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I had a few others tell me that they wanted to see a few more NITW characters in my mspaint doodle dump, so here we have Casey Hartley, Jackie, and Steve Scriggins… Also the lyrics aren’t really voicecanons… Just songs I can see them listen to (Casey’s songs is ‘Don’t Repeat’ By The Offspring, Jackie’s is ‘The Greatest’ by Sia, and Scriggin’s is ‘Coming in Hot’ by Hollywood Undead). 

So I drew Casey because I thought it would be a fun practice, but I completely forgot that Jackie and Scriggins were also in my story too, so I just had to draw them out real quick… Yup. Enjoy Peeps. 

((Also I have to tag @askhartley @effcults @scrigginisms and @transgoatjackie because they are my favorite bloggers and they are doing a good job and this is also kind of like a little tribute for them? You guys rock! ))
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@daydreamlvs thank you! :) 💕

Wow that’s a lot of love for my little Miki! 💕 However, I’m not sure I will share her just yet. She’s currently not in her final form, I edited her face as a toddler because I feel like the cutest toddlers make the ugliest adults and vice versa? So yeah, I cheated, basically. Aging the current Miki toddler up is not going to give the “real” adult Miki, although they are alike.

And as the 2nd anon pointed out, I’m probably going to do a little bit like blarffy ; uploading the family at the end of a generation. I will definitely share Miki but I ask you to wait until the start of gen 4? Sowry. 

I have one more thing to take care of in my story until I age the toddlers up so I’m not going to drag it out too long. I want to try the Parenthood gp with them tho. I can’t waiiiiiiiit. 


At the end of everything, hold onto anything.

Night in the woods, the game


Cardcaptor Sakura Card Summonings Set #1 (E01-E09)

Synced! Open post separately to see them play at the same time. 

Specific episode noted on each gif

me and my roommate, hozier
  • me: hozier, u were gone for like 5 days where tf were u?
  • hozier: *sheepishly* i'm sorry, my friend. i went to the woods to sing to the birds, but caught a glimpse of a former lover of mine and had to pursue her. i found her among a kingdom of wood elves. it turns out she'd become their queen, and wanted to make me her king. there was a celebration and i lost track of the time. i came back as soon as i could.
  • me: *i sigh, partially out of exasperation and partially out of fondness* aight. text me next time tho
  • hozier: i will *he smiles, but there is sadness in his eyes. he misses his queen*