sorry to the owner


I found this sketchbook in a restaurant and It may be impossible but I want to find the author.

The sketchbook was found in El Albaicín, Granada, Spain and I think the artist isn’t Spanish, maybe a Chinese tourist or someone who are learning Chinese but who knows u_u

In the drawings you can see some monuments of differents sites of Spain, that’s why I think she/he could be a tourist D:

I already tweeted it and a lot of people are sharing (all my love for you guys<3) but I want to try to find him/her here too


Did you ask the restaurant staff if they know it?: I’m the restaurant staff, I work there and we can’t remember who is the owner, sorry

- Did you use the reverse image search in Google?: Yes, I do and got nothing u_u

- Can you check the CCTV?: Em… no…  We don’t have it in the terrace and my boss would never let me see them

What you could do is put a note at the door of the restaurant saying ‘have you lost…?’ : I’m the only one in the restautrant who cares about this and again my boss would never let me do that.

If they are a tourist and you just found it recently, they are probably still travelling and might not check their social media as often: Yes, I know, but maybe someone can recognize his/her style or something 

Please, just share and help me to find him/her ;_;

Thank you!

They are amazing 😊

I love them 😍

Credit to owner
  • Jjong : Hey kibum what's your last name?
  • Kibum : It's Kim? You know that??
  • Jjong : *gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring* maybe i can change that.
  • Kibum : .............
  • Jjong : .............
  • Kibum : ???
  • Jjong : *whispers to himself* i knew taking advices from that lil devil was a bad idea
  • * taemin cracking up in distance *

This is what happenes when you leave Jimin alone in the practice room…please protect this child…

(I had this video for a really long time so I don’t really know where I get it from….i think it was twitter….still…credits to the owner (* I’m so sorry for not knowing who it was*)


Katie McGrath + Colors: Shades of Pink (6/?)

“I don’t like pink and I am not into girlie stuff, bows and frills, sugary looking things.”-Katie McGrath

(Black, Green, Red, White, Blue, etc.) 


  • Harry: Here, I made this friendship bracelet for you.
  • Draco: You know, I'm not really a jewelry person.
  • Harry: Oh, well you don't have to wear it—
  • Draco: No, I'm gonna wear it forever. Back off