hmmm interesting how louis and niall can party with tswift and it’s “iconic” and “hilarious” and they’re absolutely praised but then zayn records vocals on a song that taylor cowrote with others - separately from her, i might add - and he’s a “snake” and “money hungry” hmmm very interesting indeed. reminds me of a little something called racism

This is disrespectful

Thehos nim recently was confirmed as brain dead and passed. Some Exo-l’s re saying some of the most disgusting things I have seen in my life. For example “ I’m over it already smh how y'all just gonna go through life unable to joke about death what a boring bunch you are”. As a fan of both of these groups , it’s just plain nasty how you can say this about a person. There family is grieving and you have the nerve to joke about someone’s death. IF exo knew about this I think they would be genuinely embarrassed and shocked to see what you are commenting. I got second hand embarrassment and shock from reading these tweets. If you think this is funny you need to delete your account and go fuck yourselves because this is the lowest I’ve seen people stoop to where you think it’s okay to joke about someone’s death. Or instead of deleting your account, show your parents your tweets and see what they think.