i draw what a want now, and what i want is some fashion ghoulboys, blowing up the ‘gram.

idc if y’all stan lilly. idc if she liked clem all those years ago. i left her ass on the road to die for a goddamn reason and she come back with this it happened to lee, and it’ll happen to you too bs?


Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but I am the only one tired of this modded girls in Skyrim? I mean, I know vanilla women in Skyrim aren’t sexy and all, I am okay with a little “improvement”… but this inhuman beautiful young girls, with unnatural big boobs and perfect skin are starting to get on my nerves. And with the nsfw all over the fandom, I just can’t stand it. Those girls have nothing to do with Skyrim for me. I’m sorry to say it, I know I should let people do what they like, I know those are just mods, but I am really annoyed by now.

Thank You For Being My Hero

BakuDeku Positivity Week - Day 3
Worth ★ Winter Hero Costume ★ Vigilante

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WC: 1658  | Chapter(s): 1/1 [Complete]

“Tell me something… why the fuck do you look like you are about to take a one-way ticket to the North Pole?”

The weather had been turning colder lately; snow was on the verge of falling any day now. With the cooler temperature, Heroes in the city without quirks to help regulate their body temperature were advised to dress warmly to prevent illness and the possibility of injury. Certain people, like Katsuki and Todoroki, ran like furnaces due to their particular quirks. Others just learned to adapt and upgraded little parts of their outfits to keep the chill out.Izuku however…

“It’s really cold out! What else am I supposed to do?”

“You look like a damn Eskimo! If you were bundled up anymore, you’d be making friggin’ Eraserhead run for his money with that get up. His fucking sleeping bag doesn’t cover as much as your new ‘Hero Costume’ does,” Kacchan snorted.

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Happy Birthday @notsosubtlekpop !

You have been such a big part of so many of my favorite memories and I want to thank you for all of the incredible times we’ve had together. Thank you for introducing me to kpop and nyongtory. For that’s not my angry face. For purse guy (poor purse guy). For crazy train rides to Newark and fanboys. For I love water and shut up Eric! For I liked him when I was a kid and we have a huge light right here. Thank you for Tooooony. Wait. For when TOP picks us up. Thank you for why don’t you want my money, kpop? And pre-partying. For bh and broome and surviving Christmas parties. For nights at Rosa’s. And for RETREEEEEEAT!

Thank you for all of the laughs.

But mostly, I want to thank you for being such a great friend. I hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are.


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You didn’t think I’d miss an opportunity to torture you with a gif of Yugs, did you? Consider it part of my gift to you. (I’m such a giver.)

But hey, at least I’m not embarrassing you like I did for your birthday last year…..

Like I wasn’t going to include that. 😂😂😂😂😂

Im considering to buy a CALENDAR that’s just dedicated to bts’s SCHEDULE because I CANT KEEP TRACK ON THEM. Like i have bon voyage episodes every tuesday, behind the scene episodes on thursdays, jimmy fallon on the 25th, their concerts dates so i can watch fancams, and god knows what’s NEXT! & vlives are random so… Being an ARMY is HARD! Idk how fans who stand many groups, supporting them EQUALLY do it. My broke college self can barely handle bangtan. Mess!

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