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That guy, I’m standing right behind him and I’m holding the frying pan. But I can’t move. He shoots you, and then he turns and looks straight at me. He’s gonna kill me. I can’t make it stop. It’s never gonna stop. 

MONSTA X REACTION to seeing you (friend or gf) in a dress, heels, and with makeup on for the first time bc you're a tomboy.

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“You’re amazing”


Wonho would look at you in awe. If you’re his friend or gf, it doesn’t matter.


“Wow you look so different!”


“I mean, she just looked so different that I almost thought she was another person!”


“You almost tricked me! I thought you were someone else”


“What did you do to Y\N?? You’re really her?”


“I’m shy now… you’re so beautiful I don’t even know how to react..”


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What is this? I feel something. Pain? Maybe. Food poisoning? That’s a possibility. Love? Impossible. No way. Could never happen.

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BTS Reacting to you dressing feminine for the first time

Jin would be lost for words, and be looking at you in complete aw. “You look amazing” 

Taehyung would be so shy to say anything and would continuously keep looking at your curves. He would be so happy you got out of your shell. “Oh my gosh, your so pretty. I’m sorry”

Jhope would look at you, his eyes would light up like the little firework he is. He wouldn’t stop smiling at you throughout the night. “I’m so proud of you, so cute”

Jimin would be so proud of you and make a full of himself trying to show you how happy he is to have you as a girlfriend, trying to let every man to know you are his. “Let’s head out, shall we beautiful?” 

Suga, he knew if would’ve took you a lot of guts for you to dress so pretty for him. And he would want you to dress however you feel most comfortable in. “You didn’t have to dress so nicely, I like you the way you are”

Rap monster would be a protective man and his hand around your waist all night, and every often would look at you and smile. Because how amazing you look. “I’m pretty sure I’m the luckiest man ever, to have you”

Jungkook would be the most shy ever, He has never seen you like this. And would turn red every time he stared at you wearing such a pretty dress. He would be stuttering and get twisted in his words. “You look so amazing, no beautiful, my beautiful girl” 

How Astro Reacts To Finding Out Their Girlfriend Is Starving Herself

A/N sorry I haven’t written lately guys, I have extreme writer’s block. I’m writing this for a very dear friend who doesn’t love herself. If anyone can leave comments of support for her, I’d really appreciate it.

PS sorry the gifs are so badly matched with the captions. Since Astro is a relatively new group with a playful concept there are not many gifs of them looking sad. Also the internet at my house is being awful right now because of a storm. I hope you like it anyways!

Warnings: eating disorder, starvation, unsafe weight loss, etc.



Jinjin’s heart would break when he realized that you had been purposely skipping meals to lose weight. He’d probably start crying or come close to it when he realized all the pain you had gone through without him noticing. He would do his best to remind you how wonderful you are and how beautiful he finds you and how you can tell him anything. He’d let you know that you aren’t alone and that you guys can work through this together. He’d make an extra effort to give you more affection and compliments than usual and try to show you that he loved you no matter what your size is.

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Ignore MJ


MJ would be in shock when he caught you crying on the scale. At first he wouldn’t understand what was happening but he’d soon catch on and rush over to you to comfort you as best he could. The eldest of the group would do his best to make sure you were comfortable that night before putting you to bed and then he’d sneak away to check the internet for information on eating disorders. He’d probably treat you like you were physically ill. Knowing that people with anorexia are often cold and tired, etc, he’d bring you blankets and make you stay in bed. He’d try to ease you back into eating through things like warm soup and ramen while spending a lot of time with you. Like Jinjin, he’d keep telling you that you are perfect in his eyes, but he wouldn’t be as obvious about it as the leader. He probably wouldn’t even bring up the fact that you had been starving yourself, likely just doing his best to fix the problem without making you feel worse or like all his compliments were only to make you eat.

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Eunwoo would probably react the most practically when he discovered that you were getting by solely on green tea. He’d probably also be the most perceptive of all the members and notice the problem early on. When he thought it was a good time, he’d pull you aside and have a serious conversation with you. He wouldn’t sugarcoat anything, even if you cried, telling you that he’s very worried and that you need help. He’d gently push you to see a doctor and insist you get treatment for your issue. He’d obviously be sad that you saw yourself so badly, but he’d push those feelings aside in favour of helping the only way he knew how. If you ended up in a hospital or facility to get better he’d support you all the way, coming to see you often despite his busy schedule and cheering you on in such a way that treatment would seem like a better option than starvation.

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Ignore Sanha


Moonbin would honestly not know what to do. He’d probably be a little frantic at first, wondering if he somehow made you feel like you weren’t skinny enough. He’d go out of his way to prove to you how much he loved you even if he concluded that he wasn’t the problem. He would probably not even really discuss the matter with you, most likely discretely trying to get you to eat by cooking your favourite foods, etc. If that didn’t work then he’d probably move on to speaking with you very briefly about the whole thing; keeping it simple by saying something about how unhealthy it is and how you two can lose weight together safely. He’d then be sure to monitor your eating and work hard to have a routine that you could do together so you could make yourself feel better about your looks through vegetables and exercise instead of killing yourself.

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Rocky would be devastated when he found the log journal that you used to keep track of all the calories you consumed. He’d also be uncertain of how to handle the situation but he’d keep it to himself, making sure your secrets were safe with him. After extensive research to make sure what he thought was happening was really happening, he’d secretly plan out a day for the two of you to make you feel better about yourself. The day would consist of things such as going to the spa and him showing you all the actresses that were beautiful and successful without being a size zero (by discrete means, of course). At the end of the day, he would take you to dinner and admit he knew what was happening when you only ordered a small salad. He’d go on to tell you that your weight will never change how much he loves you and that he will be here for you no matter what. He’d do whatever he can to help you get through this.

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This poor kid would be extremely confused as to why you couldn’t see yourself in the same light that he sees you in. He’d probably flat out ask you why you didn’t find yourself as beautiful as he did and, upon hearing your answer, he’d likely blurt out that that was ridiculous before listing all the things he found perfect about you. If this didn’t work, he’d go see an older member about the situation while being quite upset and ask them for help. In the end, he’d probably gather all of Astro to help you in their own ways, doing everything he can to prove to you that you don’t need to starve to be loved.

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This is the secret meeting where they’re discussing how to help you


good things: easy allies / gametrailers

“when someone is excited about something, when it’s kinda just beaming off them and out of their mouths and eyes, you wanna be a part of it. you wanna understand it, and also be excited. excitement can be contagious.


Anonymous asked: Could you do a parallel gif set of 1x20 where Barry and Iris are in his lab and he thinks she’s going to confess her feelings vs. 2x20 when he’s not expecting anything and she does confess her feelings?


“It would be Carol, in a thousand cities, a thousand houses, in foreign lands where they would go together, in heaven and in hell.”
Patricia Highsmith, The Price of Salt

Happy April 17th (Carol/Therese Reunion)


MUSICAL THEATRE MEME; 1/10 female performers - elle mclemore

“ The first day [of Grease Live], I was so excited to be there, I just ran up to people like Ana Gasteyer and Aaron Tveit. […] I went up to him and said, ‘Your biceps look great, bye.’ I realized then that I am the most awkward person, and that I would never be a Pink Lady, because I am not cool enough. .”

Why do birds suddenly appear, ev'ry time you are near?
Just like me, they long to be close to you.

Why do stars fall down from the sky, ev'ry time you walk by?
Just like me, they long to be close to you.
EXO finding out you have a pillow with another idol’s face on it

Anon said: How would Exo react if after you got married married to them and you moved in together, he notices that you have a pillow case with another idols face on it? (I have a T.O.P pillow case). 😭


Suho: *sigh* I knew I wasn’t your bias

Baekhyun: Do you sleep on that every night?!

Chanyeol: Awe babe that’s so creepy but cute at the same time

Chen: HAHAHA ok i’m sorry I need a moment 

D.O: Look babe, I love you but that needs to go

Kai: geez how am I supposed to sleep with him staring at me?

Kris: I know you said you are his fan but is a pillow really necessary?

Lay: *there is some major judging going on rn*

Luhan: Honey, are you really that desperate?

Xiumin: Awwweee, He’s so cuddly

Tao: Babe, care to explain?

Sehun: Okay what the hell is that?