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oh my gosh i love your writing so much? i always look forward to seeing more of it on my dash ;u; !! would you maybe think about doing a neighbor kihyun if you have time please? i'd love to see you write it asfdpih (also i hope school isn't stressing you out too much and that you are getting enough rest and you time)

find neighbor!wonho (here) ~!

  • is picky about everything, but in a good way. like he wants to keep everything pretty and organized
  • labels his containers
  • likes his pinks, yellows, and whites. that’s what his color scheme is from his white sheets to his pink toothbrush to his yellow curtains
  • “jooheon i know that this is a gift with the best intentions, but you know my thing is stripes. im not a polka dot person. im sorry, i just am not. but ill accept these slippers anyway because i love you”
  • likes to get sewing tips from the old lady down the hall
  • nags at kids who make too much noise in front of the building and he’s always going on about respect and being polite 
  • but once he saw a cockroach in his bathtub and yelled so loud he woke up the entire floor  
  • isn’t afraid to admit that he thinks stuffed animals are cute and therefore has a giant moomin on his bed. it’s cute and yes he hugs it at night 
  • takes care of his skin so well he gets compliments from everyone because he glows like the people down at the grocery are just like omg what products do you use and kihyun will gladly share his tips. he’s a sweetheart 
  • you know kihyun because like well who doesn’t????? the kids call him uncle kihyun because he’s always scolding them and the older people refer to him as the prince of your apartment complex because he’s always dressed so fancy and does his hair well
  • but on the off-chances that you’ve seen him you haven’t ever talked with him or caught his attention
  • mostly because you’re always in a rush to get to work/school. like you’re not a morning person, but kihyun seems just dandy in the morning and you’re like how
  • and it’s on one morning that you find yourself particularly messy because you stayed up all night to finish a long paper and you forgot that you had an interview later in the afternoon but you had no time to get ready
  • so you managed to put on a decent interview outfit, but your hair? your face? your overall moral? your outlook on life?
  • bad
  • and when you get into the elevator you’re thankful that it’s just you till someone comes running down the hall and slips in last second and it’s kihyun
  • looking absolutely perfect and energized and you’re still trying to brush your hair to where it looks acceptable and maybe get something on to cover your dark circles
  • and you don’t notice but kihyun is watching you a bit and he sees you stumbling, tiredly into the train station with your bag half open and when you get into the train
  • kihyun suddenly sits beside you and you’re like uh,,,,,because there’s a bunch of free seats the stop near your house is the first stop for that line
  • and kihyun is like “here let me help you.” and you’re like ?????/
  • and he takes your brush from your hands and moves your shoulders so you’re facing him and he puts his own bag on his lap and pulls out a bunch of stuff
  • and basically gives you a makeover right than and there. and im not talking like full on makeup, im talking just the basics to help you look like you know,,,,,,,,you’re not dYing
  • and he gets the knots out of your hair, the dark circles covered, some mist sprayed on. he fixes the collar of your shirt, and even hands you a granola bar because he’s like “i can tell you didn’t eat”
  • and when he’s done you don’t feel anywhere as bad as you did when you left your house and kihyun grins because he’s like “this is the first time ive seen you smile since we got into the elevator together”
  • and you tell him that you’re thankful, that you have an interview today too and he’s like “you’ll do amazing!!!” and you’re like,,,,thank you,,,,,,,for making me look presentable,,,,,rofl
  • and when it’s your stop kihyun gives you another thumbs up and you get off and can’t help but keep smiling because,,,,,,,wow he’s,,,,,,,,so sweet?????
  • and the day just feels so much easier because of your time in the morning with kihyun and your interview goes well
  • so well that when you’re heading home you get an sns that says you passed the interview and you’re so happy you do a little dance on the platform
  • and once when you finally get home you’re surprised to see kihyun on the bench outside your building and you go over and say hello and he grins and asks about the interview
  • and before you know it you’re telling him everything that happened and when you tell him you passed he pats the top of your head and you’re like ,,,,,,o,,,,oh
  • and he’s like “i knew you could do it, you’re so hardworking - ive noticed that about you” and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,he????? noticed me??????
  • and kihyun is like “as a reward, let me go buy you some good snacks”
  • and you try to refuse, but kihyun is like no no you deserve it!! and as you shyly pick something out and head to the counter kihyun is taking out his money and the cashier is like “you two look cute together, has it already been past 100 days?”
  • and you’re speechless because omg what
  • and kihyun looks over at you with a smile and he’s like “nope! this is our first day, you could say.” and the cashier is like AW how cute
  • and you’re like alhdgjfsdds what,,,,,,,,,,,does he mean by that
  • and as you’re walking back home you want to ask but you just nibble on your snack until kihyun leans over to take a bite of your food and you’re like hEY 
  • and he’s like “so, what do you think about that?” and you’re like “what?” and he’s like “about this being our first day,,,,,,i think we can make it to 100 easily.”
  • and you’re like is he???? asking me out???? and kihyun before you guys get back inside is like “so? want to meet in the morning again and we’ll ride the train together?” and you hesitate but in a small voice you go “like,,,,,,a couple?”
  • and kihyun grins and gives you another thumbs up like “yes. like a couple.” 
  • and you’re red in the face as kihyun comes closer and you think he’s going to lean in and??????? kiss you 
  • but instead he goes “i like the messy you even more you know?” and you’re like wh,,what does that mean and he pets your head again messing it up just a bit and going over to open the door
  • and yes the next morning as you’re rushing again, you think yesterday must have been a dream
  • but when you open your door, kihyun is there by the elevator waiting for you
slytherin/hufflepuff relationships

slytherin: MALE

Hufflepuff: FEMALE

(I take requests for other houses/genders/sexual preferences)

  • “I’d offer you breakfast but you didn’t make any”
  • “its okay im not hungry”
  • *muffled giggling*
  • the babe incident:
  • “okay bye see you tomorrow”
  • *laughing* “OKAY OKAY BYE BABE I LOVE YOU”
  •  no no no this cannot be happening it just slipped out im sorry
  • “did you-”
  • “NO”
  • “im pretty sure-”
  • “NO you must have misheard I said I love… fruit?”
  • *unimpressed* “you hate fruit”
  • “I’ve had a recent revelation that maybe I don’t dislike it as much as I believed.”
  • “I love you too.”
  • blushing
  • shopping for food
    • *picks up lettuce* “this matches my outift”
    • *grabs the first yellow object they see in the cart* “this matches MINE!”
    • *uncontrollable laughter*
    • “what?” *glances at package*
    • *rolling around on the floor*
    • *tears rolling down cheek*
    • *blushes profusely and throws box at laughing slytherin*
  • slytherin being too proud to apologise for small things like leaving the fridge door open or the seat up or untidy living room
  • Hufflepuff realising this and not pushing the slytherin to apologise
  • but totally making them apologise for putting cONDOMS IN OUR CART THAT WAS THE MOST EMBARRASSING THING EVER OH MY GOD
  • “say fuck”
  • “what?”
  • “I’ve never heard you swear before. say it.”
  • “no”
  • “come on, L/N, say it. say fuck.”
  • “NO”
  • “I won’t leave you alone til you do.”
  • *picks up book and starts reading*
  • “ughhhhh, come onnnnnnn fuck fuck fuck fuck”
  • “if you don’t shut up ill give you something to swear about”
  • “fuuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk”
  • *gets up to leave and accidentally knees slytherin in the crotch*
  • *smirking*
  • *rolls eyes and accidentally bumps heads as she bends down to pick up something he dropped*
  • “ouch”
  • “shit sorry”
  • slytherin not wanting to be overly romantic because thats not who they are
  • Hufflepuff not wanting to smother them or be overly embarrassing/romantic
  • so it would be things like
    • “I brought you coffee. just the way you like it.”
    • *confused* “hot?”
    • “like your boyfriend”
    • “you weren’t in class today so I brought you the notes”
    • “you forgot to tuck your shirt in and the professor’s coming down the hallway don’t get a detention”
    • “you can borrow my owl. I know yours isn’t great for long-distance flights if you want to send that to your parents”
  • “wow the snow is so beautiful”
  • “you know what else is beautiful”
  • “what?”
  • “me”
  • the slytherin finding it so funny that she can roast him and everyone else
  • the Hufflepuff accidentally roasting a professor
  • “are you almost done with that, L/N”
  • “you know what I’m done with? your attitude.”
  • *blankly stares*
  • only receiving a single detention because the professor found it so utterly hilarious
  • the slytherin wishing he could have been there to see it
  • but all the hufflepuff’s friends were happy to fill him in
  • the slytherin casually dropping into Hufflepuff conversations around the school to just be near the Hufflepuff
  • the Hufflepuff not having the confidence to do the same around Slytherins because she is half-half / muggle-born

I have to stop myself but I have so many more so maybe part 2????

Hey everyone! I’m Elinor and this is my first ever steven universe fic! I’m kind of excited because so far I’ve only written for one fandom and it’s the first time I’m writing su characters, so I hope that turned out well. I would like to thank everyone who encouraged me in this post, you really gave me the motivation to do this.

Description: Blue and Yellow Zircon are about to participate in another trial, and after Yellow comes to Blue’s aid in order to help her calm down, things get heated in their office room. 

Pair: Blue Zircon/Yellow Zircon

Words: 2,513

Note: It’s a bit smutty but not too much, I’m glad this is the internet because I won’t be able to look at y’all in the eye. sorry for grammer mistakes, drafts are for the weak we post like men.

please leave your thoughts/comments and reblog!

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[submitted by @trickster-goddess-extraordinaire]

Alright so as a brand-new follower I hate to just barge in with my Voltron theories, but I’ve been reading your Galra headcanons and I have a few of my own that might be worth some consideration.

1) I don’t think I can get entirely on board with the mesothermic Galra you proposed, even if some of them look pretty reptiliod. There’s plenty of weird endotherms on Earth that have scales, and consider Arus–it looks pretty deserty from what we saw of it, so we can assume it gets cold at night, but Sendak and Haxus seemed to be doing just fine (may have had something to do with the armor, idk), though admittedly Sendak’s form while fighting Shiro was off (I suspect it had something to do with the size of his prosthetic arm). I like the idea of a hibernation reflex though.

2) You mentioned in a different post a headcanon of city-ships for large populations, but…that doesn’t seem like it would work too well, especially if one did depressurize in space–you’d lose a fair chunk of your population. So here’s the theory: multiple ‘home’ planets with big populations of Galra, which leads into:

3)The way you classified Galra in that one post–highland/lowland/cave? There might be another explanation. A lot of the Galra we see in the Black Lion’s flashbacks in S2E7 look fairly similar to Zarkon and the unnamed commander from S1E1, vaguely reptiliod, but there’s no fluffy Galra in there, and if they’re advanced enough to have space travel and cooperate with the Alteans on building something like the Lions, you’d assume that if all those subtypes evolved on the same planet they’d be pretty well-integrated by that point. But if you’re spread out to multiple planets, even if there’s travel and genetic exchange between planets, you’re going to have traits suited to the environment start popping up, or you’re going to want to enhance traits that make surviving them easier. So, three basic phenotypes: reptiliod (Zarkon, S1E1 commander, other ‘scaly’ ones), ‘sleek’ (Haxus, Morvok, Ulaz?), and ‘fluffy’ (Prorok, Sendak, arguably Thace and Kolivan), each set for a certain range of conditions and probably tweaked to better suit the environment of their ‘home’ planet. The fluffy ones probably have a pretty high cold tolerance but struggle in the heat, while the reptiliod ones have the opposite problem.

4)Looking at their general aesthetics, they might be colorblind by human standards? They use a lot of blacks/greys and range all over the blue-purple-red side of the spectrum, but aside from some of the lighting I see almost no green, and yellow seems to be limited to Haggar/Druids and detailing on commander’s uniforms. So they be missing cones that let them see those colors, similar to tritanopia in humans? The green lighting seems generally limited to prison areas, so it might be for the prisoners’ benefit–those scenes are generally less dim than the rest of their ships, and if you make it easier for your prisoners to see where they’re going, they’ll crash into less stuff while moving them, which would significantly cut down on the time they’re outside of their cells, plus if I remember correctly, in humans at least, spending too much time in the dark can damage your eyes, and if they want the prisoners for whatever (labor, study, entertainment, etc), they probably want to keep them in decent enough shape to do the thing.
(for added humor, Galra only know the terms 'green’ and 'yellow’ with regards to the lions, and are generally shit at hiding themselves by the standards of anyone with more cones. no, you can’t just stay still and disguise your outline, these guys can tell you’re a different color than the surrounding stuff)
(for double humor: colorblind Keith)

Sorry to just drop randomly into your submissions box like this, I just have a ton of theory and no one irl to babble at.

Hello, and welcome new follower! Let’s talk about your theories because mm alien anatomy.

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change my mind

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook and Park Jimin; jikook/kookmin
Genre: Fluff (a lot), college au, friends to lovers
Length: 7k words; 3 chapters | crossposted on ao3

“I don’t do relationships,” Jimin spills in the fresh air of the fast food – a mixed smell of hamburgers, ketchup and french fries surrounding them. “I enjoy the conquest and the flirting part better. Relationships are always so boring and predictable. Not to mention most of the times fake.”
Jungkook rolls his eyes and laughs, pretending he doesn’t feel his heart clench and slightly sink inside his chest.
“You’re helpless.”
Jimin smiles at him, and it’s almost unfair. “Call me realistic.” he corrects, taking a greasy thumb till his lips to clean it out of the oil of the food. He repeats the same action with the rest of his fingers. Jungkook has to divert his gaze, scared he might end up staring too hard.
He snorts with a made up irritation.
“I call you a pain in the ass.”

“Love means never having to say you’re sorry”. It’s written with white chalk on the blackboard hanging by the wall a few tables across him. It quotes “love story, 1970” in a smaller calligraphy right beneath the sentence. Jungkook dwells in the words for a while. He observes the vintage posters pending from the newly painted lilac walls around him with a forced interest, as he taps with long fingers on the plastic cup of cola he ordered.
Bullshit, he decides.
What is even supposed to mean? That you can’t mess up because you love someone? Or that you can’t say sorry, because if someone loves you they instantly forgive you, it doesn’t matter what you did?
Either way, bullshit. People give too much credit for things just for being old.
He sighs, the scent of fresh paint invading his lungs. It used to be baby yellow. The walls. Before the place was just a normal coffee shop and not a fast food with a coupled bookstore.
“It’s not going to work out,” Jungkook remembers Namjoon saying when they were passing in front of the place being renovated, “people will have greasy fingers from their hamburgers. How will they touch the books like this? The covers will be all disgusting after some time.”
Jungkook just shrugged back then. He doesn’t really remember if he agreed or not. But, it turns out Namjoon was wrong.
There is a glass wall separating the bookstore from the fast food, so the smell of french fries and cheddar won’t mix with the scent of newly printed copies and fresh ink – also, people has enough sense to clean their hands before moving to the books section, so, by far, the recent business seems to be going very well.
Jungkook can’t decide if he prefers the prettier environment it became after the reform, or the calmness it used to have before the appealing design of modernity attracted an alarming number of people.
Probably the calmness, since it wouldn’t take so long for Jimin to change a wrong order. The waiter had somehow mixed it with someone else’s, getting the boy a double chicken with extra cheddar when he had asked for a steak with barbecue sauce and cream cheese.
After opening his hamburger, Jimin had grimaced with the funniest – and maybe kind of cute? – nose scrunch ever. “I hate cheddar.” He stated, as if it wasn’t obvious by the utterly disgusted expression on his face.
Another discovery for his on-making list of things about Park Jimin.
“How dare you?!” Jungkook had brought a hand to his chest at the declaration, just for the sake of accentuating drama. “I trusted you.” He choked out in fake offense, hoping to hear the older boy’s laugh.
Unfortunately, he had been given only a faint chuckle followed by a roll of eyes and a “You’re an idiot, Jeon. I’ll be right back.”, before Jimin got up from his seat and disappeared on his walk till the counter, in search for the right order.
They’ve known each other for five months now – not that Jungkook is counting, it just happened for them to meet on the exact same day the latest movie of Avengers was out, so it also just happened for him to have the day tracked in his mind. Coincidences of life.
Anyway, it’s little time – Jungkook knows –, and it was definitely not enough to deepen their relationship the way he wished – but, nevertheless, it’s nice. They are past the awkward silences and the weird topic’s conversations it has some time now, and it isn’t like they are the most intimate people in the world, but yeah, they have some intimacy. Enough that Jungkook has grown used to regularly tease Jimin about his height or – this one Jimin hates the most – his fingers.
He bites the inner part of his cheek in order to repress a smile at the memory of Jimin cutely glaring at him with rosy cheeks when Jungkook told him he had baby hands for the first time. He tries not to think about it for too long though, scared he might blush just as hard as Jimin did that day.

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Making Purple (Crankgameplays x Reader)

Anonymous said:

hi hello I have a request if you’re in the mood!! an ethan and fem!reader double date with amy and mark bc this is what I live for thank u xx

(My first request! Hope you enjoy it!!)

It was Amy who suggested the double date. Well, it wasn’t originally a double date. You and her have been friends for a while and the chance to have a fun night out hasn’t come up until the next day. However, the boys overheard the plan and they wanted in on the girls night.

“Should we let them in?” Amy asked, a hand in Mark’s hair. He was currently laid on the couch head in her lap.

“Mhm, I don’t know…” You said, Ethan making himself quite comfortable laying on your lap.

Ethan booped you on the nose. “Please?”

“Pleeeeease?” Mark whined.

You and Amy looked at each, holding back laughter. “…Alright.”

That part was easy, the question now was where to have the double date. It took a good twenty minutes, but everyone decided on a couples painting class.

The next day, you sat in the car with Ethan, Amy, and Mark. Everyone wore old jeans and a shirt, nothing that would be a huge causality if a whole bunch of paint got on it.

The class was set up in rows, all facing a podium with a bowl of fruit. You four took easels next to each other, one per couple. You and Amy, as graphic designers, were the daving grace of this endever. Ethan and Mark, having no art skills, were not.

The teacher of the class clapped her hands together, getting the attention of the people there. “Welcome to this evening’s couples painting class. Art is an excellent way to strengthen the bonds of love…”

In all honesty, those were the last words you guys actually paid attention to from the teacher.

“No no, Ethan we have to sketch it out with a pencil first. Before the paint, not start with the paint.” You said, grabbing the pencil from the tray.

Ethan shook his head, paintbrush in hand. “Babe, I know what I’m doing. I’m feeling the art.”

You watched as he messily traced the outline of the bowl of fruits with blue paint. “The banana looks like a dick.”

“Astute observation, Y/N.” Ethan laughed, swiping you on the cheek with the paint.

“Ethan…!” You grabbed a paintbrush and dipped it in the red, getting him on his cheek.

Things on to left of you were going in a similar manner, pink paint coating Mark and Amy’s shirts and a good portion of their arms. The four of you greatly increased the volume of the room, much to the annoyment of the fellow couples and the teacher. Not that you cared, this was way too much fun.

“Ethan, Ethan… Wait, no, bananas aren’t pink, they’re yellow.” You had a nice coating of blue on the lower half of your face.

“Yeah, I know. But dicks aren’t yellow.” He also had paint on his face, but in red.

You looked at him. “But we’re painting fruit, not body parts.”

“Mark wait no, that’s too much paint.” Amy laughed, watching as paint globs dripped down the canvas. It made the apples look like they were melting.

Mark nodded. “There’s no such thing as too much paint.”

“There’s paint dripping on the floor.” Amy stated, trying to catch the paint falling with a paper towel.

“Oh shit, sorry.” Mark put down the brush and helped Amy with the paint.

By the end of the class, you guys’ easels were a complete mess of paint. There was more paint on the floor and yourselves than the canvas. And then of course, there was the disater on the canvas. You couldn’t even call it a bowl of fruit. It was more of a blob of colors.

You all agreed to hang your masterpieces in the office for all to see. Also to immediately shower once home, considering the amount of paint on your skin.

You and Ethan stepped into the shower, the paint dyeing the water purple. You picked at the red on his face, admiring him.



“We’re turning the shower purple.” He said, pulling you closer. He kissed you, smiling when noticed the purple on your lips. “And now you’re purple.”

You smiled back. “Want to make more purple?”

Ethan didn’t say anything, only pulling you closer by the waist and kissing you. Definitely making out more purple.

(It took a bit longer to write than I planned it to but oh well. It has been written. Hope you all enjoyed this! And remember, requests are open!

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Gabbador headcanons: What they would do on a road trip ~ The Gabbador Fairy 👑

I finally get to write this one lol sorry for the late and shitty reply, im horrible at these things 

They wanted a nice road trip, nothing fancy, just the two of them being disgustingly romantic. 

BUT you just can’t get rid of siblings and friends

Their group becomes quite big, and in the end, they have to rent a bus. It’s yellow and flashy, Francesco is excited about it. Salvador not so much. 

Francesco packed too much stuff (what if x thing happen? what if we visit x place??? what do you mean a black tailored suit isn’t necessary tf)

Salvador packed too little. He needs only his deeply meaningful music, Fireworks the cat, and Francesco’s kisses.

Half of the bus is for the food. Everyone brought something. 

Slavko drives. Francesco and Salvo make out. Luisa take pics of them. Manel dances with the gorilla. Ilinca and Demy sing loudly. 

Everything is fine for like 30 minutes. Then it’s a hell of a mess. The gorilla has tried to separate Ciccio and Salvo, the cat attacked the gorilla, someone save the food!!!!, Slavko stops the bus because STOP EVERYONE OR I’LL HIT YOU WITH MY BRAID ALSO IT’S MY TIME TO BE FABULOUS and he just starts dancing. At this point, the cat is probably the ones who’s driving but who cares 

Salvo wants to escape this mess and cuddle with Francesco while whispering some sappy shit. Francesco wants the same but… the engine stops working. It’s night, and they’re in a weird place. There’s an abandoned manor. “Where are we?” they ask themselves

There’s full moon, the gorilla eyes shine in a weird way. Salvo holds tight to Francesco. After a passionate kiss, the Italian says “let’s go on adventure” 

To be continued…

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*inhales* Demon Arthur trying to hide things from other people by covering them with his wings. I.e. Himself from Lance when they meet face to face. Awkward silence insuse.

Tagging @ecto-rp because this is their Au that exploded all over the place.

“Nonononononononooooo!” came from the corner of the room where Arthur had collapsed into a heap behind the couch, wings wrapped around him until he resembled nothing so much as a heap of green and yellow mottled tarp. The tip of his tail was the only other thing visible and it was poofed up to three times its normal size. “Vivi, don’t answer the door!”

It was far too late of course, because she was already pulling the door wide open to admit the scowling mechanic,

“Alright, so I found the place, girlie, though to be sure I didn’t like little pink spooks showin’ up at the shop to lead me here. Half’a my boys are still hidin’ in the back room.”

“Sorry, had to be sure you could find the place,” Vivi sounded entirely unapologetic. “We are a bit off the beaten path.”

“Now, what’s so important?”

“Well, I found Arthur and Lewis!”

“WHAT?! Where’s my nephew?”

“He’s here, he just is afraid to show his face because of something that happened while he was missing… there are more than a few… cosmetic changes.”

“D’you think fer one bloody second I give a tinker’s damn about cosmetic changes? Where is my BOY?!” Lance’s roar shook the furniture and sent two deadbeats fleeing.

“Over here.”

Vivi led Lance to a heap of green cowering behind the couch, still quietly going “…nononononono…”

“Arthur?” Lance, bless his huge gruff heart, actually sounded worried. “Lad, come out where’s I can see ya.”

“I can’t…” Arthur’s voice was faint and muffled.

“Lad, I don’t care what you look like, you’re still my boy. Come outta that tarp. I need to see you with my own two eyes.”

“No, I can’t,” Arthur’s voice was tight.

“I told you, I don’t give a damn what you look like, you’re still my kid.”

“No, you don’t get it.” Arthur’s voice sounded some mix between fearful and… annoyed?

“I can’t make these stupid wings work. I literally can’t come out.”

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This is gonna sound weird, but could you help me find a post? It was an AU idea in which Hunk didn't go with Lance during ep 1 and ended up being left behind on Earth. It gave me the idea for a post and I want to link to this as the inspiration for it, but I can't find it. I'm reasonably sure you posted it, but I can't find it on your blog. Could you help me out?

(post search anon) Also I feel like I should tell you that the particular post I’m thinking of making is essentially an ‘improved’ version of the post? I’m sorry, but the original post kind of pissed me off bc I felt like it focused too much on Lance while kind of unintentionally writing Hunk out of the story and also it kind of pretended like Voltron would get along fine without a permanent Yellow Paladin/Hunk? I loved the idea but I wanted to focus more on the practical side of things (½) 
(2/2, sorry this got so long) and also I wanted more focus on Hunk. So originally I was gonna write a fic about it, but it became too long, so nah, but I still want to share the plot, but feel bad for doing so without crediting you (or the other creator) for the idea. But at the same time I realize that 'improving’ someone else’s post is kind of a dick move, so if you’d rather I not make the post and/or don’t @ you or link the post in it, that’s fine too! No obligation to help/associate w/ me!

i dont think i’ve heard of such a post? i made sure to go through my entire hunk tag just in case. it’s most definitely not a post by me (i would hate to be one to write off hunk actually he’s an amazing character who doesnt have enough screen time)

but if anyone knows of the post/is the creator feel free to reply or if nonny wants to come off anon so they can be told who’s post it is 

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Hello, this might be triggering to some, please don't worry about answering if it's too much for you. Do you know of anything to help with depression and suicidal thoughts? Things have gotten really bad and none of my old coping skills are helping so I figured I'd turn to my crystals and magick for a boost. Whatever will be helpful. Thank you so much.

Check the ‘depression’ tag and try the ‘happiness’ and ‘luck’ spells to change how you feel. Keep around rose quartz, clear quartz, and citrine. Yellow and orange calcite may help, too.

I am so, so sorry you are going through this.

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I'm sad about this exo comeback... I miss Yixing... Can you do something like a lockscreen with him?

I miss him too! But I’m glad he’s doing his own projects as well as doing so well with promoting exo in China ~ he is doing so much and doing so well and it makes me so happy ☺️☺️☺️

I made a few so I hope you like them! (I also made yellow Yixing lockscreens in the past so you should go through the tags and check those out too)

🌸~Admin Shannon

As much as I miss Yixing I’m actually really glad he’s not in this comeback. The whole racism thing is getting really bad and I’m angry so I’m glad I don’t have to worry about his involvement. Sorry I just really needed that to be said. Also, thank you for your ask! 💖Admin K

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I just read your scenario about saitama confessing to his crush and it has killed me. It was too good. You are such a good writer! Could you write one with Sonic confessing to his crush if it hasn't been requested yet?

Thank you sooo much!! ;w; I’m so glad you like my work! 

Please enjoy this scenario, I had a lot of fun writing it! (Also sorry if this gets too plotty! I just think Sonic is the type of person to have a complicated relationship with someone. And ahhh I tried my best and I made it super long! /)w(\)

Word Count: 3548

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This Isn't Everything You Are

Notes: This is a little something I wrote at 2 in the morning so its probably bad. It’s a nathan centric fic so yeah please be patient with me, this is the first time I’m publishing something I wrote so here goes nothing. This piece is inspired in the song with the same name by Snow Patrol. English is not my first language so there will be mistakes.

You stare at her as she walks by.

Big blue doe like eyes.

Freckles scattered across the bridge of her nose and her cheekbones.

Messy brown bangs falling in front of her face.

That silly hipster style of hers you and Victoria make fun of that even shows on her clothes.

Maxine Caulfield is the name of the girl.

She’s really nothing special.

Not compared to the rest of the girls and especially if you compare her to Rachel’s blinding beauty.

Despite that you find yourself thinking she’s easily the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen.

But like everything you’ve ever truly wanted in your fucked up life, Max will always remain a far away dream.

An unattainable wish, just like every unanswered prayer you have ever offered to a God you used to believe in. After all, if there’s actually a God up there he would have definitely spared you from the hell you’re trapped in.

That’s how you know, you tell yourself, when Max Caulfield is already a few steps ahead that you and that beautiful girl are walking different paths that shall never cross. She belongs to another world, a world full of light and hope, naïve and innocent while you walk, no, drown in darkness and hope that someday you’ll be able to be on the same road as everybody else around you.

You don’t need to remind yourself that’s even more of an unattainable wish as you tear your eyes from her thin figure.
Curled up in the bed, frozen from the pain, aching all over, you wonder what you could have possibly done to deserve something like this.

Bandages are all over the floor from when you failed (too many times) to apply them on your wounds.

You refuse to go to a doctor. There’s no need for one, you tell yourself. What for, anyway? There’s nothing they-or anyone for that matter-can do for you.

So you swallow the pain like you’ve been doing, patch up what you can even though it’s a mess and try to keep it together.

He didn’t hold back this time.

You breathe deeply, cursing the man who caused this to you, cursing his ancestors and whatever descendants he might have. If the fucker ever decides to stop being a psychopath and become an actual member of society, that is.

Even thinking of his name activates your gagging reflex so you try not to, but the stinging sensation of your injuries and the constant pangs coming from your lower back won’t let you.

Won’t let you forget what happened just a few hours ago.

You try not to feel disgusted with yourself. Not anymore, not after everything he’s done to you on a daily basis. You try. You fail.

No matter how many times he humiliates you over and over, the shame, the disgust, and the self loathing never go away. At least not completely.

There are days where you think it would be better if you just got used to it.

There are days where you think it’s actually good that you haven’t, you’re content in the knowledge that he hasn’t managed to break you.

‘I’m not too far gone, yet’

You whisper, staring blankly, not really seeing the images being projected on the wall.

Your cheeks feel wet.
Every single time you talk to her, pure venom comes out of your mouth.

Every single time you talk to her, insults and threats are piling out on the tip of your tongue, ready to come out.

It’s like a knee jerk reaction.

You can’t stop it.

You can’t control it.

It just happens, like some kind of self defense mechanism.

You don’t want it to be like that. You want it to be just like that.

You’re a living contradiction.

The distress of having to deal with the shit of your father and that asshole has made you this way.

The only way out, the only way out that seems more plausible to you is retaliating against the world with rage. Rage at your situation, rage at your family, rage at Mark Jefferson, rage at your friends. Rage at poor unsuspecting Max. Max who is getting way too close to the truth. Max who is drawing the attention of a certain bastard.

Perhaps, in a twisted way that personality of yours will finally work for something asides from pissing people off. That’s why you excuse your inability to talk to her like a normal person would telling yourself you’re only doing it to keep her away. Perhaps the drugs-and the pills, those fucking pills-make you this way.

‘You’re a fucking liar, Nathan Prescott’

And even so, you know it’s just a pretty lie.

 You can’t remember the last time you interacted with someone out of the Vortex Club without being rude or an ass. Or just acting plainly psychotic.

Hell, you can’t remember the last time you were capable of talking with Vic without a care in the world, without being afraid of saying too much or too little.

Max stares at you with cold fear and condescending hatred.

Maybe you are too far gone.

Maybe you have always been.
rachel in the dark room. Racheinthedarkroom. Rachel in the dark room. RACHELINTHEDARKROOMRACHELRACHELINTHEDARKDARKRCHELINTHEDARKROOM. RACHEL IN THE DARK ROOM. Rachelinthedarkroomrachelinthedarkroomrachelinthedarkroomrachelinthedarkroomrachelinthedarkroom.

“I’m so sorry”
Your reflection in the mirror is haunting at best.

Flat stomach. Potruding ribs. Hipbones jutting out. Sickly pale skin marked with green, purple, yellow and red. No bandages this time.

Your body is like a canvas, and the bruises are the paint.

You’re dangerously skinny. Apparently, the only thing working out in your life are the diet pills. So lucky.

Trembling fingers trace the wake of bitemarks just below the collarbone. You feel sick.

The diet pills were supposed to be for your sudden-yeah, right-lack of appetite, just as for making you look less ‘desirable’.

Sadly, it had the opposite effect.

The more shattered you looked, the more beautiful and whatthefuckever other bullshit Jefferson spewed about, you supposedly were.

That itself should have been a reason to stop.

But the thing is, you don’t feel hunger anymore. The sight of food is enough to send you throwing up in the nearest bathroom.

In conclusion, diet pills are a must. That and some part of you likes the way you look now, likes how your exterior is just as damaged as the inside.

The more reasonable part of your brain tells you, screams at you, you’re only doing it so others notice. Notice how hurt you are, notice and help you pick up the pieces of your sanity.

The other side, mocks the sane one. And with reason. None of your proclaimed friends have shown an ounce of concern for your well being. Not even Vic. She just acts like everything’s fine and dandy. Couldn’t she see how alarmingly unstable you’ve become?

No, she couldn’t.

Just like everybody else, she is immersed in her own reality. A reality where things like rape, abuse, murders and pain do not exist.

You remind yourself you want it to stay that way. It’s for the best, your mind says.

The marks on your thighs burn ominously.

You’re sweating pinballs and not exactly from the heat.

A hand pulls on your hair.

Pushes your face against the cushions.

All you see is white.

Your clothes are off in less than what it would take to scream ‘rape’.

Offending hands run across your skin in a mockery of gentleness.

You’ve never wanted to throw up so much in your life.

His weight is on you, his clothed chest pressed against your naked back.

His voice is soft, crooning in the shell of your ear and you can’t hear a thing.

You have zoned out long ago. Turned off that alarm that makes you give a fuck.

After it’s done you will freak out, you will cry, you will scream and you will do every step of the self-disgust ritual.

Right now, you don’t feel anything. If you were to look at yourself in a mirror, vacant blue eyes would stare right back.

You don’t react when he thrusts into you without warning. You don’t cry out like you did the first time. And the time after that. And the time after that.

You just embrace the familiar hurt. All you feel is the white, hot, searing pain and you don’t let yourself dwell on it. You just take it.

Not even a peep comes out of your mouth.

Your mind is in a faraway place. In a place where dirty old guys don’t screw teenage boys for their own sick amusement. In a place where parents care.

If you mutter a silent (useless) prayer when a trail of blood mixed with his cum slides down your legs… well, who could blame you?
“Did you rape her?”

“You are fucking EVIL, Max. No way are you asking me this. I didn’t touch her and I wouldn’t. You just crossed my red line you little-“
You know it’s gotten worse the time you go to the cinema with Victoria.

You don’t remember the movie you were going to watch even.

You just know it got worse.

Everything was fine. She bought popcorn you bought the refreshments. You sat down.

Perfectly normal.

Until that scene.

The main character was cornered in an alley by the villain.

The guy grabbed her.

Smashed her against the wall and when his lips met hers in a bruising kiss, swallowing her scream-

You just lost it.

You tensed up in your seat immediately. Goosebumps all over your flesh, you felt you were trapped again in that disgusting white prison. Your vision got blurry. Your heartbeat picked up and you just couldn’t stand to be in that place any longer.

You left Victoria with an excuse, said you were going to the bathroom before jetting out of the movie theater.

Standing alone in the middle of the empty street, taking gulps of breath, hands scratching at your clothed arms, you know you’re probably having a panic attack.

The clawing fear that surrounds you, the heavy atmosphere making your chest ache; they’re all signs that you are not fine.

Victoria finds you minutes later emptying your stomach’s contents on the floor.

You tell her the popcorn didn’t sit well with you.
“Everybody… is trying to hurt me.”

 “I didn’t hurt Kate”
What you like the most about the drugs is the numbing of the senses they bring.

When you get high, everything else stops being important.

It’s only you and the universe.

When you get high there are no problems, no appearances to mantain, no sadness, no responsabilities, no dark rooms, no demanding fathers, no Mark Jefferson and no snooping Max.

You just exist.

You just are.

It’s in no way similar to the hazy stupor you get in whenever you take your prescribed meds.

You know you’re being over medicated on purpose.

 You stopped trying to rebel and not take the meds a long time ago. Everytime you did, father dearest would beat you up until you couldn’t get up-never on the face, though, people would see then-so you gave up.

You rebel in other ways, like getting your own medication, the diet pills, the outbursts, trying to steal that stupid totem, getting bad grades. All kinds of stuff to show the world your discomfort.

The world never answers back.

Sometimes, because of that lack of response, you just want to inmerse yourself in the suffering, the angst.

So you drink.

Alcohol is quite the opposite of drugs, you know, alcohol brings out instead the emotions, raw and strong.

You drink to make your insides burn.

You want it to burn.

You take a drink for every moment wasted in this shithole.

You drink for every girl that has fallen in the webs of Jefferson

You drink for your unrequited love.

You drink for your lost innocence.

You drink knowing you are forever marked as dirty and impure.

You drink for the day you’ll get out of Arcadia Bay.

And most of all you drink for the day you will finally be free.


Art, they say, is a reflection of the soul.

Art, they say, represents the author’s point of view, the way the author perceives his surroundings.

You stare at the photographs you’ve taken all spread out on your bed (pointedly ignoring the one hidden in your drawer).

Black and white.




You have to ask yourself

‘When did I start seeing the world this way?’

'When did I stop seeing the world in colors?’

'When did I start to feel so alone?’

'When did I start wanting to die?’


“Everybody is waiting for the storm”



The doctor is scribbling something in his notepad.

You can’t bring yourself to give a fuck.

You’ve done this thing so many times before, you can literally recite the words you are sure the man will say in a few minutes.

“Nathan, you’re extremely ill.  From what you’ve told me and  your records you I think you might suffer from schyzophrenia  and bipolar blah blah blah hut I can’t tell you with certainty what your illness is blah blah blah I’ll prescribe you some useless pills blah blah…”

And the guy just like you predicted delivers like he’s reading from a script.

You tune out his chatter, stare at your shoes and press your lips tight.

You resist the urge to yell at the new shrink how any of his shit will not work on you  because you are not fucking ill or whatever.

You resist the impulse to tell him the truth.

Tell him you were born a normal boy.

Tell him how the one who changed out of the blue was your dad.

Tell him he’s the one who needs real help.

How suddenly when you turned eight he started taking out his frustrations on you.

How he started demeaning you, abusing you, taking your self esteem and confidence down to zero.

Tell him about the time he pushed you down the stairs and you dislocated your shoulder. How that was the first time you used youtube to learn how to put a dislocated limb back to its place.

Tell him how that wasn’t the last time.

Tell him about how you were a perfectly normal child until your own father messed you up.

Tell him about how it got way worse when dear daddy put you under Jefferson’s “guidance”

Tell him about how sexual abuse thrown in to the mix can fuck a person’s mental health.

Or how watching the things he does in the dark room can shatter your soul for eternity.

Tell him how the feeling of being hopeless screws a mind.

But you resist. And you don’t say a word.

Because once you made the mistake of confiding in one of these assholes and he ended up  being the same as the rest.

You told him your biggest secret and he turned it into a delusion from your supposedly delirious mind

That secret made every psychiatrist regard you as a basket case.

Screw them, you think, cause if there’s one thing you know it’s one hundred percent legit in your life, as legit as the abuse from  your father is the fact that you have visions.

Since you were able to remember you’ve always seen the same scene play out whenever you close your eyes . At first you thought it was just dream but soon changed your mind when it became a recurring thing, always the same., every single day of the week.

Arcadia Bay. A storm. The biggest tornado you had ever seen. And it always felt so real:the rain prickling your skin, the wind blowing your hair, the fear buzzing in the air. It couldn’t be just your imagination.

Of course, fucking doctors didn’t think the same.

Now, you’re prescribed with whatever and dad forces you to take an exaggerate amount of pills just so he can push you around while you’re out of it.

The guy in front of you does exactly what you expect.

You walk out of his office feeling like you’ve been reliving the same shitty day for a really long time

You can’t wait for the storm to wipe out Arcadia Bay.


You’re in your room, staring at the ceiling hoping it will give you a revelation of some sort.

The gun in your hand feels heavy.

Kate Marsh tried to commit suicide today. You still remember the image of the girl standing on the rooftop, ready to die, ready to leave this world. And Max, beautiful, brave Max who managed to save her.

You raise the gun, press it againt your temple.

Your lip trembles.

It’s not fair. It’s not fair how a side of you was horrified, guilty for what was happening while a much larger part of you ached for a camera, longing, wanting to preserve that moment forever. A part of you thought it was beautiful, how desperate she was to off herself. You found beauty in that and you hate yourself for it.

Self-hatred consumes you.

The gun presses harder and you wince.

That is when the thought strikes you.

What if I could put an end to this nightmare?

You actually consider it.

Your whole body shakes with tremors.

How easy it would be…

You throw the gun across the room, curl up in a ball and you finally let go

That night you dream of jumping off rooftops, and what would have happened if you had been brave enough to pull the trigger


“Everybody hates me”

LiAr, LiAr?

Ok first of all please don’t hate me for this but..

Precisely one that many of you probably won’t like. But I just found a lot of clues I didn’t wanna ignore.

It all started off with this:

Hold on.. an Ali reveal?

I thought it was Charles? Radley? Bethany? A? And..

Does this say Ali after all is involved in all of this mess? 

Well unfortunately I think she really might be. There’s just a lot of things she said and did that don’t add up at all and/or make her seem pretty suspicious.

First of all: Her version of what happened that night. Especially the part where Mona “got her” to fake her death. I never bought that. Ali never was and never will be a person who can be talked into doing something like that out of fear of someone, not even A. Plus, does this sound like someone who spontanously faked their own death?

And Ali also really doesn’t seem like a person who doesn’t have a plan before they do something like that. Just imagine you were threatened and one day were buried alive resulting in someone convincing you to run away and let everyone believe you’re dead.. would you know how to somehow get all of those without any kind of planning before?

But why? Well first of all, it might really have been to fight A. But as a second goal (if not the main goal, I’m really not sure Ali was telling the truth about her A or really was the kind of person to be that afraid of them) Ali wanted to be missed. And she wanted what she called ‘Immortality’. Plus: we know Ali always played some sick games together with CeCe. Maybe that was the ultimate one? It’d fit Ali’s personality back then.

That’s who Ali was when she was bored. She said so herself.

Now when it comes to her plan i definitely think she had the liars involved (that’s what may have caused A to be after them). She left diaries, secrets and clues for them to be found (she basically told Spencer so)..

(Ali telling Spencer the diaries are for the liars so they can “carry on” (she doesn’t answer Spencer when asked what exactly they’re supposed to carry on with) after Ali is gone)

And for her, secrets were like one of the most important things ever.

But of course Ali didn’t share precious secrets with her friends without a plan either.

And I also think there are still secrets she’d never share. Not even with the liars. Well let me correct myself: Wouldn’t share with someone she wasn’t 100% sure they’d keep it:

(Hint hint: a fake death is a big secret. And someone is dead. Bethany to be precise. Ali really might have planned that, too..

.. why else make her wear a yellow top?)

But then Ali was gone and everything changed. She changed. Her plan changed. Are you sure about that?

Just think about it.. what was the first thing Ali said when the girls discovered she was alive?

Well so much for wanting to be missed. I don’t think that’s a normal thing to say to your friends after they believed you were dead for a year. After you’ve been gone for a year. No “are you fine?” or “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know another way out” or maybe “I missed you”. No. It still is “Did you miss me”?

There’s a reason the girls got so sick of that.

No more hoping for immortality?

Spencer’s subconciousness knows better.

Speaking about being missed, the following conversation also started like that:

It took place when Hanna saw Ali in the hospital after she was hit by that car (Ali was still gone back then).

Now look at the part of the conversation I highlighted. When Ali told the girls about everything that happened “that night” in “‘A’ is for answers" she said they were all drugged, sound asleep and Spencer didn’t hurt her but also went straight back to sleep. That was all about those four. It can’t be the truth because how the hell would they be supposed to know more than they think then?? Something’s really off.

And we know Hanna wasn’t only hallucinating Ali’s visit because of that:

So Ali was there and said what she said !

(along with the following):

But was it all lies? Didn’t Ali honestly try to change some time? Didn’t she maybe change?

Hmm. This generally seems to be a big question in PLL

I think this is a returning question because of Alison. Because she’s really trying to. But why shouldn’t she be able to?

Marlene once said that one of the biggest clues she ever gave was Ali’s middle name - Lauren.

Alison Lauren DiLaurentis - Di like two? And double Lauren?

I’m not gonna go with the twin theory now - with Charles as an already lost family member and the whole Ali twin thing being exactly like in the books I don’t think that’s really it.

Let’s just say there’s two versions of Ali - as in she may 

1) have a split personality or

2) a kinda “devil on her shoulder” she finds really hard to fight

She also once told Emily she needed her help because she wasn’t sure which version of her was the real one anymore.

So whatever it is, split personality or a “dark” side of Ali’s.. here are some A-ending clues that I didn’t want to leave out either:

A’s ID when buying whiskey. Definitely looks like one of the Pennsylvania driver’s licenses (see above). Could of course be everyone’s but I’m not sure it’s a coincidence as the only ones we ever saw were Ali’s fakes.

A folding the candy stripe outfit Ali wore when she visited Hanna. I know all the girls wore it. But I don’t think any of the other girls kept it?

Whatever is wrong with Ali I can somehow understand.. her mother and her lies.. and that’s not all I think (remember the bloody lip?)

Split personality (which would mean Ali probably wouldn’t know what the other personality was doing) or not - there also seems to be a lot of surpressed memories in the DiLaurentis family. Jason forgetting a whole summer. And his brother. And Ali doesn’t seem to initially have forgotten everything about Charles either..

Something’s up with this family’s mental health and memories in general I think. Maybe Charles’ mental illness was just the tip of the iceberg. (And maybe he was even the most innocent of all of them.. no solid proof here but Marlene said we’d feel sorry for him

Now I really didn’t want to upset Ali fans or something. And I hope I didn’t. But the way she’s redeemed and everyone keeps saying the A reveal will shock us (which it would now that Ali is a mostly loved character) but also we will see how everything’s been there from the very beginning.. I just thought it’d kinda fit pretty well.

#2: When he kisses you


He’s actually been preparing the kiss for quite some time, awaiting for the perfect moment to happen. There were times he was willing to do it, but shook his head and just gave a simple kiss on the cheek. That wasn’t enough for him, but it did make you blush as his lips pecked your cheek. But today…today was his day. He wouldn’t time the kiss, but rather let it come naturally. “Oh. Let’s stop here, you said, dragging Seungcheol into a nearby ice cream shop. You both individually got your flavors and went a bit overboard with many toppings, laughing quietly before you both paid for the treats. Sitting outside at the tables set up with a vase, a single red carnation, and colored chairs, you both sat down and began to indulge in the cool treat. You both then talked about whatever, laughing at anything embarrassing happening to the members or anything in particular to both of you through out the week. Seugcheol then saw a bit of ice cream on your lips, smirking to himself. “You have a little…” He then leaned forward and kissed your lips softly before sitting back down, the ice cream gone as you touched your lips, blushing many shades of pinks and reds. 


“Ah! You made it!” he smiled, seeing you walk up to him at the carnival’s entrance. “Am I late? I was trying my best to rush here without looking like a sweaty mess,” you giggled, holding his hand. “You’re not late and you look pretty as always. Let’s have fun, okay?” he smiled, making you nod and blush at how sweet he was. The start of the carnival began with simple games and of course, the classic ride of bumper cars where you both got really competitive and tried to hit each other as much as possible. Of course, like the angel he is, he allowed you to win. It was now getting dark as the entire carnival began to lit up in its bright neon colored lights. “Let’s go on the Ferris wheel,” he suggested as he led you to the line. Taking a seat across from each other, the Ferris wheel went up further and further until it stopped at the top, a perfect view of the city’s scenery. “Wow. It looks so pretty from up here,” you said, speechless at the skyline. “There’s something missing to complete this date,” he said. You then looked at him, “What is it?” “This,” he said before leaning in to brush his lips against yours softly.


“Ooh! Look!” you said, leaning over the railing of the boardwalk. Joshua stood next to you, staring at the sunset just before your eyes. The sky was a haze of yellow, streaked with orange and pink as the glow of the sun cast upon the ocean’s waters, forming a glittering affect. “It’s beautiful, isn’t?” he asked. You nodded, noting you could stare at the sun set forever. “Did you have fun today?” he asked, looking at you. “Mhmm! I’m sorry for getting salt water into your eyes,” you apologized, hearing him laugh. “It was just a tiny drop. It stung a bit, but not too much,” he replied. “Really? Because you were pacing back and forth, rubbing your eyes with the towel. I thought I really did mess things up,” you said with a slight pout. “Don’t worry about it. I’m fine now. See? My eyes are as clear as…the clouds! Although…the clouds are pink and not white,” he said, laughing. “Well the clouds do look a lot like how your eyes looked earlier,” you giggled, laughter shared before you both returned to the sunset. “Looks like it’s going to get dark real soon,” you said, the sun almost gone. “Before we leave, there’s one more thing I want to do,” he said. Before you can even talk, you felt his lips crash onto yours as his hands cupped your face for a sweet kiss.


He wasn’t great with his words, but his actions spoke louder than what he wanted to say. He did talk, but he stumbles on his words or had no clue how to say it. He would just show it in a form of a simple gesture. But he was getting better as the days went by, and you were happy to see him progress. In all honesty, Junhui had a few tricks up his sleeves, pretending to be really bad during his study sessions with you. He just wanted to spend more time with you; that’s all. Sometimes, he would drag time by showing you these hand tricks and getting off track from what you were teaching him. “Come on. Let’s focus,” you would say. But he was having way too much fun teasing you and getting side-tracked; it was cute to see you frustrated. There were days where study sessions weren’t held and he felt a bit lonely when you weren’t constantly bickering him to focus or there to laugh at his jokes. When the time came when he really needed you, he soon began to realize he was falling for you. “Hey ______? Can you come over in a bit? I want to give you something,” he said. You then came over, wondering what Junhui wanted to give you. Sitting on the stairs of his home, you waved at him before sitting besides him. “So…what’s up?” you asked, looking at him. His tongue was tied from the moment he stared in your eyes and then this sudden urge pushed him forward to just kiss your lips ever so gently before pulling apart. “You don’t know how long I have been waiting just to kiss you.”


“5…6…7…8…” he said as he counted each move, learning it together. You both were bored, out of your mind, and decided to just choreograph a duet based on some song that was playing through the radio. After finding the exact song, you both listened to it once again before making up the dance. It was tough at first since the styles you both wanted weren’t exactly so fitting, but he made it work. Lots of laughter was shared when he would say one move and do the other or even trip on his shoelaces, having you sigh and tie them tightly for him. It made him blush at the fact you were taking care of him. “Hey, I’m a grown man. I can tie my own laces,” he said. “Oh really? Then why are you tripping over your laces like fifty times during the first half of the song?” you teased before poking his forehead. You both sat in front of the mirror of the dance room, taking a break and catching your breath. “Because my laces seem to not approve the way I tie them,” he replied, hearing you giggle at him. “Right. I’ll believe that,” you said, taking a sip of your water bottle. You fixed your hair as Soonyoung took a deep breath, watching you from the mirror as he quickly looked away once you caught him staring. “Hey Soonyoung, can you-” As you turned your face to ask him a question, you felt a pair of lips on yours, eyes wide before he pulled away. “Yes?” he asked, pretending as if the kiss didn’t happen.


“Wonwoo. I’m going to count to five,” you said, seeing him stand on the other side of the kitchen counter. “Or else what?” he teased, holding the bowl of marshmallows and happily placing one into his mouth. “I will draw on your face with frosting,” you threatened, holding the pasty bag with colored frosting. “You wouldn’t,” he said, staring down at you. “I would. I’m going to count now. 5…” He laughed. “4…” He began to slowly circle around the kitchen counter as you hunted him down. “3…” You were actually serious, now chasing him as he ran with the bowl, stuffing more mini marshmallows into his mouth just to tick you off. “2…” Now you both were all over the house, frosting on the floors and marshmallows flying everywhere. “1!” you yelled, tackling him as you both fell onto the living room floor. “Y-Yah! ______!  I give up! Don’t..don’t put frosting on me!” he laughed as you were trying to squeeze red frosting onto his face. “You’ll look sweet with the red frosting,” you laughed, drawing a heart on his cheek as you were practically on top of him. He then wiped the frosting off and smeared it on your cheek, making you gasp. “Fine! I’ll just put it all over your face then!” you said before he held your wrists and flipped you over, now you were beneath him. “This isn’t fair now,” you muttered as you looked at him, not taking him serious with red frosting on parts of his face. “No. I think it’s pretty fair,” he said before he leaned in for a very sweet kiss.


“Thank you,” you said as you bowed to the other members before walking into the studio Jihoon was in. He sat in the comfy white chair, eyebrows furrowed as his hands constantly edited their new track. You quietly closed the door, seeing that he didn’t flinch or move at the small click of the sound. His eyes were glued onto the computer screen as he clicked away. “Jihoon?” you asked. The boy soon jumped, seeing you look at him as he touched his heart. “Oh god, you scared me,” he said, breathing in and out quickly. You took a seat besides him. “Sorry! I thought…I would come by and visit you. Your members have been telling me you’ve been in the studio all day,” you explained as he finally caught his breath. “Yeah. This track is driving me crazy,” he sighed, running a hand through his colored hair. “Why won’t you take a break? Maybe that’ll help,” you said, seeing how exhausted he looked. “No. It’s okay. I’m almost done,” he said, going back to work on it. “Jihoon…you’ve been in here since noon. It’s six o'clock right now. I think you deserve a break for working six hours straight,” you stated, seeing him give you a pleading look. “______, it’s okay. I’m fine. I’m used to working longer than six hours. I’ll reward myself when I’m done,” he said, “I’m almost done. Just a few more things to fix and then-” He felt you cup his face before you placed a kiss on his lips for a few seconds before parting. “I-I’ll take a break now,” he stuttered, making you laugh.


“______? Have you seen my thing?” asked Seokmin. You sat up on the sofa, putting down your magazine. “What thing?” you asked. “The thing!” he said, walking around the dorm. It was his day off and he invited you over to just spend the day with him. “I can’t help you if you’re not going to be specific with me,” you said as you watched him search through the bookshelves and then into his room. You followed him, leaning against the door frame as he went through the drawers, the closest, and through the bed, checking under and between the mattress. “Seokmin…what are you looking for?” you asked. “Something important. It’s really important,” he replied, still searching through the room. “Way to be specific. Just tell me what it is and I’ll help you. I don’t want you ripping the entire dorm to shreds that I have to clean it all so your members won’t threaten to hurt you,” you said, hearing him laugh. “What I’m look for is…” he then kissed your lips lightly before pulling apart and giving you a bright smile, “your lips.” You then smacked his chest lightly before plopping onto the sofa with him sitting besides you, telling how cheesy his move was as Seokmin laughed once again, happy with what he did.


He was playful with his kisses, giving you sweet pecks on the cheeks and those warm forehead kisses. He would just shower you in love with kisses, you would expect it everyday. He was just an affectionate person, kisses and love given to you. But although he gave sweet kisses all over, he never truly kissed your lips. Maybe he was just shy. Maybe he was just taking his time. So, you went about your days, accepting pecks on your cheeks, your nose, and your forehead. You both were having a lazy day at your home. You sat on the floor, the tv on as a movie played. You felt Mingyu’s hands comb your hair with his fingers before he began to attempt a braid. “What are you doing?” you asked, turning slightly. “I’m trying to braid your hair. I think you look pretty with braided hair,” he said, trying his best. “And my hair doesn’t look pretty when it’s not braided?” you asked. “N-No! I don’t mean it like that! I mean, your hair is always pretty but-” “I’m just teasing you! Calm down,” you laughed, hearing him sigh. “I really thought I was going to say something dumb and screw things over,” he admitted, finishing off your loose braid. He then showed you it, a smile on your face. “Not bad. I actually really like it,” you said, turning around to face him. “Really? I thought I was doing it wrong,” he said. “Nope. It’s really nice,” you said before giving a light kiss on his lips before heading into the kitchen. Mingyu sat there, cheeks redder than ever as he tried to register the quick kiss that just happened.


“Puppies are such hard work,” you sighed, standing up as your new pup was finally asleep. Minghao followed you as you both sat on the back porch of your home. “But it’s worth it. They’re like family,” he said, smiling at you. “So what about this girl you’ve been talking about. Has she said anything yet?” you asked. Mingaho’s cheeks turned a rosy pink. He looked down, trying to avoid the eyes he fell for. “Not really…I-I mean…I haven’t actually…talked to her,” he admitted. “Minghao…why?” you asked, pushing him to the side slightly. “It’s nerve wrecking, okay? I’m just afraid she won’t like me or feel the same. I told you we are really good friends,” he explained. “I’d still tell her that I like her regardless of anything. She has to know before it’s too late,” you stated, seeing him look at you with those bright brown orbs of his. “Fine. ______, I like you. I really like you. And it took me a while to figure out that I was falling for you. There. I said it,” he said, now avoiding your eyes completely. You then blinked at him, your heart lurching in your chest. “Y-You like…me?” you asked. He nodded meekly, still shy to look at you. “I do…I really do,” he said as he looked at you. A smile then formed on your lips. “About time you told me!” Minghao was taken aback by your words. “What?” “I was waiting for you to confess and you finally did. So, I’m happy because I like you too. More than friends of course,” you said and before you knew it, you felt his lips on yours.


He talked and talked and talked. But it was okay. He was great at talking and had a lot to say. He did sometimes annoy you slightly with his random singing when explaining his day, so you would tell him to focus. “Seungkwan. Please. I just want to hear about your day. Stop singing!” you laughed. “I can sing about my day in a musical,” he suggested, clearing his throat. You then placed your hand over his mouth. “Just talk for me. Then you can sing all you want,” you said, hearing him chuckle. “Okay. Fine. My day was actually fun. The hyungs were being really dumb lately, but then again, that’s like them everyday. Oh! That reminds me! I had some strange dream and…” He rambled on and on about it, going into detail as you listened, reacting with each word he said as you began to question what he dreams in general. “And something funny happened too Soonyoung hyung today. He…” He then jumped from one story to the next, getting carried away as he was consumed with his entire day, wanting to fill you with every detail considering it’s been a while since you two were able to enjoy each other’s company. “And then Seokmin did aegyo and man did we all want to punch him. So what I did was–” You cupped his face and planted a kiss on his lips for a few seconds before you pulled apart. “Sorry. I had to. It was the only way to shut you up,” you giggled. “You should do that more often,” he winked, making you blush as you pushed him to the side, now hearing him point out how red your cheeks were.


“Well, this didn’t help,” he said as he took off the hoodie used to protect you both from the rain, seeing it now soaked and wet. “Yeah. I’m completely drenched from head to toe,” you said, rinsing out the water in your hair. Hansol ruffled his hair, droplets of rain water splattering everywhere as the rain continued to pour. “It’s going to be a while until the rain stops,” he said with a slight pout, watching the rain water collect in a nearby puddle. “My house isn’t far from here. If we run, we can get there before we are completely drenched,” you said, seeing him look at you with a slight smile. “Okay. Let’s go then,” he said, taking your hand and dragging you with him before you both ran to your home, splashing into puddles as the drops stung you both as it fell faster and harder. Arriving at your front porch, you both breathed heavily, completely soaked. “Well. At least we made it,” you said, both of you laughing before you sneezed slightly. “Aww. Don’t tell me you’re already getting sick,” he said, pushing your hair out of your face. “I hope not. I hate being sick,” you said, another sneeze escaping as you sniffled. “I know what will make you feel better. It’ll warm you up too,” he said as he peered into your eyes. “ it?” you asked, feeling your heart thump against your chest. “A kiss,” he said before he brushed your lips against yours; gently, sweetly, and warmly.


“Yeah, I’ll be out in a bit. I just have to grab something,” said Chan as he waved goodbye to his friends. Walking into his classroom, he went to his desk to grab his hoodie until his eyes wandered to you. You were asleep in the classroom, hair slightly falling over your eyes. “Hmm. She must’ve slept late,” he quietly said to himself as he walked over to you, taking a seat besides you. His fingers tapped against the desk before he turned to you, still seeing you asleep. “You could’ve told me you were tired instead of hearing me talk about everything…” he muttered, looking at you with soft eyes, “I would’ve understand and let you sleep.” His eyes brushed your hair back slightly as he still smiled softly. “But at least you listened to me when everyone was dead asleep. So, thanks. Maybe it was selfish of me to keep you awake…but at least you listened to me and didn’t tell me to shut up,” he said with a slightl chuckle. You stirred in your sleep slightly as Chan held his breath, hoping he didn’t wake you up. He then exhaled as you stayed in your sleeping state. “So thank you, ______; for listening me to the point I made you lose sleep,” he said. He was now crouching in front of your desk, admiring your beauty as you slept. A smile then curved on your lips before Chan gulped slightly, leaning in to peck your lips before dashing out, his heart racing as he just realized he kissed you.

There were a few things Nico didn’t want to hear early in the morning. These included “Ned Stark you get back here right this instant!”

An early morning, insomnia-induced walk through Central Park had seemed like such a good idea too. 

But no, suddenly he was face down on the grass with a giant yellow thing sitting on top of him and licking his hair. 

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