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Let’s talk about the Undertaker (version 2.0)

The next chapter is only one week away so I was rereading the Campania and Weston arcs (since UT was the villain for these two arcs) in order to refresh my memory about the mortician and his bizarre dolls. 

The thing is, as much as I love people theorizing wildly, I love canon even more, so this is just a “what do we know again” post about him to help whoever wants to speculate about him. :)

First of all, here’s a timeline I did months ago about the Undertaker, it might be useful. Then you have…

1) The Bizarre Dolls project

  • Why did he start it?

He left the Shinigamis around “50 years ago” (we’re in 1889), so maybe he watched the cinematic record of someone with an interesting life and couldn’t comprehend why death would come so soon to this person, hence the beginning of his curiosity which led to his departure.

  • How does it work? (Campania version)

Shinigamis stop the cinematic records and collect souls, which means that while the Undertaker can act on the records (within the body), technically he isn’t supposed to have any souls in his possession.

=> For people who think he might be giving Vincent/Claudia’s soul to drink to Ciel in ch108, please  consider this part carefully.

  • How does it work? (Weston version)

Johan Agares was his “masterpiece” because he “was full of episodes” (of good quality I suppose too).

  • What are the limits of the Undertaker’s knowledge?

=> People who think he’s making Ciel swallow his father/grandmother’s soul in ch108, please consider the panel above (especially since that scene of ch108 is very probably a flashback that happened before he went to Germany).

Also, if it’s impossible for dead corpses lusting after a soul to “make another’s soul theirs”, don’t you think that means it’s even less possible for a living boy who still has his own soul? :)

  • So why is UT still trying to revive the dead?

Many of us speculated that the Bizarre Dolls project was helping UT not only in his curiosity towards humans but also maybe to bring back several people he met since he left the Shinigamis and who are now dead.

And indeed, it seems to be the most logical explanation so far.

2) The Phantomhive family

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Prompt- “You forgot to lock the cage.”


“Darling, he’s a werewolf.”

Warnings- Fluff ^-^

A/N- This something @worldofdemons , @roseringleader13 , @demondean-for-kingofhell , and I wrote for @ruby-loves-supernatural‘ s collaborative writing challenge. I’m not positive when we were supposed to post this but better late than never, right? 

Originally posted by deanwesson

“You forgot to lock the cage.”


“Darling, he’s a werewolf.” you replied sarcastically. The sound of footsteps made you draw your gun and spin, only to find nothing. “And now he’s free.”

“Well I’m so sorry.” Dean snapped back, his frustration written all over his face. You and Dean had been fighting about this hunt for a week and you were fed up with his attitude.

“You should be.” you muttered, scanning the warehouse. Just as you suspected, the cage was empty and the door was hanging off the hinges sadly.

“Shit.” You breathed.

“Like you’ve never made a mistake,” he hissed from behind you.

“Just shut up a minute! I think he’s still here.” your ears strained to hear any sort of noise. You were right; you could hear growling off in the distance. “Come on!”

“Y/N, no!” Dean chased after you as you zig zagged between the discarded pallets and random debris on the floor. You were so caught up in catching the monster you didn’t think of how close he could have been and he surprised you when you both hit the cement floor, your arms going up out of instinct to keep the werewolf’s snapping jaws away from you.

“Dean!” you screamed, bringing your knee up to try to connect with any part of the monster so you could wiggle free. “Get your ass over here!” you heard him running, calling your name, but you couldn’t take your eyes from the werewolf unless you wanted to get bitten.

You screamed incoherently as a white hot heat ripped down your side just as Dean tackled the werewolf, both of them rolling over in a tangle of limbs. You pressed a shaking hand to your side, the shredded remains on your skin and t-shirt soaked in blood. You were  going to need stitches, that much was more than obvious. With a groan you pushed yourself off the floor, wincing as a gunshot rang through the warehouse and all other noise ceased. “Dean…?” you called hesitantly, carefully pulling your jacket off to press it to your side to stop the blood flow.

You panicked slightly when you saw the werewolf lying motionless on top of Dean. Slowly you inched closer, quietly stooping down to grab Dean’s dropped gun. Your hand was shaking slightly as you kept pressure on your side with one hand and trained the gun on the fallen werewolf with the other. Finally, you heard Dean groan and push the body off of him, nearly giving you a heart attack in the process from the sudden movement. He used his sleeve to wipe the blood off his face before he looked at you. He was grinning until you dropped to your knees. Dean scrambled over you and you slumped into his arms. He carefully pulled your jacket away from your side and looked at the damage.

“Just stay with me, Y/N. We’ll get you patched up.” He muttered to you. You distantly heard him shout for Sam before you slipped into darkness, figuring the moose like man must have showed up.

You woke up to Sam and Dean arguing with each other in hushed voices.

“Dean, it was a simple mistake. There’s no need to beat yourself up about it. Y/n is alright,” you heard Sam plead.

“No, Sam, she isn’t. It’s my fault she lying there, it’s my fault she almost bled to death. I forgot about the damn cage.” The amount of sincerity in Dean’s voice broke your heart.

“Dean-” Sam tried but is interrupted by Dean.  

“I shouldn’t have let her come on the hunt in the first place.” Now you remembered why you were mad at Dean in the first place. The whole way there he had tried to convince you to just stay in the motel room; to let Sam and him handle this one. It got to the point of him telling you that you weren’t allowed to go. So naturally you flipped him off and explained to him that he didn’t own you and that you could do whatever you damn well pleased.

You tried to move, only to wince and settled for opening your eyes. You were back in the motel room, taking notice that someone had stitched your side and wrapped your ribs in bandages. You moaned slightly as you tried to push the blankets off of you, Dean instantly at your side.

“Don’t try to move, you’ll rip the stitches.” he said as he passed you a glass of water, which you sipped carefully.

“Thanks for bandaging me up,” you mumbled, trying to get up again. Dean opened his mouth to protest but your glare shut him up.

“You had us scared there, Y/n.” Sam greeted you with a gentle hug and his usual dimpled smile.

“You know me, always keeping y’all on your toes.” you joked, downing the rest of your water. Dean stared at you, obviously disturbed by you moving around. You rolled your eyes at his worried stare but couldn’t deny the pang of happiness you felt from it. “I’m going to go hop in the shower.”

“Y/n, if you’d just calm down a second,” Dean begged, his worried eyes taking a new shade of…anger? You weren’t sure.

“Dean, I have dried blood in places dried blood shouldn’t be. I’ve had stitches before, I know how to handle them,” you sighed in exasperation.

“I don’t doubt that just sit down for a minute. Take a breath.”

“I’ll take a breath once I’m clean, Dean.” His sparkling eyes changed to a dark, this time you knew, angry green.


“How about some food?” Sam interrupted, drawing Dean’s and your attention to him. “I can go out and grab some burgers.” You smiled at Sam’s attempt to break the tension.

“Yea, Sam. That sounds great.” you grinned at the same time Dean made a noncommittal grunt. “Thanks.” you gave him another reassuring smile and he shot Dean a look before slipping through the door. You attempted to get out of the bed again but Dean flung his arm out and blocked you. “Dean, I am not having this conversation.”

“Yes we are!” he roared angrily. You flinched but held his stare, your arms crossed over your chest. “You could’ve been killed, Y/N! Can’t you just-” he paused, his eyes darting from you to the blood splattered bedspread and back.

“Go ahead, say it!” you growled, refusing to back down. He had started this argument, you would be damned if he was going to change the subject now. “Whatever it is, you need to get it off your chest, because I’m not about to deal with you being angry for another week.”

“You never think before you go running off after a monster!” He jumped up off the bed from next to you, running aggravated hands through his hair. “You just fucking take off, and leave it to me and Sam to catch up! One of these days you’re gonna get killed and I’m not going to be able to stop it!”

“Dean, you can’t save everyone!” you yelled as loud as you could without hurting your chest. “It’s not possible!”

“You’re not making it any easier, either! For some reason you just throw yourself into harm’s way! Do you not care about your own life?” he plowed on before you could get a word out. “Sam and I can’t keep an eye on you and ourselves, you know!”

“Who says you have to? Why do you think you can lock me away in some ivory tower while you and Sam go off and save the world? Do you think I’m incapable?”

“Here we go again! Jesus!” he stared at you with wild green eyes. “This isn’t even in the same ballpark of reasons why! Why can’t you just agree to be more careful?” he shouted. He took a shaky breath and continued when he was calm. “I get that I can’t save everybody. I learned that a long time ago and I can live with it. But I have to focus on the people who are most important to me, and I don’t know what I would do if something happened to you! Just the thought of,” Dean cut off short, looking nervously at the floor.

“The thought of what?” You prompted lightly. He hesitantly looked up at you. You could see the fear dancing in his green eyes.

“Just the thought of losing you is more than I can take.” He whispered. Dean carefully sat back down on the bed next to you. “I care about you, Y/n. A lot. And when you go charging after monsters, completely disregarding your own safety, it scares the hell out of me.” He paused and you could see he was struggling to say something but you didn’t interrupt in fear of ruining the moment. “I just need you to be here, and I need you to be as safe as possible, I need…you.”  He didn’t look up from the ground but you knew he was worried that he said too much. You sat up carefully.

“I know, Dean. Trust me, I get it. I know I could be less… I don’t know, concerned for my own safety, but I still have a job to do, we still have a job to do.”

Dean drew in a breath about to interrupt but you kept going.

“Dean, I need you, too.” You rushed out. “I can’t lose you either, but I can’t be afraid to give my everything.” He looked up at you.

“You need me?” He breathed. You nodded.

“Dean, I love you,” He was speechless.

“What do you mean you love me?” He asked in shock. “You can’t possibly,” He started, but was silenced by you pushing your lips to his. You managed to wrap one arm around his neck and pull him closer. Eventually, you pulled away.

“I mean, I am in love with you, Dean Winchester,” For the first time, he smiled at you.

“And I think I’m in love with you as well, Y/N.”

You smiled wide at his proclamation, leaning forward to capture his lips again. He deepened the kiss and you can feel him smiling as he did, his arm wrapping around you though was careful of the stitches.

“So does this mean I can shower without you screaming at me?” You joked. Dean laughs, slowly helping you stand.

“Yes. And you’d better. You smell like dead werewolf.”

After a short pause and you were already in the bathroom about to close the door, you heard his voice say one more thing that caused your cheeks to go red. “Are you sure you don’t want some help in there? I could wash your back you know-” But before he could continue, you closed the door sharply. “In your dreams, Dean!”

Teen Wolf 508 Ouroboros observations and predictions

So I’m admittedly a little sad that the “Ouroboros” title was taken more literally than figuratively because I was sort of hoping we’d get alot of references to the past and things coming full circle, but who knows? We might get that in the future, we might have this episode as the START of things coming full circle (though if we are it clearly isn’t in the ways I was hoping it would be) but I digress, onto the meta

No face but a symbol of Ouroboros for the face? Am I understanding that correctly about the doctors?

We have experiments “done in the womb”, does anyone else think some of our babies (ha..) might also have been experimented on in the womb? Darachmoon is pretty certain Malia was an experiment and this could be good evidence that she is, after all, that might be why her mother wants to kill her, why was the Desert Wolf there in the first place? Was she really JUST tracking Deaton? We all know something fishy is going on with Malia’s birth, from the weird birth date to Talia taking away Peter’s memories of the entire event and the Desert Wolf trying to kill her, what if it’s because Malia is- somehow- the result of an experiment from when the Desert Wolf was pregnant? What if the last time the doctors were around they experimented on the Desert Wolf and Malia was the result? Maybe that’s why she was the only one to remember them without having to be prompted with the book? Maybe that’s why her mother wants her dead, because Malia is a bomb waiting to go off, a sleeper agent as previously predicted, or just.. something dangerous all around?

Now it’s time for the slap heard round the world! I already made a really big point about the sheriff and his… issues…. in this post here, so I reccomend you read this for my opinion on the matter, but I’m just … so eternally happy about Melissa McCall, she’s the mom this pack needs, Melissa is everything, I just want to do a little parade of joy because go Melissa go I’m sorry fangirling over

Apparently supernatural markings can be revealed with a blacklight? Or atleast they can on the experiments (willing to bet it’s just the experiments) and on Hayden they seemed to have revealed spots, what two creatures do we know that have spots? Kanimas and werejaguars, now either they are REALLY pushing that kanima button (I mean how many is it now?) or we may actually got a non-Kate werejaguar and THAT would be pretty cool, does anyone have a clear cap of the spots we can compare to Kate and the kanima?

Now for Scott this episode… I’m going to try to make this breif because I’m really not sure what to think, his distrust is deepening and again, this is very weird for Scott, he has such a history of trusting everyone to a fault- just this season we’ve had atleast two references to that, the infamous “Because you trust everyone!” and a reference to Scott still believing that even Peter can be saved- and now all of a sudden that hasn’t just gone down hill, it’s flown down hill, we see it in shades with nearly everyone but it’s especially noticable with Kira and I wonder why, I wonder if this is the thing about foxes and wolves not getting along? Could he be quicker to lose trust in her because as her fox gets stronger his wolf gets more agitated? That seems most likely to me as we haven’t really seen them at odds in the way PR has been making it sound (Ahh PR and your many many lies…) We have Scott losing his cool for the first time in quite a long time and actively endangering someone else (and himself) despite Lydia’s warning, and although I can’t say I blame him I AM pretty shocked by it, Scott is quickly losing his grip on everything, for as much as Stiles fears losing everything and everyone it seems to be happening to Scott right now, I do wonder how Scott knew that the memory transfer technique was going to work, I wonder if it’s something he had been practicing or something he just said “screw it” with and did anyway, Scott is a very interesting blanace of carefull and reckless, there’s never an in between, either he slowly walks into something having taken every precaution into consideration or he jumps head first and doesn’t look back, I tend to believe this was the latter, personally it makes me hope that when he eventually finds out about Donnovan he’ll be more understanding now that he himself has hurt one of the chimeras in trying to save someone he loves but considering how vastly different memory awakening is from … you know.. killing… I tend to believe otherwise, sadly

Something in the same vein that strikes me is when Lydia said “Usually only an Alpha” when talking about the memory thing Scott was doing, maybe it’s me reading too much into it but it’s really odd that she said that, it sounded like she was implying Scott wasn’t an Alpha, Lydia has always been pretty in support of Scott as an Alpha (for example- “Not all monsters do monstorous things” from last season) so this seems like a weird statement for her to make…

So Zack had wings… the only thing we know of at current that has wings is a kanima, unless Zack is something we haven’t seen before, then we’ll have our second confirmed kanima-mix this season among several that are/were speculated, huh…

We’re seeing Lydia pretty firmly planted on Stiles’ “side” right now, and considering that they might be going after Parrish together next episode this trend seems to continue, is she going to be the only person sticking with him when the Donnovan thing comes out? Or is she going to stay Switzerland in matters of the upcoming schism? She seems to be with Stiles right now but up until recently she had been doing her own thing all season…

EDIT: Thanks to a truly lovely Anon, I now have a screencap of the doctor’s nametag!

The tag reads: Dr. M Langford, attending physician and what looks like Emergency Practice

I stand by what I said last night that this guy is going to be important later on, why zoom in on his nametag otherwise?

Why is Scott’s asthma getting worse? I don’t think he’s actively turning human, he isn’t showing the same decline Derek did, and given that he used a new Alpha power I wouldn’t say he’s losing his Alphaness either, the last episode this season is called “Status Asthmaticus” and that implies the asthma is going to get MUCH worse, but ugh… I don’t know why.. I want to say it’s an emotional response, especially since we’ve had repeated references to Scott’s dog and the incident from his memories that started it all, but nothing can be that simple…

So Kira is the only one so far to actually remember the doctors? In this mission of “Let me read this book so I can remember the doctors” Kira is the only one who has ACTUALLY remembered the doctors, I don’t think it’s because she’s the only one who’s encountered them before, so then why is that? Is it maybe because she read it backwards? Is there a key in reading it backwards that none of the others have found yet? Maybe reading it forwards brings about painfull memories or dellusions and reading it backwards unlocks the REAL memory

So Theo is pretty much officially in the pack now it seems, I’d say Mason and Hayden are too at this point, meaning I can cross off my new pack member theory, I have no idea what Theo being in the pack officially means for sure but I do know that whatever it is, it sure as hell can’t be good

Does anyone have a clear image of the pictures on Stiles’ wall? From the end of the episode when Stiles and Lydia are in his room, across from the murder board (that is now apparently also on his wall) there’s a set of pictures that look a little like portraits and yet also… a little strange… again, if anyone has a clear screen cap…

Stiles’ name has been a topic all night, I’m going on and mentioning as I did in another post that I think “Genim” is his middle name (since there was debate over having seen “-enim” on his hospital file before in 3B) I do however mourn the notion that his name is Przyemslaw because that had all kinds of cool connections to it but.. oh well…

Next ep is “Lies By Omission”, I have a feeling this is when the Donnovan thing is finally going to come to a head, but the actual preveiw it’s self is curious- Lydia says “They’re coming for me” and Malia says “I can’t deal with another body, another failure”, that sounds… really peculiar… we might be getting Lydia’s kidnapping next episode but I’m still willing to bet that’ll be 510, although it’s interesting that she becomes aware of it ahead of time, and Malia…. I just have no idea what to make of that, honestly, unless the experiment theory is going to come true, that is

And a general note on Kira, Arden Cho is listed as being in the next two episodes as well as every episode next season on IMDb and Arden confirmed herself that she was still in 5B, I doubt we’ll have to go more than a half hour without our favorite fox ;)