sorry you can't be as flawless as she is

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hey do you have any girl!amis headcanons? I know that's really general, sorry, but like - which one is the kind of girl who has flawless makeup even though they applied it at 6am half awake? who's the kind of girl who loves heels but can't walk in them to save their life? which one refuses to wear anything but a specific pair of converse, regardless if they're wearing a dress or jeans?

Combeferre will be the one with the flawless makeup, because Combeferre is nothing but flawless no matter what time it is; Marius is the one who would rather go without makeup because she can never shape her eyebrows symmetrically enough; Jehan’s makeup collection is by far the widest, and Jehan is the one all the Amis go to when they’re encountering a makeup emergency.

Feuilly loves heels, but they’re never practical enough for her to wear to work, so she doesn’t have much practice walking in them and wobbles most of the time she’s in them; Courfeyrac, Grantaire, and Bahorel, in contrast, would rock those heels. Enjolras is the one with the specific pair of red Converse that she wears with every single outfit.

Grantaire basically lives in oversized sweaters and skinny jeans, but every once in awhile, she’ll put on a sundress and Enjolras wouldn’t be able to tear her eyes off Grantaire the entire day.

Bossuet has lucky bras that she wears when she needs to feel lucky, Joly will wear the corresponding panties from the set Bossuet buys whenever Bossuet is wearing her lucky bras, just because.