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All Our Secrets Laid Bare (Part Three)

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Prompt: A couple of weeks have passed  since Peter and the reader had their little “fight.” Neither of them have yet to talk to one another though. Something has to be done about it, and Michelle is the one to make sure of that.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 3,311

Notes: Sorry for any grammatical mistakes. I know that I said in the last part that I wanted to stretch out this story and make it more realistic, but then I realized while writing this part that I kind of want to move on from this imagine. So this part is a bit rushed and I apologize.
Anyway, enjoy!

Part One / Part Two

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It’s had been two weeks (twelve days, twenty hours, and forty-two minutes, to be exact, but who was counting?) since that fateful night on the rooftop. Almost two whole weeks without any sort of contact from your ex-best friend, Peter Parker. You thought that you were handling it well enough though. Sure, you spent most of your after school and evening time alone, in your parentless apartment, wondering what fun things you could be doing with Peter, and regretting that night with a passion, but you had some things to distract you as well. Television was a great distraction; Netflix was a real life-saver. There was also cooking. Being left home alone while your parents were away for business was enough of a semi-regular occurrence that you managed to pick up a few culinary skills over the years. You could make a damn good chicken parmesan. There was also Michelle, aka M.J.

After that first day, when Michelle came to comfort you in the school’s bathrooms, she and you had started to become really good friends. You both figured out that you had a lot of the same interests, as well as the same classes. So every school day, you had the chance to hang out with her and grow your friendship even more. It was nice having someone to talk to during a time like this. Not having Peter around made you seem like the loneliness person in the world. Michelle was no Peter, no one could match what Peter was to you, but she was a really awesome friend nonetheless. She was a great listener and had some quality conversions up her sleeve. There was something about her that just made you want to trust her.

That said, the two of you weren’t really at the “come over and spend time at my apartment” stage of the friendship. The two of you talked over the weekends, but those conversations were usually short and cut off. Michelle would always ask when you would talk to Peter again, to which you typically (and playfully) ignored her from that point on. You understood that she was trying to be nice, and just wanted the two of you to make up, but every time you even thought about talking to Peter, you would convince yourself that you weren’t ready rather than imagine a scenario where the two of you talked like mature adults. Progress was being made though. After several days, you were at the point where you could actually look at the boy and not burst into tears. You even smiled at him while passing in the hallway one day. You were getting better, but you weren’t quite there yet. Or maybe you were and you just were too afraid to do anything. You told yourself it was the former.

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It’s you, only you.

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Pairing - Dean X Reader
Characters - Dean, Sam and Mary.
Word Count - 598 
A/N -  Written for @impalaimagining ‘s #Taylor’s Friends Quote Challenge. I had the quote “Remember when I ate hot fudge off you naked, I sucked that mini marshmallow out of your belly button,” which is in bold in the fic.


No response.

“Babe?” You almost shouted at Dean.

“What?” His head snapped up from his laptop as he focused on you.

“You’re completely engrossed in that laptop, what are you looking at?” You asked as you walked around the table to look at his screen before you could even get a good look at even the side of the screen Dean slammed the lid down.


“Sure.” You huffed as you grabbed the laundry basket and moved towards the door. “I’m going to shower.”

“Y/N, I’m sorry.”

The basket you were carrying collided with Mary as she walked into the kitchen.

“Y/N, sweetie you okay?” Mary questioned as she looked between you and Dean who was still sitting at the table.

“It’s fine.” You flashed her a fake smile as you moved around her and continued down the hallway.

As you walked away you heard a thud followed by Dean groaning ‘“What the hell was that for?”

“What did you do to her?”

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that person/those people are not your friends and they never will be. i understand that it is difficult to let someone go, especially if you really wanted to befriend them, but you have to just get rid of them. getting rid of the toxic people is the best things you could do in this situation, and i’m saying this from experience. 

i spent several years having to hang out and pretend to be friends with people i knew talked behind my back and froze me out in school, because we played for the same sports team. i never said anything to anyone, not even when my mom would go “you should hang out with ____ or ____, they’re nice!”, and i wanted to correct her so badly, and tell her that they didn’t like me. that they ignored me in school and never talked to me even if i was nice to them. staying silent doesn’t help. gritting your teeth through it and hoping they will change doesn’t help. it just eats down your self-esteem. some people just won’t change, and the people you are dealing with… well, they sound like garbage. 

so please. don’t listen to them. i know it’s hard and i know it hurts, but don’t listen to their words. take the first step and block them. judging by these reactions they don’t want to be your friend either, so don’t give them the satisfaction of your company. 

i’m sorry this happened to you. be strong. 

G dragon Mafia Boss  One shot

Genre : Angst / Smut  

Characters : G dragon x Reader 

A/N : ( Requested ) Hope you like it .

PS : Who ever owns the mood board you did a really good job and if you want credits let me know please …….

“ Get Down “ one of the men among the mob called out to you .

 Your mind was in a chaos , guns firing all around you and you just stood in the middle . The man came up and dragged you behind the car . Unable to process as to what was going on , you placed your hands on your ears and closed your eyes . In a haze you felt an arm around your waist and when you opened your eyes to man you knew too well but his face was partly smeared with blood . His eyes were intense as he looked at you .

In an instant he picked you up and took you inside a car which immediately  drove off .

“ Are you hurt ? “ Jiyong asked touching your face .

“ Don’t touch me . This is all because of you . Let me go . I don’t want you “ you said shouting at him and pushing his hand away .

 Jiyong now quiet looked at his hands . Three months ago you were forced to marry Kwon Jiyong also known as G dragon the King of Mafia world . The debt your family took from Mr. Kwon , Jiyong’s father was payed of by you being married off to him . Jiyong was the one who offered this deal t your family . You never knew him until you saw him once coming out of your house , you politely smiled at him . You cursed that day . He decided that he wanted you and then everything went to hell . 

Now here you were sitting in his car, after a failed attempt of your third escape from jiyong . You got caught up by the rival gang in your attempt to escape , if it weren’t for Jiyong you would’ve been dead . You wanted to thank him but clouded by anger and  frustration the only thing you could focus on was getting away from him . When you finally reached your house , you stormed out of the car .

“ Hear me out Y/N “ Jiyong called after you . But you ignored him . 

He caught your hand and turned you around “ Stop being so fucking stubborn “ . He said with raging eyes .

“ Get your fucking hands of me “ you shouted back at him .

“ Y/N don’t do this please , I know you didn’t want this . I am sorry” he said with tears in his eyes .

“ You are sorry ? “ You scoffed . “ You forced yourself into my life and ruined it . What for so you could have me to yourself , so you could just sleep with me “.

He let your hands go and stared at you , “ I know i forced my way into your life because i had not other way to save you and your family from your debt . My father would’ve never let it go and you could’ve ended up dead with your family . The moment I saw you i fell in love with you and every part of me wanted to protect you “ 

“ Go away , Jiyong , please “ was all you could say to him . The pain was clear in his eyes . You went into your room and crashed onto your bed . You lay in your bed staring at the ceiling . In the past three months Jiyong did everything to make you happy and he took care of you in every way possible . A part of you was in love with him but your stubborn self didn’t  forgive him .

A week had passed since that night . You didn’t saw jiyong since then . You missed his attention .The way he put up with your tantrums or the way he used to smile at you . It was frustrating you . But when finally you were able to see him , he felt different and cold . 

“ Get ready , we have a party to attend “  he said brushing past you .

It was as if you were speaking to a completely different person . It wasn’t Jiyong but G dragon from whom everybody was afraid . Today you felt scared . His eyes were dark  and dangerous .

Looking at the mirror one last time , in a lacy red dress that jiyong got you . You looked at yourself and took a little more time than usual to dress up because today you wanted his attention  more than anything

You walked down the stairs and saw jiyong ,  dressed all black a perfect match to your dress  . He looked handsome as always .The moment he heard your footsteps , he walked out of the door without even looking at you . You almost ran after him but as soon as you got outside the door he was already gone in his car . But there was another car waiting for you to take you to your destination . 

When you arrived at the club , you were greeted by Seunghyun , Jiyong’s best friend and partner . It was Seunghyun’s birthday party . You had met him many times before and developed a good bond with him . He led you to the VIP section ans settled you there . You sat with anxious eyes looking for that one person . 

“ He is in talking to some people , regarding a matter “ Seunghyun said winking at you  .

“ I don’t care “ you scoffed . 

“ Your eyes tell a different story “ Seunghyun said waving his glass full of alcohol in front  of you  and walking off to his ladies . 

After a moment you were finally able to spot Jiyong on the dance floor . But your eyes went wide when you saw him dancing with a girl who was grinding her self into him . He had a bottle of alcohol in one hand and drank it as he danced with the girl .

He glanced over to you and observing your expression he smirked to himself and kissed the girls neck and licked her earlobe and pushed himself into her along the rhythm of the music . He kept his eyes closed to feel as if it was you and not her . 

Looking at the scene before you , your blood started to boil and you gulped down one after another glass of vodka . The alcohol heightened your feelings for him , you got up from your seat and went up to the dance floor pushing past  the people in front of you .

You took the girl by her hand and dragged her of from jiyong . She turned around to say something but was cut off by your raging statement . 

“ Go , Now “ You said looking at her with piercing eyes , understanding the situation , she walked off . 

You turned around to look at Jiyong you had a smirk on his face 

He took you by the hand and turned you around , your back pressed against his chest . 

“ What was that about huh , i thought you wanted out “ Jiyong whispered in your ears sending chills down your spine .

 Lost in the feeling of him so close you closed your eyes and unintentionally grinded into him . You could feel his cock against your ass . Realizing what you had just done you tired to move away , but he placed his hands on your waist and pushed you right back into him , causing you to grind into him hard enough for him to groan at the feeling . He moved his hands to your breast and grasped them slowly and sensually and drew circles around them with his finger tips . Your head fell on his shoulder and you both continued to dance along the rhythm of the music . He snaked one of his hands down your dress and his fingers touched your clothed core making you moan . He slid his fingers past your underwear and played with your clit  , you bucked your hips onto his finger to feel more friction . 

But suddenly he removed his hands form you and backed away  , it took you a second to process the situation you turned around to see him . He had a painful expression on his face and he started to walk off . You followed behind him calling him , but he ignored all your protests . He walked towards a dark corridor and turned towards the room . Before he could close the door you pushed the door and walked right inside the room closing the door behind you . 

“ What the hell was that “ you shouted at him . He scoffed and went up to the bar in the room and poured himself a drink . 

“ Answer me “ you said walking up to him . He slammed the glass down and grabbed your arms and held you against the counter of the bar . Your faces now dangerously close to one another . 

“ I am giving you what you wanted . I am letting you go . But why are you getting close to me now . Don’t make this hard for me. The papers would be ready soon and i’ll be gone from your life and you’ll be free . “ he said letting you go and  walking towards the door . 

“ Wait , Jiyong “ You called after him . He stopped in his steps .

“ I want you , I don’t want you gone . Despite everything i have fallen for you , I love you “ you said with tears streaming down your face . 

“ Say that again “ he demanded .

“ One of the hardest thing i’d never do was to fall for you . I assured myslef over and over again that this won’t happen but it did . Every moment with you shined . I Love you and i don’t want to be with.. “ he crashed his lips on to yours before you could utter another word .

Your hands went for his hair ,pulling on them and pushing him deep into your Mouth . Your tongues danced with each other , exploring each other’s mouth . He placed his hand over your thigh and you wrapped it around his waist closing the distance between you and him . You could feel his already hard erection poking at your clothed sex.

 He snaked his arm around your waist pulling him closer to him . You wrapped both of your legs around him . He broke the kiss and looked into your eyes , resting his forehead against yours  and then attacked your lips again . He walked you towards the couch never breaking the kiss and layed you down on the couch , kissing you as passionately as ever 

He took of his coat and threw it away and kissed you like crazy . Jiyong ripped your dress of your shoulders all dragging it dwon all the way to your waist . He attacked your neck , kissing and sucking on it leaving his work of art everywhere on you neck . He kissed you all the way down to your stomach and removed  the dress hanging at your waist  all the way down your legs and threw it away .

He lifted your hands over your head and removed his tie form his neck and tied them with it to a stand near the couch . 

“ Jiyong “ you wined .

“ A little punishment for ignoring me for the last three months “ he said winking at you . 

He ripped his shirt off  and threw it away . He touched your breasts with his hands , moving his fingers along the border of your bra . He bend down and sucked on your collar bone and then kissed between your breasts . He slipped his hands behind you and opened your bra and removed it from you . The feeling of his chest pressed against yours , the heat flowing from his body into yours was driving you insane . He licked your nipple and then sucked on it , biting it a Little and massaging your other breast with his free hand .

“ Jiyong “ you maned arching your back . 

He gave both your breasts  equal attention and then moved down towards your clothed core and kissed it . He raised your leg above his shoulder and took of your panties , looking deep in your eyes . He took it  of your legs and kissed your leg . He  moved towards your inner thighs kissing and sucking on them . He moved his mouth towards your core and blew on it . His hot breathe sending chills through your body . He begin to lick up and down your soft mound. He licked and teased and with each stroke of his tongue, up and down, he pushed forward into you a little. 

He sucked  your clit  between his own lips and sucked your soft, sensitive pussy  into his mouth. Your breathing become quicker and  he was aware of a new taste, a new smell, as your excitement began to come. Jiyong  pushed his tongue into you and loved how wet you had suddenly become. He pushed out his tongue and begin to lick your slit, up and down, in long, slow gentle strokes. The delicious taste of your taking over him . By now you were a moaning mess and you could feel your orgasm building up.You moaned loud as he hit that spot of ultimate pleasure. Your movement became even more desperate as he sucked gently on your throbbing clit.He opened  his  mouth around your cunt and got his  tongue as deep inside you as he could . Your juices were in his mouth and suddenly he felt quick, sudden spasms in his  mouth.You moaned loud .With each stroke of his tongue, your juices poured into his mouth. He lapped it up happily. You cried out, again and again, the spasm of your pussy around his tongue . You were out of breathe as your orgasmed .

He returned to kiss you passionately . You pulled onto the the tie restricting your hands and Seeing that Jiyong untied you and . As soon as he did your hands roamed all over his body you kissed  on his shoulders and then kissed his neck . 

“ Jiyong i need you now “    you whispered in his ears . He looked in your eyes and bit down on your lower lip and then stood on his knees . He undid his belt and let fall to his knees.  Now only in his boxers . Your eyes widened at his hard  erect cock . 

“ Like what you see “ Jiyong said , smirking at you , now removing his boxers of him . Jiyong  parted your legs with his own.  He pulled your legs up along his chest, so you had one leg on each shoulder.  He slid his  cock into your  wet  pussy, sheathing his full length inside of you .  Then he began to ram himself into you , pulling nearly all the way out and then ramming your  cunt hard, deep.  You  raised your  hips to meet every thrust, clamoring,

 “That’s it….Oh, I love your cock….fuck me harder”  you moaned .

Jiyong continued to pound  into you hard and fast , hitting the g-spot that sent you to the edge of ecstasy .

“ Fuck baby , you feel so good around me “ he said moaning , when your walls started to clench around him . He rammed into you harder and faster . The room now filled with noises of skin slapping each other You could feel your second orgasm building fast .

“ Jiyong i am close “  you moaned closing your eyes . 

“ I know baby , just hold on , few more seocnds “  he hissed . He took out his cock from you completely and then slammed right back , causing you to orgasm almost immediately . Hearing you moan his name he almost instantly  came filling you up with his seeds  . He crashed on top of you . You both breathing heavily . After when his breathing settled , He removed himself from you and wrapped his arms around you . 

You lay like that and felt as if the time had stopped . “ I love you , Y/N , I am never letting you slip away , even if it means I have to let go of this world , I’d do it ” Jiyong said kissing your forehead . You nuzzled close to his chest and kissed him . He tightened his arms around you . Kissing you passionately on your lips . You could feel him getting hard again . “ Round two ” he said smirking at you …..
Bill x Reader - Unlikely Encounters.

Request: “a one shot where the reader bumps into bill on the street and he’s like her favourite actor but she’s tried not to let it show, when they bump into each other she falls flat on her bum and spills the coffee she was holding all over herself and bill takes her to his house to help clean her up.”

Another completed request! Loving writing these, and I’m excited to keep working through the ones I have in my inbox. If you’ve sent one in, yours will be posted, I promise :) Keep sending them if you have one, I’m always up for requests. I hope you’re liking these so far. i am also storing all of my writing under the ‘Stories’ link on my blog. 

Forbidden Chapter III update: Will be posted tomorrow. 

Happy reading! Remember feedback is very appreciated so I know how you’re all liking it and whether or not to continue writing more. 

As if Monday mornings weren’t bad enough, this morning I had an important meeting and so far, I was stressed, not prepared and shitting myself. Despite the meeting being this afternoon, meaning I still had time to prepare, and despite needing as much time of that as I could manage, I still detoured to my favourite coffee shop I stopped by almost every morning. I knew that if I had any chance of getting through the day alive, I needed a coffee and a large one at that.

On my final leg to the office, I was feeling calmer the closer I got, growing more optimistic as I planned how productive I was going to be and imagined exactly how I wanted this afternoon to go. Only a street away, and disaster struck. I felt my body collide with another, belonging to someone I didn’t see, but nonetheless I was pissed, “of course this is happening,” I thought out loud, “Why today?” I whined, looking down at myself and observing the large coffee stain smothering my clean blouse. I pouted, looking up to meet the eyes of whichever monster did this to me. I froze, recognising the pale green eyes I was staring straight in to, knowing immediately who those beautiful cheek bones and dazzling smile belonged to. Suddenly my anger disappeared and was replaced with complete and utter embarrassment.

“I am so so sorry,” I apologised enthusiastically, taking the hand offered to me and getting up off the ground, “did I hurt you? I haven’t spilled anything on you have I?” I fussed nervously, grabbing his arms and looking him over. Bill Skarsgard, of all people, I managed to run in to the most gorgeous man on earth and my absolute favourite actor ever. He laughed lightly, smiling down at me in the sincerest of ways, waving me off and shaking his head, “No no I’m fine! It’s my fault, I’m so sorry. I’ve ruined your shirt, did you hurt yourself when you fell?” “No, I’m alright, thank you.” I smiled, making sure nothing had fallen out of my bag and preparing myself to continue on my way, now to take another detour to sort out my appearance.

“I’m sorry again Bill..” I stopped when I realised I had said his name, without him having actually introduced himself. I cursed at my own stupidity, cringing when I saw him smiling in amusement, preparing to explain myself in the calmest way possible without looking like an absolute fan girl. “You know my name?” He smiled, already knowing the answer as to why, but wanting to hear it from me. “Yeah.. I um, I’m a big fan of your work.. my name is Y/N.” I laughed nervously, hearing how silly I probably sounded but knowing that the opportunity to prevent myself from looking ridiculous had long passed as I stood there covered in coffee. “Well, I’m glad to hear it, and it’s lovely to meet you” he laughed, “Listen, I live really close to here if you’d like to come over and get yourself cleaned up. I can give you a clean shirt, it might not be the right size but at least you won’t be covered in coffee.” He smiled, and I nodded in reply.

His apartment was gorgeous and exactly what you’d expect from a very well off, well presented gentlemen in his later 20s. It wasn’t over the top, just simple and classy. “You have a beautiful home,” I complemented, following him inside, “I hope I’m not intruding on your day, I’ll clean myself up and be on my way.” I smiled, following him into his master bedroom, where he grabbed a pristine white dress shirt from his walk in robe and handed it to me. “Here, this should work, take your time in here and I’ll go and make you a coffee since you’re now wearing your other one.” He smirked and I rolled my eyes, “Thank you, I’ll be out in a minute.” He smiled, closing the door and heading to his kitchen. I peeled off my shirt and set it on the ground, pretty prepared to just throw it away. I inspected my bra for any left over coffee, before I heard the door open again, “Hey sorry I forgot to get you a towel, I’ve dampened it with warm wat-“ He stopped speaking as soon as he realised he had walked in on me, shirtless in only my bra, my high wasted skirt and stockings. “Oh, I’m sorry, I should have knocked.” I shrugged, funnily enough not caring all that much at all. “That’s okay,” I smiled, taking the towel while he awkwardly fumbled to leave, looking at me when I walked closer. He relaxed slightly and dropped his arms by his sides, looking at me while I looked at him. “You’re beautiful.” He smiled, grinning wider as I hid my face, turning around to look at him in the mirror. “Thank you..” I said unsurely, “what a weird morning.” I laughed, turning around to put on my clean shirt, shaking my head what was actually happening.

I was interrupted by hands on my waist, spinning me around quickly, before a very soft pair of lips were on mine. When I registered what was happening and just how much I liked it, I returned the kiss, giving in completely and throwing my hands around his neck. He broke the kiss and looked at me, I stared straight back at him, “What a weird morning..” I repeated, he laughed in return. Using the back of my thighs to hoist me up around his waist, he walked us straight to the bathroom counter and set me down, settling in between my legs. “You know,” He kissed me, “I’m only lending you this shirt, looks like you’re going to have to return it..” He smirked against my lips and I scoffed, “Was this your plan all along? Spill coffee on a girl in the street and get her hooked?” He laughed, “Well no, but it’s worked out hasn’t it.” He said, taking my lip in between his teeth, proceeding to peck them gently. “Where is this going?” “Wherever you want.”

I liked the sound of that.

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You’re a fucking cunt. Why the fuck do you treat your “mates” like shit ffs that’s the reason you don’t have any mates 1st Corrin now everyone else. I fucking feel bad that we all hated Corrin now that we all know your true colours get to fuck with you putting that shit on your story about Molly, just cause they’re happy doesn’t mean you have to ruin their happiness you fucking psycho. Sorry but get yourself together, I feel bad for all the girls involved. Not “poor little miss Sarah” .


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'nope' lmao sorry hate to burst your bubble but you 2 year olds ruined ~ace~ yourself with constantly acting like a complete idiot and going 'uhruhruhr im pulling an ~ace out my sleeve~' 'uhh i ~aced~ this test hyukhyukhyuk' 'why did the asexual cross the road because he ~aced~ it' and making 'asexual' out to be 'whatever the fuck you want it to be uwu but we're ~kweer~ and ~valid~ because being an annoying tween is important to me' ruined that too


What Kind of Vagina is That? (SUBBED)

People’s reactions to the “Work It” music video.