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So like...when are you gonna do more RFA kids? ;ー;

……. idk i draw them when i draw them i guess… idk

hopefully soon tho but i have lots of other art to finish …

So I guess Tae got married and Jin’s next in line…

I didn’t have a happy childhood, or a happy adolescence, and adulthood isn’t much better. However one thing that has always helped me and got me through rough times is superheroes. In particular the batman universe. I’d even go as far as to say the characters, comics, media has saved my life in particular moments. That’s how much it means to the fans. That’s why we get upset when we see hate posts and people spreading them. I don’t care how many posts you make wanting zack snyder to be fired. He lives and breathes the comics and doesn’t conform to what the studio or mainstream wants, he gives us the raw and real characters we love. I don’t care how many posts you make bashing ben affleck and calling for him to be replaced. He captured perfectly the sorrow, the hope, the faults and the strength of bruce wayne. As if the images of the man from the dark knight returns had sprung to life. I don’t care that you were stupid enough to believe the rumors about jared leto and won’t accept the truth or can’t get over heath ledger or just jumped on the bandwagon to fit in. The few moments he was on screen he embodied the unpredictable psyche and the layered personality of the joker from the killing joke, the animated series, and brought us the most accurate comic to film adaptation of the character. No matter how much you cry and type the word ‘anti’ in your tags, you can’t replace those men and what they’ve given me. You can’t change how those performances helped me. And they’re not going anywhere. Every generation these characters are redone, don’t try to diminish what each one has accomplished based on your pettiness or your foolishness. I know I won’t let it affect me anymore. I feel at liberty to say all of this, because I remember being a 12 year old girl in 2008 crying when I saw forums of people saying they were happy heath ledger died so he couldn’t be the joker anymore and writing posts like this defending him because his performance stopped me from giving up, still does.

Next time you go to make a hateful post or send someone a hurtful message over the dceu, remember it doesn’t matter. It just doesn’t.


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