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I’ve taken some time to think over and process recent criticisms that people have made of me. Thank you to everyone for being patient while I took this time to reflect–I think that a brief review of my behaviour in the past has shown that I often respond poorly and clumsily in the heat of the moment, and these conversations benefit when I give them the thought and effort they deserve.

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RSS15- Rec List

With everything going on, I’ve been a bit behind on Author Appreciation week which is sad since we have so many wonderful writers in this fandom to celebrate. 

However, since it’s the first Wednesday after RSS, I want to share some of my favorite stories from RSS. I want to preface this by saying these are just the stories. There was many an amazing comic, gif set, and art work done by wonderful artists but these are not included in here as this is a fan fic appreciation post. Also, as I have never seen any of Bobby’s various other works, I did not read Anyelle stories. I am hoping someone who else can rec some of those wonderful stories. 

Lastly, there was over 150 fics this year of various lengths, plots and styles. Every author who created one of these fics should be incredibly proud of themselves, just because it is not on my particular list is insignificant. I assure you your giftee loved it, and I enjoyed reading it as well. These below are ones that stuck with me, ones I had to go back and reread or couldn’t stop thinking about or surprised me into laughing, crying or going “WHAT”. Thanks to @rumbellesecretsanta for putting together a wonderful cohesive and complete masterlist that made my staying up until 3 am every night this week possible and for running a great RSS15 this year. 

Without further delay, here are my fic recs for RSS2015 in alphabetical order. 

@0ceanofdarkness…..Shore Leave– An absolute charming romp in space with an entire crew of characters perfectly characterized as a crew on leave on a strange planet. If you love space fics which sound and feel like they could be real, and ensemble pieces with various OuaT characters- I highly recommend this fic. Story contains Swanfire references as well. 

@ashadeofpemberley…..The Christmas Party- I don’t have the proper words to address how much I absolutely adore this one. The wit flows fast and sharp, but in an endearing quirky way. With a deliciously hilarious heavy handed role played by Jefferson, the staff of the high school make sure our two idiots get together- prompting some wickedly funny lines between the both of them. I particularly lost my head at the AiW references and Belle’s dry commentary on her fellow teacher Gary Aston. Loved it, and I am now hoping for a lot more from Pemberley in the future. 

@beauty-in-gold…..The Monster– If you enjoy dark tales, with twists and monsters hiding in the shadows, where good and truth can gleam bright until the darkness falls- this is a well written one shot about one man’s descent into madness. Warnings: this is for the brave of heart and strong of stomach. 

@blessedlunatic…..Midnight at the Local Drugstore- This two parter starts out as a humorous look at our favorite couple’s lives from the seven dwarves who are dealing with the current season of OuaT as well as we are. The second chapter– well the second lets us look at our favorite couple’s private time together. Funny, Sweet and then surprisingly angsty in the best possible way.

@breaktimewritings…..What You Can’t Say on Christmas- If you enjoy a bit of family Rumbelle with Bae helping things along just by being Bae, you should check out this sweet story where a little trip to Glasgow opens some eyes and hearts.

@bytherose…..As the Seasons Change- a very cute insight to Dark Castle rumbelle over the four seasons, brief and well written with an adorable ending. I particularly enjoyed the swim break.

@charlotteashmore13…..The Queen, The Spy & The Dark One– If you are looking for a long one shot, perfectly paced, with characterization straight out of the original Skin Deep, you need not look any further. Charlotte as always delivers an amazing story and a whole quarter of it is smut that somehow borders master/servant and revealing their souls to each other rumbelle. Her writing is fantastic, keeping the tension alive in her stories as well as keeping the reader engaged and amused.

@crankynerdgirl…..The 40 Hour Week- This fic crosses of all the holiday, rom com tropes and yet feels like a real life story in every sense. Belle is real here, from the moment we meet her despairing that she’s in flats to Gold’s initial suave charm descending into irritation and then infatuation. I couldn’t get enough of them and when I had finished the story, I sat back and then went back and reread some of my favorite bits. Neal here is as real a fourteen year old boy as most I know and the brief mentions of Ashley Boyd seem in character for someone we never even meet. Cranky is an absolute master with this story and it’s realistic and heart warming all at once. A must read.

@earthoranyrealm…..A Different Kind of Magic- A lovely fluffy journey that introduces a new side of our lovely Gold, one who used to be a famous magician and uses his old tricks to win over his most important audience, a certain librarian. Bonus points for a rabbit named Chip. 

@endangeredslug…..The Heist- Slug is at the top of her game with this Austen inspired story. Belle is the ‘odd’ duck, Gaston is insufferable, Maurice is the affable but still frustrating absent minded father and Gold is at turns mysterious, confounding and flirtatious. With more Austen tropes then you can shake a stick at and beautiful BatB references, Sluggy makes the Heist sing an old song to a new tune. Plus, any time Belle decides to play thief is fine by me.

@jackingbackpeeta …..Warm to the Bones- Lovely style that shows what happens when a little apple cider is hiding a whole lot more. JBP does a wonderful job in establishing Belle’s inner decisions before she dives headfirst into some seriously hot smut. Recommended for those one shot smut cravings, especially if you enjoy rumbelle a la Dark Castle.

@janiquebeingcreative…..Stay- Janique writes a story about Spinner!Rum and Wet!Nurse Belle- (which full disclosure is typically one of my least favorite story lines but hell, Janique delivers.) The story is masterfully crafted with Rum dealing with physical, mental, and social issues that seem as real as any people today could face. Belle is a light in the darkness, as a single mother who reaches out to help a child in need. I couldn’t stop reading and I found the pacing, plot and characterization a special treat. Highly recommend.

@junoinferno…..Workplace Appropriate- This little fic straddles the fine line between crack fic with it’s meta ABC/OUAT parallels and very hot smut. Personally, I loved the humor and the cursing, segueing into some hot teasing that leaves Belle to take charge of the situation. I recommend taking a look as Juno’s work always delivers and this one doesn’t fail to satisfy.

@kayteaem-fic …..Porcelain Boys and Girls- This little fairy tale is spell binding. The author creates Rum’s two aunts that are very different from canon but it works due to the strong characterization, dialogue and plot. Rum is a small boy who finds escape in a strange mysterious albeit beautiful way. It’s a lovely little story and I recommend it for those who love the original fairy tales.

@nerdrumple…..Cruel- A very intersting vampire-esque tale. I found the writing style engaging and fast paced. Thoroughly enjoyable smut fic for those who enjoy a little monsters in their mash.

@onceupona–ohyouknowtherest–ohyouknowtherest…..Above the Clouds- I stayed up to read this one because not only was it well written, engaging and funny- it made me care about characters. With her natural dialogue and more references to ENG and R2ED thrown in on this adventure in South America, I was hooked. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this fluffy adventure - especially Gold who i absolutely fell in love with when all he was doing was being sick in bushes. Go read it. Just go. It’s fantastic.

@prissyhalliwell…..An Accidental Dragon– In this delightful humorous and delightful romp through the dark castle, we learn of a story we haven’t heard heard before. Namely how when Rumple tries to protect his little maid, he ends up making matters worse. Prissy’s warm story-telling narrative is as strong as ever in this sweet ficlet, and her way to show what characters are thinking even when they can’t speak is endearing. Highly recommended little story for those who love Dark Castle tales. Also, there’s art by @beaverblitzkrieg

@spottytonguedog…..The Spell Caster- Spotty can always weave a Dark Castle tale but this time where Belle has magical powers and even better, a chance to do what no other of Rum’s apprentices ever had the guts to do- perform a spell that needs mutual orgasms. And oh look, weird, there’s just you and me in this dark castle… No, all kidding aside, Spotty delves deep into two people’s quest to find themselves when confronted with desire and new knowledge about themselves that comes to light through their odd dynamics. If Dark Castle Magical Smut is your thing, read this. If well written fic is your thing, read this. If Rumbelle is your thing, read this.

@standbyyourmantis…..The One Night Stand- If you enjoy smut with story, especially real life my family is kind of crazy and I’m sorry but you have to do this with me, kind of stories- you should check out Mantis’s mini novella. It’s a romping good time with shower sex, tent sex, drunk sex- the possibilities are endless. This fun romcom is fun from the get go for both of them and for the reader. And oh look, there’s art also by the wonderful @beaverblitzkreig

@stripeysocksarecool…..A Small Problem- This is an adorable little fic, sweet and simple but I have to say I couldn’t help giggling at the Jefferson storyline. Take a second to go read this adorable little fluff nugget.

@theladyofthedarkcastle…..A Certain Kind of Hell- HEY DO YOU LIKE PUBLIC SEX? Well you do know. Go check out this little Golden Lace romp where Lacey is fun as ever and Gold is happy to oblige.

@theplasticview- The Heart of Avonlea- Oh weird, did I write something too? Mostly included to show off @ beaverblitzkrieg’s fanart of this which is adorable and perfect. 

@thescholarlystrumpet…..In the Shop- Oh yea look another PWP with roleplaying in Storybrooke. As always Strumpet’s smut is hot, spicy and perfectly in character- especially role playing with the help. Don’t miss this hot tamale.

@thestraggletag - A Cursed Affair- Straggle delivers once again with a dark angsty painfully beautiful story as The Dark One tells how he came to be so enchanted by the Spinner’s latest deal. Belle here is a revelation, brave and bold and seeking out danger despite herself. The Dark One becomes a real villian, the best kind, the kind you can’t help but want despite knowing the danger. If you read one fic on this list, read this one.

@toseehowthestoryends…..Hello From the Other Side- I’ll be honest and admit I haven’t watched OuaT in a full season and just keep up with the show on Tumblr but this tale is artfully done in a segmented lovely way, using the song (you know the one it’s on every station) to tie together canon story lines but then with one step forward, the author resolves them and brings a fulfilling and concise next step in the rumbelle story. A great read for those who like canon fix it fics, or just wonderful writing.

@villainsarebetter…..Sharing Trouble- Villain has crafted a sweet high school teacher story between newcomer Belle and old veteran Gold. Recommended for anyone who loves watching those two figure it out in libraries. (Of which I adored in this fic- it seemed like the perfect high school library and I feel gipped by my old one in comparison.)

@winterswanderlust…..Creature– If you like FemDom Belle and a bit wild beast Rum, this little PWP is an excellent one to fulfill your needs. New take on their fairy tale personas which is fresh and still true to them.

@worryinglyinnocent…..Yes, Mistress– If Dark!Belle and FemDom!Belle strike your fancy, you can’t go wrong with Worringly’s beautiful smutty little fairy tale. Between the wickedly hot sex scenes and the tenderly sweet insights of Belle’s mind, this story hums with beauty and mystery. A must for Spinner!Rum fans.