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Trust Fall

Rafael Barba x Reader

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The counselor was late.

He ran up the stairs of the courthouse, purposefully jumping over a couple and prayed that his feet didn’t land incorrectly along the way. The last thing he needed was a foolish accident on the court steps.

When he heard his name being shouted from a far distance he knew for sure it was just his mind playing odd games. The closer the voice became the more familiar it became, and he was no longer able to resist the urge to turn around and find its source.

To his surprise it was his significant other, running up the stairs toward him just as he was doing only moments before.

He could count in the palm of his hand the amount of times he had seen her unhappy, let alone unhappy with him like the way she seemed now. When she finally reached his side he could see that unhappy was the wrong word to use; she was fuming, more like.

“How could you, Rafael?”

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jordan7596  asked:

Do Ya have any headcanons of Joker and the Baby? Like a father like son thing?❤

Ya, I should have a few of those :)

- J is constantly being scolded by Harley for letting the baby eat anything he has because for some reason J can’t seem to grasp the idea that an entire tub of cupcake frosting isn’t dinner

- J often tries out different shades of lipstick on the baby as a “test model”

- The baby always tries to mimic his father’s laugh/growls and it doesn’t help that J encourages this

- Harley has had to take away J’s bedtime story reading privileges after he kept ripping the pages out of stories that had happy endings


Klamille Appreciation Week 2015:
day 5: favorite headcanon » Klaus’ headcanons:

 2.19 “I might find you.” //  2.22  “I would have found you.”
-because I couldn’t be as creative as Klaus if I tried-

POSTPONED (not cancelled - never give up)

Hey Have a Hart-ers, I’m sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. I have been super sick and dealing with a few things that all sort of culminated in this been pushed to the backburner.

Consequence of that is I haven’t got us a volunteering slot for tomorrow, so I am working to get us a new day in two weeks time on the 4th of October. 

I am so sorry I dropped the ball. But sometimes life kicks you in the balls and forces you to drop everything in pain. 

Message me with any questions, and 10,000,000 apologies. If anyone wants to meet up tomorrow still, I can make arrangements!

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