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Zoe x reader hc(s)

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Warnings: sexy times mentions, my overwhelming love for Zoe

- y’all favorite type of dates are the ones where you just chill at the Murphy’s and just do face masks and stuff
- She really loves that shit
- Y’all 10/10 have influenced each others style
- Like after you met her you started wearing more floral and bright colors
- And she started taking a few of your shirts and jackets
- You do each other’s hair!!
- It’s!!
- So!!
- Cute!!
- This girl
- Loves cuddling
- She’s like a human koala
- Depending on her mood she’ll either big spoon or lil spoon
- But mainly she big spoon
- Nuzzles!!
- You two could be sitting on the couch all cuddled up and she’ll start nuzzling your neck
- And you just get this big dopey smile cuz’ ‘wow look at this nerd’
- She also really fucking loves hickeys
- Giving or receiving
- You guys have definitely had to make a few emergency Sephora trips to buy industrial strength concealer
- Sometimes u swear she’s a vampire Bc of how much she sucks ur neck
- Not that your complaining
- She will fucking throw some HANDS if she hears anyone say something bad about you or your relationship
- Like if you think Connor is aggressive
- God get ready for Zoe ‘I’m not fucking around’ Murphy
- Speaking of Connor
- you guys annoy the fuck out of him
- Like you guys always braid his hair
- And spray him with perfume
- He secretly doesn’t mind
- But ya know he’s gotta put on that stoic front
- You make fun of him even more for that
- “Meh I’m Connor and I’m so emo even hot topic won’t employ me.”
- “Yeah well at least i know how to walk after getting fucked (y/n).”
- That shut you both up pretty quickly
- You guys can practically read each other’s minds
- Like she’ll just be sitting down and you just know that she wants like ice cream or something
- And no less then 30 seconds later she just blurts out
- “You know, I could really go for some ice cream right now”.
- And your like “woah babe I was just thinking that you wanted ice cream.”
- This is a common occurrence
- You guys definitely buy each other random gifts
- Like if she’s out and she see’s a top you’d LOVE she’ll buy it for you
- And vice versa
- She’s a very gentle kisser
- And her lips are so soft
- It’s almost like she’s afraid that she’s going to break you
- But if she’s in the mood
- Oh honey
- Get ready
- She doesn’t fuck around when she’s horny
- You wouldn’t trade her for the world

Les Mis Rare Pair Week, Day 6: Grantaire/Floreal, aka [Veronica Mars theme song starts playing]

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this au is dumb. like the whole thing plus the art on your friend's blog is a lot better they can color and do better lineart while yours just looks like shit you cant draw any of the boys right what are you even good for? i feel bad for your friend theyre being held back by you

((ok um wow this kind of hurt im just gnna yknow. yeah. anyway im gonna go a movie with my friend sorry))

so here’s the thing about fake ah crew and femininity:

geoff’s got two holes in his right ear, and usually he just keeps one or two small thin black hoops in if he’s wearing anything at all, but he’d be lying if he said he didn’t also really like elaborate dangly things and diamonds and garnets and generally just, wow, gemstones are pretty as fuck, put that shit in my ear.

(also one year for his birthday gavin gets him dick earrings as a joke but fuck if he doesn’t wear them for like two weeks straight, come hell or high water or meetings with big-name, dangerous kingpins, that’s right, those are dicks in my ear, wanna fight about it?)

but then there’s also the lipstick thing.

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Do you know what the world needs? Cheerleader Derek. Maybe he joined the varsity team because Cora (non-canon ages) is nervous about trying out for the grade school team and he's a good brother? And somewhere along the line, sterek.

Cora’s making the face again, that disappointed-angry-at-the-world face that Derek hates. “What’s wrong? Why are you home from practice so early?” 

Cora slumps on the table headfirst until only the bright red ribbons in her hair are visible and just groans. “I hate cheerleading.” 

Derek blinks. Cora loves the sport, and she was named captain this year, a major feat for a sophomore. “What? I thought this was your year to go to Nationals and stuff.”

“Well, yeah, but Jason and Ricky both joined the swim team instead and now we only have one thrower, Derek! All that choreography I worked on over the summer goes out the window if we don’t have any amazing jumps! Janelle can throw but I only have one and I need two otherwise everything is off balance and we’re not even going to qualify for Nationals and I’m a huge failure as cheer captain and I’m not going to get into college and everything–”

“I’ll do it,” Derek says. 


“I’ll join your team,” Derek says, more firmly. “It means a lot to you, and basketball season won’t start until the spring. I can do this for you.” 

Cora’s eyes light up. “Really?” 

“Of course.” How hard could it be, anyways?

Derek may have spoken too soon. The practices, he can handle, the uniforms, the constant chatter of the other cheerleaders, the ache in his shoulders after practice, Boyd and Erica’s gentle teasing about how tight his uniform is, it’s all manageable.

What he had completely not accounted for is Beacon Prep Academy’s running back, Stiles Stilinski.

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Happy birthday to Umi and I hope I’m not the only one doing umimaki out there for the occasion, haha. I’m pretty busy recently but I do encourage anyone would post some umimaki too for these birthday dates!

This will be two-part story, the next chapter will be released on … well, search at the last lines :’D

Part one is mostly inspired by Fuyu ga Kureta Yokan. Do enjoy this!

Pairing: UmiMaki
Setting(s): Semi-canon. Adulthood timeline.

03/15. ~2500 words.

If Maki remembered clearly, she was the one who took the initiative.

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what do you think felix and locus would say about each other if someone asked them like why they stick together or something you know?

Unlike with everything else, the answer to this question doesn’t come fast for Felix. He actually takes a moment to consider it.

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Never Have I Ever

The AH guys are playing a little game after work, who will win?

Who will get embarrassed? Who will reveal their secrets?

Who kissed an attractive man in fishnets? Who has an illegitimate child with a big nose? Who makes out while making pig noises?

Let’s find out!

AO3 Link: HERE

Word Count: 1,900+

Rating: Gen. swearing, kissing (NO SMUT)

Pairing: Michael x Gavin [Mavin]

A/N: Fluffy ending :)

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