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Do you know what I love? (and wish there was a manga or ep of) At some point Sakura would of told Sasuke about her adventures when he was away and at some point she would tell him about Road to Ninja and how he was such a playboy but also about Itachi saving and guarding her, and I think it would mean so much to hear about his brother like that, even tho his role probably embarrassed him hehehe I just think it would be such a cute moment.

You mean:

“A playboy?” he questioned, eyes shooting up high in a brief, rare display of absolute bewilderment.

Amused, Sakura smiled, and leaned her head in the palm of her hand. “Yep. A playboy!”

“You’re kidding.”

She merely smiled wider. “Oh, you wish I was,” she said, eyes crinkling.

At this, Sasuke said nothing, mouth only tightening with annoyance.

“Aw, what’s the matter, Sasuke-kun?” she teased, cocking her head. “Embarrassed by your alternate self?”

His lips pulled into a frown at that, gaze narrowing at her. “Why would I be embarrassed? He’s not real anyway.”

“Oh, he’s real all right,” Sakura replied, leaning back into her seat and twirling her chopsticks in her half-finished bowl of ramen. “I even have a rose to prove it.”

“A—” Sasuke’s mouth snapped shut, and his eyes narrowed once more. He was nothing short of glowering at her now. “A… rose,” he repeated slowly. “What do you mean a rose?”

She shrugged casually in reply, like she didn’t feel it necessary to explain herself further.

Sasuke wasn’t happy about that. “Sakura.”

“Sasuke-kun,” she countered comically.


She let herself laugh a bit. “All right, relax! You—the other you—gave me a rose, that’s all. Climbed up my balcony one morning like some ninja romeo, handing me a rose while you declared so charmingly that you’d always be by my side.”

The look that crossed his face in response nearly sent her bursting into giggles.

“Now I know you’re making this up,” he muttered, scowling. “And it’s not funny.”

“No, no, it’s all true, I swear!” she replied, trying her hardest not to grin. It was far too funny how worked up Sasuke was getting over this. “You can even ask Naruto—he was there!”

A snort left his mouth. “Like I’d believe the idiot,” he said, reaching to sip his tea.

Sakura shrugged. “Well, anyway. At least your brother was nice.”

Sucking in a breath so sharply he accidentally inhaled some tea, Sasuke promptly began to choke on himself. “W—hat!”

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Can you write a fluff? Where you've been texting Jungkook all summer and when you come back to school you guys hang out more. Eventually you guys like each other and since he couldn't confess you had to first.

Rated I for Innocent Kookie fluff, and INFIRES.

Originally posted by ofzico

There’s two things Jeon Jungkook hates more than anything - group projects and Park Jimin.

Well, at least with Park Jimin, it was more of a platonic love-hate, and most of the time, he actually really liked Jimin.

Jungkook sat cross legged on his bed, the crumpled number scribbled hurriedly at his feet.

Jungkook doesn’t have to text you. I mean, it’s only a project, right? He could just do it himself and put your name on it and everyone would be happy, most of all Jungkook’s grades. Yeah, there was no need to text the girl in high school he’s had a crush on for eternity for the group project they had been paired together for.

Screw you, universe.

A cold fear of the end of semester deadline eventually has Jungkook reluctantly punching in your number, agonizing for 20 minutes on how not to sound like a dork who cared way too much about final grades to someone like you.

Jungkook : Hi.

Her : Who is this?

Jungkook squeals a little, and it’s partly because he wasn’t expecting you to text back, but mostly out of embarrassment. Did he mention that Jungkook hated group projects?

Jungkook : Your distant uncle that stalks your Facebook every night, dreaming of the day you both will be reunited.

She takes a while with that one.

Her : Joke’s on him, he’ll be looking at 3 year old content.

Despite his nervousness, Jungkook snorts.

Jungkook : You know that group project they paired everyone for in History before school went out for the summer?

Her : Oh, you’re Kookie? I was just thinking of calling.

About the project I mean.

There’s only two weeks left of summer.

Jungkook barely reads anything beyond the first line, because she knows my name, oh my god, she knows my name.

It was time to sound cool, normal, like he expected you to know who he was, like he was ready to discuss business.

Jungkook : So about that distant uncle.

Jeon Jungkook hates 3 things more than anything he decides, the newest addition being Jungkook himself.


There’s work to be done, and very little time left to do it. After all, that project was 30% of their final grade.

So of course, Jungkook spends the last two weeks of summer texting you every second of the day, and you both settle into the routine of good morning texts, some deep talking, but mostly random (and very lowkey) flirting back and forth, and Jungkook is sure as hell he wouldn’t have the nerve to say any of that if it weren’t for his phone.

So summer ends, and Jungkook feels the cold fear of the deadline again as he steps into school for the first time after summer break.

The fear may also have something to do with seeing the girl he liked (a hell of a lot, actually) and texted (also a hell of a lot, actually) after the longest time, because of course, Jungkook had been too shy to actually ask her over at his place over the vacation.

Screw you, universe.

“Hey, you,” Jungkook hears as soon as he enters History class that day. He turns to find you standing behind him, a soft smile on your lips.

Did she get cuter over the vacation?

“So, that project’s due in 4 days,” Jungkook hears you say, and he has to snap out of staring at you, and start concentrating.

Ask her to come over, you idiot. Say something.

“My place?” She says, and Jungkook nods gratefully.

He lost his voice somewhere between looking at your eyes and then at your lips.


Pulling all nighters with someone you have a crush on is a weird feeling. Half of Jungkook’s energy was spent in trying not to stare at or kiss you, the other half trying to frantically make up for 3 weeks of project content in 4 days.

It’s 2 AM the day before the submission date, and Jungkook could jump for joy. They’re finally done.

“What do you think-”

You have fallen asleep on the table and Jungkook can’t stop his hand from brushing out the stray strands of hair from your eyes. He allows himself a small smile despite his beating heart. He finally drapes a blanket over your shoulders, getting up to leave.

“Jungkook,” you mumble, and his heart jumps and skitters to a stop, but she’s still asleep, incoherent.

Is she dreaming about me?

Jungkook decides to go home at last before sending one last text.

Jungkook : Project’s done!

We should celebrate.

With a movie on Friday maybe?

You look cute when you sleep, btw.

Jungkook knows that he won’t be this brave when he wakes up tomorrow, so he revels in it while he can.

He decides group projects aren’t so bad after all.


A/N : sorry I changed the ending, but I like it better this way.

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