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Do you watch Rick and Morty? Can I request an AU where MC is a nihilstic scientist like Rick and drags the RFA +V on insane adventures like Morty? This is strange, but I just wanted to try asking. Thank you!

I honestly haven’t watched it yet- I… I kinda have a basic grasp of the idea, yet not a clue? I’ll try my best, but… Uhm.. for the sake of accuracy, I’ll tell you this might just. be completely unrelated or seem odd because I just don’t know about the show? I’ll try!


  • he’s honestly, really excited at first
  • will the adventures be cool??
  • honestly this boy is like a puppy- he has no idea what he’s getting into, but he’s excited for it
  • is he good with danger? no
  • but will he try to survive and always be excited? yes
  • it almost surprises MC how willingly he goes with them? not even some hesitation?
  • he keeps saying adventures with MC will always be great
  • honestly MC has a suspicion he just wants to spend time with them but hey
  • what works works amirite


  • *cue the meme-y fast part of night of nights playing in a 2 hour loop*
  • honestly,,, she fears for her life
  • does praying even work in this setting. she’s praying. please let her be safe. what the heck
  • she loves MC sure but. this whole thing is A Mess
  • always trying to complete work on her spare time but honestly?? when does she even have spare time anymore?
  • she tries to turn down MC when it comes to adventuring but a simple “aw… but I wanted you to come” is enough to make her go
  • she’s weak for MC ok
  • probably swears MC will be the death of her about five times per week


  • this is an actor’s dream
  • in some sort of way
  • all this adventuring must have some sort of payoff in his acting right????? 
  • that’s what he tells himself anyways
  • he tells himself that every single time because he wants to believe that no, he’s not just doing this because he loves MC and wants to be with them more. he totally has more reasons than that to go on these insane adventures that are probably risky and he shouldn’t really do-
  • lowkey he’s almost always screaming inside at the smallest danger but he never shows it?
  • he’s not really that scared for himself, he just doesn’t like the risk being…. there


  • is this a normal commoner thing
  • honestly, he’s so disconnected from normal people life it might just be possible to convince him 
  • yes jumin, all commoners take their partner on weird ass insane adventures! completely normal! hahaha guess you didn’t know just because you’re rich haha
  • … maybe not do that. he doesn’t deserve that
  • most of the times, he wishes he could just take his whole bodyguard team with him and MC
  • but also… it’s nice to bond like that, without worrying about the public eye too much
  • it does bother him a bit when he comes home tired and lol nope time to adventure
  • but honestly. have you seen this man. he’d do anything for MC. anything


  • shit son,,, and he thought he was the weird one here.,.,
  • you know how pirates vs ninjas is a trope?
  • he’s going to try that but with him and MC
  • he’s constantly trying to make it a real trope but something tells MC it won’t really catch up
  • don’t expect to see a hacker vs scientist in the cinemas anytime soon
  • for the most part, he loves the adventures
  • his lifestyle can be so… dull and repetitive, yet dangerous at the same time, the adventures are actually very nice
  • ok maybe nice isn’t exactly the word, but they’re better than sitting in front of the computer all day doing Highly Illegal Things
  • maybe not on a moral scale but who cares??


  • one question here:
  • why
  • why did MC decide to do this
  • he’s an almost blind man. why
  • of course he’ll say yes even if he can’t see for shit- when he loves someone, he loves for real. he’d probably go along with MC no matter what
  • still, he’s aware he may be a bother. why take him?? he doubts he’d be useful-
  • so even if it’s risky, and he sometimes doubts he’ll even make it out alive, he feels… flattered
  • flattered that MC is still taking him, even when he thinks he’ll just slow them down-
  • also he’s very very scared the whole time and always tries suggesting to please go for some tea and calm down if he gets out of this one and maybe try to talk MC out of this whole adventure business
  • he never manages to and ends up doing that again
Give Me Love || V x MC [Ch.1]

I’m an emotional wreck right now. I need some release and I remembered this. I’m so sorry, please bear with me guys.

~mod fluffy

Title: Give Me Love - Chapter One

Genre: Angst

(Prologue here)

“…I tore my heart out in front of you and all you can say is no. And now you want me to come and watch the worst thing you could possibly imagine. Do you have any idea what you’re asking? I wish I had never taken this stupid job. I wish I had never met you. ”

 You smiled bitterly upon hearing those lines from the movie you were watching. You reached for the remote and pressed the ‘off’ button. Silence embraced you as the only thing you can hear is your faint and unsteady breathing. You want to cry but tears won’t fall anymore. You held your phone up and blankly stared at the screen. 102 text messages, 29 missed calls from the RFA members. You decided to ignore it and checked the time and date.

 It’s been a eleven days. Eleven days already since you last saw him. You immediately packed your bags that time and went into a trip. It was all of a sudden, something you didn’t even think about. All you know is that you want to go somewhere far- somewhere without any trace of him. You just want to escape until it hurts no more, until you can face him again and feel nothing.

Please stop fooling yourself.

That’s right. You know too well that it is impossible to get rid of those feelings in an instant.

Eleven days had already passed.

It took you a while to absorb that information. You were binge watching movies, crying , rarely eating and almost not sleeping at all for eleven.fucking.days. You slowly stood up from the couch, everything came spinning, making you almost lose your balance. You decided grab support from the furniture to keep yourself on your feet.

You found yourself infront of the full length mirror - it is obvious that you lost a lot of weight. You have bags and dark circles around your eyes. Your lips are too dry and chapped, your hair is a mess. It’s as if you were seeing a stranger. No one would probably recognize you at this state. You heard your stomach grumble and you started dry heaving. Oh fuck. You were thinking of when was the last time you eat something but you failed to remember.

Okay. Stop this. Now.

You closed your eyes for a while, contemplating your fucking decisions and how you were destroying your own life for the past eleven days until now.

Enough of this bullshit.

You took a deep breath and decided to make yourself a decent meal, stumbling on your way to the kitchen. You took a bath after and cleaned the one hell of a messy apartment you were staying at. It took you four hours to have things in order again.

 You dragged yourself to the bedroom and let your body fall helplessly on the bed. You were expecting yourself to fall asleep instantly as you were dead tired and you haven’t slept for days, but it’s not the case. You stared at the ceiling- waiting for a miracle that you’ll be able to sleep but you know that it’s not happening. Every single time that you close your eyes, images from that day come flooding your mind. It’s as if everything was being replayed in front of your very own eyes. Everything. His words. Your tears. Your heart slowly shattering into pieces.


It’s already late night. You were on your way home and you decided to have a quick stroll on the park just to allow yourself to unwind a little.

So it’s been a few months huh?

You said to yourself. That’s right. Time won’t stop or even slow down for you. It will keep on moving forward -  leaving you behind. You let out a deep sigh and closed your eyes for a bit. You suddenly felt a soft nudge on your hand; it was a fluffy golden retriever wearing a ‘service dog’ vest.

“Hey there.” You calmly greeted the gentle creature, trying your best to keep yourself from petting it since it’s basically an unsaid rule when it comes to a service animal. The dog kept on wagging it’s tail and let out a soft whimper. You were puzzled for a second when it nudged you again and almost tried to push you as if telling you to go somewhere or to follow it. You decided to follow it silently. The dog led you to a familiar figure that you quickly recognized from afar.

“Sunny. Come here girl.” He gently said and the dog came running towards him.

Sunny huh? Still obsessed with that sunshine of yours, I see.

“I’m sorry if my dog led you here. I was having a really bad migraine earlier and I guess her training kicked in and she tried to find help.” 

“It’s okay. She’s such a gorgeous girl. She’s doing great in her job.” you said as you walked a little more towards him. You can see confusion in his face as he heard your voice. So he does recognize your voice.

“I - I really can’t see that much. I think I already heard that voice somewhere.”

“It’s me, MC. It’s been long since i last saw you, Jih- V”

Jihyun. V. Jihyun. V. Call him V. You don’t have any right to call him by his real name. V. Call him V.

It’s obvious that his eyesight had become worse that he already need a guide dog.

“Are you okay? Shall I call someone to pick you up and take you home?” a slight tone of concern can be traced on your voice.

“MC? No , no. I’m okay. I can go home.”

Silence enveloped the both of you. It is one of those moments where no one would say a word, making things really awkward.


“I’m sorry.” he quickly cut you off. You were taken aback by those words.

“Ahaha. I- I told you it was okay. Your dog was just doing her job.” 

“No. I- I’m sorry… I’m sorry for hurting you back then.” he said.

You can feel the corners of your eyes warming up as your tears slowly started to form. You don’t know what to say or how to feel about that.

Why? Why do you have to bring that up now?

“I - I’ll be going home. Bye” you quickly said and started to walk away.

“Mc, please.” You heard him say as he tried to grab your hand only to miss it a few inches away.

“What the hell V?! What is it that you want? Isn’t it enough that you did something really terrible a few months ago? Can’t you understand it?! Unexpectedly seeing you here like that is opening wounds that haven’t even healed at the first place. Can’t you see it? You’re hurting me again. It hurts. just seeing you like that hurts me like crazy… I could’ve just walked away earlier the moment i saw you but i didn’t. I- I can’t. Somehow, after all these months of trying to tend on my own wounds, somehow… somehow I - I..” you were caught off guard by your own words. Your tears streaming down your face as you blurted a part of you out.

Shit. Stop. You’re making a fool out of yourself again. Stop right now before you say something really stupid. 

“I’m sorry. I- don’t know why I said that just now.Just- Just forget it.  Can you please take me home? My driver can’t make it and I doubt that I can make it home alone this late. I’m so sorry.” He quietly said.

“You’re unbelievable, you know that? Fine, I’ll take you home.” you furiously said as you wiped your cheeks from the tears.

to be continued.

(**Movie line was from Me Before You. **)

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Okay, but can we stop telling people that they can't love other people if they don't love themselves?? Like, maybe you're fucking working on it? It doesn't just happen over night. It can take years to do that.. Why should you put your life on hold for that? Also, it's your blog. If you want to be considerate of your followers then who are we to judge? It's really not anyone else's business.. They pick apart every little thing you do and it's so annoying. Sorry, that anon made me really mad😂

I am working on it and true it is gonna take a while considering my past, but that’s nothing to do with anyone else and nobody knows how truly deep my scars run, so I really don’t think it’s up for others to comment, so thank you for saying this it means a lot.  I don’t believe in that “no one will love you till you love yourself” bc people do love you even when you’re not v fond of yourself

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Dream a Little

Title: Dream a Little…

Pairing: Duskshipping (Dennis x Yuuri)

Content: character death (?), implied gore

About: This little fic depicts a scene between Dennis and Yuuri in my Dead Space AU. It’s not exactly polished right now so read at your own risk.

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