sorry too lazy to draw haha

Hi guys, sorry for not posting for quite a while!! I seem to like disappear once school starts and I feel bad ahaha;;

The King and the Queen

I just had to draw this because I love both of them and now they have (essentially) equal titles I have an good excuse to draw them together haha. (I don’t ship them but if future plot proves they have potential or actual connections then I might)

Also excuse the details of Eileen/Irene’s hairpiece and hair. The spoiler image is too small so it was hard to see. Sorry i got lazy with Acnologia and left out the opening of the cloak (plus the abs underneath it lol)

jollylox  asked:

What art program do you use sorry if you get this alot Im just curious 😅

I just use Photoshop CS6 (well, CS5 on my laptop but in terms of drawing I find them almost identical) I’d like to try Sai but I don’t really know where to get it from and I’m too lazy to look haha


Admision + Finals

4th pic of the Ereri uni au[1] [2] [3].

Eren had his finals already so now he’s taking the admission test for university. Levi’s still in his finals’ week.

I originally intended to draw this like 3 weeks ago but I got pretty busy with my finals and projects so this is not on time at all haha.


Sketch of Teddy and Gray relaxing/talking after midnight. I was practicing with a tablet in my university, since the gallery that has the big Wacom desktops were full, I was in a classroom using the university’s tablet. I didn’t do that bad (compared to the first time *cough*) but I did screw up on Gray’s arms/sleeves, plus it didn’t help the fact that since I’ve been with my glasses for almost 4 years, I tend to see blurry when in front of a computer screen with or without glasses lately. ;-;’

But anyways! I really see Gray and Teddy as friends and I enjoy drawing them, (Malik and Fay too, I just been very lazy and busy agh @crimsonfuel I’m sorry it’s just a sketch, but I hope you like it? ;u;’ I still need to draw that dancing scene of those two in the bar haha

Sorry not sorry *kicked* haha, um. This is Fanart for incorrectknb
I’m not sure if I’m supposed to submit this?? //rolls I wanted to draw something from your blog for a while, but I’ve been too lazy otl hope I didn’t kill it urk. Quote was from incorrectknb but I don’t know how to link it *sweats*.

Request from Katie who wanted art for an intriguing rp she was doing where Snake has a prosthetic arm after having an amputation (made by Otacon ofc (>3<) )

I am not v knowledgeable about mgs but it sounded interesting and I hope she writes a full-blown fic eventually

Anyway this is about a month overdue because I am a lazy bastard but I really hope you like it hon !!!