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Hey guys I apparently only post on here to put pictures of space paintings that I paint for anniversaries presents for my bf :) really pumped to give it to him bc he’s given me the whole universe ❤️

hey so I was just thinking about this because all of the friends that I’m out to are heading to our local Pride tomorrow and due to family beliefs, I’m not allowed to go. A lot of them are cishet and going purely to support their friends, like me. so if this pride month you can’t celebrate openly for any reason, know that my friends are out there for you, and they promised me to bring you all along in spirit.

Jeff Buckley, footage from an interview ca. late 1994.

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Hello!! I just wanted to say that I've been following you for a pretty long time now (I think over a year and a half) and your art has grown and improved so much and it's very inspiring! I was wondering how you draw bodies so they don't just look like noodles with decent heads (because that is all my art is right now, noodles with human heads)

2014 vs 2016

hello!! i think this is a problem many of us face actually, and it’s really about expanding your mind to me? we have to just really detach ourselves from our drawings to look at it from a third party’s perspective. 

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Nissy ♥ Sorry, I… Still Love You (Eighth Wonder Version)

Thank you @SookieBunnie for the videos (*–)人