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honestly in most bts fanfics, the girl/Y/N is always a white girl with bad self esteem. it pisses me off tbh like why cant it be a colored girl who is confident?? some members wouldnt be attracted to girls who dont love themselves (even tho they wouldnt judge) cough namjoon cough. i like those who keep the description of Y/N vague so it's open to all races/appearances

wow i luv u. this is me. i remember reading this reader fic n it was smut n di member said “pink nipples” di record scratched in my mind like what?!?! pink nipples?!?? sorry sis, i got chocolate chips idk this pink shit u talmbout 😰 but fr i think there needs to b a black bts fanfic writer like i’m tryna read fics about me doing jungkook’s hair n putting that coconut oil on his scalp. jimin running his fingers thru my curls. taehyung asking if he can borrow my bonnet or something like DAMN.

i want it so bad but ain’t no one here for us black fanfic readers i wanna choke. I used to write really well [not tryna brag] but i’ve always been too lazy to pursue really being in di fanfic community n writing n stuff. but if i knew for a fact me writing bts reader fics targeted towards black girls or pocs would b successful af then i’d do it. but other than that, IM SCHLEEP

I recently bought the sweet peach palette from too faced and I think I’m gonna return it.

I thought the color scheme would look great on me but after trying a few looks, the peaches and stuff aren’t really wowing on me. also I can tell a difference in quality compared to the 9 pan palettes (i own three, might declutter one of them but I’ve loved them all).

anyone have any suggestions for something else to treat myself with? I’ve been looking at the ABH Nicole Guerrero glow kit, and if not that I could use skincare recommendations



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