sorry we hop aus all the time

FFXV Reader Insert: Run pt.11 - Noctis Route

Nothing like a good ol’ death to send you down a bad path. Last chapter before we start hopping around like a little rabbit through the timeline. 

In this chapter: Maybe the Spire wasn’t totally to blame for persecuting the Iovitas? Nah, man. But it’s a slippery slope for you to start dabblin’ in shit you shouldn’t be messing with in the first place.

No lovin’ in this. Just angst. Sorry y’all.


Words: 3,489

Warnings: Language, Angst it Up, Mage Magnetism, Time to Get Drunk, More Vauging About Pulling Off that Ending and Then I’m Done, Come to the Dark Side, Convoluted AU, Noct the Staring Contest Champ

Chapter Eleven: Glass

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