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modern single parent au with Kouen, Judal, Sinbad, and Ja'far meeting their future s/o while out trick or treating because their son, who is dressed as a wolf, runs after a girl dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and her (super hot) mom can't stop laughing when Little Red knocks Little Bad Wolf flat on his butt with her candy bag.

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Ren Kouen:

  • His first reaction was to step closer to his son and tell him to stop behaving so childishly and leave that girl alone, since he doesn’t seem to know the meaning of childhood nor fun for that matter. He is a pretty strict father, overall.
  • But he cannot deny the amusement that bubbles within him when the girl knocks his son to the ground. The growing smirk on his face gives him away way too much.
  • He comes closer and pats his pouting son’s head before bending next to the girl and helping to get some of the candies that had fallen from her bag when she swung it at the boy.
  • Her mother, who had also started picking them up for her daughter, was muttering apologies and thanks at the same time, until they both went to catch the last candy of the street. Flustered, the mother let Kouen get the piece and put it in the bag, smirking at her.
  • He suggests a small walk since it seems their children are getting along just fine, and is glad that she can hold some interesting conversations with him.
  • Kouen is surprised when she suggests she gives him her number since the night had been pretty enjoyable. He accepts it and gives his farewell to both females while rubbing his boy’s head, calling it a night.


  • He would either be laughing his ass off as soon as his son hit the ground or going to have some words with this girl. Probably, a “gentle” smack on his son’s shoulder before walking intimidatingly towards this girl.
  • That was before the child’s mother, as he assumed she was, came running towards the scene and started bowing and apologizing, hesitant to reach for Judar’s child to see if he had any injuries.
  • The man would probably be joking about the situation, and grins widely as the woman slips some candies into his son’s bag as a sort of apology.
  • He smoothly lets his child go play with this girl, although the boy doesn’t seem so enthusiastic about the idea, and starts talking with the mother, who looks a bit uncomfortable by his overconfidence, to be honest.
  • But as the night progresses, she starts to find Judar’s interesting side, and is very surprised when he starts calling her a small (naughty, only when he is sure she is single, though) nickname related to her costume.
  • As he researches in his pockets, he takes out some black chocolates and puts those in her hands, before turning around and searching for his child to go back home. She is surprised when she finds a small note with a number written on it, and leaves her wondering if he was always prepared to lend his number to anyone…


  • He comes to aid his son, but is also very proud of the defense this girl had put up. He comes up to her with a charming smile and pats her head, giving both children some candies.
  • The mother had come running, but stopped dead in her tracks since, gosh, what a fine man she had come to stumble upon. She couldn’t help the blush and was sure that it matched her costume at the moment.
  • Sinbad reacted before she could say anything and smiled, calling how it was a pretty curious way of meeting. He had actually been amused by what had just happened, and can’t help the smile when she admits that it was pretty funny herself.
  • His charms give the best of him as he slyly gets to know her and comes to comprehend that she is divorced. He can relate to her situation, and is a way for him to get her interested as much as he is
  • He isn’t exactly subtle about his intentions, but does it work. She can be a little closed since the idea of another relationship might sound hard, but he looks like a pretty nice guy who seems to like children too, given the way he so politely treats her daughter.
  • She cannot exactly refuse the offer to have a coffee sometime with him, and she does know a good babysitter for their children, so how bad could it be to give Sinbad a shot?


  • He has been keeping a close eye on his child for a while, in case he does something inappropriate. But he wasn’t expecting to end up seeing him on the floor after going towards that small girl. A small chuckle comes from his lips as he finds himself getting closer to the children.
  • He is surprised to find the mother scolding her child, and politely chimes in by telling that his son was also pretty stubborn, and that he wanted to guess it was just fun between kids. She seems to agree easily, and quickly lets the two children go and ask for more candies.
  • Meanwhile, she walks along with Ja’far, close to those two. They laugh together as his son still tries to capture the Red Riding Hood but failing miserably time and time again.
  • The man is pretty quiet, though. He’s had a difficult separation, and doesn’t know how starting a new relationship could affect both him and his son.
  • But this woman just seemed so nice and sweet, he couldn’t help himself and, as soon as he let go of his thoughts and doubts for a moment, he was getting to know this woman, feeling some kind of relief when she confessed that she wasn’t in a relationship either.
  • He comments on how the kids seem to get along between them, given their laughs and the way her daughter gives his son some candies every time he ends kissing the road. Ja’far isn’t able to make the first move, but is oddly happy and undeniably satisfied when she shyly asks for his phone number.

I’m terribly sorry for being absent for so long. (Exams, yeah). I wanted it to be different but I have literally no time and I’m really worried about the song fic because I’m afraid it’s not something the anon had requested. But I don’t know when I’m going to have a while for myself… Yeah T.T


Hoseok’s voice rings through the apartment, low and raging and Jimin knows that what it means. His boyfriend is furious about something. Or rather about someone. And by someone he means himself. He starts sweating even though he doesn’t know what he did wrong or maybe what he didn’t do at all but he’s fully aware that it’s his fault. It has to be his fault. He quickly tiptoes towards their kitchen carefully avoiding the living room and his boyfriend probably waiting there for him. 

He’s just about to step into the kitchen when a pair of folled socks hits the wall next to his head and he screams in sudden fear running inside and stopping behind the small table in the centre of the room, Hoseok joining him seconds later slamming his hands against the white surface. His eyes are throwing lightnings obviously towards Jimin and the boy feels like curling himself into fetal position or dig himself a grave and hide there first before Hoseok can do it for him. He’s counting seconds unconsciously keeping his breath inside his lungs until it stings too much and he slowly lets it out in a shaky gasp. 

He notices an angrily throbbing vein on Hoseok’s left temple, how his fingers curl on the table, how tense his arms got, lean muscles sharp and taut under his golden skin. And he’s not smiling. His ball of sunshine, his hope and joy, his best friend and wonderful lover. His lips are thin, eyes narrowed and dark swallowing the light coming from the grey lamp above their heads. 

"Hobi, is something wrong?” Jimin laughs nervously trying to ease the tension but he’s never felt so scared in his life. Really. Angry Hoseok is frightening. Up to the point Jimin’s shaking slightly desperately trying to calm himself down. Hoseok raises his eyebrow sending him a funny look. 

“Wrong?” He takes a step to the right and Jimin immediately does the same thing keeping the distance between them. 

“You know, I was heading home when I met Taehyung” Hoseok starts slowly eyeing Jimin from head to toes as he gulps and looks down at the table. 

“Oh hyung! How are you? How’s Jimin? I got worried when he had told me about dieting again. Are you guys okay?” Hoseok quotes Taehyung lowering his voice to match the younger’s and if Jimin hadn’t been so fucking scared, he would have laughed at his hyung’s poor impersonation. He’s just about to open his mouth when Hoseok interrupts him, his face getting even more serious. 

“Can you tell me what does ‘I’m not good enough’ mean?” His voice is icy cold and as sharp as steel, the words leaving his lips almost hurting Jimin as Hoseok makes them sound like the worst crime. The older takes another step and Jimin moves as well. 

“What does 'He’ll leave me for someone better’ mean?” Another step and another and they are just walking like this, Jimin’s heart sinking lower and lower as Hoseok follows him growing more and more impatient.

“For fuck’s sake answer me!” Hoseok almost yells and Jimin’s wants to cry in desperation. 

“I just wanted to- Because I- Oh God stop, you’re scaring me!” Jimin yells back and frozens in place when Hoseok’s jaw clenches dangerously. 

“Goddamn right, you should be scared of me" 

Hoseok growls and runs towards Jimin making him escape into the living room with a loud squeak and heart beating rapidly inside his ribcage. The younger runs until he meets the wall and he swiftly turns around stretching his arms out to defend himself as Hoseok gets closer to him. 

"Please, Hobi don’t-” Hoseok cuts him off, sneaking his hands behind the crook of his knees, lifting him from the floor and throwing him over his shoulder ignoring punches and kicks coming from the small boy in his arms. His grip on Jimin’s legs tightens as he aims for the bedroom, pretending not to hear loud whines and complaints leaving Jimin’s mouth. He unceremoniously kicks the door open switching the light on on his way and without much thinking he throws Jimin onto their neatly arranged bed, his orange head bouncing from the impact, loud gasps slipping from his lips. 

Propped on his elbows, Jimin watches as Hoseok takes his jacket off throwing it aside, his shirt following right after leaving him in nothing more than pants and socks. Well maybe only pants because the socks has just joined the rest of his clothes on the floor. 

“Hoseok-” The older pushes him angrily onto his back, lifting Jimin’s shirt and dragging it past his head only to take care of his jeans with the same amount of 'gentleness’ in his hands. He pins his hands at the both sides of his face staring straight into his eyes. 

“What do I have to do, to convince you that I love you?” He growls, shots of pleasure and fear running down Jimin’s spine. 

“You’re so fucking stubborn.” Hoseok places his lips under the younger’s ear, just where his jaw ends, slowly moving towards his chin. 

“Let me just show you something” He catches Jimin’s lower lip between his teeth before licking his way inside causing him to arch against him, the bulge in his pants pressing into the older’s abdomen. Hoseok swiftly removes the younger’s jeans and underwear, placing a hand over his growing erection and palms him quickly making him moan shamelessly into his mouth. 

“Are you clean?” He mumbles against the corner of Jimin’s mouth letting the younger tangle his fingers into his hair to keep him still and close to himself. 

“Yeah” He whispers feeling adrenaline trying to break through the walls of his veins as Hoseok slides his fingers down his length to his entrance. 

“Good.” He grabs his thigh and flips him over, Jimin’s face being shoved down into the beddings. And he doesn’t seem to mind that much when his ass is being forcefully (or maybe not) yanked higher in the air, his face sliding against the soft blanket. Long, lean fingers dance along his spine making him almost purr like a cat in heat, arch his back under the warm, soft touch, so familiar by now. Jimin flinches when an incredibly hot, wet tongue makes contact with his earlobe licking at the edge and slipping inside but not too deep. His breathing gets more unstable and he turns his head to the side to catch a sight of his boyfriend. Very handsome and still angry boyfriend. 

“Hobi” Jimin shivers when Hoseok’s lips start moving down his back, sliding across his ass cheeks before the older spreads them wider dipping his tongue inside the tight heat. For one Jimin’s thankful. This is the first time Hoseok is not teasing him, probably because he’s too mad to do so. The movements aren’t calm and gentle, pace slow and stable, fingers aren’t drawing patterns all over his skin. No. Hoseok’s tongue pushes in and out, fast, rough, careless, causing Jimin to press against him more, fingers digging painfully into his body humiliating him in the best way. 

Hoseok pulls away, his teeth grazing the sensitive ring of muscles as he stretches his arm and shoves his fingers into Jimin’s mouth. The stretching is quick and not as gentle as it should be but Jimin is mewling into the blanket, moaning for more, wiggling impatiently and really it makes everything harder. He’s pounding into the younger with his fingers until he’s begging him to stop, to fuck him, anything but this. 

“I wanna teach you” Hoseok turns him around, his hand reaching for the lube in the drawer, Jimin’s legs lewdly spreading wider, hips jerking up. 

“That you’re the best thing that happened to me” He slams into him after slicking himself up, making Jimin scream in sudden pain mixed with pleasure. 

“I wanna fuck you hard enough for you to remember that there’s no one like you” Thrust. Gasp. 

“Never was” Thrust. gasp. 

“Never will be” Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. 

He grips Jimin’s hips, jerking him backward everytime he thrusts into him, his moans flooding their small bedroom, smell of sex floating around them like a fog. 

“Can you believe me?” He’s bruising Jimin’s ass cheeks, he’s aware of that. But he can’t stop the erratic pace, feelings boiling inside his chest at the mere though of Jimin feeling insecure about himself, doubting the older even though he’s showing him nothing but love and affection. He angles his thrust until Jimin cries out, and he continues pounding into him, making himself sure to keep hitting the same spot over and over again. 

“Yes, yes, fuck” Jimin groans at the particular movement grabbing Hoseok’s shoulders to hold onto something as he starts falling apart. 

“Is that the answer?” Hoseok bites Jimin’s lip sucking on the small wound with affection. 

“Is that your answer Jimin?” He keeps asking but there’s no real answer. He reaches down between to wrap his fingers around the younger’s cock and the sound he makes is almost enough to push Hoseok over the edge. Torn between pressing back onto the older’s dick or fucking into his fist, Jimin locks his ankles behind the older’s back encircling his waist with his muscular thighs and squeezing hard when the orgasm hits him and he cums between them with a heavy groan and loud curse. 

“I love you so fucking much, Park Jimin” Hoseok breathes against his lips as he follows the younger, filling his tight hole, swallowing soft moans he’s making, kissing every little doubt, insecurity away. 

“Do you understand that?” Jimin nods slowly, running his hands through Hoseok’s wet hair as he places a small kiss in the corner of the older’s lips. 

“I do. Don’t be mad anymore. You’re scary when you’re angry” He laughs a little feeling relieved as Hoseok’s muscles soften underneath his fingertips, his bright smile appearing back on his beautiful face. Well, it’s not too long before a smirk takes its place. 

“You think it’s enough? We’re not done yet, Jiminnie” The younger gulps as the older starts moving, his cock getting harder inside of him. 

“You really should be scared of me”

Jimin’s screams and begs can be heard all over the building as Hoseok fucks him with all his mind, determined to get his stupid plans of his head. Because Jimin is perfect. And Hoseok shows him how much he loves every part of him.