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Character Study: Jason Peter Todd

Anon asked: sorry i keep asking dick and jason questions but can you like do an overview of their personalities and like use in-text examples? its hard for me to get a grasp on characters and their mannerisms and personalities.

Quick Background: Jason practically grew up on the streets as a kid. Between his father who was stuck in a perpetual revolving door of prison sentences and a drug addicted mother, he didn’t have much of a family life before joining the Batfamily. His father was murdered by Two-face and his mother died of an overdose, leaving a young Jason to survive on the streets. Batman found Jason one night while Jason was in the process of stealing the tires off the Batmobile. Bruce will eventually come to take in Jason and give him the mantle of being the second Robin. After only being Robin for a few years he is murdered at the age of 16 by the Joker. He is resurrected by the Lazarus Pit and has since become the problematic character that we all know and love. 

(Character qualities and In-text examples are under the read more)

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Rainy Morning L.H.

rsl5sos-blog requested: Oml can you pleaseeee do a smut where Luke is like super cute and cuddly in the morning but then something happens that turns him on and you like ride his thigh and lazy morning sex cause that would be great 👌🏻

So so sorry for posting it so late, I wanted it to be perfect so I hope ylike it (: i sure did writing it   Let me know what you think of it 

TW: smut // Word Count: 1.3k // Masterlist/ Requests/ Prompts (the prompts are not mine)

The rain hitting your window woke you up. Not much light entered the room you noticed as you rubbed your eyes with the palms of your eyes, making the attempt of waking up.

Your whole body was under the sheets, covering your nudeness, and you turned around hoping to find your beautiful boyfriend, only finding his side empty. A second after, you heard the creaking of the bathroom door and saw Luke, in all of his sleepy glory, appear in the shared bedroom.

With nothing covering his body, he ran one of his hands through his hair, a yawn left his plump lips.

“Good morning, hot stuff.” He cracked a smile when he heard you.

“Good morning to you too. I thought you were asleep. Did I wake you?”

“No, don’t worry. It was the rain.” You pointed your window and the both of you stared at it for a minute, adoring the foggy and cloudy sky outside your apartment. You were infatuated by it, though Luke felt how infatuated with you he was.

He was watching you, your chest moving up and down with every breath you took was all he could focus on. You had your swollen lips parted, you short, reddish hair was messy and all over the place, just the way he liked.

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@hynpos myth event — Day 11: Favorite Japanese deity

Konohana — Konohanasakuya-hime is the daughter of the mountain god Ohoyamatsumi. She is often considered an avatar of Japanese life, especially since her symbol is the sakura (cherry blossom).

Vampires Don’t Get Sick

A/N: A Snowbaz drabble for @soecrates <3 Happy late birthday!!

Simon has never woken up before Baz. So he assumes Baz is at breakfast when he wakes up and goes to shower, humming an off key tune. He dresses quickly in the dorm and is about to leave when he hears a low groan.

Startled he turns to see a lump in Baz’s bed, moving.

“Baz?” Simon starts. He cautiously makes his way over and sees dark hair spread out over the pillow. The rest of Baz is hidden under a pile of blankets.

Simon considers leaving him there. It’s what Baz would do if he had slept late. But Baz is never late. It just doesn’t happen.

Simon slowly reaches out a finger and pokes the lump of blankets before quickly pulling back.

Baz groans again and rolls over, blearily blinking his eyes.

“What Snow?” he says, lacking his usual venom.

“Um, you’re late.” Simon says.

“Why do you care?”

“I don’t.”

“Then leave me alone.” Baz rolls back over.

Simon considers this for a moment, but he can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t right. Maybe Baz is plotting something. He’s doing this just to mess with Simon.

He pokes him again.


“What” comes the muffled reply.

“Are you- are you okay?”

“I’m fine Snow, just leave me ‘lone,” Baz has rolled back over to face Simon. His face is pale, paler than usual. Simon thinks it looks kind of green. And there are beads of sweat on his forehead.

“You don’t look fine. Are you ill?” Simon asks.

“I don’t get ill,” comes Baz’s reply.

Without thinking, Simon presses the back of his hand to Baz’s forehead. He’s burning up.

“Baz, you’re definitely sick.” He can’t just leave Baz here, ill. What if he’s dying? Simon goes to the bathroom and gets a washcloth, running it under cold water and wringing it out. He comes back to Baz and carefully lays it on his forehead.

He hears Baz sigh and his eyes fall closed.

Simon watches him carefully for a bit, to make sure he’s still breathing, then decides he’s done what he could. He leaves the dorm as quietly as he can and decides to head to breakfast; if he hasn’t missed it already.

He can even ask Cook Pritchard for some soup while he’s there. He’s related to Baz, so he’ll probably help.

Penny ignores him when Simon tries to talk about Baz’s odd behavior.

“Can we not talk about Baz for once?” complains Agatha.

“But he’s sick!” Simon says, “Do vampires even get sick?”

Agatha rolls her eyes as Simon slathers more butter onto his scone.

“Seriously, Simon. Shut up.”


“You have crumbs on your cheek,” Agatha interrupts.

Simon brushes at his face, completely missing the crumbs, before turning to Penny.

“Pen?” he asks.

“Yes Simon?” Penny mumbles, eyes still on her book.

“Do they?”


“Do vampires get sick?”

Penny glances up at him before sighing and closing her book.

“I can’t say I know Si.”

Agatha sights dramatically and gets up, moving to sit with Trixie and Keris.

A bell rings signaling fifteen minutes till first hour. Simon has a free period that he usually uses to visit Ebb or sleep some more.

Today though, he says goodbye to Penny and goes to get soup from Cook Pritchard.

When he gets back to the room, Baz isn’t in his bed. Simon pauses a moment and looks around. He knew Baz had been messing with him. It was all a plot to make Simon feel bad.  

He’s about to leave again when he hears retching coming from the bathroom. He quickly sets the soup down on his desk and runs into the bathroom.

Baz is curled around the toilet, miserable. His face green and his eyes dull. He retches again and Simon automatically moves, pulling Baz’s hair away from his face.

“Simon?” Baz asks. Even his voice sounds ill. It’s too soft and scratchy.

“Here.” Simon says.

Baz opens his mouth to say something but only retches again. Simon scrunches up his nose and does his best to ignore the smell of sick. He looks around and grabs a hair tie off Baz’s side of the sink, doing his best to put his hair up like he’d seen Baz do it. It’s lumpy and some stray hairs escaped, but it isn’t in his face anymore.

Baz groans and leans his forehead against the cool porcelain.

“Are you done?” Simon asks. “You know..” he trails off.

“I think so,” Baz says.

Simon takes Baz’s elbow and pulls him up.

“C’mon.” he says.

Baz complies, letting Simon lift him up off the floor and help him back to his bed.

He collapses against his pillow and looks at Simon blearily.

“Why are you doing this? Helping me?”

“Y-you’re sick Baz!” Simon stutters. “I can’t just let you be sick. Besides, I’m used to you plotting. My life gets boring without you plotting against me.”

Simon doesn’t actually know why he’s helping him. It’s probably something to do with how pathetic he looks. His eyes are dull and his hands are shaky. He’s nothing like he usually is. ‘You could almost forget he’s evil when he looks like this,’ Simon thinks.

Baz laughs and then groans, clutching his stomach.

“Are you going to puke again?”


“Good.” He takes the washcloth from earlier this morning and moves it towards Baz’s face, but Baz pulls away.

“Baz.” Simon looks at him, eyebrows raised. Baz stares back.

“Let me help you.”

Baz huffs but doesn’t move away again when Simon brings the washcloth to his lips and wipes them off. Simon does his best to ignore the fangs pressing into Baz’s bottom lip. He’s too sick to attack him right now; that was a problem for another time.

“Do you think you can eat?”

Baz shakes his head.

“C’mon Baz, just a few bites. You need food to get better.”

Simon goes to the desk and brings the soup over. He lifts a spoonful to Baz’s mouth and Baz glares as he accepts it, carefully swallowing.

“I don’t need you to hand feed me, Snow,” he says after the first bite. But he didn’t sound mean or bitter, just exhausted.

“Oh really?” Simon asks. “Fine. You do it.”

He hands the spoon to Baz and watches him try to steady his trembling fingers. After three attempts at getting a spoonful of soup Simon snatches it back.

“I thought so,” He says, raising another bite of soup to Baz’s mouth.

With Baz eating something, his fangs pop out even more.

A thought occurs to Simon.

“Baz?” he asks slowly.

Grey eyes meet his and he opens his mouth, then closes it, then opens it again decisively.

“Do you need, like, blood?”

Baz snaps his mouth shut so quickly he can hear his teeth clack together. The muscles in his jaw stand out as he clenches his teeth. He’s obviously uncomfortable, resembling a wild animal caught in headlights.

“I- I’m not going to tell anyone Baz,” Simon says quickly, hand on his leg in an attempt to reassure him.

“Not even the Mage?”

Simon hesitates and Baz scoffs, a bit of his usual self appearing for a moment.

“I thought so.”

Simon straightens his shoulders and meets Baz’s eyes.

“No. Not even the Mage. Now do you have like an extra storage of blood or something for when you get sick?”

“Vampires don’t get sick, Snow. I’m already half dead.”

“Okay… but you’re sick now.”

“Shut up Snow.” Baz turns away and Simon can’t help but notice how hollow and grey his cheeks are.

“Seriously Baz, I can get blood for you. Not from people or anything but-”

“Do you really think I drink human blood?” Baz snaps.

Simon stops. He doesn’t know what to say. Baz is a vampire and he’s evil. Why wouldn’t he?

“Of course I don’t,” Baz continues. “Why do you think I’m in the catacombs all the time?”

“…Right.” Simon says. “Listen I’m sure Penny knows a spell or something that can-”


“But Baz.”

“No.” Baz swallows. “No one else can know, okay?”

Simon looks at Baz, yet Baz doesn’t budge.

“Okay, Baz.”

Baz finally drifts off into a restless sleep. His eyes flutter and he cries out occasionally but he seems to not be dying so Simon heads down to the catacombs.

Simon can’t believe he’s doing this. ‘And for my enemy’, he thinks. But right now Baz doesn’t seem like an enemy, or a monster. He seems like a boy. A sick boy. Who Simon feels a duty to help.  

He shakes off feelings and thoughts of Baz and focuses on his task at hand. He pulls out his wand, not able to think of any easier way to catch a rat.

Come out, come out, wherever you are.”

About fifty rodents scurry out from the walls and Simon tries not to shriek.

Go down like a lead balloon!” he shouts.

The catacombs go quiet again.

Simon stares at the rat massacre and sighs, lowering his wand. Baz had better appreciate this.

He lugs about ten dead rats back up the stairs in a backpack he had brought down and sets it beside Baz, who wakes up immediately, nose twitching.

Simon watches as he tentatively opened the bag and peers in before glancing at Simon. His mouth seems suddenly fuller than it was a few seconds ago.

“Thanks,” Baz says. The ‘s’ drawn out in a slight lisp.

“No problem,” Simon says, shrugging and sitting on his bed.

Baz gingerly picks up a rat and then glances at Simon.

“You don’t have to watch this.”

Simon scoffs. “I’ve already seen you puke your guts out Baz. I don’t think this is going to change anything.”

Baz self consciously licks his lips and opens his mouth to protest but Simon cuts him off.

“I’m curious, Baz. It’s - It’s kinda cool.” Simon blushes and Baz actually laughs. He laughs.

Simon doesn’t think he’s ever heard Baz genuinely laugh. It’s loud and surprising coming from someone who is so full of glares and smirks.

“You’re crazy,” Baz says.

“You’re a vampire.”

“I guess we match.”

They watch each other for a moment, and Baz cracks a small smile. He must be loopy from his fever, Simon decides.

“Go ahead,” he says, “Do your thing.”

Baz shakes his head but bites down on the rat’s neck and drains it of blood. He gets through about three more before he zips the bag back up and sets it on the ground.

He watches Simon warily for a reaction.

Simon is leaned forward, fascinated.

“So, like, how often do you need to do that?”

“Shut up, Snow.”

“No, really. Can you die if you don’t get enough blood?”


“And can you control your fangs? Cause they’re not always there y’know.”

“I know, Snow.” Baz leans back onto his pillow and closes his eyes.

“Can you smell blood?” Simon continues, “Can you smell my blood? What do I smell like?”

Baz’s eyes remain closed. He’s quiet for a bit, but finally answers. “Like apples and cinnamon and smoked bacon.”

“So what you’re saying is I smell good.”

Baz cracks open one eye to see Simon grinning.

“Be quiet, I’m ill, I don’t know what I’m saying.”

He closes his eyes again only to feel a hand against his forehead. His mattress dips as Simon sits beside him.

“You’re fever seems to be down.”

“Mmm” Baz agrees.

“How do you feel?”


Simon is warm. He radiates heat, even through the blankets. Baz can feel him where his thigh touches his side.

“How cold? Cause you could be too cold. If you’re too cold that’s not good either-”

“Shut up.”

“Baz, seriously,” Simon continues, “What if you’re like the opposite of a fever. Like a cold fever,”

“Shut up Snow.” Baz blindly reaches out and tugs on Simon’s arm. Simon loses his balance and falls against Baz’s chest.

Baz keeps his eyes closed. He has to. He can feel Simons breath against his cheek. Simon is so warm. Like a down blanket. But with harder edges and elbows and knees. Simon sucks in a breath as he’s pressed against Baz’s chest. Even sick, Baz doesn’t feel all that weak. He feels firm and unbreakable, and not like an enemy at all.

“…Baz?” Simon asks.

“Stay,” Baz mumbles drowsily.

“What? Are you sure?”


“Okay, fine. Just to make sure you don’t get an opposite fever,” Simon says. He pushes away all the thoughts trying to race through his mind, determined just to enjoy this. Baz would probably push him away once he woke up and felt better, but for now, Simon could do what Baz wants.

“Mmm,” Baz hums.

“At least let me under the covers though.”

Baz, sleepily, feels Simon crawl over him and get under the covers before slowly wrapping his arms around him. Baz snuggles up to him, to tired to think or care about what he’s doing. Simon doesn’t protest, actually seeming to relax against him.

“Sleep well, Baz,” he whispers softly. Baz’s back is nestled against Simon’s chest and he can feel every breath Baz takes. He likes him here, Simon decides. He doesn’t have to worry about where Baz is and what he’s plotting when he’s right next to him. Simon’s eyes start to close and his breathing evens out to match Baz’s as he falls asleep.

A week later, Simon gets sick.

It’s Libra Season ♎

Sun in Libra

Libra natives are generally very sociable and somewhat intellectual souls. They have an almost mesmerizing vibe about them that makes them very likable and popular. Libras are known to think very highly of their social status. Once they create a certain social appearance for themselves they do everything in their power to keep that appearance. This is where the stereotype of Libra’s being fake comes from. They will do anything to avoid people seeing who they truly are.

People involved with Libras may note about their lack of directness, indecisiveness, and their apparent inability to take a stand. Libra’s are experts at avoiding being the one to blame. Normally know for the sign of “Harmony” and “Balance”, they always try to take the middle ground. This ties back into their social appearance; not wanting to make anyone think poorly of them, Libra’s

will try to find the solution where everybody wins. Since life presents all of us with an extraordinary amount of choices, if Libra doesn’t learn to live in the moment at least some of the time, they’ll be in a constant state of unrest.

bun-bunmuse  asked:

I'm leaving and not going to on for 3 days or's a silly question I got from an ask That I am going to ask you! Are sasster and Mr.G ticklish.

(bonus bc I love this gag)

as for Mr. G…


Happy Birthday Deku!

With a drink in my hand I raise a toast to you.

I hope in the year to come that all obstacles you face are easily surmountable. I hope that your love and relationship with Zero flourishes. I hope that your determination continues to inspire heroes and citizens alike. And finally I hope that you find so much happiness that your heart overflows with it. You deserve this and so much more for everything you do as our Symbol of Hope.

Ok let’s talk about this drink:

I wont lie and say this drink was easy to come up with. What you don’t see in that picture of my notebook is the four or five crossed out attempts at making this drink. I’ve only met Deku a few times, twice at my bar and once at a meet and greet, those and a few messages we traded here on tumblr are what I based my drink on. Deku is sweet, he’s sassy, he’s smart. Honest to god Zero if I wasn’t a lesbian down to my bones I’d have gone after him. You’re a very lucky gentleman.

I wanted his drink to be as unique as him, and of course, green. I also wanted it to knock you on you’re ass without you realizing it will. The final result will do just this. With out further ado;

The Deku:

1 oz White Rum (I use Bicardi)

1 ½ oz Kinky Green (Kinky is a Vodka Blend)

1 ½ oz Hypnotiq

2 oz Lemonade (homemade is best of you can)

2 oz Ginger Ale

Serve over ice in a highball glass and garnish with as many cherrys you want (don’t forget to tie the stems).

Hopefully we’ll see you all tomorrow night at the drink unveiling at Bottoms Up! If you can’t make it there our pop up bar will be at the Beach Party Sunday Night! Remember to drink responsibly and have fun!

And to the amazing @the-wonder-duo we wish both of you an amazing weekend, and Happy birthday Midoriya-kun!

~Miko and the Bottoms Up Staff.

xxxxnatasha  asked:

The sides are just doing there daily thing, minding their own business and filming with Thomas. Later when Patton, out of joy gives all the other sides a hug, a head ruffle and a kiss on the cheek for their hard work, he notices that both Logan and Anxiety stay frozen in their spot. Logan snaps out of his haze pretty fast and scolds Patton a bit, but Anxiety stays in his frozen haze. I had a shy Anxiety and Logan in mind. You may decide how to pick this up and work on it, if you want, of course.

“Well that went splendidly.” Prince exclaimed. “I know this is going to be a fantastic video!”

“It sure will be, kiddo,” Patton agreed cheerfully. “We all did really well today!”

Beaming at the other sides. Patton just couldn’t contain himself. He launched himself at Prince first, wrapping the other in a massive bear hug, followed up by a quick hair ruffle and a kiss on the cheek.

Prince just laughed in response, hugging Patton back, and giving him a cheek kiss in return. Once he let go, he turned towards the kitchen with a smile on his face, calling back over his shoulder that he was going to make some hot chocolate.

Still riding high on the success of the video, Patton spun around and gave the same treatment to Logic and Anxiety, before finally stepping back. That was when he noticed it.

Whereas Prince has enthusiastically returned his embrace, Logic and Anxiety hadn’t. Which Patton hadn’t through much of while he was hugging them, but watching them now as they still stood motionless in front of him, looking stunned, he wondered if he hadn’t maybe overstepped his boundaries a little.

Logic recovered first.

“Morality!” he snapped, his face flushed. “You could give some warning first. I mean really, you, you can’t just hug people out of nowhere. It’s, well, it’s uncivilized. Honestly, I can’t believe you would, just, I, out of nowhere!”

Logic continued to splutter, his cheeks getting redder and redder, but Patton’s focus had shifted to Anxiety, who was still standing as still as statue, staring vacantly at the air.

“Anxiety?” Patton said gently, creeping closer to Anxiety, interrupting Logic’s incomprehensible rant. “You okay, sport?”

Anxiety started as though he hadn’t noticed Patton approaching him.

“I-yeah. Just, I don’t know, wasn’t expecting that.” he muttered, turning his gaze the floor, his hands fidgeting with the edge of his hoodie.

Patton frowned.

“Aww kiddo,” he said, “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“What? I wasn’t, no, you, what makes you think I was scared?” Anxiety stuttered, his face now clearly red even through his foundation.

“Sorry,” Patton was quick to reply. “But you did freeze up for a bit after I hugged you, so I was just a bit concerned.”

“And this is why you should ask permission first,” Logic snapped, jumping back into the conversion.

“Alright,” Patton agreed amiably. “So do I have permission then?’

Logic blinked.

“What,” he said flatly.

Patton stepped forward, his arms held out.

“You said to ask,” he said, “So here’s me asking, can I hug you?”

Once again, Logic seemed frozen in place, a deep flush building up on his cheeks.

“I, you” he said, his words stumbling over each other.

One hand coming up to fiddle with his glasses, Logic directed his gaze at the floor.

“I suppose it would be acceptable,” he managed to get out, his face now an even more brilliant red.

Patton was quick to wrap his arms around him. Logic was tense at first, but then began to relax into the hug. Patton glanced up over his shoulder to Anxiety.

“You can come join in too, if you like” he said with a gentle smile. As Anxiety still looked uncertain, he added. “It’s to make up for startling you earlier.”

Anxiety hesitantly shuffled forward. Keeping his smile in place, Patton extended one hand towards him. Once Anxiety came within reach, he carefully pulled him into the hug, so that he had Logic tucked under one arm and Anxiety the other.

Patton closed his eyes and let himself bask in the moment. This was perfect.

Eventually though, the two began to fidget. Anxiety pulled away first.

“I, uh, I should probably go,” he mumbled, his eyes flitting nervously around, looking anywhere but at Patton, before stumbling out of the room.

Then Logic moved away.

“I also must be on my way,” he said briskly, although his cheeks were still tinted pink. “This was … not wholly unenjoyable. I hope, well, I’ll see you later.”

With that he turned and walked away. Patton let him go, a smile still on his face. Today really had been a good day. 

SDR2 Boy’s saving their crush from being killed and confess

insert screaming;;;; okay asks with the reader being their crush are my favorite  ??? I don’t know why but I just enjoy the boys and girls just !!! W E A K

Contains: gender neutral pronouns, reader, SPOILERS?

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