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why don't you draw ships that you don't ship?

Why don’t people who don’t like ice cream eat ice cream? Why don’t people who don’t like snakes have a snake as a pet? Why don’t people who don’t like latex trousers wear latex trousers? Why don’t people who don’t like westerns watch westerns? Because it doesn’t bring them joy and satisfaction, they don’t want to force themselves to do something only for someone else’s pleasure, wasting their free time for things they don’t feel happy doing. Sometimes you have to do something you don’t like because you have no choice, it’s normal, but I have a choice and I don’t want to draw ships I have absolutely no heart for. So I choose not to draw them. Isn’t it like… obvious?


Due to some less than polite anons lately I would like to public announce that…
Yes… I love BTS
Yes… I love Red Velvet
Yes… I love EXO
Yes… I love Monsta X
Yes… I love B.A.P (yongguk tho👌)
Yes… I love Got7
Yes… I love Blackpink
Yes… I love so many other bands and that doesn’t change how much I love BTS. But obviously based on my blog title im a bts themed blog, however That does not mean I’m not allowed to post about other bands or anything else I want as well. “why?” You might ask… because it’s MY blog… so no I won’t stop reblogging pictures of sehun or minhyuk… because this is MY blog… if you don’t like it that’s fine, you don’t have to. I’m not forcing you to like my blog or even like anything I post but that’s not going to stop me from posting/reblogging what I like… we are all allowed to have are favorite bands and members (I have my own and post about them all the time😊) but that doesn’t mean everyone else is less than them.I really don’t appreciate the negativity I’ve received as of late in my inbox. I don’t mind if you come and say that you like EXO more than BTS or vice versa. But I will not tolerate putting other people down to express how much “better” someone else is so from now on I will be deleting all asks(anon or not) regarding things like “BTS is better than monsta x by far!” ” why do you like youngjae??? Taehyung is soooo much cuter!” Or anything that states that one person is lesser than another. Thank you.

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Hiiii im confused about the nuest thing at the moment could you pretty please explain it? Thank you have a nice day xx

Sorry if I’m a bit too late to respond to this ask. I’ll try to summarize as quickly as I can. You also have a great day!

Basically, MNET has been gathering male TRAINEES from various kpop agencies for second season of Produce 101. Many companies have turned down the offer for valid reasons.

However, few days ago Pledis surprised everyone by announcing that they will be sending off their own male “trainees” to the second installment of the show. Because there are no known active male trainees within the company, people started to speculate they might be sending members of their first ever boygroup, NU’EST onto PD101, despite them not actually being trainees. Which, to much surprise, actually turned out to be true.

NU’EST is a band that debuted in 2012, and due lackluster management done by their company, they haven’t been able to gain much public recognition in nearly five years, and is possibly the only high production value group out of all groups which debuted in 2012, that still hasn’t won with any hit songs.

Many NU’EST fans are angered or confused, because their label, Pledis has been so obnoxious and incompetent all this time, that they actually have to resort to this. We find it humiliating to have NU’EST labeled as “trainees” or “rookies” after five years of hard work. Even more so, right after their company had already teased the fans, that the next NU’EST comeback is already in works. Meaning it has been shelved in favor of PD101.

Bitterness aside, this might be a big chance for NU’EST to finally get the exposure they deserve. And also, In the statement by Pledis, it appears that the decision was extremely hard for NU’EST as well, but yet the choose to take the risk themselves, and do it regardless. Right now, we have to support and encourage them the best we can.
We wholeheartedly hope to see NU’EST in the finals! Please Continue and give endless love to NU’EST!!

Want (Snowbaz)

{takes place over Christmas at Baz’s, after the kiss and before the humdrum appears; probably not canon compliant}

I wake up with the bed empty next to me. I’d given up sleeping on the couch after Baz and I well, kissed. I haven’t really let myself think about it, but I know I want to keep doing this, whatever this is. I roll over, pushing the sheets off my legs and look around.

The fire in the hearth is just embers, glowing softly. Heavy red curtains block the light that threatens to shine through the windows. I stretch and push myself up, yawning as I try to wake myself up.

“Baz?” I call softly.

There’s no answer so I get up and pad barefoot down the stairs. The house is silent, a quiet morning fog. I pause at the bottom of the stairs and listen again.

“Baz?” I say, a little louder.

I hear distant sounds, someone moving around, and follow the noises to the kitchen. Baz is there, his hair tied up in a messy knot. I pause in the doorway, leaning against the frame to watch him. Baz looks focused as he watches a pan on the stove, his eyebrows furrowed. My stomach growls at the smell of food frying and he turns.

“Simon,” he says. “Of course you wake up for food.”

I roll my eyes, unsure of what I can and can’t do around him. Unsure of what I want to do.

He scrapes eggs and bacon from the pan onto a plate and hands it to me. I stare at it a moment and walk to the counter, sliding onto a stool. Baz joins me on the other side and just watches as I eat. I clear my throat.

“You know you can eat around me right? I know you’re a vampire.”

“Right.” A small smile curves on his lips. I slide the plate closer to him and watch as he picks up a piece of bacon and puts it into his mouth.

“So do you have to drink blood like every day?” I ask, unable to stop myself. He rolls his eyes but the smile still on his face tells me he’s not really annoyed.

“I’m most comfortable if I feed every day, but I can last about a week if I need to,” he explains.

“Well you can feed if you want,” I say, “I don’t mind.”

His smile grows and he looks down. I love making him smile. So much more than antagonizing him.

“Maybe later,” he replies, “We have things to do.”

I tilt my head. “What things?”

“Christmas shopping,” he says. At my obvious look of surprise he huffs a laugh.

“What do you think i do all day? Sit up in my room plotting?”

I shrug and blush, turning back to the eggs on my plate. Baz grabs another piece of bacon and pushes himself off the counter.

“I need to get presents for my siblings, so I figured you could just tag along. Unless you want to stay here all day by yourself.”

I shudder and stand up. “Let’s go Christmas shopping.”

Baz drives us into town and parks near a small street of shops. The area is crowded with people doing last minute shopping, bustling and loud. I’m content to just pull my jacket tight around me and follow Baz. I’ve never seen this side of him: carefully choosing gifts for his family, focused on his task. While he looks, I browse the shops, just looking around. I find an interesting book to give to Penny and a Dr. Who mug for Agatha. Baz comes to find me, a bag in hand and motions to the door so I follow him out. It’s gotten even more crowded as the day gets later and I start to lose him among the throng of people. Panicked about being left behind I grab for his arm. My hand slides down past his elbow and I end up grabbing his hand instead. As soon as I realize, I let go, but I’ve gotten Baz’s attention so he stops and lets me catch up.

He looks at me for a moment, an odd glint in his eyes before he seems to make a decision. He holds out his hand to me and I stare at his long, pale fingers before sliding my hand into his, a blush blooming on my face as I try not to smile. Baz grips my hand hard, keeping me with him as we walk down the street. We stop at a bakery and get some pastries and coffee for lunch (though I eat most of it), talking and laughing the whole time. I really like this new side of Baz. He’s witty and sarcastic but his eyes shine and his small smile makes fire blossom in my stomach.

When we leave the cafe he offers his hand again and I hold it without any hesitation. We get to the car and he unlocks it, sliding into the driver’s side. I open my door and get in, watching him as he moves his bags to the backseat.

“I want this.” I say, my thoughts escaping my mouth.

He pauses and looks at me. His face unreadable as he stares into my eyes.

“I want this, Baz.” I say, gesturing between us.

He stares a moment longer before closing the gap between us, his lips meeting mine. This kiss is different than the fire and heat of last night. It’s gentle and hesitant and sweet. My hand comes up to his cheek and I kiss him back.

He pulls away slowly, face flushed slightly, and starts the car. As we pull out of the lot, he holds his hand out to me, glancing at me with a smile. I smile back, threading my fingers through his. We hold hands all the way home.

every time someone reblogs the “was i abused list” and bolds a lot of things I get horrified at how cruel some people can be and how awfully some children have to live and i completely forget i literally made that list off of things done to me personally :’)

“What a beautiful sight! I’ve met with so many friends, both new and old..! I’m so glad to have been able to attend this event.”


tiger lily from @dailymawile

yellow flower from @cutieflydaily

impala lily from @dailymrmime

hydrangea from @dailypurugly

4 o’ clock flower from @nightly-noivern

bleeding hearts from @almost-daily-pidove

red and white carnation from @ask-lycanrocker

blue daisy from @probablyeverydayshinx

red and blue morning glories from @dailyplusleminun

forget-me-not from @daily-omanyte

desert flower from @ask-shinydelcatty

hydrangea from @dailydewgonggonggong

blue flower from @sometimespuppypokemon

snow blossom from @weeklyvulpix

gourdon flowers from @rioludaily

marigold from @dailyhoppip

fern from @maybe-eevee


Cleo is holding a packet of what appears to be various flower seeds.

Headcanon #287

After he watched an episode of Phineas and Ferb one time, Okabe refuses to trust people’s pets, much to Kurisu’s annoyance.

“No, I am not petting that dog. Did you see that platypus? Clearly, it was working for the organization.”

“For the last time, Okabe, it’s a cartoon!”

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Wait but why do u hate the green Bros? I'm genuinely curious??

just kind of explained it lmao but beyond my issues with their politics and their opinions,, theres grown ass men who can do goofy stuff and fuck around and be witty and do improv really easily and bounce stuff off each other and the greens are just…not that. the mcelroys can do that kind of awkward weird off-beat humor and it works for them but when the greens do it its flat and boring and just…unfunny? ive never seen a single crash course or vlog from a green that i enjoyed, ever, and let me tell you ive seen a lot bc ive had teachers who LOVE to just turn on a video instead of teaching

plus the revulsion might be partially fueled by how strong and weird their presence was on tumblr frm way back when i first joined & had zero interest in them whatsoever lmao..they were kinda forced down everyones throats and my rage is a little bit stemming frm that

andifiquitnow replied to your photoi feel in my heart that this black top is…

black diamond shirt?

buckle up, pal, and let’s look at some pics. in a previous life, i only blogged about michelle fairley (she is still basically my raison d’etre but doesn’t act in shows that i want to watch with any fiber of my being and barely does any press). anyway. she only owns like four shirts. and the black diamond shirt is her most befuddling.

perfect awards show wear OBVIOUSLY

pair it with a blazer, sure!

oh good you’re gonna rock it with a blazer outdoors too

um someone gave you a blowtorch and this shirt is perfect for cooking in too

ANYWAY. the black diamond shirt. good for every occasion

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You want Shallura angst? How about the fact that, based on some of the things Coran has said, the average Altean lifespan is at least several centuries? (why am I doing this to myself)

Okay so there’s two ways I can go with this:

1. Don’t, whatever you do, imagine an elderly Shiro sitting outside watching over his Altean grandchildren playing in the grass. His own kids still look so young. Allura still looks so young. She sits beside him and holds his hand.

“Do you have any regrets?” she asks.

“No,” he tells her. But he’s lying. His heart broke years ago. He should never have tried to build a life with her. It pains him, every day, to see her still so youthful, with so much life ahead of her. But it’s too late to do anything about it now.

“What about you?” he asks. “Any regrets.”

“None whatsoever.” She smiles, but she’s lying too. All the children look like Shiro. When he’s gone, she’ll see his face around her every day, for centuries. It would have been easier on everyone to end it before it began; to pull back and protect herself. But she was in love and not thinking straight. She thought their love would break the bonds of time. She was wrong.

2. Shiro is probably Altean too if you think about it, and also probably a druid (I HAVE THEORIES ASK ME ABOUT MY THEORIES) so he’ll probably live as long as she does, especially if he learns to control magic.