sorry this is rlly sloppy

hey this is pesky-plumbers cummin at you with this exclusive new offer! if youve seen my art, you’ve probably said to yourself “hot damn, id like to get my grubby gamer paws on somethin’ like that! oh, but i can’t afford a $35 commission bcos i spent all my Good Boy points on a statue figure of asuna from sword art online. guess i’ll have to jerk off to something else tonight….. :(”

well, you’re in luck, my fellow console cuck! because i’m just starting out and still getting used to digital art, i will be doing commissions for $5 at the least and $10 at the most! i know that most people can’t afford to support their favorite content creators, but since this is practice for me, the price is low enough for most people to afford yet high enough for it to be worth the time spent drawing them.

and honestly, if you can afford it, you’re more than welcome to pay more if you’d really like to help me out. i mean i certainly wouldn’t complain,,,, lmao

If you want a piece with a simple background, it will be $10

(also sorry for not having examples for busts and backgrounds nerjfnerjkgn)

now on the subject of what i will and will not draw:

as you can see, there isn’t much i wont draw. however, it may also depend on your request, so keep that in mind when contacting me.

but yeah, there’s lots of stuff i will draw because i’m desperate! i’ll draw fanart of anything, whether its from a video game, tv show, or some dumbass anime. even if its one ive never heard of before! ill also draw OCs/self inserts/whatever, and certain nsfw, vore, and furry shit is also acceptable.

if you’d like to purchase a commission, you MUST have a paypal. just DM my blog so we can exchange emails and further discuss what you’d like me to draw for you. if you don’t want to or aren’t able to buy, a reblog would still help greatly because it spreads to people who could! i am currently unable to work and i could really use the money by this friday! thanks again, and i look forward to doing business with you! ❤️

(also im sorry this looks rlly sloppy and shitty and i know i made a bunch of spelling mistakes but i made this p quick bcos its rlly late and ive had a busy weekend lol just pls buy my art im poor)