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Vivi here! /” Momo drew the Alphys ofc <3 FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. Please read before sending an ask. Your answer may be right below! (i also included some questions that i thought may be possibly asked in the future. this may be updated as more asks come in)

(Q) What is FaithTale about?
Faithtale is a Frans comic. Sans gets accepted to become one of Gaster’s many student scientists who will help Gaster find something important that they are looking for. Frisk is a strange human girl amongst others humans who were taken to Gaster’s lab to be used for human experiments.

(Q) What is Frans?
(A) It’s what the SansXFrisk ship is called. Meaning a romantic relationship between Sans and Frisk. Even if you aren’t crazy about the ship, i still think you will enjoy the story maybe.

(Q) Is this blog NSFW?
(A) Ok kiddos, here’s the deal! There will be a few suggestive themes here and there, violence, and strong language, but no nudity with nipples or genitalia showing or anything to really have this blog labeled as NSFW. (It might have some kissing and hugs and touch, but thats it)

(Q) Why is Frisk in the tank?
(A) She was brought to the tank to be used as an experiment. You’ll find out more about her history later.

(Q) OMG can Frisk breathe in water!? Can she leave the water?
(A) Yes, she can breathe in the water. She however cannot breathe outside of water. Whaaat!? How, why? Sorry, we can’t answer that right now. You will find out though.

(Q) Can I translate your comic?
(A) Oh my, please do! We would be honored. Just provide the proper credit. Also please let us know! We would love to check it out. Check below to see how to provide proper credit.

(Q) How to provide proper credit?
(A) “Credit to artist” is never proper credit.
Here’s an example of how to credit us:
FaithTale AU belongs to @momoishy​ and @smollvivi​ on tumblr.
Undertale belongs to TobyFox.

(Q) Can I dub your comic?
(A) Same answer as the “Can I translate your comic?”

(Q) Can I write a fanfiction for FaithTale? Or a FaithTale inspired fanfic?
(A) Same answer as the “Can I translate your comic?”

(Q) Where can i submit FaithTale fanart?
(A) We don’t have submissions enabled. But feel free to post your fanart on your blog and tag it with #faithtale. We search the tag often but sometimes we miss a few posts.. if this happens please don’t feel ashamed to tell us through an ask. We certainly don’t want to miss it! We will reblog your lovely artistic masterpieces here unless you tell us you’re not comfortable with it.

(Q) When is the next chapter going to release?
(A) We don’t really have an answer for that  because we don’t actually have a schedule for it and it looks like it’s going to be a lot of pages (like 50+ maybe). We could release a few at a time like other artists but we’re not going to. There’s nothing wrong with releasing a few at a time, we just don’t want to. We’ll try to keep you guys updated at least! Sorry for the wait! We hope you are patient and still here when we release each comic update. Thank you very much for your support and feedback!

(Q) Where can i find the FaithTale comic?
(A) Search “ftcomic” on our blog. This also works for mobile.

Each year, for her

Title: Each year, for her

Author: @spn-imagines-nation ; Eirin

Pairing & characters: JohnxReader, Sam and Dean (mentioned)

Word Count: 4,125

Warnings: Angst, some fluff, metions of war, mention of death, bittersweet end

A/N: It’s my first try with this kind of story, hope you’ll like it, I really wanted to write this. I don’t see many JohnxReader and I wanted to give it a shot like this. This oneshot is inspired by this Imagine → 🖋 ! And it was requested by Anonymous, thanks for that btw !
Can you write a John x reader please ?
I want to specify that I’m not an expert with all the Marines stuff, so sorry if it’s not exact ! Also, it was kinda difficult to deal with the dates, so I don’t put any and please don’t pay attention to this while reading ! 

Summary: We all know that John loved Mary deeply, even after her tragic death. But even when his life was perfect, he went off once a year, he escaped this life to remember her. This woman was his first real love, she was his everything. So each year, he goes to see her. Memories are strong. And they can change anyone.

Feedback is always appreciated! ❤ English isn’t our first language, sorry for that!

NEW ! Tag list at the end ! ;) [Send us an ask if you wanna be add to the list !]

This year was harder than the last. John knew that. Dean is just a 20 years old young man and he is already as good as his father with the hunt, even if John don’t let him hunt by himself yet. But Sam is 16, and the father-son relationship his pretty frail if we add a teenager and a hunting life. John knew that wasn’t the best moment to leave them, but he couldn’t miss his appointment. He took his bag and let a message for Dean. With the Impala, he drove to the town of Appleton, Wisconsin.

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The Captain and The Recruit - Part 6.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x Reader.
Warnings: Language, Angry Steve, Angst?, Hint of Polygamy Relationship.
Word Count: 1.1k.

A/N: Last part, guys. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing this series, so much in fact that I’m thinking of continuing it into a new series but idk.
Previous Parts.


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Shouting to Steve through the communication device because you’re pregnant, again, after giving birth of four healthy, strong little super soldiers  

You: We had talk about this Rogers! This is the fifth time, fifth! 

Steve: You know I uses protection every time! 

Clint: Guys they’re really doing this–

You: The condom DIDN’T WORK! For fuck’s sake, *Paul: Oh hey! That’s a nice pun.* *Tony: LANGUAGE!* I’d even ate the pills! What the hell is in the serum?! 

Bruce: Cap, you know we can hear it right–

Peter: Mrs. Rogers please clam down. Pregnant woman should not be too aggressive–

You: Steve Rogers you should better say something.  

Steve: I’m sorry, I’m sorry, dear. But can you just let me enjoy a second of the joy of going to be a dad? *Tony: I don’t understand how can a person be exciting after already be a dad for four times.* *Bruce: Think about your suits, Tony.* *Tony: Oh!*  We should tell kids they’re having a new brother or sister! 

You: You’re a jerk Steve. *Bucky laugh in the background* I’m going to tell them, and I decide the name and who be the godparents. You should better prepare to change the diapers and keep your eyes open 24h for the next 2 years.

Natasha: Congratulations then.

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Obi-Wan is dragged to Anakin's age soon after the events of tPM



“I… don’t understand,” ten year old Anakin Skywalker said, staring blankly at Master Windu.  “Why is Obi-Wan my age?”

“I’m right here, Padawan,” Obi-Wan said.  “And I might look ten, but I’m still a Knight, and I can answer questions.”

“Sorry,” Anakin said, looking down briefly.  “Why, then, Master?”

Obi-Wan reached out and ruffled Anakin’s hair.  It was odd to be almost exactly the same height, but he managed.  “It’s forgiven,” he said.  “And we’re not sure.”

“But the… device…” Windu paused and blew out a breath.

“We’re both used to strong language, Master Windu, go ahead and describe it as you wish,” Obi-Wan offered.  “Despite appearances, we aren’t Initiates with no idea of the outside world.”

Windu slumped.  “Fine,” he said.  “The Sith-Damned, karking device you found on your mission is the most likely culprit.”

Anakin nodded.  “That’s why I can’t see it?”

“Yes,” Obi-Wan said.  “If it did… this… to me, what would it do to you?”

Anakin made a face.  He didn’t want to suddenly be a baby.  But… “What’s going to happen?” he asked.  Obi-Wan was (well, looked like) a little kid.  They couldn’t let him keep training Anakin, right?

Obi-Wan shrugged.  “We’re going to go to the healers, then probably our quarters.  You have class tomorrow.  And I’ll probably be spending a lot of time with both the healers and the Jedi who study the more arcane uses of the Force.”

“But…” Anakin wasn’t sure why he was arguing.  Obi-Wan was the only Jedi who actually cared for him.

Obi-Wan smiled and ignored Windu to lean forward.  “You are my Padawan, Anakin,” he said.  “I will not let this change that.  No matter what.”

Anakin smiled shakily.  He hoped Obi-Wan was right.


Obi-Wan resisted the urge to curse.  It’d been a year, and the best minds of the Jedi Order had only just decided that there was nothing that could be done for him.  He was going to have to grow up again the long way.

Most of the Masters he’d been working with had been sympathetic and were helping both Obi-Wan and Anakin.  Anakin had done his best to not be a problem for the year- and had done so well, Obi-Wan was very proud of him.  His friends, aside from some harmless teasing, were lifesavers.

Other Jedi were not so kind, and there were at least five Masters who had petitioned to take Anakin as a Padawan, and Obi-Wan was aware of at least one who had argued that Obi-Wan was tainted now, and so was his Padawan, and they needed to be locked up.

It was time Obi-Wan made sure he and Anakin were safe.

Anakin frowned.  “What is it, Obi-Wan?” he asked.  They’d mutually decided that it was just weird to look the same age and call each other Master and Padawan, even if that was what they were.

“I told you about Master Dooku, right, Anakin?”

Anakin nodded.  “And how he left, but he did contact you a few months ago, yes.”

Obi-Wan squared his shoulders.  “Pack anything you’ll miss,” he said.  “We have to go, today, before the Council decides on the petitions.”

Anakin nodded and didn’t quite run into his room.  This past year, at Anakin’s age, he’d learned a lot about his Padawan, and how he thought.  With the appearance of equality, Anakin had opened up to Obi-Wan in ways he hadn’t dared to in the year before.  Anakin had fully expected that he’d lose Obi-Wan, and it terrified him, mostly because he thought the rest of the Jedi would have just dumped him back on Tatooine, and back into slavery, without Obi-Wan.

They wouldn’t, but it would take more time than they now had for Anakin to learn that.

They had to leave.  Yoda and Master Windu notwithstanding, the Council was seriously considering separating them, mostly because Obi-Wan couldn’t go on missions like this, and some of them thought Anakin needed to begin going on missions.  There was nothing malicious about it, but Anakin wouldn’t believe that. 

At least this last year had taught Obi-Wan more than he’d thought possible about Anakin.  He was grateful for that, at least.

Obi-Wan entered his own room and packed the few things he wanted to take with him.  It wasn’t much, but hopefully his grandmaster would understand once they reached him.

Obi-Wan took a long look around his room, then left. Anakin waited for him in the common area.  “Ready, Anakin?” Obi-Wan asked.

Anakin nodded.  At eleven, he was slightly shorter than Obi-Wan was.  Obi-Wan had a feeling that would change in a few years.

“Let’s go,” Obi-Wan said.

Keeping to the disused parts of the Temple as much as possible, they left the Jedi Order behind.  Now to get to Serenno.


Yan Dooku, Count of Serenno, stared down at the two boys his security squad had brought him.  They had gotten surprisingly close- or perhaps not so surprisingly.  He recognized the slightly taller one, after all. “Well.  I hadn’t actually seen pictures, but my sources were telling the truth about what happened to you, young Obi-Wan.”

The boy grimaced.  “I’m not as young as I look,” he said.

Dooku flattened out his grin.  “And you must be Anakin Skywalker,” he said. 

That boy gave him a flat stare that seemed to say “no kidding.”

Again, he flattened his grin.  “I’m surprised you’re here, though,” he said after he dismissed his guards.

Obi-Wan sighed.  “The Council was about to separate us,” he said.  “They didn’t understand, that would be a disaster. And I wasn’t about to let it happen.”

“Any other Jedi would have just dumped me back on Tatooine,” Anakin said flatly.  He truly believed that, and while Dooku knew it wouldn’t have been true, he didn’t think the boy would believe that.

Obi-Wan sighed.  “We need your help,” he said.

Dooku smiled.  “I’m glad you came to me,” he said.  Already, he was starting to plan.  These boys were, after all, Qui-Gon’s legacy.  He’d make sure they learned everything he could teach them. Everything.


Well, Dooku got a little bit Sithy at the end there, but… hmmm. At least Obi-Wan and Anakin trust each other far more than in canon?

Also, the Jedi Council does have a point here- two eleven year olds should not go out in the galaxy alone, even if one of those eleven year olds is actually an adult.  Two kids traveling alone?  Not a good idea.  Unfortunately for the Council, they really don’t get Anakin and why separating Obi-Wan and Anakin would be a bad idea.  And Obi-Wan, though he does have all his adult memories, also has the brain of an eleven year old.  So he actually can’t always act like an adult, as much as he’d like to.


Because of BigBang I started listening kpop FOR ME they are legends ….and now because of f*cking haters. …one of my kings is suffering …I’m praying for him to be well but my question is WHY? why there are still people that are so …dumb …I mean YES…HE MADE A MISTAKE but everyone makes them ..and I know that what he did is really bad but what are you doing when you hate him and judge him …you do exactly nothing…oh no you actually do…you made him feeling so bad that know we are here ..and I’m writing this post and he is in a hospital rn …so everyone that write s**t on the internet please remember that those who you are writing about are 10000000% real people ….and they also have feeling and emotions and the next time you want to judge someone or calling him bad names remember that one day that might be your sibling …closest friend or even you … And to all the people supporting T.O.P remeber WE NEED TO STAY STRONG FOR HIM!!! COUSE HE NEEDS US RN AND WE NEED TO KEEP PRAYING FOR HIS HEALTH AND LIFE!!!❤ (sorry if I made any mistakes but English is not my first language)

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billionaire-prince  asked:

It kinda upsets me when people (and even VIPS!) assume that BIGBANG is over, or that Seunghyun won't come back. These times have been hard, but we need to assure ot5 that we'll wait, even if it takes a long time. They have shown us again and again that they're fighters, as their fans we can't let them down. Somehow, it's like telling a friend "you'll never be able to get through this". Idk if I'm making sense sghs (I'm sorry, english isn't my first language ugghh)

no i get what u mean. we should lift each other up not put each other down. we’ll be strong for them and they’ll be strong for us!

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Zooplecoop where Judy cannot talk to Carmelita for five seconds without admitting she's hot.

C: And that’s how it’s done.

J: Wow, Carmelita! That - that was amazing!

C: Please. All in a day’s work.

J: No, seriously! I - I really consider you a role model, y’know?

N: Seconded.

C: Oh, you guys…

J: You’re just so talented and driven and strong and pretty and smart and -

C: Um… what was that fourth thing?

J: …s-smart.

N: No it wasn’t.

J: Yesitwas! Whatever else you thought you heard, you didn’t hear it!

C: Sounded a lot like “pretty”.

J: I, uh, wouldn’t say that. N-not that you aren’t pretty! You are. Very pretty. So pretty. But I wouldn’t use language like that on-duty.

N: You’d say “sexy.”

J: Yes. NO! Nick, shut up. Carmelita, I’m so sorry -

C: [laughing] It’s okay, really -!

J: - but I’m just a little - I’m normally not! At all! - but could we, uh… get back on task? Please?

N: Now, now, Carrots. Seems to me like you two could benefit from clearing the air a little.

J: And it seems to me like you’re not shutting up even though I told you to shut up, Nick, please, shut up. Let’s not get distracted. It was just a friendly compliment! Completely, strictly professional! Who said anything about making out with Carmelita?!

N: …Nobody. 

C: Except you.

N: Just there.

J: Haha, sure, real funny guys. So you’re saying that’s what in head? That I can’t stop thinking about making out with Carmelita?

C: Nope.

N: That’s you again.

J: Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha… nick. kill me.

N: Oh, Carrots! You’re my partner and I would never do anything to hurt you. And, more importantly, this is way too funny to stop.

Roommates - Calum Hood

Background: It’s not always a good thing when your boyfriend has an asshole for a roommate. But sometimes it’s a blessing. (Y/N POV)


Words: 5,800+

Requested: No

Warning: Smut, explicit language, FIFA (sorry ashton)

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I know few people will read this but I need to say it.

I am deeply sorry. I am sorry for what the American people have decided. Yes, this was not my choice but by majority’s standards and the Democratic process Donald Trump is now my president too. I know this doesn’t only affect Americans, this affects everyone across the world. The “United” States of America is a super power and our politics affect everyone else’s.

So here is my heartfelt apology:

To Muslims, I’m sorry about the hate this will bring you. I’m sorry about the way you will be typecast in everything you do in relationship to the US. And to Muslim-Americans, I’m sorry for how you will be treated in your work and school environments under this hateful dictator. Your faith and heritage makes you strong. I will fight with you.

To the LGBTQIA+ community, I’m sorry that after waiting for so long to have someone endorse and fight for your rights on a political stage that you are now forced to relive what you’ve fought so valiantly for your entire lives. It isn’t right, you should be able to be as open and positive as any straight person is when they talk about their orientation. You’re brave and strong and I will fight with you.

To every transgender or gender non conforming American, I’m so sorry that people who think you beneath them are in charge of our government. They are afraid of what they can not fathom and fear of the unknown is the most dangerous spark. You’re strong and resilient and I will fight with you.

To every undocumented immigrant or child of immigrants (that’s me), I’m sorry. America is a community of immigrants and it is deplorable that we can not remember that. We are not the rightful heirs of this land and using that knowledge to scapegoat others is despicable. Immigrants come in all nationalities, hues, religions and languages and you are just trying to make a better life for yourself and your children and the generations that follow. I will fight with you.

To every First Nations citizen. I’m so deeply sorry. The DAPL is terrible enough but the fact that you now must face a racist who only cares about economic gain makes my heart cry for you. You’re the reason this land exists, the reason our forefathers fell in love with it and century after century the “American” people have taken advantage of that. You’re brave, kind souls and I’m constantly in awe of your acceptance. I will fight with you.

To Black-Americans. I’m so sorry this country can’t understand that it needs to accept you. Your lives matter tenfold and it is appalling that after everything this country has gone through, we are still not able to make it right for you. You deserve better and you deserve to feel safe and loved and respected in the place you call home. There is no reason why you should feel not wanted when you’re a bigger part of American history than the majority of the people who claim to shape this country. Your resilience inspires me and I will fight with you.

To my fellow women: I’m sorry. We live in a society that would rather elect an unqualified fascist than a woman who has spent her entire career trying to achieve the same respect as any man she has faced. She was vilified because of her public life and the errors made by those around her. She was far from being a perfect candidate, but she represented change and that should not be overlooked. I will continue to fight with you.

To those who can’t vote because of age or a minor misdemeanour that makes you ineligible, I’m sorry. America has let you down and I just hope that you can rise above this and continue to let your voice be heard. I will fight for you until you can fight alongside us.

I will continue to fight to make sure that everyone, despite the colour of their skin; religion; sexual orientation; and gender identity has the same respect and basic human rights as every other person. Hate may have won the battle, but love will win this war.

Walking Dead Game FanFiction - "Operation Babysit"

Title: Operation Babysit
Characters: Kenny, Nick, Luke and Clementine.
Summary: Clementine is three years old and Nick and Luke are on charge of babysitting.
Author’s Note: I love this idea so much. Enjoy! Strong language from Nick inside.
Requested By: clemmycluepower
“You guys need to do this.” Kenny grumbled, tightening the grip on his over-the-shoulder riffle. “We need to go and find more firewood. I’m sorry if that doesn’t work for you, but someone needs to watch her.”
“But why us? Why can’t you stay back?” Nick grumbled, crossing his arms in disapproval.
“What if Nick and I go get firewood and you guys stay here?” Luke suggested.
“No, you guys aren’t strong enough to carry a lot back.” The two gave him a quick glare before their expressions became ones of determination.
“Is there any way at all that we can get you to babysit her?” Luke begged.
“Nope.” Kenny replied with a smug grin. He normally would feel a little bad putting the two through this, but every now and then it was nice to torment them. Even just a little. “Well, I’ll see you guys later. She’s sleeping upstairs for now. But once—”
A tiny, groan from upstairs caused Kenny to smile. After all, these two just couldn’t catch a break. “Never mind, I guess she’s awake. Remember to feed her and play with her.” Studying their worried faces, he chuckled. “Good luck.” And with that, the door clicked shut and he was gone.
“Ugh.” Luke groaned. “Nick, can you start her food? It’s in the top left cupboard. I’ll go get her.” Luke unhappily worked his way up the stairs, headed straight for Clementine’s room. Bracing himself for screaming and wailing, he pushed open the door which revealed the tiny, wooden crib against the far wall. Walking closer however, little Clementine was laying peacefully in her bed, sniffling and humming quietly. As Luke peered over the rail, her face lit up like little stars.
“Ah!” She squealed happily, reaching her hands up towards his head. Luke’s expression softened at the sight of the darling girl. He may hate babysitting, but he often forgot what an adorable an tough little girl Clem was. Even for a baby she didn’t cry a lot, she often jut gargled or frowned if she was upset.
Being careful, Luke lifted the fragile girl into his arms and cradled her head in his hands. The little girl giggled and squealed happily as he took her down the stairs. This little girl was so happy you wouldn’t even be able to tell that it was almost the end of the world outside.
“Hey Nick—” Luke began, taking his eyes off the beautiful girl to see Nick struggling to get some of Clementine’s food actually into a bowl. Most of it was now on his shirt or on the counter. Luke chuckled, causing the golden eyes of the baby to glance up at him in curiosity. “Need some help?” He asked with a smirk.
Nick sighed and gave a half smile. “I’m fine. Here.” He stuck a little spoon into the bowl of baby food and placed it in Luke’s free hand. “Id better clean this shit up.”
Luke glared at his friend for using a curse in front of a child before heading towards the living room and setting Clementine on the couch. He carefully fed her spoon by spoon, with Clementine clapping happily in response to every spoonful. When she was finally done, he gathered the little in his arms and rocked her gently.
“Hey,” Nick started, taking a seat beside the two. “Mind if I hold her for a bit?” Without waiting for an answer his hands reached out for the little girl, causing Luke to instinctively pull her away.
“Not yet.” He said quietly. Clem now had her eyes half shut, and Luke’s eyes turned and became glued to her peaceful face. “I want to hold her just a little bit longer…” She was such a beautiful little girl. He could imagine her growing up to be a strong woman, independent and taking the world by storm. No matter what, he wanted to be there beside her, watching her grow up. If he could choose though, he would want her to stay this little forever.
Nick smirked as he watched him stroke her cheek with his thumb and run his hand over her hair. “I have a feeling that we’re going to be babysitting a lot more now, huh?”
Clementine’s little hand grabbed into one of Luke’s fingers and squeezed it gently, causing the man to smile. “Yep. We are.”