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Meanwhile the mess is happening there, another mess is happening here.

Will Brook die? :D Probably? Was Blake right on that? Discover all in the next episode Sorry the crappy doodles


Brook: …

Scruf: Al parecer Blake estaba equivocado sobre Bendy, dejo su hijo con los demás y preferio estar frente al publico, bien, AURC estará focada en Bendy y-

Brook: !

Scruf: ! … Solo… No olvides que nuestro foco no es Dylan, seguro los demás se encargaran de el. Te siguiré en el auto

Bendy’s Mafia belongs to @eliana55226838 >:0

Brook the squirrel and Scruf belong to me

 sibling secrets


bonus daytime because I like to imagine Amanda yelling down Sarek because please would you let her damn babies play in her rose garden with their space ships already

My theory is that the minds of Sarek and Spock’s entire family line and the minds of humans are like the two sides of Velcro. Inherently different from each other, but utterly complementary, and it takes just a gentle nudge for bonding to occur, and then you’re stuck. Of course, separating Velcro is much less pleasant than putting it together…

(”Fal-Tor-Pan” sounds much more majestic than “The UnVelcro-ing” or “Vel-Cro-Pan.”)

I vote that at some point Captain Georgiou found out that Michael had never had a nickname yet she’d always wanted one(I feel like Vulcans just wouldn’t do nicknames) so for like a month Georgiou insisted they refer to each other exclusively as Mikey and Pippa.

“It’s what we humans do,” the Captain says with a friendly smile.

“It is not particularly logical,” Michael insists, though she notes that argument does little to dissuade her new superior officer. “It was remiss of me to ask about nicknames. You do not need to give me one to make me feel better, captain.”

“Pippa,” Captain Georgiou corrects.

Michael’s mouth clamps shut, and she feels a sudden surge of warm giddiness prickling along her skin, like the too warm sunshine of Vulcan.


Georgiou rests her chin in her hands, and leans herself forward by her elbows on the desk between them. She has a mischievous look on her face that Michael is becoming intimately acquainted with.

“Pippa. It’s the nickname I had as a child. Or Pip, if you prefer.”

“Starfleet regulations clearly state that I am to address you as ‘sir’, 'ma'am’, or 'captain’ during my active duty hours.”

Georgiou simply shrugs. “Captain Pippa, then.” And there’s that smile once more, although this time it’s much more relaxed, sympathetic even, as if she can see through Michael’s skull and straight into her mind and read exactly what she is feeling like text on a screen. “If it makes you uncomfortable for me to call you by a nickname, Number One, I won’t do it.”

“No, it’s not that,” Michael cuts in immediately. Georgiou raises an eyebrow at the contraction, something Michael rarely if ever uses, but doesn’t say a word. She only waits patiently for Michael to continue.

Michael runs her tongue across the back of her front teeth. “I actually prefer Mikey over Mike,” she finally says, hesitantly.

Georgiou’s grin is as bright as any star, and Michael’s heart flutters when it happens. It’s at that moment she knows without a doubt that she definitely wants to see it again.

“Of course, First Officer Mikey.”

(Eventually the entire Shenzhou bridge crew got in on it. It was great.)

I’m pretty sure this has been done but whatever but I was eating lemon cake with a spork and this happened

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Vulcan Marriage

In the Enterprise series it’s shown that T'Pol can refuse to marry her betrothed, Koss,
despite them being bonded earlier in life (around 14). She initially refuses to marry him, then relents because of her dying mother, and later divorces Koss when her mother dies.

The Enterprise series is also a prequel to TOS meaning that, conceivably, Vulcan culture would have gotten more progressive by the time Spock was born.

So… T'Pring could have just said no. Or divorced him.

Hershey Kisses (a S’chn T’gai Spock x Reader Fanfiction)

I’m getting bolder…almost a smut piece. And I’m also getting weirder ideas for fics. Anyway, this is the other piece for the anonie who requested more Spock love, and Spock with chocolate is always such fun. Enjoy~~

(Note: if any of the readers do not know the significance of Vulcan hands or effects of chocolate, look it up first. Or read a Spirk fiction, it’s everywhere in those. It’s good stuff lol)

Word count: 1381
Rating: T (mild friskiness at the end)
Warnings: Vulcan p0rn ahead!

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so i’ve been looking at vulcan clothing and none of it seems really comfortable or anything right? and so i got to thinking like okay but what if spock found out that human clothes are 1000% more comfortable and easier to wear than vulcan clothes
just imagine a spock who slowly hoards human clothing because it’s the “logical” thing to wear when not on duty
just imagine a sleepy spock with nothing but boxers and a t-shirt
spock in a sweater vest because it’s chilly
spock not understanding the difference or point in gender-norm assigned clothing and wearing skirts and stuff
spock wearing human clothes

Vulcan translation of a love song

Ri nam-tor etek rifainusular na’ashaya
Fai-tor du to-golar heh nash-veh isha
Nam-tor bosh-kugaya t’ra nah-tor nash-veh
Ri’prah tu nash s’fan vath sasu
Aitlu var-tor nash-veh du uf olau nash-veh
Wa’bolau tor nash-veh ken-tor du
Ri dungi-nav tan-tor nash-veh du abu
Ri dungi-nav vravshau nash-veh du
Ri dungi-nav sasahrat heh ek’trasha nash-veh du
Ri dungi-nav tor nash-veh maf-tor du
Ri dungi-nav tar-tor nash-veh rom-halan
Ri dungi-nav riyeht-var-tor heh dash-tor nash-veh du
Ki’pufai-tor etek tik vath na’dom wu
Ki’suh khaf-spol t’du hi
Nam-tor du nuh’fusik tar-tor
Svi’fai-tor etek on ki’fihal-tor ra
Fai-tor etek zhagra heh dungi-mavau
Heh kuv deshkau tu uf olau nash-veh
Ri var-tor du nash-veh nuh’glan-famau tu gla-tor
Dah raravamet
Tan-tor nash-veh du abu
Tan-tor nash-veh du abu
Ri dungi-nav tan-tor nash-veh
Ri dungi-nav tan-tor nash-veh
Tan-tor nash-veh du abu
Ri dungi-nav tan-tor nash-veh
Ri dungi-nav tan-tor nash-veh
Tan-tor nash-veh du abu
Ki’pufai-tor etek tik vath na’dom wu
Ki’suh khaf-spol t’du hi
Nam-tor du nuh’fusik tar-tor
Svi’fai-tor etek on ki’fihal-tor ra
Fai-tor etek zhagra heh dungi-mavau
Aitlu var-tor nash-veh du uf olau nash-veh
Wa’bolau tor nash-veh ken-tor du
Reh raravamet

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Spock x Reader(Platonic)

Title: Home is where the heart is

Characters: Spock, Sarek, mean Vulcan kids

Word Count: 1,445

Warnings: bullying, self-hate, (ends with fluff)

Summary: Hi would you write a Spock and Sarek imagine? The reader being a young human and the two have to take the reader in. Of course this leads the reader to become distant and extremely self-critical because they aren’t able to compete with their Vulcan classmates in strength, intellect.

A/N: Bro I have absolutely no idea how to write Sarek so please please forgive me if he’s totally OOC. I also left him out of as much of this fic as I could cause I don’t know how to write him. I’m not super proud of Spock’s character in this piece but I tried my best and the more I write him the better I’ll get! So in conclusion I’m optimistic.

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“No, Spock, you don’t understand. I can’t go to school today.” You groaned audibly and let your head fall against the clean white table.

“You’re being extremely illogical, (Y/N), while I understand you do not want to go it is critical to your education and you must. Finish your breakfast and I will have father bring you to school himself.” Spock answered monotonously, carefully resting a hand near your head on the table. You sighed quickly realizing there would be no way out of this without an extremely difficult conversation you simply weren’t ready to have.

So, you picked your head up and ate your breakfast quickly, without speaking or even looking at Spock. Which was very unusual for you, being human and adolescent made you more talkative than anyone Spock had encountered thus far on Vulcan, you were even more outspoken than his mother. You were loud, excitable and eager to learn. At least you were when you first arrived, though that was months ago. Since you had started your education on Vulcan Sarek and Spock had recognized that your demeanor had changed drastically.

When you happened to catch a glimpse of Spock’s expression, he had his pointed eyebrows raised and looked at you with a calculating gaze. This made you move faster, he was thinking, and thinking led to a confrontation, and confrontation led to talks about feelings. And feelings were something it was unwise to have on Vulcan, you had learned. You gathered your things for the day a break neck speed and rushed out of the house to avoid being brought by Sarek.

Though Sarek was a nice host and someone you could easily call father in time, other children seeing you with him would only spell disaster. They would berate you with the truth, with the logic in your new family’s decision to take you in. They would tell you that logically Sarek did not love or even care for you, that he logically saw you as an obligation and that Spock must only think of you as a hindrance. The young Vulcan’s seemed to not mention them without some sort of trigger, a trigger which could be you mentioning either one of them or one of them being seen with you.

You learned not to bring them up, you learned not to be seen with them. You learned a lot on Vulcan. Not only did you learn more academically than you had, faster than you ever had in your entire life you also learned how to act. You learned to be quiet only speaking when authority figures spoke to you first. You learned to mind your own business. Most importantly you learned to not feel, of course being fully human you did feel but you learned how to look like you didn’t.

You learned your most important lessons early and at first, when you got home you shut off everything you learned and let you be you. But you realized that, logically, never shutting it off would heighten your skills which would lead to less tormenting.  

Recently it had gotten worse because your teachers had decided that you have had ample time to acclimate and moved you into regular classrooms where your peers were finally able to see your true intelligence level. Which they had deemed way below average, and liked to remind you how dumb you were frequently.

Now not all of the other children were mean, in fact, most of them weren’t. Some found it wise to be pleasant with you and even more thought the most logical choice would be to pretend you didn’t exist. But much like schools on Earth some decided to make fun, and bully you.

In complete honesty, the Vulcans that made comments probably weren’t doing it in a mean-spirited way, they logically were just stating facts, but alas you are human. And humans feel, which means they hurt. No matter other’s intentions, words can hurt and Vulcan words are some of the most accurate, well-structured words in the galaxy and they hurt the most.


Spock spent his day clouded in worry. He knew that he needed to speak to his father about your behavior, especially the stunt you had played earlier that day but his father had meetings running until just before you were due home. All he could do was go about his tasks worried. Which he struggled to subdue, he knew why.

It was because he found himself relating to you, you were human, he was half, and he could only imagine that the torment you faced was worse than his. At least he looked Vulcan, at least he was Vulcan. Add all that to the fact that you didn’t grow up on the planet and were having a hard time relearning customs. He kept his nervousness hidden well as always but he could make the growing pit in his stomach diminish.

The day seemed to stretch on forever for both you and your new older brother. And by the time you arrived at home, you both were anxious to see the other.

So, when you came in the door you did something unexpected, something you had never done before. You launched yourself into Spock’s arms and hugged him tightly hiding your face in his chest. To your surprise, he hugged you back and your wall broke.

You openly sobbed against him and Spock cautiously rubbed gentle circles into your back hushing you slightly. You stayed like that for a few minutes until your sobs turned to sniffles, and you regain yourself. Just as quickly as you had run to Spock, you jumped away like he was on fire.

“I’m sorry I know that Vulcans don’t- but I’m not- and I just- I’m sorry”, you sputtered helplessly more tears beginning to cloud your vision.

“Do not apologize. I realize that you are human and when human’s emotions overwhelm them they tend to cry. I do not apologize for appearing emotionless to you, I am half Vulcan, it is to be expected.  So, you should not apologize for the emotions you express, you are fully human, it is to be expected.”

You find instant comfort in his calculated speech, he explains so simply and so fully you can’t help but smile. He’s right you are human, you’ve always been human. On Earth, you’d never apologize for that so you shouldn’t on Vulcan either. The corners of his lips quirk up slightly.

“You’re right, as always. I just, I like it here I really do. You and Sarek have become my family. I wouldn’t trade you for the world it’s just…” You trail off looking away from Spock, instead looking out the window and the breeze blowing through the trees.

When you meet his eyes again he has his arms folded in front of his chest waiting patiently for you to continue. Damn him.

“School has been rough. Beyond rough, they call me names, they insult Sarek for taking me in, they insult you for staying to help me adjust. They tell me as soon as the two of you realize I’m inadequate I’ll be orphaned somewhere else. They insult my intelligence, I know I’m not as smart as a Vulcan-“You stop as he cuts you off. Tears have gathered in your eyes and your voice broke as you mentioned them leaving you alone again.

“You are not inadequate. You are far more intelligent than average humans of your age, you are exceptional. We would never orphan you (Y/N). My father and I have taken you in as our responsibility and you have quickly become more than that it would be illogical to abandon you, young one,” Spock says firmly, you smile up at him somewhat teary eyed and again the corners of his mouth quirk up. In an uncharacteristic show of affection, he ruffles your hair.

“Thank you, brother.” You tell him as you start towards your room to start your at home assignments. This earns you a real smile, you even catch a glimpse of his teeth.


“Spock told me he had issues getting you to go to school today. Is this problem going to persist?” Sarek asks you in his normal rigid manner.

“Nope,” You respond simply smiling at him, though still somewhat nervous

“You’ll attend school without resistance?”

“I promise.”

“Good. If troubles there don’t cease I will step in, but I assure you they will. I have had some discussions with certain Vulcans concerning the matter of your emotion and intellectual well-being. And I assume the matter will clear up very shortly,” he explains voice emotionless but as he turns away from you, you notice a small almost imperceptible smirk resting on his lips.


Kind of a continuation of this thing, where Spock and Kirk end up as kids for whatever reason and poor Bones has to keep up with his childish superior officers who are…actually children this time :P

In the end it’s just horribly self indulgent fluff to make myself feel better X’’D

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