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I know my art style is rly childish & cartoony, I have nothin to colour with except old pencil crayons, & he doesn’t really look very unique at the moment, but once I start drawing more he’ll probably start looking a bit more personalized.

Still trying to come up with a name, but I’ll make another post once I finish a few more drawings

(i know i literally just made him but i love him so much heLP)

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another story hmmm,,, we went to pick my best friend up from her aunt’s house last year and she lives next to the beach and it was the first time i had ever went to the beach & i always wanted to visit the beach really bad. i loved it sooo much but we could only stay one night before we had to go home but gosh those are some of like my favorite memories ever it was sooo fun i wanna go back so bad 😔

I love color theory unapologetically and in re-watching VLD [for the 1023rd time] I decided to pay closer attention to how they use color, particularly where Keith is concerned thanks to this post.

So without further adieu,

How Color is Used to Illustrate Keith’s Phoenix Arc

Keith is interesting because he doesn’t follow the standard development for a character his age- someone who starts out lost / unsure and develops into a confident, mature person. My suspicion is that Keith is going to have what I’m calling a Phoenix Arc: He was introduced as [seemingly] mature / self-confident, is devolving and questioning his sense of self, and will rebuild himself into a stronger well-rounded character. And color is used to indicate his path of travel.

Keith was introduced with an explosion of red light, on a red hoverbike, clad in red attire. In his first scene, he demonstrates an ability to set and achieve goals and to handle tricky situations, setting him apart from his 3 former classmates and leaving viewers with a sense of maturity. However a few scenes later, Keith describes himself as lost and wandering indicating he still has room to grow. Growth that is directly tied to a knife with a violet symbol, the only thing he takes ownership of which isn’t red.

S1E10 Collection and Extraction, is probably the most foreshadowing episode as it includes all the colors heavily associated with Keith- In his scenes, the Red Paladin is investigating the Galra’s quintessence use, injures his hand on purple quintessence, fights with a druid who shoots violent purple lightning at him, is rescued by his fellow paladins, and his wounded hand is healed by yellow quintessence. From this we know Keith is directly linked to the Galra, his story arc is going to have a great deal to do with quintessence, his identity and quest for information is going to be challenged by the Galra, and in the end it’s going to be his team, his family- not his quest for knowledge- which brings him to a better understanding of himself.

In season 2 Keith starts learning about his knife, gathering more questions than answers, progressively surrounded by more and more violet hues; and he becomes less sure of himself. This character who started off strong and determined starts to falter. It becomes clear this violet knife is leading Keith to the Galra- something he spends time grappling with. When he crosses blades with Ulaz in S2E3, Keith holds his own well enough until he sees the matching symbol on Ulaz’s sword. Keith is so disarmed that Ulaz literally wipes the floor with Keith. From this point on we see Keith questioning himself and moving away from traits he held true to in season 1. [See S2E7 Space Mall: he goes on a personal inquisition rather than focusing on the team’s mission; and S2E8 The Blade of Marmora: he risks a critical alliance by defying orders to come unarmed.]

Keith enters the Trials of Marmora lost and seeking knowledge, fighting combatants clad in violet hues. When he’s in his mindscape there is a visual battle between violet and red. In the first sequence, Keith is surrounded by purple, and as Shiro walks away there is a sharp burst of violet light. In his Earth mindscape, the entire scene has a red hue, and when Keith leaves the shack the screen goes completely red. After he awakens and reorients himself, Keith halts the fight saying: “It doesn’t matter where I come from; I know who I am.”

Keith roots his identity in being the Red Paladin of Voltron, Shiro’s right hand. Shiro, who knew Keith before Voltron [pre-Kerberos backstory please?!] and knows him now, becomes a beacon Keith uses to orient himself. For a while that works, but then Shiro is lost.

Season 3 opens to a scene of Keith looking for Shiro in the wreckage of battle and wouldn’t you know the background is a myriad of red and violet- illustrating Keith’s inner turmoil and bereavement [“Your friend desperately wants to see you”]. Adding insult to injury, Keith is pulled away from the Red Lion, pushed into the Black Lion - whose alternate color is purple- and is vocal about his discomfort with his new identity. Keith knows he is slipping, losing his sense of self. He doesn’t want to be the leader because he doesn’t associate those traits with himself. And the one person who believed Keith could embody this role is missing.

By the time Shiro [ahem, Kuro] returns, Keith is completely lost as the black paladin trying to find himself through his work with the Blade of Marmora, swimming in violet. In season 4, Keith doesn’t wear red and furthermore is absent from a large portion of the season. As mentioned in the post I linked at the beginning, Keith’s dash lights up red at the end of season 4, when he is putting himself aside to save the universe and his original team. It’s a strong indicator that Keith is going to start gravitating back towards Voltron and towards himself. Keith isn’t going to fully understand who he is until he figures out he needs his family/friends by his side.

Canon content has demonstrated Shiro is going to be an important role in Keith figuring out who he was versus who he must become, and I won’t be surprised if Lance is somehow involved as well given he is the one who helped Keith come to grips in Shiro’s absence. But I also think Hunk may have a part to play in the future. As I mentioned, S1E10 seems to be foreshadowing and shows yellow to be a ‘healing’ component for Keith. There is a peppering of yellow throughout Keith-centric scenes and, most importantly, Hunk was there for Keith at a time when the team was not. Immediately following the revelation of Keith’s Galra heritage, at a point when everyone [Keith included] was struggling to deal with this, Hunk is the one who gets Keith to talk about it. He does it in a humorous shit-eating-grin sort of way, but in the end Hunk, the yellow paladin, does a lot to alleviate the tension.

In future seasons I think we are going to see Keith return to his sense of self, but in a better way than where he began. Red is set up to indicate his sense of self, purple is used to show the inner turmoil he grapples and must come to terms with, and yellow acts as a beacon guiding him home [notice how yellow was removed from Kuro’s outfit?]. I don’t think we are going to see Keith fully realized until he learns to truly accept, not fight, his Galra heritage and take on purple as a part of his identity- it’s no coincidence that his eyes are violet after all.

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Hmmm Wolfstar + Titanic (Movie)?

They watch it with Lily, James and Peter one day when they’re 19, because Lily makes them. Peter turns into a sobbing mess right away because he’s seen that think 12x already and knows how it ends. James keeps saying cheesy things like “lilies are way prettier than roses” before kissing Lily. 

Sirius keeps complaining about a lack of queer representation in the movie. Its not really his genre anyway, and jily is a bit too much in his face with how happy they are, pretending to be Rose and Jack while Sirius can’t do that because there’s no gay version of titanic (maybe in porn, but that’s hardly appropriate to watch with friends). When the 3rd class passengers are mistreated he almost throws the remote at the TV in frustration. He leaves as soon as people start to drown, claiming that “this is heterosexual class-society bullshit and also I have to pee”

Remus doesn’t watch the movie. He just watches Sirius’ face as he rants about the patriarchy, because he lover that social justice side of Sirius. his eyes do start to get wet when the iceberg hits and people start to die, and he leaves soon after Sirius does. 

They spend the rest of the night in jily’s bed, because it’s their appartment (serves them right), and Remus makes up better (and gayer) versions of Titanic to amuse Sirius. They never watch it again. 

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“Valentine’s Day was like 3 years ago. Why are they sending you flowers now? They’re fucking slacking already. You don’t need that type of person in your life.” Bakugou yanks the card off the flowers and shakes his head at the blue-haired headphone user as if the gift is somehow their fault. 

Bakugou will never admit it, but he isn’t really an expert when it comes to romance or feelings to be precise. Regardless, he’ll give his two scents on the matter. Bakugou clears his throat before reading out loud what the card says to Aoba. 

I’m a man who’s holding a pretty flower
A man who is holding a flower called you, who everybody loves
I’m drunk with your scent, getting hazy again
Don’t get plucked away please

“Have you ever heard such shit?” Bakugou scoffs rather loudly and he flicks the card away into the street. He feels so disgusted having read such embarrassing and idiotic words that he could almost explode the flowers himself. He refrains from doing so, only glaring at the bundle of blue flowers in Aoba’s arms. 

“Have it destroyed,” is his last verdict about Aoba’s mysterious gift. 

You I really don’t wanna spend the night here if your gonna get mad over a simple misunderstanding like this. You act like family day is so sacred, when really it’s not about family since it’ll just be the two of us sitting quietly in a movie theatre. Besides, we had other plans since the week before, so it’s not like I can just not go see my grandparents (yknow, a real family activity). But, whatever.

Me when commenting on fanfic

Fanfic with Fluff:

I will basically tell you in so and so many ways:

“I love it”

And end with “Have a nice day :)”

Fanfic with Angst:

I will pretend to hate it and accuse you of the various ways you supposedly destroyed:

[ ] me [ ] my heart [ ] my sanity

[ ] the world [ ] everything

Then proceed to beg you on my knees for a happy end (in case the fic wasn’t already finsiehd heartbreakingly).

I will try to deny liking angst at all.

-> “I love hate angst”

And end with “Have a nice day :)”

// faceplants into drafts pile


He didn’t have to get her anything, he knew that. But Theo wasn’t the kind of person to let a friend’s birthday pass without going out of his way to make it special for them. And he wished he could say that, call her a friend, but he had no idea what they were. Things were far too complicated between them. And as much as he wanted her to be just a friend - even if they weren’t on the best of terms - he knew that she was something more. She always had been, even before they dated and it didn’t truly feel like that would ever change. It didn’t matter if he claimed to hate her or love her - she was someone special either way. He had wondered if he should go to the muggle town again to find her a gift, but finally decided instead on conjuring a necklace which he had bought for her years ago before they had broken up. He left the neatly wrapped present by her door along with a note - this time, hand-written and signed. 

Dear Ria,

I picked this out for you a very long time ago. I think it’s about time it reached you.

Happy Birthday!


until no tears would come

“Niall?” Louis is crouched in front of him, the line between his eyebrows that always appears when he’s worried grooved deep. “Niall, pet, what’s wrong?”

Niall grips his own wrists tightly, feeling his dinner churning uneasily in his stomach as he fights for words. “It was - Greg,” he manages, “on the - phone. He just said some -” He swallows hard, breaking off.

“I’ll murder him,” Louis says at once, the words completely at odds with the gentle tone of his voice. “Is a hug okay?”

“Yes please,” Niall feels his voice break but he can’t spare the energy to care.

Louis gathers him close at once, pulling him half into his lap as he rocks just slightly back and forth. Niall fists his hands into Louis’ shirt and feels several hot tears run out from underneath his eyelids.

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@makaniistorm {First off don’t apologize for writing so much… I’m so sorry that my posts made you cry. I’ve been really dumb… And every time I see how many reactions it triggers I feel evern dumber. I don’t get stressed for my job, and my life isn’t even hard at all, I’m very fortunate and I shouldn’t even be mad at anything, not when I have this life, it’s just… I don’t think I’ve progressed at all either, or if I did, it was way too slowly. That’s what “everyone goes at their own pace” reminds me all the time, too. That I’m slow. So terribly slow. And it’s failure on my part and people say some people can be slower than others as if it’d make me feel better… But I don’t see it as a journey. I see it as a race and I’m far behind in there. And even if I did my best I’d still be incredibly slow.

So… Yeah. That’s how I think and how I’ve always thought and it never did make me get any better quicker. So… Yeah. The negative sources in my life are looking at other people’s art, but they also drive me to draw because they make me mad at myself for not being as good. So… Maybe it’s fostered by negative forces, but sometimes, that keeps me going…

I don’t know. I’m an awful mess. But this is a society that rewards competition, so I guess… I’m not completely in the wrong? I hope? Either way… I’m sorry I made you cry. I really like your asks and I really like talking to you, and OF COURSE what you said matters. Your support matters so much.}