sorry to whoever made it


Percival Graves x Credence Barebone

inspired by a fic called “Pocketknife” by anon on ao3 (which i couldn’t find it anymore;;;)


who’s been drawing dicks? be honest I know a few people out there.


@pureren tagged me to do this uhhhhhhhhhh selfie/lockscreen/homescreen thing??? don’t look at me and my gay klance ass. i’m sorry i can’t remember who made my lock bg but whoever u are i love u

i’m tagging everyone in salt squad (u know who u are) and whoever else wants to do it, i’m too tired to think of anyone kdkdkdkdk

anonymous asked:

lol it's so funny that you think Australia actually exists! Even if it did exist, it would be UNDERWATER! Haven't you heard the stories? Australia SUNK! It's the lost city of Australia you dingleberry!

Goodbye, Australia, you will be missed.

Sailor Moon theme song, I didn’t make it myself. I used someone else town tune and used it as a base I only made a small adjustment to it so I take no credit for it. Sadly I can’t remember who was the person who originally made this town tune since I did this a very long while ago. Feel free to use it. Keep in mind I’m not the one who originally made it and I’m so sorry to whoever originally made it.