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the punchline is that i still haven’t figured out how to draw allura

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spoby snippets: "I don't have the flu, I'll be fine"

“I don’t have the flu, I’ll be fine.” Spencer grumbled as she dug through the closet, looking for something to wear to work.

Toby knew his wife too well to believe that she was fine. He could sense that she was feeling under the weather after she slept through two of her alarms. Waking up late was something that Spencer never did, even on her days off. But Toby knew that she was too stubborn to admit to feeling sick.

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OH MY GOD THIS WHOLE THING IS SO STUPID. It’s not even a debate.

Of course Tyrion had the power to not marry Sansa. Of course he could have said “no.” You know who tells us this? Tyrion:

You did not ask for this marriage, I know. No more than I did. If I had refused you, however, they would have wed you to my cousin Lancel. Perhaps you would prefer that. He is nearer your age, and fairer to look upon. If that is your wish, say so, and I will end this farce.