sorry wow the coloring is shit

yeah, im completely procrastinating linearting of the dc covers

also im trash im sorry

so here’s the thing about fake ah crew and femininity:

geoff’s got two holes in his right ear, and usually he just keeps one or two small thin black hoops in if he’s wearing anything at all, but he’d be lying if he said he didn’t also really like elaborate dangly things and diamonds and garnets and generally just, wow, gemstones are pretty as fuck, put that shit in my ear.

(also one year for his birthday gavin gets him dick earrings as a joke but fuck if he doesn’t wear them for like two weeks straight, come hell or high water or meetings with big-name, dangerous kingpins, that’s right, those are dicks in my ear, wanna fight about it?)

but then there’s also the lipstick thing.

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so about that possesive!demon!sans ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

i just really adore your RebornTale AU and i felt like i had to draw sth for it. dunno if you recognize the style?? but im also the ‘kris is a cutie’ anon awhile back! i just really wanna draw u things a lot, so may i just call myself ‘kissycutie’ (kris is a cutie) anon in case of more stuff in the future??

its just that, nsfw or not, you inspire me a lot to draw my man. which is funny, bc i havent drawn anything in weeks? im rambling at this point but ahhh, just know u have a super fan out there somewhere! thank you a bunch and stuff!! ;v;“

also dunno how accurate i am with the designs but have it anyway aaAAAAA

Jesus fuck, this is beautiful. I’m flattered to even have fans, dude, but wow- holy shit, I’m in love with this. It’s such an honor that I can inspire you to draw again, man. Especially since you’re incredibly talented with applying color! (Sorry, graphic designer comin’ out pfft) And the designs are fine- I adore Pap’s wings!

And yeah, I’m totes cool with calling you Kissycutie anon! You’re way too sweet for this world istg.I know I say thank you too much(because that’s what I do when I’m flustered), but I really appreciate your support. I’m happy my content can inspire something as gorgeous as this. <3

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Do you know what the world needs? Cheerleader Derek. Maybe he joined the varsity team because Cora (non-canon ages) is nervous about trying out for the grade school team and he's a good brother? And somewhere along the line, sterek.

Cora’s making the face again, that disappointed-angry-at-the-world face that Derek hates. “What’s wrong? Why are you home from practice so early?” 

Cora slumps on the table headfirst until only the bright red ribbons in her hair are visible and just groans. “I hate cheerleading.” 

Derek blinks. Cora loves the sport, and she was named captain this year, a major feat for a sophomore. “What? I thought this was your year to go to Nationals and stuff.”

“Well, yeah, but Jason and Ricky both joined the swim team instead and now we only have one thrower, Derek! All that choreography I worked on over the summer goes out the window if we don’t have any amazing jumps! Janelle can throw but I only have one and I need two otherwise everything is off balance and we’re not even going to qualify for Nationals and I’m a huge failure as cheer captain and I’m not going to get into college and everything–”

“I’ll do it,” Derek says. 


“I’ll join your team,” Derek says, more firmly. “It means a lot to you, and basketball season won’t start until the spring. I can do this for you.” 

Cora’s eyes light up. “Really?” 

“Of course.” How hard could it be, anyways?

Derek may have spoken too soon. The practices, he can handle, the uniforms, the constant chatter of the other cheerleaders, the ache in his shoulders after practice, Boyd and Erica’s gentle teasing about how tight his uniform is, it’s all manageable.

What he had completely not accounted for is Beacon Prep Academy’s running back, Stiles Stilinski.

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1 / 2 / 3, 4

to be cont.

ps: Sorry for changing styles from the other pages, just experimenting at the moment.

Sometimes, having schizophrenia can be pretty wild for me. I can’t speak for every schizophrenic out there because we’re all different, but like? It’s pretty fuckin’ weird? I don’t really hear a lot of bad shit anymore, but when I do hear some sort of hallucination talking, it’s weird shit like, “Cupcake on the floor. Do you know? It’s the cupboard.” Weird shit. But today. I just lost it …

“I can’t see the color blue.”

I just … I can’t … I … Wow. I’m? Sorry that you can’t?


A/N: Sorry I posted it early since I don’t know whether I will be free >.<

Happy birthday to Umi and I hope I’m not the only one doing umimaki out there for the occasion, haha. I’m pretty busy recently but I do encourage anyone would post some umimaki too for these birthday dates!

This will be two-part story, the next chapter will be released on … well, search at the last lines :’D

Part one is mostly inspired by Fuyu ga Kureta Yokan. Do enjoy this!

Pairing: UmiMaki
Setting(s): Semi-canon. Adulthood timeline.

03/15. ~2500 words.

If Maki remembered clearly, she was the one who took the initiative.

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You care way too much about race. Like please just shut the FUCK up about color. Cool, you're black and hate most white ppl. You're just SO different and punk and wow I've never seen anyone else like you. -.- wow wow wow. So unique. Yeah right, maybe if it was motha fucking Opposite Day. You're the most predictable bitch ever and I can't stand your CONSTANT bitching. Sorry not sorry. Finding a new blog to replace this sad shit.

okay but i look so good in this picture

follow my ig @ egg_69! :)

#268: Meant to Be (Soul Mate AU)

Plots for these can be found here in case you’re interested

Ashton: The one with the clock that counts down the time until you meet your soulmate

You checked the time on your arm; only three minutes and 24 seconds until you met your soulmate. You nervously tapped your foot, wondering if you were meant to go inside a certain shop. People walked around you as you stood in the middle of the shopping center, glaring at you as if you had killed their dog. Other simply bumped into you and finally you gave up, deciding to get out of the crowd as you approach your favorite music store. “Two more minutes,” you whisper to yourself, taking a deep breath as you slowly walk down the shelves. You’re flicking through the CDs of one of your favorite bands when an arm reaches out to grab one of them. “Sorry,” they mutter. “Were you going to get this?” You look up at them and just then, you feel something in your brain click when you make eye contact. “No, I wasn’t,” you breathe out, unable to take your eyes off of him. He had long, wavy blonde hair and dimples that were made visible by his wide smile. “Hey soul mate,” you smile. “Hey yourself.”

Calum: The one where you get matching marks/symbols/tattoos

“Hey!” you hear someone yell out from behind you. You continue walking, figuring that it wasn’t directed towards you since it was a male voice. But then you feel a hand on your shoulder and you turn around to find a tall, tan boy standing behind you without a shirt on. “Nice tattoo,” he smirks, his Australian accent evident as your eyes land on the tattoo on his collar bone. “Well, well,” you laugh. “If it isn’t Calum Hood.” “The one and only,” he shrugs, spreading his arms out to present himself. “So tell me,” you say as you gesture for him to walk with you. “How does a girl like me end up with a boy like you as her soul mate?” “It’s fate, haven’t you heard?” Calum teases. “It’s been a long time since geometry class. You look different.” “And somehow, you’re still the same,” you joke. “Oh trust me, babe,” he winks. “I’m a lot different now.” “Well I guess I’ll see,” you shrug. “I’ll be spending a lot of time with you since we’re soul mates and all that.”

Luke: The one where reincarnation is also a thing and meeting your soulmate unlocks memories of your past lives

A cup of coffee is placed in front of you, the action startling you out of your thoughts. “Oh, I didn’t order any-” you begin to say, stopping mid-sentence when your eyes connect with bright blue ones. “Victoria?” the server whispers, his hand slowly reaching out to you. “William?” you gasp, a wide smile forming on your lips as you laugh. “You were dying the last time I saw you,” he grins, taking the seat across from you. “So were you!” you exclaim quietly. “You don’t have to keep your voice down, it’s 2 in the morning and we’re in a diner,” the boy teases. “So who are you now?” “I’m (Y/N),” you introduce, the memories of your past lives slowly coming back to you. “And you?” “Luke,” he replies, taking your hand from across the table. “This is pretty different than the castle we lived in, huh?” “I like it though,” you shrug. “Modern times are much more exciting.” “It beats the Black Plague, that’s for sure.”

Michael: The one where you only see color once you meet your soulmate

You laugh at  something your friend said, dancing to the music with them as the DJ begins another song. “I think that guy’s checking you out,” one of them informs you loudly, pointing somewhere to your left. You look up and suddenly you see- something; something that wasn’t there before. Suddenly, the club slowly started to change and you could see that the walls were not the same as the ceiling. No, they were- different. “Something’s happening,” you whisper to yourself, making eye contact with the stranger one again. You quickly approach him, telling your friends that you would be right back, as you make your way through the dancing crowd. “Are you seeing what I’m seeing?” you ask him. “Yeah,” he nods. “I think… I think it’s color.” “If what we’re seeing is color,” you piece together. “Then that means we’re soul mates.” “Good thing we met on a day I actually look decent,” he jokes.

A/N: Wow I’m so sorry that I’ve been shit at uploading these at a decent time, school has just been kicking my ass. There’s only a little more than 2 months to go until I’m done and I honestly can’t wait, junior year can go fuck itself. Anyways, I’ve never really written or read anything like this so I hope it wasn’t too bad?? And yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed this preference and please like it if you did, we really appreciate it. Requests are always open! -Isabelle xx

today my coworker (who is technically my superior [BUT i’m bein promoted soon so] but we’re friends and we have a p similar level of experience) made me feel like shit lmao

like ok first of all we’re crazy understaffed so there’s only 2
of us workin open 2 close on sunday and she like. wanted me to “not take any color clients” in the morning because SHE had color clients. but like…. one of my color clients had called the night before and i didn’t know we’d be so busy bc she never told me so i told my client to come in whenever.

when i told tori (my coworker) this she was like “well she can’t come in in the morning. im doing color then.”

and im like Okay you’re good at color but… bitch me too the fuck???like if my client decides to come in in the fucking morning so be it. it sucks and we’ll have to turn away haircuts but we’re fucking understaffed what can we do. im not throwing MY clients and MY color appointments to the wayside because YOU have color clients coming in. we’re equals and shit happens :/ you’re not so important that im gonna call my fucking color clients and tell them to cancel… i need $$ just as bad as u

SO ANYWAYS tori’s Big Deal color client comes in. she starts doing work and the haircuts are coming in nonstop. i do 3 haircuts in less than 1 hour w the waiting room constantly occupied and then?

my color client uses the salon app to check in online a 15 mins in advance, which means that when she gets here she’ll be top priority. i take this in stride. 2 more haircuts come in after she’s checked in, so TECHNICALLY she takes priority as soon as she arrives

well. my coworker didn’t fucking read what services my client was getting done and assumed she was a haircut :) so when the 2 haircuts come in she’s like “oh just 15 mins” IGNORING MY CHECK IN FOR A COLOR CLIENT

and i take this in stride. i quietly tell my color client “hey im so sorry i gotta take a haircut or two it’s gonna be like 25 mins”. shes a sweetheart and doesn’t mind at all. i start doing one haircut and notice my coworker isnt doing shit while her color client is processing. just chilling at the front desk. obviously doesn’t think she needs to take a haircut bc i Got This – not apprently bothering to check the computer which shows the check in queue.

i go above and beyond and take BOTH FUCKING HAIRCUTS before my own client bc she isn’t doing shit and obv isn’t gonna take any. and ofc 2 more haircuts come in.

so tori is still just fucking chilling at the front desk and after i check out my haircut i tell her nervously “tori im doing a cut color and style on her she’s my client, i can’t take any more haircuts”

she’s visibly upset

“you weren’t supposed to take any colors!?!!”

me: “she checked in online i tried to tell you yesterday sorry”

tori, visibly pissed: “wow so you’re not gonna do the next haircut”

me: “tori i did the last 2 haircuts and set my own client aside who should have been next. i can’t do any more i need to take her”

so then tori takes the next haircut in a total fucking offended huff. she’s visibly annoyed by this. the client senses this and says to her, very earnestly and nicely, “your stylist is right, that lady has been here longer than me, she deserves to be next” which is 100% true NOT TO MENTION she made an appointment/checked in online and shouldn’t have had to wait at all

so anyways shit Progresses:

i finish the complicated color im applying + the bleach application (it was a freehanded ombré) and realize we don’t have the fucking colors i need. the closest salon supply store is saloncentric and they have a redken shades EQ toner that will work perfectly, so i make a mad dash to pick that up. technically that’s not allowed, but we didn’t have any fucking colors i could tone her w in paul mitchell (PM shines is too translucent and we’re out of every fucking A and NA shade in the permanent color which is what i fucking needed since she was going from bright red to ashy brown/blonde ombré!!!)

after returning w the toner i needed i mix it n start applying it

my coworker tells me, in front of my fucking client who trusts me, “just so you know, shades EQ is darker than PM shines. be careful.”

and i’m fucking infuriated.

I KNOW THAT. LIKE, NO SHIT. we’re at the same fucking skill level and on top of that? I WORKED AT A FULL SERVICE REDKEN SALON FOR A YEAR. i have MUCH more experience with shades EQ than she does. i knew exactly what the fuck i was doing and she KNOWS ive worked with the shades EQ color line countless times in the past… i literally cannot fathom why she’d give me that kind of useless ass advice when she should know i don’t goddamn need it, especially not in front of my fucking client.

anyways i apply my toner and decide to watch it process because im Not A Fucking Moron and im experienced enough to know a level 6 toner from the shades EQ line will process fast and dark. i had initially set a timer but decided against waiting that long.

so my coworker comes up a bit later and goes “hey can you take that haircut” n im like “no, im about to wash my client out”

and once again, in front of not only my client but HERS AS WELL she goes “uhh okay but why do you have a timer set for 10 minutes then?” and im fucking mad as hell like

she’s straight up micromanaging and nitpicking my color ability in front of my client and it’s honestly none of her goddamn business

i don’t even remember what i said something like “idk i just miscounted” but it made me feel like a fucking fool in front of my client

the color turned out lovely. i did a good job and made all the right decisions but im hurt im apparently working under stylists who don’t trust in or care about my abilities at all.

apparently tori would rather give me walk-in haircut after walk-in haircut because she thinks i’m not cut out for color or what the fuck ever

anyways im fucking good at what i do and didn’t deserve any of this fucking shit today and it really fucked my whole day up and made me feel like shit!!!! :)

sorry about no nose. kept fucking it up lmaoo


kirishimatoukaa  asked:

Hey!! Sorry for the bother but if you don't mind me asking, how'd you color Burdge's drawing? It looks really beautiful, and I've been trying to color my own sketches digitally, it would be great help!! Thank you in advance!!!!

I’m working on a proper colouring tutorial with brushes and how to pick colour and all that boring theory stuff because how I do stuff in photoshop is really simple and I’m afraid it will be pretty useless but I’m going to do it anyway

You open the file in photoshop

And open that thing down there and choose Color Balance and this is going to open

You need to play around until you get the colour you want. I usually go for warm browns but anything works. Also to make that little arrow on the layer appear you need to right-click over he text part and select create clipping mask

if you don’t to this the Color Balance is going to affect all the layers you put underneath (you’re going to put the colour there and you don’t want to mess it up before even starting)

The last step until you decide this is useless. You set the sketch layer to multiply and create a new layer underneath

easy peasy right?

THen you paint there is no magic or anything. Lots of colour theory, practise and shit but no computer program trick

most people work on different layers but I always paint on the wrong one and end up merging them anyway

I usually put background first, then put on colours on characters with a giant soft brush and then go over it with a harder one because there are no lines or limits for soft brushes

if something is not dark enough sometimes I create a new layer in multiply mode and darken the thing but I merge it down immediately

same with overlays for light parts

I also abuse the tool picker a lot and pretend I know about reflected light by putting colours of stuff close to the thing on the thing wow I’m really good at english

I know I’m useless I’m doing a long ass tutorial soon haha soon it’s going to take years explaining this part better because this is shit sorry

then I abuse adjustment layers since I didn’t like how the scarves colours looked I created new Color Balance layers to fix it

also the little black or white square on the right is a masking layer. Which means that if you paint something black in there it will hide that part of the layer so you can paint white only what you want to adjust and you’ll only edit that part

and I know you can just select and do it from the controls up there but this way you can double click the balance symbol on the layer and readjust the settings and just generally play around more easily with stuff without messing up what you’ve already done

It’s also a good idea to then add at the top layers of Curves and Color Balance to fix the whole drawing

this took literally 20 seconds and you can change the whole lighting and mood really fast and it’s really cool (you can do this only in a part of the drawing using the masking layers)

So yeah, I don’t know if I helped much but here it goes


also if you’re not wondering on how to colour in the sense of techniques but in the sense of choosing and using colour in general check this awesome tutorial because it’s literally my Bible it covers everything and it covers it really well

hattifattenerrs  asked:

im sorry if youve been asked this before but i just saw your "1 year progress" post on my dash and WOW, that's amazing, is there any tips you have for improving at such a fast rate?

ya dude! 

  • follow like a million artists, when art shows up on your dash take a second or two to really examine it. see how other people draw/color shit cuz you might not have thought to draw/color something a certain way
  • which leads me onto watch speedpaints on youtube! v insightful
  • experiment a lot, with shapes/colors/styles/brushes/programs/everything
  • draw from reference
  • draw to music
  • just draw a LOT like a lot
  • dont get frustrated if you’re not improving at a fast enough rate, redraw old artwork to give yourself a motivation boost
  • u can do it (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑
Never Have I Ever

The AH guys are playing a little game after work, who will win?

Who will get embarrassed? Who will reveal their secrets?

Who kissed an attractive man in fishnets? Who has an illegitimate child with a big nose? Who makes out while making pig noises?

Let’s find out!

AO3 Link: HERE

Word Count: 1,900+

Rating: Gen. swearing, kissing (NO SMUT)

Pairing: Michael x Gavin [Mavin]

A/N: Fluffy ending :)

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