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Moriartys suits requested by @ambientcrystals


Sheith (Takashi Shirogane/Keith) Tropes

Oscar Isaac AU

Oscar Isaac as Enjolras (via thebridgesandtunnels)

Oscar Isaac as Combeferre

Oscar Isaac as Courfeyrac

Oscar Isaac as Feuilly

Oscar Isaac as Bahorel  (via smolfeuilly)


Oscar Isaac as Jehan (via pilferingapples and cheesethesecond)

Oscar Isaac as Joly

Oscar Isaac as Bossuet

Oscar Isaac as Grantaire (via darrenjolras)

Oscar Isaac as Marius:

PLUS bonus Montparnasse:

graysonslittlebird  asked:

I just found your blog and I am like a puppy in a field of daisies OMGG. What are your head canons for when Damian is in a bad mood? How does he/the family deal with it?

Thank you so much!
-He gets very skulky when he did something wrong and is called out on it, leading him to be very snappy and aggressive (well, more so than usual)

-if someone else did something, he’s very vengeful and even more dangerous because it isn’t HIS fault they messed up so why shouldn’t he be pissed off?

-it’s best to steer clear of Damian when he gets like this because once Tim lost the straw grab on who should try to calm Damian and Tim ended up with a knife to the arm

-Often Damian will run off on his own if there’s a mission or something he can’t go on, so Bruce or one of the other kids (whoever is available at the time) makes sure to track him without being discovered

-Damian can also be incredibly petty (Jason is so proud. At least until Damian is petty towards him), so people will get aggressively passive payback that Damian will pretend to be clueless about and just play the “look I’m cute you can’t punch me” card so he can get away with it without punishment (even if he hates acting cutesy)

-The rest of the family will warn each other when Damian gets SUPER pissed because anyone that’s near him when he gets really mad WILL get hurt (Damian always feels a little bad after because he doesn’t usually want to hurt his family too badly, they just got in his way)

she’s so precious ahhhh

anonymous asked:

Who is the biggest wimp when recovering from a GSW (gun shot wound)?

I feel like it depends on the situation, especially because none of them are really wimpy in any way, so:

-If she were to take a bullet for someone else, I think Steph would be the biggest wimp because she would play off the whole courageous thing by making a big deal about getting shot and whine about getting the bullet removed and whatnot (even if she can totally withstand the pain and isn’t really a wimp it’s just so she can avoid the whole awkward “I just saved your life but please don’t make it weird” thing)

-in the case of getting shot due to general idiocy, I think Dick would be the biggest wimp because he doesn’t like actually seeing the wound or having the bullet (if it’s not a clean shot) removed, so he says all of those weird variations on “jeez” or “gosh” (like “jeez a lou” or “by gosh”, stuff like that) and complains a lot so he can use his siblings’ teasing and laughing at him as a distraction



My Pokemon Sun/Moon guidebook came in yesterday, and I was so happy to see that it showed me all these options. Since a friend wanted to see it too, I decided to take photos of the guidebook and post it here for anyone else who is curious!

Some things aren’t available until post-game, and some colours are version exclusive (unless you connect to another version’s dye shop I think? I can’t remember for sure).

Hopefully this helps with finding the perfect outfit and hair for your character!


Another year behind oh boy (and I’m still posting reborn stuff oh boy) 
Happy 2018 everybody I hope you all have very nice and fortunate year!