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conradricamora: When your friends are doing great things, it’s okay to do silly things to bring attention to the cause (and embarrass your dog in the process - sorry Wilbur). Thanks @jessetyler & @justinmikita and everyone at @tietheknotorg for working towards equal rights for me and all LGBTQ people across the globe. Their ties are dope as hell too (This picture is my first attempt ever at tying a real bowtie!… I’ll get better). Support the cause (and look fly doing it) by visiting their website ( and purchasing a tie or 2 or 3. Here’s part of their mission statement:  

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Alright, guys. I’m sure you’ve been wondering about some of the things I talked about with Anderson. Well, I managed to get some much needed answers for some of the questions we’ve been wondering about and decided to make a list for you all. Here’s what I learned:

-There is no exact location for where the story takes place in America but “north east” was the generalized area.

-Wilbur canonically does NOT recognize Franny or Lucille during the science fair, but, admittedly, he should.

-Mark Hamill was at one point considered for the part of Grandpa Bud

-There is no canon answer for what Goob is drinking in the pegasus cup but we did agree that a chocolate milkshake sounded perfectly plausible.

-He was very happy to hear that you all love the carpet scene so much as he had personally storyboarded that bit but unfortunately the dinner scene went through quite a few changes and it simply didn’t work anymore. Sorry, guys.

-Wilbur’s personality had originally been very different and was deemed “boring” before they decided to change it to what we know today.

-There’s no canon answer for what happens to BHG after he walks away at the end of the movie. It’s all up to personal headcanon at that point.

-Joyce is very happy with the movie. Hooray!

-The rumor that MTR was originally suppose to be live action and directed by Peter Jackson is TRUE.

-The cut sequel “First Date” really was intending to be about Lewis/Franny.

-The motto “Keep Moving Forward” was originally “Always Keep Moving Forward” before it was shortened.

-”The Motion Waltz” was originally meant for another song montage similar to “Another Believer” but just didn’t work right for the scene.