is badly worded or just Bad, please let me know so I can fix it or remove it.

Also please reblog so that more people will see it! I’ll post about the results in a week or two. 


I was tagged by @up10chen to do the bias moodboard. I love these things!!!!

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hello everyone, im so excited that so many people have shown interest in joining the network!!

i’m Rae, one of the co-founders of @tnbasiannetwork! i’m a 23 year-old non-binary (they/them) biracial fillipinx american. i live & work full time in the dc metropolitan area (otherwise known as the dmv).

I am interested in photography, building pcs, and musical theater. I’ve got two cats, Kal-El and Sam :^) I’m also ridiculously obsessed with the x-files and Pokemon Go at the moment ; u;

i’ve struggled a lot with my identity and discovering where i fit in, within both the queer & pilipino communities, so I’m beyond ecstatic to be a part of a community of similar people!! i hope everyone can find some comfort, support, & acceptance here!

regrets as a fellow ARMY:

  • being impatient for Yoongi’s mixtape not knowing that he was literally pouring his heart and soul into it
  • characterising Yoongi as a kind of guy who gives zero fucks when he gives all of the fucks in the world and so much more
  • not seeing or understanding Yoongi’s pain until he actually spelled it out for all of us
  • adding to the buttload of pressure and stress suffocating Yoongi
  • making Yoongi feel the need to say this:                                                              “If my misfortune is your happiness then I’ll be unhappy. If the target of your loathing is me then I’ll go up on the guillotine.”
  • not being able to make Yoongi understand how much we appreciate him
  • thinking that we “know” Yoongi when we obviously don’t
  • making completely false judgments concerning Yoongi’s personality based on the diluted glimpses and fragments of him that we get to see
  • not being a more supportive and appreciative fandom, especially when it comes to Yoongi and all of the energy he puts into BTS

Where is Taehyung? I want to know if he’s enjoying the mixtape. I bet he is. He’s probably in his room listening to it super loud and trying to memorise all the lyrics. Every now and then I bet they all hear him screaming the “a to the g to the u to the std” part, followed by an even louder “I’m D-Boy bc I’m from D” Bc he is also from D! He probably has listened to it near Yoongi a lot and said stuff like “Your mixtape is so cool, hyung!!!!” and just been super happy near him. Taehyung is so lit this mixtape probably saved him as much as it saved us.

Can you imagine if someone who’s completely new to dgm decided to watch Hallow?

“ Ooooh, the characters look so nice! “

“ I’m sure so many cool and epic adventures will happen! “

“ It’s definitely a feel-good manga! “

“ it’s all about happiness and friendship, let’s go! “

So they Jump into Hallow and…