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final update of heelstone is here !!! 

i started writing it 4 months ago yesterday so it’s perfect to wrap around to the end of it like this. i’m so grateful for all of you and thankful for your support. i couldn’t’ve done this without you. i’m still in awe that i managed to create this and i have all you guys to thank for your encouragement. knowing that you look forward to this stuff keeps me going. THANK YOU <3 

special thanks ~ to @montpahrnah (eve is this story’s godmom, midwife, sister, coach, cheerleader, etc; like i should add eve as a co-writer on this story, this story exists because of eve), @ababelofprose (the best person to talk through problem spots and uncertainties with and a wonderful rainy day cafe writing buddy), @badspacebabies (i love you dude thank you for everything always), @anyonewhotellsyoudifferently (i literally called clara in the middle of writing part 1 and said “describe the scottish highlands to me”), and like… literally everyone i’m so thankful to you all

more coming soon. thank you guys for believing in me and this story. i’m going to stop now before i wax overly poetic. but i’ll end on this note: 

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What is this? I feel something. Pain? Maybe. Food poisoning? That’s a possibility. Love? Impossible. No way. Could never happen.

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how to animate theme objects using keyframes

okay, so i caved - i’ve had an awful lot of questions lately about making theme objects move or transition using keyframes…

keyframes can be used to make an object -

  • fade-in, fade-out
  • move-up, move-down
  • rotate
  • stretch - etc.

in this tutorial, we’re going to be looking at three examples - one to ‘bounce’ an object, using translation.  one to ‘fade’ an object using opacity.  and one example with a combination of three animations - scaling, rotation and opacity. ( sorry about the crappy gif, the animations themselves won’t ‘jump’ on your theme, check the full preview :/ ).

please read through the code and the annotations which will explain what each section/line does!

**NB/ for copy and pasting purposes ( and possibly better readability in the code section ) please refer to the code page on PASTEBIN.  this post is VERY text heavy, the bold sections are descriptions/instructions!


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BTS Reacting to you dressing feminine for the first time

Jin would be lost for words, and be looking at you in complete aw. “You look amazing” 

Taehyung would be so shy to say anything and would continuously keep looking at your curves. He would be so happy you got out of your shell. “Oh my gosh, your so pretty. I’m sorry”

Jhope would look at you, his eyes would light up like the little firework he is. He wouldn’t stop smiling at you throughout the night. “I’m so proud of you, so cute”

Jimin would be so proud of you and make a full of himself trying to show you how happy he is to have you as a girlfriend, trying to let every man to know you are his. “Let’s head out, shall we beautiful?” 

Suga, he knew if would’ve took you a lot of guts for you to dress so pretty for him. And he would want you to dress however you feel most comfortable in. “You didn’t have to dress so nicely, I like you the way you are”

Rap monster would be a protective man and his hand around your waist all night, and every often would look at you and smile. Because how amazing you look. “I’m pretty sure I’m the luckiest man ever, to have you”

Jungkook would be the most shy ever, He has never seen you like this. And would turn red every time he stared at you wearing such a pretty dress. He would be stuttering and get twisted in his words. “You look so amazing, no beautiful, my beautiful girl” 

How Astro Reacts To Finding Out Their Girlfriend Is Starving Herself

A/N sorry I haven’t written lately guys, I have extreme writer’s block. I’m writing this for a very dear friend who doesn’t love herself. If anyone can leave comments of support for her, I’d really appreciate it.

PS sorry the gifs are so badly matched with the captions. Since Astro is a relatively new group with a playful concept there are not many gifs of them looking sad. Also the internet at my house is being awful right now because of a storm. I hope you like it anyways!

Warnings: eating disorder, starvation, unsafe weight loss, etc.



Jinjin’s heart would break when he realized that you had been purposely skipping meals to lose weight. He’d probably start crying or come close to it when he realized all the pain you had gone through without him noticing. He would do his best to remind you how wonderful you are and how beautiful he finds you and how you can tell him anything. He’d let you know that you aren’t alone and that you guys can work through this together. He’d make an extra effort to give you more affection and compliments than usual and try to show you that he loved you no matter what your size is.

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Ignore MJ


MJ would be in shock when he caught you crying on the scale. At first he wouldn’t understand what was happening but he’d soon catch on and rush over to you to comfort you as best he could. The eldest of the group would do his best to make sure you were comfortable that night before putting you to bed and then he’d sneak away to check the internet for information on eating disorders. He’d probably treat you like you were physically ill. Knowing that people with anorexia are often cold and tired, etc, he’d bring you blankets and make you stay in bed. He’d try to ease you back into eating through things like warm soup and ramen while spending a lot of time with you. Like Jinjin, he’d keep telling you that you are perfect in his eyes, but he wouldn’t be as obvious about it as the leader. He probably wouldn’t even bring up the fact that you had been starving yourself, likely just doing his best to fix the problem without making you feel worse or like all his compliments were only to make you eat.

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Eunwoo would probably react the most practically when he discovered that you were getting by solely on green tea. He’d probably also be the most perceptive of all the members and notice the problem early on. When he thought it was a good time, he’d pull you aside and have a serious conversation with you. He wouldn’t sugarcoat anything, even if you cried, telling you that he’s very worried and that you need help. He’d gently push you to see a doctor and insist you get treatment for your issue. He’d obviously be sad that you saw yourself so badly, but he’d push those feelings aside in favour of helping the only way he knew how. If you ended up in a hospital or facility to get better he’d support you all the way, coming to see you often despite his busy schedule and cheering you on in such a way that treatment would seem like a better option than starvation.

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Moonbin would honestly not know what to do. He’d probably be a little frantic at first, wondering if he somehow made you feel like you weren’t skinny enough. He’d go out of his way to prove to you how much he loved you even if he concluded that he wasn’t the problem. He would probably not even really discuss the matter with you, most likely discretely trying to get you to eat by cooking your favourite foods, etc. If that didn’t work then he’d probably move on to speaking with you very briefly about the whole thing; keeping it simple by saying something about how unhealthy it is and how you two can lose weight together safely. He’d then be sure to monitor your eating and work hard to have a routine that you could do together so you could make yourself feel better about your looks through vegetables and exercise instead of killing yourself.

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Rocky would be devastated when he found the log journal that you used to keep track of all the calories you consumed. He’d also be uncertain of how to handle the situation but he’d keep it to himself, making sure your secrets were safe with him. After extensive research to make sure what he thought was happening was really happening, he’d secretly plan out a day for the two of you to make you feel better about yourself. The day would consist of things such as going to the spa and him showing you all the actresses that were beautiful and successful without being a size zero (by discrete means, of course). At the end of the day, he would take you to dinner and admit he knew what was happening when you only ordered a small salad. He’d go on to tell you that your weight will never change how much he loves you and that he will be here for you no matter what. He’d do whatever he can to help you get through this.

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This poor kid would be extremely confused as to why you couldn’t see yourself in the same light that he sees you in. He’d probably flat out ask you why you didn’t find yourself as beautiful as he did and, upon hearing your answer, he’d likely blurt out that that was ridiculous before listing all the things he found perfect about you. If this didn’t work, he’d go see an older member about the situation while being quite upset and ask them for help. In the end, he’d probably gather all of Astro to help you in their own ways, doing everything he can to prove to you that you don’t need to starve to be loved.

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This is the secret meeting where they’re discussing how to help you


good things: easy allies / gametrailers

“when someone is excited about something, when it’s kinda just beaming off them and out of their mouths and eyes, you wanna be a part of it. you wanna understand it, and also be excited. excitement can be contagious.


Anonymous asked: Could you do a parallel gif set of 1x20 where Barry and Iris are in his lab and he thinks she’s going to confess her feelings vs. 2x20 when he’s not expecting anything and she does confess her feelings?


“It would be Carol, in a thousand cities, a thousand houses, in foreign lands where they would go together, in heaven and in hell.”
Patricia Highsmith, The Price of Salt

Happy April 17th (Carol/Therese Reunion)

Crossing Wires (Bells Are Ringing AU!Bucky Barnes x Reader)

A/N: So to anyone who has watched Bells Are Ringing (shout out to all you vintage film loving gals!) with Dean Martin and Judy Holliday will know this oneshot is inspired by the one scene where Ella (Holliday) is scolded by her boss for getting Number 63 and Number 67 together (I am also sincerely sorry for the awful wordplay on the Susanswerphone name). This my first complete AU and is based in the 1950′s where Bucky looks more like this (the 8th gif). I have also decided for Bucky to be a lawyer because I read somewhere that he was both physically strong and an intellectual as well and I think it sort of suits his pre!WS personality. This actually took me the better part of two days to write and I just don’t understand why Bucky’s stories take forever (too many feels probably).

Words:3 521

Prompt: Reader and Bucky, are subscribers to an answering service. The boards, operated by Natasha and Wanda enable them to set two perfect strangers up.

It was the end of a hectic day at Nicksanswerphone that was flooded with at least fifteen, at minimum, calls looking for one Mr Tony Stark - all from different women. 

The red headed one of the pair - the only two employees of the fairly popular establishment- was readying herself to leave for the evening, when the operating board alerted her to number sixty-three calling.

“(F/n)!” Natasha greeted cheerfully, quite pleased that she could drop the formalities when Mr Fury was not around. He was always prattling on about how unprofessional it was and that people who made use of the service were customers and nothing more.

“Hey Nat, any messages for me today?” You tiredly asked your friend, holding your (f/c) telephone as you dropped into one of your arm chairs.

“Uh, yeah…” The redhead trailed off as she attempted to find the post-it she had scribbled the note on. “Some guy named Richard called saying you’d know who I’m talking about and that you should give him a call sometime." 

"Ugh, please don’t remind me. I thought I got rid of him last night.” you groaned out loud, wishing that your cushy chair would swallow you up whole. 

“Surely he couldn’t have been that bad?” Natasha referenced the date you had been on with Richard the night before.

“Are you kidding?!” you began, feeling your blood boil all over again. “He was awful! First of all, when he picked me up, he gave me a bouquet of flowers that he said were his ex-girlfriend’s favorite. I had to open my own door and seat myself at the restaurant. He ordered dinner without asking me and did I mention he was as dumb as a rock? Gosh, and the way he talked and talked. I could hardly get a word in!” you fumed, wondering how you had ever thought he might be ‘the one’.

“Oh that’s bad. Don’t worry I’ll tell him you moved away or something.” Natasha said comfortingly. She was about to speak further when she was alerted to number sixty-seven calling. “I’ll have to call you later (n/n), I have someone on the other line." 

"No problem at all Nat! I’ll speak to you later.” you said just before the call was disconnected.

“Bucky, hi!” Natasha greeted one of her oldest friends with excitement.

“Hi Nat. Just checkin’ in to see if I got any messages?” Bucky asked distractedly as he leafed through the mail he received in his mailbox.

“Positive. One from Steve saying he had a favor to ask of you when you have time and one from a girl who called herself 'Snookie’? She said and I quote, 'I miss my honey bun, he hasn’t called me yet. Tell him to give a ring when he gets home.’” she read out loud, finding it difficult to fight the laugh bubbling in her throat as she remembered the call. Wanda seemed to be losing the battle as she quietly doubled over with laughter in her corner of the room.

“Not her again.” Bucky released a sigh of frustration, silently knocking his head against the wall as if the problem might go away if he hit hard enough.

“Unsuccessful date? Aw Buck, she sounds like such a nice girl.” Natasha teased as she sniggered.

“Never again Nat, never again. I’ve never regretted a date so much in my life. It’s not like I can’t afford it but she ordered the most expensive items on the menu, I mean do you know how idiotic it looks to order imported French champagne and caviar on a Monday? Beautiful girl but dumb as a post. I had to sit there and listen to her talking about her dresses and all her suitors who give her mountains of gifts just to have tea with her.” Bucky confided, merely happy with the fact that it was only a memory now.

“And here I thought she was the future Mrs Barnes. I’ll just tell her you lost a fair amount on the stock market.” She answered already concocting her evil plan.

“Thanks a bunch. If I never hear that high pitched voice again it’ll be too soon. Look, I got some paperwork to finish, I’ll call you later?” Bucky amended, eyeing the small box he had brought home with him.

“You do that James.” Natasha greeted, disconnecting the call.

The young woman leaned back in her chair and pondered her two most recent calls when an epiphany struck her.

“I’m going to set them up!” Natasha shouted, nearly jumping out of her seat in excitement.

“You cannot do that.” Wanda answered, worriedly looking at her friend and colleague.

“But Wanda, they’re perfect for each other! I mean they even talk the same way!” Natasha passionately countered, the gears in her mind already turning.

“Did you not already date Bucky?” her darker haired companion questioned.

“No, we almost did but we work out much better as friends and besides that was a long time ago.” she stated, it happened so long ago that it felt weird to even a remember a time where Bucky and herself had even considered dating. 

“Yes, I’ve forgotten that. You are with the Bruce fella who lectures now no?” the Russian redhead merely nods, hoping a blush will not make itself too prominent on her cheeks. On the other hand, her Sokovian friend was really adorable when she attempted to use American slang.

“Well are you going to help me or not?” is what Natasha asked instead.

“What shall we do?”

“Hey there (n/n), are you free tonight?” Natasha quizzed her friend as soon as she could hear her receiver being picked up.

“I do have some work to do but yeah I suppose I could get out a for an hour or two.” you compromised. A night out with your friends actually sounded quite good.

“Great! I’ll meet you at Clint’s at 8!”

“Isn’t that a bit fancy for just a drink? Is Wanda coming and what on earth are we celebrating?” you asked quite puzzled. Normally the three of  you only visited at the weekends, on special occasions and at the end of the month.

“No, she uh, she’s meeting up with Pietro for dinner. Just make sure to wear something nice.” is all she said before saying she would meet up with you later.

“Hello?” Bucky answered as he picked up his telephone,  placing his fountain pen down for the first time since he had started.

“Bucky! Are you busy tonight?” Wanda hesitantly asked, her cues coming from the girl across from her.

“Does Pietro need help on a case?” he ventured. Usually Pietro used his sister to enlist his help when the younger man was in a jam, knowing he found it difficult to say no to such a delicate dame.

“No no, Pietro is fine. I thought that we could hang out?” the native Sokovian girl cringed at her words.

“I’ve got paperwork that needs to be in tomorrow but I could spare an hour or so. Where would you like to meet?” Bucky asked totally perplexed. Wanda was not one to normally initiate meet ups.

“Uh…we should meet up at Clint’s at 8pm. See you then and don’t forget to wear a clean suit!” the younger woman replied as quickly as her accented tongue would allow before disconnecting the call.

Bucky quirked an eyebrow as he put his telephone down. He supposed it was a Sokovian thing.

At five minutes past eight Bucky entered the elite restaurant to find it packed with its usual high-class occupants. Not yet spotting his friend, he then looked for a place where he could wait without being cornered by some well-dressed vulture.

His patience was rewarded when his eyes fell on an elegant young woman, with neatly coiffed (h/l) (h/c) hair, clad in a stylish black dress that went down to her calves, accessorized by a simple necklace, earrings and bracelet. She was stunning and even if her table was not the only one open, he would have found a way to sit across from her.

“Excuse me miss, is this seat taken?” you look up from your glass of water to find a very handsome man smiling kindly at you. He looked very familiar but you could not place a name to the face but that did not matter when you observed his pricey black tweed suit matched with a midnight blue tie and pocket square in addition to silver cuff links and a tie-pin. He had warm chocolate brown eyes that suited his equally dark hair which was parted to one side and neatly combed down.

“At the moment no, not at all sir. Please.” you motion with your hand for him to sit down. Although you were waiting for Natasha, you knew Clint would provide a chair for her. After all, he did always tell you that you were his favorite customers; if only because your combined beauty brought men from all across town to attempt their luck at his bar.

“Waiting on someone?” the attractive man across from you curiously asked.

“I…yes. One of my friends wanted to meet up for a drink but she seems to be late. You?” you asked, quite interested in the mysterious man who seemed to take an equal, genuine interest in you as well.

“Same here, although I’m not sure if said friend is here already what with how packed it is tonight.” he answered, scanning his eyes over the room just to be sure he had not missed sight of his intended meet.

Just as you were about to ask him his name, a waitress you all knew as Friday, walked with purpose to your table, balancing a tray delicately on her fingertips.

“Miss (l/n), Mr Barnes. Two telephone messages have arrived for you.” The pleasant girl’s monotone voice said as she placed a folded card in front of both you and the man known as Mr Barnes.

Unbeknownst to you, both cards had the following message inscribed: 

“Sorry, unable to make tonight; a work emergency came up.”

“My friend just cancelled.” you both stated at the same time which led to a laugh at what had happened.

“Well, since it would be a waste of a pretty dress and clean suit, maybe we could get to know each other. James Buchanan Barnes but everyone just calls me Bucky.” the man stood up and walked to your side of the table as he introduced himself, holding his hand palm up for you to take.

“(F/n) (l/n). It’s a pleasure to meet you Bucky.” you blushed as his lips grazed your knuckles in greeting; you were now very satisfied that you had removed your gloves earlier. When you had come out of your daze and he was once again in the opposite seat, you realized where you had known him from.

“You don’t happen to be 'the’ James Buchanan Barnes who’s the up-and-coming hot shot lawyer from Brooklyn by any chance?” you politely asked, hardly needing another reason to be impressed by the man in front of you.

“The very same one.” he replied with a smile, internally praying that you would not turn rabid. He was so sure you had a good head on your shoulders and he would hate to be disappointed.

“I’ve heard the most impressive things about you from my boss. I’m sure you’ll know him, he’s quite well-known in legal circles, his name is Phil Coulson. I’m his legal secretary.” you inquired, speaking fondly of your superior.

“Looking at you now and hearing you speak, I think I figured out his secret as to why he wins all of his cases.” Bucky complimented sincerely, sipping leisurely at his scotch.

“Oh my. I uh, thank you.” you mumbled as your cheeks were sent ablaze by the praise. You pressed a hand lightly to your cheek as though it might stop the burn making itself known.

The night had only gotten better from there on out. The conversation during dinner and dessert was intelligent without being pretentious or an interrogation as to who knew more about every topic discussed. He made you laugh sincerely and often, especially when you were trading funny stories of mishaps that happened on the job.

It was only when you had nonchalantly asked for the time that the two of you realized how late it actually was, so much were you enjoying yourselves. After the bill had been graciously paid by Bucky, he had offered to drive you home citing that: “New York was no place for a lady after dark. Even one as capable as yourself.”

If it were possible for the ride home to be even more comfortable than the dinner, it was. The silence that fell periodically was never awkward and neither of you felt forced to fill it. Reaching home fifteen minutes later, you actually felt disappointed that the night was over. You had told him that as much as you wanted to invite him inside for coffee, you still had work to complete. He laughed in understanding, telling you the exact same thing.

Before you exited the car to walk the short distance to the brownstone you resided in, you quickly kissed his cheek in thanks - both of you quite pleased with the red lip mark you left there.

When you had called Natasha the next day asking whether you had any messages, she asked if you were upset with her for standing you up.

“I can hardly be upset with you after I met this one guy last night. Oh Nat, he was wonderful! Intelligent, successful, funny, I could go on and on. I enjoyed myself so much that I actually lost track of time! I only got home after eleven last night.” you gushed. And while you were not one to gush so dreamily especially after only one date (technically), you were finding it hard not to be charmed by a certain Mr Barnes.

“Well, I for one am happy for you. Who knows how many men have been put on your blacklist. I guess every cloud does have a silver lining.” Natasha replied, as if the entire thing was news to her. Meanwhile she was grinning and holding a thumbs up towards her cohort leaning on the table next to her.

The conversation continued a minute or two longer until you stated that you had to get started on dinner.

“I have never heard her sound so…happy.” Wanda said, unable to believe that their plan had already come into fruition so soon.

“Same here. I didn’t think it would work so well. Anyway just to be sure, let’s wait for Romeo’s call.” Natasha commented, mentally keeping her fingers crossed that it was a two way street; she would hate to see you heartbroken.

Sure enough two hours later number sixty-seven had put a call through to the operating board.

“Hi Bucky, sorry I couldn’t make it last night. You know how Mr Fury is.” Wanda immediately apologized, lying to her friends was not something she did for enjoyment.

“No need to apologize. I met a dame last night. She was stunning, graceful and really clever. You know ever since that Hydra Corp case, it’s been so long since I met a gal that wasn’t just easy on the eyes and her only concern being how many zeros I make a year. I’m telling you Wanda, I’m the luckiest guy in all of New York and that’s saying a lot, I almost forgot to finish the paperwork I brought home last night.” Bucky excitedly spoke, even chuckling lightly at his silliness which was highly uncharacteristic.

“It seems you were luckier without me there.” Wanda teased lightly, the happiness radiating from the entire situation affecting her also.

The two chat a while longer before Bucky had to disconnect as he had another call on the line which was probably Steve.

“If you hadn’t used his name I would never have guessed it was him.” Natasha said, highly amused.

“You are telling me. I had to keep looking at the operating board to make sure I was talking to the right man.” Wanda said as both women laughed out loud victoriously; which was cut short when Mr Fury returned from a meeting.

You knew you would see him again but certainly not at this frequency. It was as if Heaven itself were shoving the two of you together. You began to see him everywhere. Literally. You saw him at the park where you took strolls, at the court with your boss, the cafe you ordered lunch from and even the grocery store after Natasha had reminded you that you had yet to complete your month’s shopping.

It had become a game of sorts between you and him; well, after you had started to call your constant meetings dates somewhere down the line. It was a matter of who saw the other first and depending on where the meeting place was, it depended on what you bought as a treat for spotting the other one first. Sometimes it was Bucky buying you a cup of coffee when he saw you waltz into the café or you purchasing a large cup of ice-cream when you saw him enter the park.

It was during one of these meetings, at a quiet restaurant one evening, a few months later after Bucky had proposed that the ruse had been uncovered.

“…was still waiting on Wanda to bring one of Pietro’s case files.” Bucky was telling you about how perplexed he was at his friend’s behavior recently, while he picked at his late dinner.

“You don’t by any chance mean Wanda Maximoff?” you asked as your gut tingled with knowing.

“Yes, do you know her?” he questioned, defined eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

“Oh they’re good.” you commented, grinning at your husband-to-be.

“What did they do?” he asked and in spite of himself, found a smile spreading across his lips as he watched your (e/c) eyes sparkle with mischief.

“Remember the night we first met?” you asked rhetorically, knowing that neither of you would forget that evening anytime soon. “That friend I was supposed to meet? It was Natasha Romanoff and if I were a gambling woman, I’d be willing to bet your friend was Wanda.” you explained as though Sherlock Holmes himself could not touch your deducing prowess.

“And I suppose all our meetings were a result of a certain meddling Russian and Sokovian strongly suggesting that we 'take a walk in the park because it was a nice day outside’ or go grocery shopping because "even a bachelor needs to eat’.” he recalled as if it had been his mother treating him as though he were five again.

You on the other had laughed jovially at the excuses both Wanda and Natasha had given to you both. The looks you had both received from the other patrons did not bother you too much either.

“I don’t know about you but I’m glad they crossed our wires.” you said after you had calmed down, smiling adoringly at the man beside you. The symbol of your future commitment sparkling brightly on the fourth finger of your left hand that was placed on the table.

“You won’t hear me complaining doll.” Bucky replied, placing a kiss on the tip of your nose and then your lips.

As he wrapped an arm around you sweetly as you kissed, you supposed you could break the public display of affection rule just this once. After all, what were the chances of a lawyer and a legal secretary getting so wonderfully bamboozled by an answering service in the game of love?

“Romanoff! Maximoff! Do you two mind explaining to me why I received a letter from number sixty-three and sixty-seven advising me that in three months time they will be under a joint subscription?” the one-eyed man bellowed as he stormed into their work-space, waving the damning piece of evidence in the air.

“Mr Fury sir, they were so perfect for each other that Wanda and I couldn’t possibly leave them all single and unhappy. And aren’t you always telling us the customer always comes first?” Natasha countered with just the right amount of sass.

“Yes but -” Fury attempted to answer but Wanda beat him to it.

“They even went to the trouble of sending us all invitations to their wedding. If it bothers you so much sir at least let us tell you how we got them together.” Wanda said cheekily, handing the now very tired looking Nick Fury one of the three personalized invitations that had arrived in the post that morning.

Realizing that there was only one thing he could do in a situation such as this one, he plonks himself down into one of the nearest chairs.

“Fine.” he sighed, massaging his temples as the two young women exclaimed in victory.

“Great! I’ll go get the coffee. Believe us sir, this is a story you’ll want to hear.” Natasha said, knowingly looking at Wanda before walking into the kitchen to gather refreshments.


MUSICAL THEATRE MEME; 1/10 female performers - elle mclemore

“ The first day [of Grease Live], I was so excited to be there, I just ran up to people like Ana Gasteyer and Aaron Tveit. […] I went up to him and said, ‘Your biceps look great, bye.’ I realized then that I am the most awkward person, and that I would never be a Pink Lady, because I am not cool enough. .”

[Fic][Drabble] A Glance

(gif by chimchams)

180 words

The point had been to distract Jimin while he talked.

But the concentrated look on Jungkook‘s face was replaced by tenderness when he flickered his eyes to Jimin’s; to the calm, the love, the kindness that were always present; to the beauty that sometimes left him in awe.

He realized that it wasn’t just a reaction he wanted there, like he might have expected any other time–he wanted him to glance back. He wanted to feel the abundance of sweet comfort and security hit him at full force as it did whenever Jimin looked at him. He wanted to be reminded that home wasn’t only provinces away, but in a soft gaze inches from his face.

And maybe a smaller, but more intense part of him wanted to feel those pink, flower petal lips, too, even if it was the wrongest time with bright lights, cameras, and far too many people. 

If only Jimin turned to look.

But Jungkook thought, as he smiled secretively to himself and pulled back, that there was always later for a glance from Jimin.

And maybe, hopefully, he’ll get more than that.

It’s officially Christmas Eve and my birthday where I am, so here is a small something for all of you~

Why do birds suddenly appear, ev'ry time you are near?
Just like me, they long to be close to you.

Why do stars fall down from the sky, ev'ry time you walk by?
Just like me, they long to be close to you.