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“Will they just go and get a room, or, I don’t know, just go get married?”

“They still insist they are just friends.”

“…I am so done with them.“


Sorry as their heads are too big so I cannot find a way to let Steve standing on Tony’s boot (without kissing Tony in the process) so please ignore that bug XDDD

A fluffy Stony short comic for all of you and as a little celebration heehee

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Your P.O.V

I sat in in my living room on my couch waiting for my boyfriend, Justin, to come home. He tends to do this a lot and because I always worry about his safety, I end up waiting all night for him. He doesn’t seem that thrilled when he walks through the door and sees me sitting there, giving him the ‘look’, as he calls it. it’s my ‘Where have you been? i can’t believe you’ve been out this long’ look. 

I heard the front door open and slam shut, loudly. I sighed, knowing he’s in one of those moods. I turned and saw him walk through the living room door. When his eyes laid on me, he sighed in annoyance. 

“You know, you don’t have to wait up for me, right?” he said, smiling sarcastically at me. 

“I know but I worry about you so I stay up until I know you’re safe” I said, standing up from the couch, wiping the imaginary dirt from the back of my pants. 

“Well I’m very capable of looking after myself” He said, throwing his jacket onto the floor and carelessly kicking his shoes across the room. I sighed and went to pick his shoes and jacket up from the floor and place them neatly beside the stairs. 

“I never said you weren’t capable. Why are you making such a big deal over me staying up and waiting for you?” I asked, looking at him. He shook his head and began walking up the stairs, me following. 

He stopped halfway and turned around with an angry look on his face. 

“Seriously, stop following me!” He shouted, running up the rest of the stairs.

I followed him into our bedroom and closed the door behind me. “I wasn’t following you” I said, rolling my eyes at him. Why is he being so dramatic?

“You are following me because you’re so damn clingy! You can’t do anything when I’m not around. To be honest, it’s quite sad” he said, taking of his shirt and pants, throwing them into the hamper in the corner of the room. 

I looked at him in disbelief. “I’m clingy!? Sorry for caring!” I shouted. 

I stomped into our walk in closet and slammed the door behind me. I took my clothes off, leaving me in my underwear. I put on some of my comfy pajamas and walked out the closet, turning the light of behind me. 

I ignored Justin as I got into my side of the bed and turned so my back was facing him. 

i felt him get into bed and shuffle closer to me, causing me to move further away. 

“Oh come on! stop being dramatic” He said, rolling over so he was laid on his back, looking up and the ceiling. 

I turned my head and looked at him over my shoulder. “I’m being dramatic. You just called me clingy just because I show that I care for you.” I said, turning my head forward. 

After a couple of minutes of silence I sighed and abruptly sat up and got out of bed. I grabbed my pillow and the blanket that laid on the bottom of our bed. 

“what are you doing?” Justin asked sitting up as well, the covers bunching at his hips.

“Sleeping on the couch. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable with my clinginess” I said sarcastically and walked out the door, slamming it with force behind me. 

“oh come on!” He complained. I didn’t hear him get following me which is probably good because I might have hit him if he did. 

I placed my pillow and blanket on the couch and got under it, trying to get comfy. When I found the perfect spot I slowly fell into a deep sleep. 

I still can’t believe he called me clingy. 


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top fifteen rucas episodes (as voted by my followers) ☼ number fourteen 

girl meets game night (1x17) 

Steven U spoilers

Fuckin hell why do so many ppl hate the new gems like? Their designs make perfect sense and theyre no worse than any other gems out there. Aqua has no nose? Neither does sapphire. Theyre aliens get over it. Dont like topaz? She follows the same design type yellow diamonds court has. you honestly should have expected something like it. Theyre no different from any other gem on the show yall are just salty bye

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could we have more of ur firefighter jim paramedic bones au? maybe w/ spock as a cop or something?

Part 1 | Part 2
  • Jim groans when his back hits the wall, hungry lips on his neck and teeth dragging over his skin. “Rough day in the office?” He asks breathlessly, reaching out to pull that boring blue shirt over Bones’ head, before the other finds his lips in a hard and hungry kiss that almost leaves him feeling dizzy. “Fucking cop makes my life a living hell,” Bones replies, pulling the other to their bedroom, and Jim’s happy to follow. “So you’re taking your frustrations out on me?” Jim asks, and Bones immediately freezes at that. Fuck, no. Jim, you idiot. “I’m sorry,” Bones says, but Jim quickly shakes his head. “I’m not complaining,” he replies, pushing Bones closer to bed, “let’s work out those frustrations.”
  • Jim’s pretty exhausted afterwards, face resting in Bones’ neck and he enjoys the hand gently running over his spine. There’s the Bones he knows. “You want to talk about it?” Jim asks. “About what?” “The cop,” Jim replies, and Leonard huffs. “Hell no.” “I should at least know his name,” Jim says. “Why?” “So I can thank him. Jesus, Bones, if I knew sex would be even better than usual when you’re frustrated, I’d get on your nerves, too.” “Believe me,” Bones laughs, “you do.”
  • Bones is at home, though on call, when Jim comes home. Jim doesn’t even officially live here, but that doesnt stop him from having a spare key - and more often than not Bones finds this fireman in his bed even when Bones himself isn’t even home for the night. “How was work?” Bones asks, looking up at Jim, whose face is still slightly covered in sooth here and there. “There was a fire?” He asks, and Jim nods, grabbing a beer from Bones’ fridge. “Some pyro has been setting animal shelters on fire, but as future chief I can’t start a proper investigation while the cops interfere with my work, God damn it.” He curses under his breath. Bones gets up and runs a hand through that messy blond hair, now a shade or two darker because of the ashes. “Maybe a shower will make you feel a little better, hm?” He suggests. “Think so? I was just gonna crash in bed and-” “No, you should absolutely take a shower. It’ll make you feel better,” Bones says, “and it’ll make me feel better too, because you smell awful.” Jim’s lips turn into a small smile, and he puts his bottle down. “Fine,” he says, grabbing on to Bones’ shirt, “but you’re joining me. My turn to work out some frustrations now.”
  • Jim’s planned a whole romantic evening with his doctor boyfriend, okay. Maybe not a candlelight dinner, but he got Bones’ favorites takeout, his Netflix, and a bottle of the most expensive wine he could afford (which, really, amounts to a 10 dollar wine), and though Jim doesn’t even really like wine himself, he likes the idea of drinking it in a hot tub with lots of foam and a loved one, because that always looks great in movies. They never make it to that hot and steamy bath, though. Jim has an arm around Bones’ waist, having the other pressed back against the couch, but an attempt to make out is cut short when Bones’ phone rings. “Don’t pick up,” Jim mutters against Bones’ lips, but it’s his work ring tone, and so Bones reaches out to pick up after all. Jim makes a point of kissing the other’s neck while Bones speaks quietly, voice a little rough, maybe even a bit breathless when Jim’s fingers slide under his shirt. “Okay,” Bones says, “I’ll be there soon.” It’s cue enough for Jim to stop, and when Bones hangs up, he looks clearly disappointed. “I’m sorry,” Bones says, “someone's​ been shot, I gotta go check it out.” “Let them know they ruined date night,” Jim says, and Bones huffs. “I’m sure you’ll manage, I’ll be home as soon as i can. Don’t wait up, though. Just in case.” “Okay,” Jim says, though they both know Jim will be awake until Bones comes back, anyways.
  • Jim doesn’t actually get the luxury of lounging in his boyfriend’s bed, because pretty soon after Bones has left, the fire department gets called into action, too. Same neighbourhood, and, as Jim comes to find out, same crime scene. He recognises Bones’ ambulance instantly, though he doesn’t have the time to look for him because a building is very much on fire, and Jim spends the next few hours getting it under control.
  • When the fire’s under control and mostly put out, he takes a break. He wants to make sure Bones is alright (even though he has no reason not to be, of course), and he finds him with that damned cop that irked him to no end just a few days ago. “Listen to me, you pointy-eared prick,” he hears Bones say, and oh boy, that sounds like trouble, “this is the second time you’re refusing to let me do my job. This god damn fire is not your responsibility, and neither are the victims.” “On the contrary,” Spock replies, “the safety of potential victims and catching the one responsible is my utmost priority.” “Then let me-” “-but I will not risk the safety of the only doctor currently on site until a pass has been given by the fire department,” Spock concludes, and Jim takes that as a cue to step in next to his boyfriend. Spock raises an eyebrow when he approaches, and Jim throws him a wry smile. “Sup, Legolas.” “Mr. Kirk, do I need to remind you that derogatory references towards my ears will not affect me, and will only look poorly upon your work ethics.” “What are you pestering my boyfriend for? Wasn’t it bad enough you reported me to my chief for unprofessional behavior last time? Now you gotta go against my boyfriend, too?” Jim asks, and Spock glances at the two of them. “Merely making sure your boyfriend doesn’t run into danger,” he replies, “like last time.” “Good,” Jim says, crossing his arms, “wait. What? What do you mean, like last time?”
  • Jim’s not done arguing with Bones when the two of them get home to Bones’ flat. Bones, however, has been mostly ignoring him for the last 20 minutes or so while Jim lists the things that can go wrong when Bones walks into a gang fire to save people. Because, you know, that’s why Spock’s there; to stop more people getting hurt. Just the thought that Bones could even potentially be one of those victims is enough to drive him mad, but Bones has been fairly casual about it, taking off his jacket and kicking off his shoes while Jim continues to bicker at him. “Oh my God, Jim,” Bones groans eventually, “shut up. Please. Putting myself into a dangerous situation is no different than you running into a burning building to save someone. It’s our job.” “You should’ve waited until Spock said-” “Are you teaming up with the cop, now?” Bones asks, “because a few days ago you hated him.” “When it comes to your life, yes, I agree with him,” Jim counters, following Bones to the kitchen, and snatching the other’s glass of whiskey from his hands to drink it himself instead. “You’re such a hypocrite,” Bones replies, “getting yourself in danger all the time, and then being butthurt over me. I didn’t even get hurt.” “But if you had,” Jim says, “I never would’ve forgiven myself.” Bones sighs, and Jim calms down when the other reaches out and runs his hand through Jim’s hair. “Love you, too,” he says, and Jim smiles faintly when the other leans in for a quick kiss. He doesn’t like how easy Bones can make him calm down, or at least lighten up a little bit. “You still suck,” Jim says, crossing his arms, and Bones huffs. “Not yet,” he says, and Jim wraps his arms around him, eyes falling shut when lips kiss down over his neck, “but if you stop being mad, I might be.” 
I’m not sorry that my disability annoys you

I had a discussion with Someone the other day about accessibility at amusement parks. He complained about how disabled people didn’t have to wait in line or could get two rides in a row. He said going to an amusement park wasn’t something you had to do, so if you weren’t able to follow the rules that everyone else does, you should just stay home.

Having a disabled sister and being disabled myself, I really appreciate how places such as Disney World makes the parks accessible for both physically and mentally disabled people. My sister is not able to wait 30 minutes to get in an ride. She has attention deficit disorder and autism which makes waiting in line with lots of other people difficult. There’s only a few rides she’s able to try, and she really enjoys it.

When you are disabled it could be a huge challenge to wait in line. Being in such a crowded space for a long time can cause panic and distress. Getting in and out of a ride can take a lot of time if you are in a wheelchair or similar.

This kind of ableism is hurtful and even harmful and people with disabilities. 

And no I will not stop doing things I enjoy because my disability annoys you. I didn’t choose to be disabled but ignorance is a choice.

Thank You For Loving Me - Spencer Reid Imagine

A/N: soo, I know I have a bunch of imagines on hold but I REALLY WANTED TO DO THIS ONE! cause I wanted to start Criminal Minds fandom! and I got this request and it was too beautiful to not do so.. here you go my first Dr. Reid imagine xD hope you gus like it

Anonymous said: Hi there! Could you write Spencer Reid/reader when they’ve been together for some time but neither of them said “i love you yet”. like they wanted to - when they woke up next to each other, or when he walked her home, or when they worked late etc but they didn’t. until one case goes wrong and when she is very badly injured he starts repeating it like mantra and she says those three words to him when she wakes up in hospital. pretty please and thank you!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Criminal Minds :D

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Thank You For Loving Me

He wanted to say it. Oh, so many times he had want to say it. But for some reason, something wasn’t letting him. He was certain, every single time he looked at her, that he was madly in love with (Y/N). They had been together for around five months now, but neither one of them had said it yet. The first time he knew he was in love with her, he almost said it, but they got interrupted.

It was something so simple. He was at his desk, going through paperwork from their last case, and he was slowly losing his mind. He had been in there for God knows how long and hadn’t even had a break. And then, out of nowhere, (Y/N) walked over to his desk and handed him a cup of coffee. He looked up at her with a small smile and she was returning it.

“Hi” he said quietly and gratefully taking the cup from her hand. “What’s this for?”

“You look like you needed a break” she said running her free hand through his locks to put them away from his face and leaning down to kiss his forehead before she went to sit down at her desk, in front of him. Spencer only looked at her in awe and wondered how did a simple gesture made his heart warm so much. “What?” she asked and he realized he was staring at her.

“N-nothing I just uh-“ he stuttered a little. Maybe it was too soon to tell her. They had been together for a little over a month. “I uh-“

“Hey, kids” Morgan said walking to their desks. “New case, let’s go!” he said walking into the conference room. (Y/N) sighed deeply and looked at him.

“Ready?” she said standing up and waiting for him to take her hand. He nodded slightly. “What were you going to say?”

“Oh, nothing- just uh- thank you for the coffee” he said quickly kissing her head as they followed the rest of the team.

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i loved you, then i lost you {7}

a/n: oh yeah the story cliche of car accidents, good stuff 

pairing: taehyung x reader

genre: fluff + angst

summary:  you watched and watched as taehyung suffered from his one-sided love, comforting him when he cried, comforting him as he threw up those fucking flower petals. it hurt you whenever he would stare lovingly into that girl’s eyes, giggling and playing with her hair. it pained you when he kept throwing up flowers, pushing the thought that his lover didn’t love him away; he was so dejected, yet he never saw how much happiness he brought to you.

Originally posted by jungcookie

You braced yourself for the worse as the car screeched to a stop, nudging you in your arm. People around stared in awe and whispered to one another, wondering if they should come over or stay back. Jungkook ran over and pulled you up, eyes glossed over with his tears. “What were you doing?!” 

The man got out of the car and ran over to check if you were okay, apologizing over and over again. You, with your disoriented vision and mind, murmured an “it’s alright,” to every apology you heard. The man sighed and looked at the two of you, then nodded and got back in his car. There was no need to call the police as no one got hurt. Your head throbbed with pain as you fell into Jungkoook’s shoulder, sweating profusely. He looked down at you with worry, glancing back at everyone else surrounding the two of you. “(y/n),” He whispered, shaking your shoulder. “Sorry for yelling at you.” 

You groaned, feeling the world spin around you as you tried to focus on his words. 

“Did..did Hoseok or whatever his name was do something to you?” 

A familiar, fiery sensation began to flame up in your chest and mouth as you gasped, your knees knocking against each other. Jungkook glanced around the street, pulling you off from the road and onto the side walk. The people that had previously gathered around you had scattered out, minding their own business. “Come on,” Jungkook groaned, trying his best to pull you. He sighed and kneeled down, wrapping your legs around his waist and pulling you upwards. Your body leaned against his back as he stood up, stumbling a bit, but did his best. He sighed and began to walk, looking around. “We’ll go to Yoongi’s apartment, okay?”

You coughed in response. 

Jungkook sighed again.

It wasn’t long until he reached for the door for Yoongi’s apartment. He walked in, looking around. “Yoooonnngggiiiii! Jiiiimmmmiiiinnnnnn!” 

“Ow!” You yelped as your head hit the door frame, holding your head. 

“Hey, don’t-”

He stumbled, trying his best to keep balance. He put a hand on the wall to steady himself, his head turning towards a loud thumping sound. “JUNGKOOK, YOU LITTLE-” 

A small fluff of brown hair tackled Jungkook to the ground, sending you down as well. You shrieked as Jungkook wailed and Jimin complained. 

Yoongi ran downstairs in a hurry, staring at the three of you. He stared. Then ran back upstairs. 

“Yoongi!” You barely made out, wheezing from the bodies piled on top of you. 

“J–Jimin, get- get off..” Jungkook gasped, trying to point to you. Jimin’s eyes followed Jungkook’s finger and scrambled off, dragging Jungkook off as well. 

“Ohh my god, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!” He apologized quickly, lowering his head. You slowly sat up, holding your head and wavering. Jimin glanced at you as he lifted his head, looking back at Jungkook with raised eyebrows.

“I don’t know either,” Jungkook shrugged. “She just..ugh, how do I explain it?” 

“You can leave the explaining for later.” Jimin straightened up and ran over to you, helping you. “Can you get some water for her?” Jungkook nodded and Jimin helped you limp upstairs, being careful to make sure you took a good step every time you went up a stair. He reached for a door knob and opened it up. You could make out a blurry blob of Yoongi with headphones, turning to look at you. 

“What do you want?” 

“(y/n) needs to lay down for a bit,” Jimin looked up at Yoongi, then walked over to the bed and carefully placed you down on it. You coughed roughly as the fiery sensation increased with it’s pain, curling up in a tight ball. Yoongi took off his headphones, shaking his head and looking at you. 

“She’s sick?”

Jimin shrugged as Jungkook walked inside with a cup of water, setting it down on the bed side next to you, whispering into Yoongi’s ear. Yoongi looked at you and walked over, bending over to look down at you. “You. Almost. Got. Ran. Over.”

“Yoongi, she needs to sleep..” 

“God damn it, why can’t you take care of yourself?”

“No, I think it was because of what Hoseok-” Jungkook covered his mouth quickly as Yoongi turned to face him. 

“Hoseok did this?” 

“N-No, who’s Hoseok? I dunno a Hoseok! I meant, uh, peacock!” 

Yoongi glared at Jungkook, gritting his teeth against each other. “I’ll hope you’re joking. I would have beaten the shit out of you, fucking gra-”

“Okay, okay! I get it!” Jungkook stammered nervously. Yoongi huffed and sat down on the bed next to you, gesturing for the rest of the boys to go downstairs. As the shuffling disappeared, Yoongi groaned. 

“Did Hoseok really have anything to do with you?”

You stayed silent. Yoongi shifted around in the bed, waiting for an answer. “Gonna answer?” You shook your head. It was better for you to not talk - whenever you did, the burning sensation would return. “Fuck,” He sighed. “Fuck, fuck, fuckkkkkk.” He repeated. You could feel him flop next to you as the bed creaked quietly. “Fuck.” 

It made you giggle at how much Yoongi cursed, muffling your quiet laughs. “Hey, if you can laugh that much then you should answer my question, dumbass.” Yoongi snapped, sitting up and staring down at you again. Your laughter stopped as you also got up, shoving your hand in your pocket to grab your phone. You grumbled when you couldn’t find it, realizing it was completely broken and gone when Hoseok had shot it with his gun. You glanced at Yoongi, who was staring up at the ceiling. “You know, I don’t think Jungkook is joking. But..” He ran his slender fingers through his hair stressfully, closing his eyes. “Hoseok and I have been friends for years now. He’s been your friend for a while, too. He couldn’t have made you sick.” He shook his head, “Jungkook must be sick too.”

“Guess he never told you either.” You whispered to yourself, so quietly that it sounded like a random mumble of words.

“What? Why are you so quiet all of a sudden? Are you legitimately sick?”

You shrugged. Not even you, the person that was sick, didn’t even know if you were actually sick. He cursed out loud again and slammed his hand onto the bed. “Where the fuck is Taehyung? He was supposed to come here when his surgery was done.”

You looked up at him and with a weak voice said, “He has to heal, doesn’t he?”

“I checked up on him a few hours ago. He said he’d be coming.”

“..You came to the hospital?”


You lifted your knees up to your chest, rocking back and forth. You imagined how hard it had been - getting his closest friend taken away from him for three years and then getting kidnapped not even two days later, and now this, with him in the hospital and crying because he could no longer have the ability to love. But it was alright with you, since, after all, he only considered you a friend. Oh, what a good, sweet, amazing friend you were to Kim Taehyung.

Jimin shook you awake with his hand, gently shaking your shoulder. You looked at him with tired eyes, swatting his hand away. “Let me sleep…”

“Taehyung wants to see you,” Jimin whispered loudly. Your mouth opened a bit before sitting up, rubbing your eyes. 

“What do you mean, see me? He’s in the hospital, Jimin..” 

“No, he snuck out.”

“HE WHAT?” You shot up, startling Jimin. He ran after you as you bolted downstairs, slamming into someone’s back. 

“Oh, fuck!” 


Both you and the person you slammed into fell onto the ground, groaning in pain. Yoongi scolded you two, telling you how much he regretted being here and having to babysit you two. You rubbed your head, sitting up again. You looked down at Namjoon, who was silently laying down the ground, clutching onto his crutches. “Oh, shit.” You ran over to him and apologized, trying to help him up. Namjoon cracked a smile and signaled a thumbs up at you and got up himself, leaving you in awe as you stayed down on the floor.

“Ahem,” Yoongi cleared his throat. “Care to explain why you decided to remove the core from Taehyung’s body without letting him knowing?” Taehyung leaned against the couch, crossing his arms and looking at the ceiling. 

You gulped. “Uh..because he’d die, duh.” 

“Oh my god,” Yoongi slapped himself in the face. “(y/n) you really..” He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose to keep his posture. “Alright,” He started again. “Tell another reason why, and don’t make it stupid.”

You glanced at Jimin, who shrugged in response. “He refused to get it out, so I had to, he’d-”

“Same goes for you!” Taehyung yelled, turning his body towards you. Jungkook held him back, creases forming across his forehead. 

“Ah, ah, ah, I said no yelling, Taehyung.” Yoongi glared.


“No but’s.”


“Do you want me to send you back to the hospital?!” Taehyung whimpered. 

Yoongi turned back to you once again. “Uh huh. What about you?”

“I thought this was about Taehyung.” You shot back. “Stop changing the subject to me.” 

Yoongi growled, literally growled, at you. “Oh, you little-” He gritted his teeth together. “Just..answer the question.” 

You folded your arms over each other. “What’s wrong with taking care of a friend that’s on the border of dying?”

“When you’re the one who’s closer to dying.” Jungkook piped up, his arms still wrapped around Taehung. You stared at Jungkook with anger, mouthing a ‘fuck you’ towards him. He looked away, avoiding your glare. 

Yoongi sucked in his breath. “Okay, so basically, you did it so he could live..and you wanna die.”

“That’s not-”

“That’s not what? That’s not it?” He walked towards you, lowering himself to match your height. “You can’t say ‘oh, that’s not it, I don’t wanna die!’ because you are going to die if you don’t get the surgery, and surprise surprise, you refuse to get it.” He chuckled under his breath, “Maybe they should knock you out and make you get the surgery.” 

“Yoongi!” Jimin slapped his arm.

“Hey, I was joking!”

You lifted your head up at Yoongi. “My choice, then.”

You prepared for the worse as he sucked in his breath for the second time. 

“My god, stop acting like a child!” His hands gripped your shoulders tightly. “Get the damn surgery and take this burden off of us! I swear, if you keep refusing with the excuse it’s your choice, I will make you get that fucking surgery until it kills me.” Everyone stared in shock at Yoongi, including you. He had completely blew off. His hands, already tight from the beginning, were beginning to grip your shoulders even more to the point where prickles of pain were shooting to your brain. Jimin looked down at the floor while Yoongi lifted his hands up. You stood up, brushing off your legs. 

Taehyung shoved Jungkook off, squirming away from his grip. You let out a sigh. “If I’m such a burden, kick me out then.” You grabbed Namjoon’s arm, nodding to the door. He looked around at the others, then lowered his head and walked out the door. He stood outside and waited for you,adjusting his crutches. You shoved past Jungkook and walked towards the door.  His hand wrapped around your shoulder, dragging you backwards to get closer with him. You could hear Taehyung make a ‘tch’ sound. 

“Please don’t get kidnapped again..” He whispered in your ear. You shrugged his hand off, brushing your shoulder. 

“Hoseok is probably far gone by now. Don’t be stupid.” You whispered back, walking out the door. You slammed the door closed, looking up at Namjoon with a small smile. “Lets go back to our place, shall we?” He nodded once again, leading the way as the two of you walked silently towards your house. The streets were bustled with cars and bikers, most people sprinting to their workplaces, purses, suitcases, bags in hand. Some waved at you, as you were a bit familiar with everyone in the area you lived in. Namjoon stopped and turned to you, stopping you as well. 

“Sorry for all the trouble I’ve been causing,” He cracked an apologetic smile. “I hope I it up to you somehow when I get the chance.” You laughed, putting a hand on Namjoon’s shoulder. 

“Don’t sweat it. I know it’s hard for you.” You stared into his eyes. “But..your parents are quite powerful in South Korea, aren’t they? Shouldn’t you at least call them at this point?” 

“Call them?” He shook his head. “Are you crazy? Running away doesn’t mean you call them back. That’s the whole point.” Namjoon looked back at you with wide eyes. “Well, even if they are rich, they aren’t really..that powerful.” He turned around to continue walking. “They wouldn’t really care, anyways.” 

You jogged up to Namjoon, letting out an exasperated sigh. After thinking for a split second, you snapped your fingers. “I know. How about getting some snacks to cheer you up?” His face brightened at the sentence, earning a hearty chuckled from you. “I need to get my car keys first.” The two of you hurried to reach your apartment as you ran into the living room, grabbing your keys and grinning widely. You led Namjoon to your car, opening the door for him. He slowly lowered himself down, cursing at the crutches. You laughed as he somehow was able to get himself into the car and went into the driver’s seat yourself. Shoving the key into the slit, you turned the engine on and turned to Namjoon. “So, what snacks do you want?”

He shrugged with a small smile as you began to drive. “Anything is fine.”

“You sure? Taehyung used to always want these specific snacks,” You smiled to yourself. “He’d keep calling every two minutes to tell me he wanted something new, and-”

“(y/n), you’re rambling.” Namjoon whispered. You blinked before shaking your head.

“Oh, I’m sorry. It just-”

“I know. Don’t worry.” Namjoon reassured you. You groaned as you pressed your foot down onto the pedal. You could see Namjoon tense up, his hand curling around the small handle on the top.

“Hm? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” He replied quickly, shaking his head. You stared at him for a while before returning to driving. It only took about five minutes to arrive at a store. You got out the car and slammed the door closed, walking over to Namjoon’s side to help. After that situation was done and over, the two of you chattered every once in a while when inside the store. You carried three bags of chips for him as the two of you walked to the self-check out isle. You grabbed your wallet, reaching out to slide your card down the small machine. “(y/n)?”

You looked up, along with Namjoon, and opened your mouth in awe. Jin stared back at you with a gentle smile. His brown hair was slightly tossed around, his round glasses somehow emphasizing his eyes to look bigger. His shoulders were in their own world, as he was wearing a tank top. You cleared your throat. “Um, hi.”

“You look different.” He said, gathering his items inside his bags. You looked up at Namjoon, who was staring at Jin in surprise.

“Namjoon, you okay?” You laughed, turning to pay for the chips. He stumbled a bit when he turned to you as well, keeping his gaze low. You checked out and paid for the snacks quickly, grabbing the bags and running up to Jin. “You look different, too! I never see you outside the hospital!”

“No, you just don’t go outside.”

“Shut up.” You groaned. Jin looked at you and grinned.

“Knock kn-”

“Jin,” You stifled a laugh as he turned red, giggling to himself uncontrollably. “You really haven’t run out of jokes yet?”

“Nope~” He smiled, glancing at Namjoon. 

You laughed, feeling your spirits lift up just a bit. “Oh well. We have to go. It was fun running into you, Jinnie~” 

“(y/n)! Don’t call me that!” Jin whined, his face burning even  more red (if that’s even possible) as he looked around. “It’s embarrassing!”

“Embarrassing? It’s cute, though!” You teased and grabbed Namjoon’s arm, dragging him away as Jin cursed out loud after you.

“He’s got large shoulders,” Namjoon remarked, looking back. You tightened your arms around the bags. 

“Yeah..they attract a lot of attention. Can’t blame ‘em though. He calls himself perfect, after all.” You laughed as Namjoon chuckled. The two of you walked to the car. You were about to open the door for Namjoon before someone called out your name. 

“Hey, (y/n)!” 

You turned around to the familiar voice. Immediately you could feel your blood boil from the slightly tinted windows. The woman parked next to you and got out the car, along with a man who seemed to be her boyfriend. “Wow, it’s been such a long time since I’ve seen you!” 

“Come near me and I’ll rip you god damned head off.” You barked. Namjoon looked down at you with surprise, looking a bit frightened. 

“Oh, come on. Three years have passed, can-”

“I will never forgive you, Suha.” You tightened your hands around the bags in your hands. “You made him suffer so much.” 

“Who? Taehyung? Oh, that boy?” Suha laughed, leaning into her boyfriend’s shoulder. “I only used him for sex. I don’t seem wh-” You dropped the bags and grabbed her collar, slamming her against the car. 

“You fucking piece of shit!” You screamed angrily. You could hear the boys panicking as you yelled at Suha. “You..You don’t deserve any of this! Do you realize how much pain he had to go through?! And to top it all off, you only wanted him for his dick. I bet it’s the same for him, too!” You raised your hand to slap her, only to be stopped by Namjoon. 

“Stop, (y/n)! You’ll get in trouble!” Suha smirked beneath you, whispering in your ear.  

“That’s right, baby girl. Be a good girl.” 

That did it. 

You shoved Namjoon’s arm off and threw Suha to the ground. Both of you slapped, scratched, cursed, all that. It only lasted a few minutes before both of the boys pulled you back. You spat the blood out your mouth onto the ground, struggling to escape Namjoon’s grip. 

“(y/n), calm down! I can’t- I can’t stand up that well!”

“Then let me fight her!” You shouted, glaring at Suha nastily. “I want her to realize how much shit we’ve been through!” 

“Like that’ll happen!” Suha laughed, also trying to escape her boyfriend’s grip. “You can’t stop me. I have the money!” 

“I do too.” Namjoon retorted at Suha, darkening his gaze. “I will send you all the way from the hole where you came from if (y/n) is this troubled.” 

“Tch! You can’t do that!”

“Yes I can.” He sighed. “Leave it at this, please.” He glanced at the other man and groaned, walking over to the passenger seat and carefully opening the door, setting you down. You grumbled under you breath as he slowly lowered himself down onto the seat, setting the crutches in the back seat. “Gimme your keys. I have a feeling you’re gonna make us crash into something somehow.”

“Am not.” You hissed as he started up the engine. Looking down at the pedal, he sighed. 

“I am so glad my right leg isn’t broken..” He mumbled as he began to exit the parking lot.

You helped Namjoon out the car silently, biting the inside of your cheek as you turned to open the door. You slid your key inside, opening it. The door let out a measly creak. 

“We never got those snacks.” Namjoon joked, trying to lighten up the mood while shutting the door. You wiped your mouth, flinching from the cuts. “ should probably get fixed up. I’ll stay here.” You turned and walked into the bathroom, staring at you reflection. Small bruises and cuts were scattered around your face and your lips were a bit purple, but it wasn’t much. You turned the sink on and splashed water onto your face,  gasping from the sudden coldness. You reached out for a towel and wiped your face. You stared at yourself for a while before walking out the bathroom, walking up to Namjoon. 

“Can I have your phone?” 

He shrugged and pointed to the small phone on the kitchen counter. You picked it up and asked for the password. Once you were in, you swiped your finger down to the call button and dialed a number. You leaned against the refrigerator as it rung. Namjoon glanced at you and nodded to the stairs, making his way up. 


“Can you come over?” 

“(y/n)? Why are you calling from Namjoon’s phone?” The voice from the other end growled. You could hear a hint of anger from the tone. 

“Just come, alright?!” 

“Fine, fine..alright.” You hung up and opened the door, walking out and sitting down on the ground in front of the opening. The slight breeze blew your hair all over your face. You could hear small footsteps faintly making their way towards you a few minutes later. Your hand reached up to push your hair away as you looked up. “(y/n)! You’re all beaten up! What happened?” 

“I saw Suha, Taehyung.” 

Taehyung stared down at you and pulled you up, dragging you back into the house. “Did you already clean the cuts?”


“Then why did you need me? I’m already mad at you as it is.”

You sighed, pushing your hair back away from your eyes. “I just needed someone to comfort me.” 

“Namjoon can.” He cupped his hands around his mouth, “NA-”

“I meant you!” You slapped his hands away, groaning out loud. Taehyung blinked, then pulled you towards the couch.

“Oh. Oh. Ohhh.” He sat you down on the couch, sitting down next to you himself. He pushed your head down gently so your head was on his lap, smiling slightly at you. “I’ll take this as an apology.” 

You closed your eyes. Your heart began to race wildly, like it always did with him. You could feel your cheeks heat up as he traced his fingers over your face, down your nose, brushing your eyelashes. His hands combed through your hair as he hummed quietly, and- 

You sat up, coughing into your mouth. Taehyung snapped his head around to look, his mouth widening. You coughed into your hands as you tried to breathe, Taehyung’s hand reaching over to your back. Oh, God damn it. Just when everything felt normal, you had to fuck it up some how.  You let the wet flowers spill onto the couch as you doubled over onto the ground, slamming your back onto the ground. You felt your eyes tear up as you coughed and coughed, turning around onto your fours. Taehyung reassured you that it was okay repeatedly, trying to comfort  you. Your vision blurred as the tears began to drip, your knees trembling. Your elbows had already given up on supporting you, leaving you to stay there, helpless, only to be sat up again by Taehyung when it finally stopped.

His arms were wrapped tightly around your trembling body, rocking  you back and forth. It was funny - it was as if the two of you switched roles. It was quite bizarre, as the two of you, grown adults, were hugging on the floor with flowers on the floor. Although you felt fine, your breath was hitching and tears were continuously dripping down from  your eyes. “Shh..” Taehyung whispered, allowing you to bury your head in his shoulder. Your arms were dropped by your sides, hands twitching to hug him back. “Stop crying. It’s okay now,” He murmured in your ear, still rocking you back and forth. 

“Taehyung..I-I’m not a ba-baby..” 

“But this what friends do, don’t they?”

You stiffened up as you stop crying for a bit. Yes. You were only friends, and will always be friends. You were only committed to being his friend, not his lover. You already ruined his and your chance for that to happen. It shouldn’t bother you, right? It was what you were expecting, anyways. Taehyung looked at you and pulled you back, cupping your face with his large hands. “..Thank you for coming back, (y/n).”

Your lips trembled as your eyes began to water. You wailed loudly and dropped back into Taehyung’s shoulder. 

“I wish I had never fallen in love with pains me so much.” 

a/n: hi omg im sorry it takes so long for these to post, i still have to get used to writing on here every day so im not late (i deadass make a deadline for myself so i dont get distracted) this is super short too, AGHAHhhHhH

but my birthday is coming up this saturday, so the next part might be delayed a little! thank you for reading this series, though. all the feedback makes me feel good im writing <3 (if you guys see any errors, please tell me)

The Exchange

This one is for my darling Heather, @jalove-wecallhimdean. Congrats on your 500 my sweet, i envy those lucky buggers that get to discover you for the first time. But at the same time, I am so glad I was there for the beginning of your posting!
Also, THANK YOU to Jenn for being an brilliant beta. @avasmommy224 couldn’t have posted without you soothing my worried mind!

Prompt: “You full on had a girl inside you for like a whole week”
Warning: Body Swap, swearing, attempted humor, rejection, fluff, confusion, masturbation, hinted smut…?
Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam
Word Count: 5264 (kinda got away from me)
Summary: A nasty curse from a Warlock leaves you and Dean scratching each others heads and Sam mighty confused…

Originally posted by lexarakoon

That fucking warlock. Oh man, had he been a hard one to put down! It had taken all week. Spells were cast, spells were undone. Hex bags were planted, hex bags were burnt. It’d been physically wearing too, being thrown from one bloody wall to another. Christ, this guy just had a hard on for bodies slapping against plaster.
I groaned and rolled onto my back, not opening my eyes just yet, today could wait. I lay there for a while before stretching, and it was a bloody good stretch too; leg shaking, arm tingling, back cracking, good. I yawned wide, cracking my dry lips. I licked at it, feeling the swell of a bigger cut. I don’t remember splitting my lip. I push that thought from my mind and dig the heels of my palms into my eyes, grinding out the sleep and yawning again, but I stop, surprised, halfway through. My fingers have rested on my hair, what should be my long hair; but it’s short and spiky and …

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May I Interest You in an Apology Muffin?

Sadly, I don’t remember who reblogged this prompt and brought it to my attention. The original source is here, though.

Sterek, T, 1.5K words

‘i didn’t want to tell my friend who my real date last night was so i just pointed at a random stranger (you) but now they’re storming over to interrogate you and you’re playing along??? okay’ au

“Tell me, tell me, tell me,” Scott chanted, and Stiles rolled his eyes.

“No,” he hissed, scooting his chair closer. “And be quiet, people are looking at us.”

“Fine,” Scott sighed. “Then if you won’t tell me who it was, why was the date so bad?”

“He was rude,” Stiles said, which was not a lie. “He was late and just kind of a dick.”

Scott frowned at him. “Sorry, man, that sucks.”

“Yeah, story of my life, right?”

Scott nodded solemnly, full of the appropriate bro-sympathy. “So who was it?” he blurted out.

Stiles groaned and scrubbed a hand through his hair.

Honestly? He’d gone out with this guy that Scott knew, some super-hot water polo player from his econ class that Scott had done a project with. Scott had warned Stiles off of him, repeatedly, because he was apparently a big jerk who couldn’t even make his share of the PowerPoint slides. But Stiles didn’t listen, and he said yes when the guy had asked him out. Annnd he was just as terrible as Scott said. Stiles just wasn’t in the mood for Scott’s I-told-you-sos.

“No,” he emphasized. “I’m not telling you.”

“Why not?” he said, with a little pout.

Stiles screamed a little inside his head and took a glance around the coffee shop, trying to think of a diversion. “Because he’s here,” he hissed, and Scott’s eyes widened as he craned his neck.

“Wait, seriously? Who is it? C’mon, just tell me.”

“Uh…,” Stiles said, buying for time while he looked around as surreptitiously as possible. “That guy over there,” he whispered finally, jerking his chin toward the dark-haired guy three tables over, a guy so hot that Stiles’ only chance with him would most definitely be in an imaginary scenario.

Scott looked over his shoulder at the guy and got that determined glint in his eye that Stiles recognized, just about three seconds too late. Scott was gonna do something that he thought was heroic but was actually dumb.

“Scott!” he hissed, grabbing for his backpack and nearly knocking over their coffee cups in his haste to follow him. “Oh, holy shit.”

“Hey!” Scott said, tapping the guy’s shoulder and jerking his thumb over his shoulder at Stiles. “Why were you such a jerk to my friend on your date last night?”

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I really don’t understand how people come to all these conclusions about
the Andromeda Characters when so little has been revealed about them.
And I really hope that some of the ones complaining so much, play the
game and end up liking the characters have the courage and guts to admit
they were wrong.
Its easy to constantly complain. It takes courage to admit you were wrong. I’m sorry. I wish I can sympathize with the naysayers but most seem to have an agenda of wanting everyone to hate Andromeda
along with them. I don’t follow cliques. I will make my own assessment
of the game and its characters AFTER I play it.

nightfurylover1112  asked:

“That— That’s your blood! Why the hell didn’t you say anything!?” - for the whumpy prompts thing pleeeeeeaseeeee :D

Here ya go!

Set after HTTYD 2

Hiccup stumbled.

Astrid threw out her hand to steady her boyfriend, frowning at the tacky feeling of his black flying leather. She drew her hand back, paling when they came back streaked with crimson.

“That- That’s your blood! Why the hell didn’t you say anything!?”

“Huh?” Hiccup stopped in his tracks, looking down at his clothing. He’d been pale since the crash, but they’d both put it down to shock. He felt battered and bruised, nothing serious, but now that he thought of it there was this stabbing pain in his side. “Oh! I didn’t- I-“ Hiccup swayed on his feet.

“Oh for Thor’s sake, sit down.” Astrid pulled Hiccup down to sit on a fallen tree.

The two dragons had run off ahead, but they came dashing back through the tree, Stormfly’s keen senses having picked up the smell of blood.

Toothless nosed at his rider.

“I’m fine bud,” Hiccup rested his right hand on the Night Fury’s snout. “Just a scratch,” he caught Astrid’s worried expression. “Really, I didn’t even notice it until just now.”

And now that he had noticed, by the God’s did it hurt.

“Show me.” Astrid was already working to undo the straps that held the leather pieces of Hiccup’s outfit together. The dark material was sticky along the edge where the thick black leather ended and the lighter brown fabric crossed down over his stomach. Astrid frowned as she ran a hand over the suit. “This is torn,” she noted. “How did you not notice this?”

Hiccup shrugged, wincing at the motion. “I was more focussed on the fact I’d survived falling out of that tree.” He joked.

“You shouldn’t have been up a tree in the first place.” Astrid scowled to cover up her feelings of guilt. “You’re the chief of the village now,” she reminded him. “You can’t just go galivanting off and throwing yourself into these dangerous situations.”

“We’re allowed time off,” Hiccup argued. “We’re allowed to let off steam. We were messing around. Accidents happen.”

“I should have asked Stormfly to put you down on the ground.” Astrid had successfully stripped Hiccup of his top layer of leather. Her fingers brushed over the jagged rip in the layer below. Here the blood was obvious against the light brown material.

“It wasn’t your fault,” Hiccup tried to reassure his girlfriend. It wasn’t easy when his breaths were coming in ragged gasps as she poked at a particularly tender spot. “It was funny.”

“It was foolish!” Astrid’s outburst shocked Hiccup.

It had been funny. In a situation similar to Astrid’s first encounter with Toothless, Stormfly had plucked Hiccup from the air after he’d dived off Toothless. Under Astrid’s instruction she had dumped the dragon rider in a tree.

They had both laughed at Hiccup’s surprised squawk.

And then Hiccup had slipped.

He’d probably only been a few metres up the tree and he’d managed to snag onto the last branch long enough to slow his decent. He’d still hit the ground with a painful thud.

In a much gentler voice Astrid directed Hiccup to raise his arms so she could remove the last piece of armour.

“Yeah, that might not be possible.” Hiccup’s face was twisted in pain. Toothless gave his rider’s face a sympathetic lick.

Astrid drew the small dagger Hiccup kept tucked into his left wrist guard.

“Hold still,” she told him, slicing through the thick fabric. She hissed as the material fell away to reveal the sweat and blood soaked tunic underneath.

“I really don’t feel good,” Hiccup muttered.

“There’s a lot of blood,” Astrid inspected the tear in the tunic. Bits of stick fell through her fingers. “How hard did you hit that last branch?” She wondered out loud. “The Thor damned thing pierced right through your armour.”

She used the rags of Hiccup’s shirt to wipe away some of the blood and inspect the wound. “I can’t tell if there’s anything stuck in there or not.”

Hiccup paled even further. “You don’t think-“ he started.

Astrid held a wad of cloth to the wound to stem the bleeding. Hiccup hissed as the rough fabric made contact with his skin. “We can’t be sure,” Astrid lifted the makeshift bandage to see if it was still bleeding. “We need to get back to Berk now.”

“We should take Toothless, he’s much more sneaky,” Hiccup murmured.

“Don’t go silly on me Hiccup, you haven’t lost that much blood.” Astrid joked, but she was worried. There was a lot of blood on Hiccup’s clothes, she just didn’t want him to know that.

“As you wish Milady.” Hiccup stood, swaying on his feet while Astrid held him steady.

“Try not to faint,” Astrid pleaded. “I don’t think I could carry you.”

Hiccup scoffed. “I’m tougher than that.”

“That’s the spirit babe.” Astrid encouraged him to walk over to Toothless. Never mind how stealthy he was, the Night Fury was shorter than Stormfly and it would be much easier to get Hiccup onto his back. Astrid would be able to ride behind him and control the tailfin.

“Up we go.”

Hiccup blanched as the movement sent a spike of pain through his side. He grit his teeth and held on to the front of Toothless’s saddle. Astrid climbed up behind him, reaching around his narrow waist to hold onto him.

“You keep pressure on that wound,” she instructed him. Hiccup nodded, one hand held the tatters of his tunic against the hole in his chest. Though four inches shorter than her tall boyfriend, Astrid had no trouble peering over his slumped shoulders and directing Toothless to take off.

Stormfly flew level with them as they made the short journey back to Berk.

She felt Hiccup go lip in her arms as they touched down on the wooden decking outside the healer’s hut.


The small woman came running.


Hiccup opened his eyes with a groan. The sharp pain from before had muted to a dull ache. He shifted on the firm pallet, sending a flare of pain up his side. He resolved to never move again.

“Don’t you ever do that to me again!” Astrid sat beside him, watching over her boyfriend with a worried smile. She brushed away the stray lock of hair that had fallen across Hiccup’s forehead.

“I didn’t do anything,” Hiccup mumbled. “You’re the one who dropped me in a tree.”

“I’m sorry.”

Hiccup flapped his hand lazily. “You’re forgiven.” He told her. “So can we go now? Because my bed at home is much more comfortable than this one.”

“Only if you promise to stay in it,” Astrid warned.

“You can stay in it too,” he smirked.

“Hiccup!” Astrid shot a glance at the healer, who Hiccup didn’t seem to realise was present. From where he lay, Hiccup followed her gaze.

Shooting upright with his hand clutched to his chest, Hiccup stared at Gothi with wide eyes.

The tiny woman chuckled and waved the two Vikings away.

“The Gods hate me,” the young Chief complained. Astrid helped him up and over to where Toothless was waiting anxiously. She gave Hiccup an amused smile and waited for him to settle himself in the saddle.

“The Gods can be fickle,” she told him. “But I’m not and I like you very much.”

“Thank Thor for small mercies.” Hiccup pretended to groan when Astrid smacked him lightly on his uninjured shoulder.

“Though why I like you will always be a wonder.” She wrapped her arms around Hiccup just as Toothless launched into the air, headed for home.

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Whumpy prompts

anonymous asked:

youre anti recovery. youre always talking about how your several therapists doesnt know shit because they give you vaguely difficult advice to alleviate anxiety and depression. youre contributing to making younger people who follow you reject healthy coping mechanisms and treatments.

ohhhh, i see. okay well…. no???

every single time i’ve complained abt my therapists it’s because i specifically tell them “i have done the basics and they no longer help me, i need someone with advanced experience with my issues.” and they’re always like “okay well how about deep breathing?? have u tried deep breathing???”

i have never once said that deep breathing and exercise and eating fruit and all the other basics weren’t good ideas. there invaluable first steps for people who haven’t taken them yet. i’ve always said that when i tell my therapists that those basic techniques no longer do it for me, they explicitly dismiss me and ignore what i’m saying.

like…. i’ve never NOT been clear about that, i don’t think?? all my ventposts follow the format “me: X does not work.  them: hmmm *ignores* okay uhhh… have u tried doing X??” 

like…. i cannot understand how you’d get “anti-recovery” from that.

also the most recent one i posted (today, when i haven’t in like… months i think?) was about my crappy previous doctor constantly telling me i’m an idiot for correctly self diagnosing and causing me to lose valuable recovery time…….. how is that anti-recovery….?

anonymous asked:

Bokuaka, relief.... for the prompts :))

Akaashi is late.

This is a sentence that almost never happens, and it scares Koutarou a lot. Koutarou himself is often late to a variety of things: school, dentist appointments, weekend hangouts, buses, dates. The only thing he’s not late to is volleyball practice.

But Akaashi. Akaashi is not someone who arrives late—he doesn’t even arrive on time, he arrives early. He once admitted to Koutarou that it makes him anxious when he keeps other people waiting, so he’d rather take the earlier bus and scout out the place where he can see the other person coming. Koutarou doesn’t really understand, but it’s what makes Akaashi Akaashi, so he just shrugged and apologized for being late to their shopping trip.

Akaashi is late today.

Koutarou has checked his phone twenty-four times in sixteen minutes. He’s paced back and forth in front of the train station enough times that the security guard is eyeing him warily. He’s sent thirteen texts and seven voicemails to Akaashi’s phone, but there hasn’t been a single reply. Koutarou’s hands are shaking. He’s scared.

He pulls out his phone again, meaning to dial Kuroo or Konoha or someone who has a calmer, better head on their shoulders than he does. Someone who can tell him to sit down and stop overreacting. Someone who can tell him that Akaashi’s just fine, he’s probably overslept because Koutarou kept him up last night video-chatting him about his latest term paper, maybe he got held up helping an old lady find her cat because Akaashi’s nice that way, even though he doesn’t really like cats. Yeah, Akaashi’s just fine. He’s on his way. His phone is dead. He’s not dead. 

Akaashi is late, and Koutarou is on his knees in front of the station stairs, blocking people’s path but he’s breathing a little too fast, clutching his phone a little too hard, panicking a little too much. There are concerned voices above his head, but his vision is all blurry. Is he crying? Again? What a baby, Koutarou is. 


He still doesn’t understand why Akaashi would want to arrive early to his appointments, this waiting game is no fun, no fun at all.


There’s a slight pressure on his shoulders, and Koutarou glances up to find familiar green eyes watching him in quiet worry. It takes him a moment to catch his breath again, to recognize the boy with the messy curls kneeling in front of him.

“A-Akaaagsheee,” he says, but Akaashi understands him just fine. “Y-You’re l-l-late.”

Akaashi nods. He helps him up, leading him to the side so people aren’t staring at them anymore. He offers Koutarou tissues from his pocket, always prepared, but he keeps a hand on Koutarou, letting him know he’s here. He’s here. 

“My phone died this morning,” Akaashi says, “and I had to take my neighbour’s kids to their daycare. It’s not an excuse to make you worry though. I’m sorry.”

Koutarou shakes his head. His hand is probably squeezing too hard on Akaashi’s hand, but the other boy doesn’t complain. The panic has receded, leaving behind heavy relief, crashing through Koutarou hard enough to make him want to sit down. So he does. Akaashi follows suit, sitting closer than usual, close enough to press his side against Koutarou.

“You’re here now. It’s okay.”

“I’m here,” Akaashi agrees.

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TIPS FOR HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMEN (and other high schoolers!)                                     

(first year, first grader, 大一, 신입생, 新入生, étudiant de première année…)

these tips may be slightly sarcastic and what you did not expect but it’s the truth!

  • its only the beginning
  • if your school has a block schedule (every other period, for ex: per. 1/3/5/7 on monday and per. 2/4/6 on tuesday), do your homework the day it’s assigned!
  • when you come home, whether after practice or just straight from class, don’t sleep (hahaha says the person who sleeps right after), have a snack, relax for 15-30 minutes then do homework. then, you can do whatever you want after :)
  • actually write in your planner what your homework is unless your teacher posts it online…but still write it down in case of technical difficulties
  • if your school has “tutorial” (a time where you can ask your teachers for help, etc.), go to tutorial and ask for help … or eat your lunch
  • drink h2o. very important.
  • eat breakfast. it’ll get you going through the day if you skip lunch for some reason.
  • get enough sleep, if it’s 9 pm and you are done with everything, dont stay on your phone for the next 3 hours like me! SLEEP.
  • start studying for tests/quizzes at least 3 days before but worst case scenario cram the night before lol sorry can’t help you out on that one but yes study as soon as you know there’s a test or quiz coming up
  • don’t plagiarize! if your teachers use, its very good at finding out your little internet discoveries, at the very most paraphrase
  • join clubsssssssss! if you go with your friends it’s even more fun! freshman year is great for going to a gazillion clubs even if my sophomore year you only end up going to like 2
  • finals week: start reviewing your notes a week or two before, but tbh if you do better when you cram then cram! everyone has different study habits and honestly if you’re a crammer, simply review your notes briefly a week before but the day before the final, start hardcore cramming right after school
  • when it’s the end of the school year, please don’t do homework the period before’ll only stress you out
  • make study guides. make flashcards. make quizlets. make a study tool you’ll learn from. share with your friends, don’t be mean :) JK haha share with the people you trust and won’t share with the whole school
  • if you’re in the u.s., don’t start sat prep freshman year lmao…freshman year is a year to have fun not sit in a prep class for 4.5 hours every week!
  • by having fun i do not mean yolo-ing your grades, still attempt to reach dem high grades
  • make friends! old ,new ,recyclable reusable (haha jk)…introduce yourself to new people or just make friends through friends if you’re shy
  • go to school dances and school football games!
  • don’t be scared of upperclassmen we don’t bite :) (unless it’s right before a test)
  • DO. NOT. CHEAT. middle school may be lenient but high school is not.
  • don’t skip classes when there’s a test because you did not study for the said test because instead of taking the test right then and there, you now have to spend time trying to figure out when you can take the test
  • date if you want to but make sure it doesnt take over your studying/school
  • don’t forget to spend time with your family because they are numba 1!
  • for anyone with long hair that gets in the way: tie up your damn hair when you take a quiz/test/final
  • ask questions and don’t be like the deathly silent corner-sitting person i am right now in english
  • do extra credit that the teachers give you because that may not happen in the later sad (jk…i think) years of high school
  • bring your teachers kleenex, expo markers, etc., because who knows you might get a homework pass or sumthing ;)
  • high five people if they try to high five you even if theyre strangers (lmao based on personal experience which i failed)
  • don’t pull an all-nighter/half all nighter where it consists of you starting and finishing a project due the next day, or you’re just on your phone 24/7
  • please don’t do drugs in the back of the school
  • don’t compare yourself to other people :)
  • talk to your counselor / ta (homeroom) teacher!
  • don’t try to force yourself to be friends with popular people, just stay comfortable with the friend group you already have :)
  • if spending 30 minutes on makeup makes you feel good, do it and own it
  • when people cuss and you don’t cuss don’t look scandalized it’s kind of the norm (oops)
  • if you make a mistake/get a bad grade, don’t beat yourself over it. just move on. like after breakups.
  • don’t gossip about other people because they’re going to somehow find out and ignore you for a long time
  • if you’re dressing like a bum by the second month of school, don’t worry life is life
  • volunteer! with friends! by yourself! try to volunteer someplace where it’s every week and not just random places
  • do not cry over a low a because the student next to you that got a low b may feel like smacking you
  • don’t complain about one test and sleeping at 11 pm to an upperclassmen because… just don’t
  • bring a phone charger it’ll save you if you’re staying at school till 9pm that day for tech or something
  • don’t ditch class you ain’t a senior just yet
  • last of all: BE HAPPY

what a huge masterpost! but i hope it helps! freshman year was the best year of my life compared to sophomore year and now and i really wish that i followed the advice that i just gave!

(sorry this is kind of late and this is based on the experiences of my friends and moi)

[09.24.16] … {26/100 days of productivity}

This didn’t happen AT work, but it was related to it. I work in my college’s dining halls. I was in one of the dorm halls with friends and dude who is connected to the group but not really personally MY friend started conplaining about the dining hall workers, knowing me and another person who was present are employees.

At my school you get 3 guest passes for meals a semester but you are not allowed to use your own swipes for YOUR meals to give to a guest. So dude is complaining that he can’t use his own meal swipes for his boyfriend when he visits and he calls it the R word which I was already not okay with but before I could get into it he puts on a whiny voice and imitates an employee saying “you have to use a guest swipe” just being really fucking disrespectful.

Like SORRY myself and those other workers have to follow rules WE don’t make to not get in trouble or lose our job. Plus, it’s a fair fucking rule. I would understand the argument if you had limited swipes per week, but dude had unlimited. If he could use his own swipes for a guest he could just swipe someone in multiple times a day every day and he would be getting an unlimited plan for two people for the price of one. I tried to point this out and he still said it was stupid.

THEN LATER dude was talking about how he just spent $112 ordering clothes online from this pricey store. If you have that kind of money you can fucking pay for your boyfriend’s meals yourself jfc. Don’t be a spoiled brat.

this kinda got out of hand sorry

and its a follow up to the season 11 william doll thingy…  

@starbuck1013 and @shalomksenia your wish is my bored ass’s command lol 

Scully hadn’t released his hand since he offered it. Mulder didn’t even complain when he drove three hours with it in a death grip. If it were any other situation, Mulder’d make a joke that it was payback for not being there to hold her hand in labor, but now, standing on that house’s stoop, neither having the courage to knock, he was grateful for the purple fingers. Looking over at Scully, he saw tears forming in those big blue eyes he’d fallen in love with, and before even one could fall, he reached around her and took her other hand, pressing both to his mouth and kissing each knuckle individually. They locked eyes when he reached the knuckle that held the far too new wedding band, and he forced himself to give an encouraging smile. They’d have time for emotions later. They’d have time to talk about it. They’d have time for him to take her into his arms and run his hands through her hair and rock the two of them back and forth while whispering loving words into her ear. But now wasn’t the time. Now, they had to pull it together, and they had to meet their son.

Mulder’s finger had barely made contact with the doorbell when the door swung open to reveal a cheerful woman in a bright floral dress.

“Are you Fox and Dana?” she asked, maintaining the wide, welcoming smile.

Both nodded, their voices caught in their throats, to busy blinking back tears to respond.

“Come on in!” she stepped aside to allow them to walk through the threshold. Mulder took a step inside before realizing Scully wasn’t following him, her feet glued to the front step. The woman -Lisa?- opened her mouth as if to say something but instead, Mulder took a step towards Scully and pulled his arm around her shaking shoulders. Together they stepped into the house and followed Lisa to the living room.

“I’m so glad you could make it,” Lisa said, “you know, I always wanted to meet you two, but I completely understand why we weren’t able to do so until now.”

They sat down in the living room, Mulder keeping his arm clasped around Scully’s shoulders, his attention much more focused on her than Lisa’s attempt at conversation.

“If you’ll excuse me for a second, Will was cleaning his room and probably just lost track of time. I mean, Tom was supposed to check on him, but they’re probably just joking around…” her voice trailed off.

Mulder made eye contact with her and smiled as best as he could. “Thank you so much for doing this Lisa, we really appreciate it. And we’re sorry that-”

“Nonsense, Fox,” she turned back towards him, “I can’t even imagine what it’s like for you two.”

Mulder opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted when Scully buried her face in his chest and gave a muffled sob. Mulder immediately reverted from awkward estranged father to Scully’s Mulder, and pulled her tight to him, one hand rubbing her back and the other holding her to him. He buried his nose in her hair and whispered a few things that Lisa couldn’t make out as she approached them.

“Dana, honey, can I get you anything? A glass of water?”

She nodded against Mulder’s chest, still not showing her face.

“Okay, just a second.”

When Lisa had disappeared, Scully managed to pull her head up to meet Mulder’s eyes.

“I’m sorry-”

“Shhh, theres no reason for you to be.”

“This was supposed to be happy.”

“It still can be, its just emotional too.”

She nodded.

“You wanna tell me what’s wrong?” he asked, brushing some of the hair that was now plastered to her tear-stricken cheeks away. “I mean, other than the hair you spent three hours on now being slightly disheveled.”

She giggled, but quickly became serious again. She pulled out of Mulder’s arms enough to turn and point at a doll that was lying face down on the table next to the door.

“Scully, you don’t have to worry, not all dolls are haunted…” and his voice trailed off when he recognized it.

Not all dolls were haunted, but that one definitely was.


“He kept it, Mulder,” she burst out crying again.

“So the kid has bad decorative taste-”

“And the onesie… that’s the UFO onesie you bought for him. I remember you came traipsing into the apartment two weeks before William was due looking so damn proud of yourself and making me promise not to be mad when I saw what you’d bought.”

“Okay, first, I still can’t believe that you didn’t think it was as cool as I did when I found a space themed baby store, and second, look at how well worn it is, I don’t even know how you knew that that’s the onesie.”

“It is.”

“But don’t you see how loved it’s been?”

“Your point?”

“Even if we weren’t around to see him grow, even if he doesn’t remember us, he still grew up with a piece us, and clearly loved it to death,” he reached out and brushed the tears off her cheeks, “so relax, Mrs. Spooky, he’s gonna love you.”


He smiled at her. “Right. He’s gonna love us.”

Lisa found her way into the room at the right moment, handing Scully a glass of water.

“You feeling better, honey?”

“Yeah, thank you so much Lisa.”

Lisa smiled. “I’m going to go see what’s taking those guys so long.”

She walked towards the stairs but paused briefly and picked the doll up cautiously. Her eyes met Scully’s and she could tell that she remembered the doll, but the tears in the woman’s eyes told Lisa not to bring it up. She proceeded to walk up the stairs.

Mulder reached over and took Scully’s hand again, squeezing it reassuringly. She squeezed it back and they looked towards the stairs as quick footsteps got louder and a very tall boy with a mop of red hair appeared in front of them.

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Inhumans Part Five

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Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine,

Genre: A/U, Angst, Violence, Fluff, Romance, more in the future.

Pairing: Yixing x Reader

Word Count: 5.4K

Summary: Inhumans are people born with powers, feared by most all over the world. Inhumans are often killed before the age of three or kept locked up and tested on. EXO is a rogue group of Inhumans who broke free and are now looking to free fellow Inhumans as well as get justice for their kind. However, with their powers come limitations. With these limitations, they sometimes need a helping hand.

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Zootopia / Robin Hood Fanfiction TAKE A STAND ch.25- Shout

(AN/ Hey folks it’s Garouge/Crewefox here with another chapter of Take a Stand, so wow the last chapter was the most reviewed yet with 53 reviews for that single chapter thank you so much to everyone who reviewed, liked, faved, followed and reblogged this fic, oh and sorry for the feels last chapter. FYI there is a sneak peek of the upcoming Take a Stand sequel now on my Tumblr Crewefox just search for ‘Take a Stand SOC’. So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…..)

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Chapter 25- Shout

Jack was anxious as he looked at the time on his smart phone for third time in a minute, 9.36 pm. “They’re late.” He complained, he was in black combat fatigues, with his trusty pistol strapped to his side.

“They’re vigilantes, they play by their own rules.” Skye shrugged off, the two MCB agents were stood on the roof of a run down office building looking over the fenced off Sherwood Haulage yard.

“Indeed we do.” A voice crooned behind them, the two agents spun round to see Robin in his ‘Hood’ uniform.

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