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The Fourth Musketeer (Part 5)

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Requests: Part 5 of The Fourth Musketeers por favor, I’m in love with this series

There’s gonna be a part 5 for the four musketeers??? YEYYYY

Please please please please please please please please please please please please more Fourth Musketeers Please please please please please please please please please please please please Please please please please please please please please please please please please !!!😊😊😊😊😊

hey! can you please do a part five of the four musketeers?! I’m so hooked! I need more! have a great day 💕

your writing is AMAZING!!💘oh and no rush but part 5 of Fourth Musketeer pls!! lots of love heheh😽

Hi! is part five of the four musketeers coming out soon? it’s really amazing!

Pairing: Archie x Reader

Description: A few days of an agonizing wait and the court case’s outcome.

Warnings: none

Word count: 1,309

A/N: wowowow that was a long wait, sorry guys!  here’s the final part, enjoy!

On a quaint Thursday night, the Andrews sat in their dining room, enjoying the pepperoni pizza they ordered.  Their quiet dinner was disturbed by a soft knock on the door.  Fred Andrews was the first to stand, so he opened the door to reveal a disheveled eight year old.

“(Y/N)?” he questioned, opening the door wider.  She looked up at him with sad, wide eyes.

“I’m sorry to bother you, Mr. Andrews,” she apologized, “but my parents are yelling a lot again, and you said that if it ever got a bit too much-”

“That you are welcome here,” Fred finished, a comforting smile on his face.  “Of course you can come in, (Y/N).  Hell, stay the night if you need to.”

“Thank you, Mr. Andrews,” (Y/N) whispered her gratitude as she stepped inside.  She wasn’t acting shy because she was uncomfortable around Archie’s parents; it was because she thought she was intruding.

“Archie, look who’s joining us for dinner!” Fred called out.  Immediately, a loud thump echoed through the Andrews household as Archie leapt off his chair.  He sprinted towards the doorway, where he knew (Y/N) was standing.

“(Y/N)!” Archie exclaimed, excitedly jumping.  All of (Y/N)’s tentativeness suddenly vanished as she laid eyes on her best friend. “You’re just in time!  The pizza is still warm!”


“Of course!”  The two children feverishly ran into the kitchen.  Mrs. Andrews warmly welcomed (Y/N) and assisted her in grabbing two slices of pizza.  When both Archie and (Y/N) were occupied in conversation, Mary stepped out into the hallway with Fred.

“Not that I don’t love that girl,” she whispered to her husband, “but she’s here a lot.  Too much, considering the circumstances.”

“I know, I know,” Fred sighed, pressing his fingers against his temple.  “But we can’t do anything.  You know we can’t talk to her parents, that’ll make it worse.”

“But maybe if they just got some counseling-”

“Have you met her parents?” he interrupted her.  “They’re both too headstrong to ever listen to each other, even with a licensed therapist present.  The only thing we can do is help (Y/N) wait out the storm.  Hopefully it’ll be over soon.”

“It feels like this has been going on for my whole life,” (Y/N) explained to Kevin as she stabbed at her salad.  “I mean, my parents have been fighting for as long as I can remember.  Honestly, I’m surprised it took them this long to file for a divorce.”  Kevin shifted in his chair.

“This is so dramatic,” he commented, slightly leaning forward in interest.  “I know Jughead has already written a novel about yours and Archie’s tragic romance, but he seriously needs to write a sequel.”   (Y/N) laughed and shook her head.  

“Well everything’s at a standstill right now,” she shrugged.  “All we can do is wait.”

“For the court case to be over?”

“Yeah,” (Y/N) nodded. “I gave my statement, so now my mom and dad battle it out in court to decide who gets custody.”

“Basically, they’re deciding where you’re gonna live and how your life is gonna pan out,” Kevin paraphrased. (Y/N) nodded glumly.


“And you can’t do anything else?” Kevin asked.  (Y/N) shook her head.

“No,” she answered.  “Like I said before, we just have to ride out the storm and hope for the best.”

“And what happens if your dad wins?”

“I go back to New York. I live there until I’m eighteen and then I’ll go to whatever college I get into,” she sighed.  

“What about Archie?” he questioned.  She pursed her lips.

“There’s nothing I can do about him.”

“But will you guys still be a thing?” Kevin inquired.  “Will you keep in touch this time?  Oh god please don’t let this die out again, you have no idea how much I need you two to be endgame.”

“We’ll see, Kevin,” (Y/N) giggled.  “I want to keep in touch.  Hell, I tried last time.  If I move back to New York, it’s up to Archie to keep in touch with me.”

“So how’s it going with (Y/N)?” Jughead asked Archie one night at dinner.  Archie glanced up from his plate, confused.

“What do you mean?”

“The court case,” Jughead elaborated.  “Do you know what’s going on?”

“I only know what (Y/N) knows,” Archie answered.  “She gave her statement a few days ago, so now her parents have to go into the courthouse in two days-”

“And that’s when (Y/N)’s fate will be decided,” Jughead dramatically finished.  Archie nodded and returned to his food.

“Yup, that pretty much sums it up.”

“But even if (Y/N) does have to move back to New York, you’re still gonna keep in touch with her, right?” Jughead questioned.  When Archie didn’t respond, Jughead dropped his fork as he stared disbelievingly at his friend.  “You’re gonna cut her off again?”

“I’m not going to cut her off, Jug,” Archie fired back.  “I know I screwed up last time, and I’m not planning on doing that again.  I just… I don’t want to think about that right now. I’d rather just ignorantly believe that (Y/N) will stay in Riverdale.”

“Archie,” Jughead placed a comforting hand on his friend’s shoulder, “you can’t put yourself through denial again.  It’s not good for you.”

“But it’s so much easier, Jug,” Archie sighed.  

“It may be easier now,” he warned, “but the consequences are more severe, Arch.  Think about when you acted like (Y/N) didn’t exist after she left. It may have been easier for you while she was gone, but when she came back, she was furious.  Imagine the kind of relationship the two of you could’ve had by now if you hadn’t been in denial for so long.”  Archie sighed at this, knowing that Jughead was right.  “You can postpone the pain, Archie, but you can’t prevent it.”

Two nights later, (Y/N) was staying over at the Andrews’s house.  Her parents were still at the courthouse.  She and Archie hovered over her phone all evening, awaiting the phone call that would announce who she had to live with.  The phone call that determined her fate.  

At around midnight, they gave up on waiting.  Archie and (Y/N) retired to Archie’s bedroom, where they curled up in the bed together. (Y/N) set her phone down on the nightstand, but she refused to take her eyes off of it.

“Go to sleep,” Archie mumbled, wrapping an arm around her waist.  (Y/N) shifted so that her back was pressed against his.

“I can’t,” she whispered. “What if they call and I’m asleep?”

“You turned your ringer volume all the way up, (Y/N),” he reminded her.  “If you’re asleep when they call, it’ll wake you up.”  (Y/N) sighed but didn’t respond.  Archie noticed her breathing began to slow down, so he figured she was falling asleep.  He, too, was beginning to drift off until a shrill ringing disturbed their sleepy silence.

“The phone!” (Y/N) exclaimed, immediately sitting up.  She, tangled in the bedsheets, rolled over towards the nightstand and quickly snatched her phone.  She pressed the answer button and held the phone to her ear.  Archie tried to listen to the other line, but he couldn’t hear it.

“Okay,” (Y/N) responded, nodding.  There was another break of silence as the person on the other line talked.  “And that’s the outcome?  It can’t be reversed?”  Another pause.  “Alright, thank you.”  She hung up the phone and slowly set it down.  Archie turned on the lamp as he stared at (Y/N).

“So?” he inquired.  “What happened?”  

“I’m staying,” (Y/N) muttered quietly, still in shock over the outcome.

“You’re staying?” Archie excitedly repeated.  “For good?”

“Yeah,” she grinned.  He tugged her into a tight hug.  “I’m staying in Riverdale, Arch!  I won’t leave you ever again.”  He slowly pulled out of the embrace and smiled at her.

“Good,” he replied, and he crashed his lips against hers.

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After Hours - Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Summary: Based on the prompt: “I have a key to the theatre, and sometimes I go there when I need to think. Apparently so do you.”

Words: 5,296 (ren and i are just…yeah)

Warnings: Swearing. 

A/N: From Ren (@alexanderhamllton- Guys, it happened!!! Here’s my first collab with Liv, which I’m so so excited about, we wrote the whole thing in one afternoon and I couldn’t be more proud of the result. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do <3

From Liv - I am still dizzy from how much I enjoyed writing this. I finally had the honour of collaborating with Ren (aka real human sunshine) and it was so much more than I could have ever hoped for. Honestly, it is amazing. Happy reading!

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There is something very beautiful about a theatre without an audience. It is filled to the brim with potential, all these seats just waiting to be filled, an empty stage that could become an entirely different universe. The lights are dimmed down, and from inside a deserted Richard Rodgers, it is as if the entire world has stopped spinning.

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“No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes," with McCree and s/o?


McCree’s soft voice began to pull you out of sleep, your gaze bleary as you turned over in the bed and looked towards the doorway. You had taken refuge in the cowboy’s room a few days back when the heartache of missing him had made sleeping in your own bed next to impossible. His room was comforting; even though he wasn’t there, the lingering dark sweet scent of his cigars, gun powder and the unmistakable musk that was McCree calmed your racing mind. You had even pulled on one of his plaid button ups, the scent of his cologne still soaked into the shirt. Sitting up completely, a wide, sleepy grin overtook your features as he moved further into his bedroom, scratching your head listlessly. 

“Hi babe”, you hummed, your voice still thick with sleep. You could see a battle of emotions rush over McCree’s face, your sleep addled mind mildly confused before looking down at you dressed in his shirt, sitting in his bed, all without invitation. “Oh…I’m sorry…I know you must be tired Jess…I didn’t mean to intrude.”

“No no darlin”, McCree said softly  as he moved quickly into the room and sat on the bed next to you, effortlessly pulling your sleepy body into his lap. You shivered as his arms wrapped around you, resting your head against the crook of his neck and shutting your eyes happily. “It’s just…I can’t believe yer actually wearing my clothes sweetpea…they look real nice on ya.”

“Oh…hehe, they feel real nice too”, you hummed against his skin, just happy to be held in his arms again, ears barely picking up the sound of the man kicking off his boot as he laid back in the bed with you. 

The Lucky One Pt 3

Characters: reader, James (Bucky), OC Caleb, OC Marjorie (reader’s mother), mention of OC Kevin Jenkins.

Summary: As a single mom with a jerk of an ex-husband, you’re doing your best to run the family business all on your own when your mother hires a mysterious man with a troubled past to help out. He just might be what you need in your life, but will his secrets bring you together or tear you apart? (Events occur shortly after Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

Warnings: mostly fluff, a lil angst.

Word Count: 2554

Tags at the bottom 

A/N: This fic was originally for Stark’s Tower Movie Challenge ( @hunters-from-stark-tower ). I hoped to have another part or two finished by the deadline, but life happens. :) I’ve based this fic on the movie/book “The Lucky One”. I’m really enjoying fleshing out this story and putting my own spin on it! I hope you agree. Please let me know your thoughts! 

<<<Part Two   Part Three   Part Four>>> 

The Lucky One Masterlist


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You heard the stable doors sliding shut, breaking you from your reverie. James closed the padlock around the chain and handed the keys to you.

“Thank you,” you responded, throat still a little thick with emotion.

“He’ll be okay,” James assured you. “Caleb. You’re doing right by him, I don’t doubt that.”

“I appreciate that. Have a good night, James,” you said with a sniffle. 

A generous smile touched his lips, this time even reaching his stunning blue eyes.  

“Good night, Y/N,” he echoed before walking away.


The rest of the week, James continued to be the perfect employee. He came early to start any repair projects he saw, fed the horses, mucked out the stalls, hauled bales of hay, and did all of it without complaint. Most days you had to remind him to take a lunch break and when to stop at the end of the day. You wondered if he actually even had an off switch. Around noon, when reminded, he would disappear for that hour for the first few days, but by the end of the week he was bringing a lunch of his own and would spend time with the horses. You could tell he was more comfortable around them and that fact made you oddly happy.

One evening after work was done for the day and James had gone home, you were sitting on your porch with your mother beside you. Caleb was laying on a blanket with his sketchbook, perfectly content. As the sun set and darkness rose slowly, you saw a figure walk past on the main road. It was James walking back from town with what looked like at least 5 grocery bags in his left hand and 3 or 4 planks of wood over his right shoulder. Quite the load to carry over such a long distance, although come to think of it, you weren’t sure where he was staying since there wasn’t much past your stables for miles.

Curiosity got the better of you so the next day, after discussing the training and feeding schedule, you breeched the subject.

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The Start of Something New Chapter 4 (Jughead x Reader)

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

In which Jughead realizes how “perfect” the Reader really is.

“Y/N! Wait!“ Jughead ran after (Y/N) as she retreated to the closet in the library where they stored the books damaged by a pipe bursting a few months ago. His hand caught the door as she was about to slam it in his face. Archie, Veronica, and Betty stood at a distance, not wanting to intrude but still wanting to express their support.

Glancing at the three somewhat-insensitive teens, (Y/N) hesitantly let Jughead into the closet and shut the door.

“My friends are assholes, and sometimes I am too,“ Jughead started. “I’m so sorry they said that stuff, (Y/N).”

(Y/N) couldn’t decide whether to look into Jughead’s foggy blue eyes to confront him, or look away because she knew it would break her. He would break her. She shook her head, eyes closed. “I knew it,“ (Y/N) said, voice cracking. “I knew our friendship wasn’t real.“

“What do you mean, (Y/N)?“ Jughead ran a hand through his hair under his beanie, exasperated.

“You can stop pretending,“ (Y/N) said. Tears threatened to spill over. “You can go back to your perfect life now!“

“My life is far from perfect and you know that!“ He said, his face heated. “I’m basically homeless, my dad is a drunk and a drug dealer, and I was almost arrested for murder!“ He turned away from her, unable to look at someone who could make such a naïve assumption.

He wheeled back on her. “If anything, you’re the perfect one.” His eyes were narrowed, voice passive aggressive. He was the old Jughead. “At least you have a family! And a house! And you’re pretty and nice and smart! You’re normal. You’re just like Betty!”

(Y/N) inhaled sharply and tears began to flow. Her fists were clenched and for the first time since he’d known her, (Y/N) raised her voice.

“I am nothing like Betty!“

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I Am An Alpha Ch 13: Who Is The Alpha Here?(M)

I snap up when I hear the door open. My eyes are opened wide, scanning the room for an intruder but only find Kris peeking his head in. He has a small smile on his face, I can tell he is unsure on how to proceed. With a deep breath I give him a small smile, “I’m sorry for earlier.”

“Me too. I didn’t mean to get so upset, we should have handled it better. You told me and you told Yixing that you are not really in control of your wolf and we still got upset, we are assholes.”

“Yea you were,” I must back. “But understand why you are scared. I am not the typical omega so you can’t scare me into submission, it must be weird to have something so out of your control.”

He nods, “So are we forgiven?”

“You are yes, but I’m still upset with Yixing and I am absolutely pissed at Jongin.”

“Insoo please-“

I cut him off, not caring if I’m upsetting the two boys you can hear out conversation, “I don’t give a single fuck about the excuses you guys thought of while I was sleeping. Jongin attacked my pup and almost ripped his throat out. Yixing stood by and watched, knowing how much that pup means to me, he was just going to let him die because he was fucking jealous.”

I can see that he wants to defend his pack but doesn’t have any more excuses.

I sigh, “You look stressed.”

He runs his hand through his hair and lets out a sigh of his own, “I have eleven wolfs down stairs dealing with rejection and a mate who basically hates us at the moment.”

“I don’t hate you.”

“You don’t like us.”

“At the moment, yes.”

“What can I do to make this up to you? I will do anything except take you back to your pack. I can’t handle you being away from me right now.”

“I just want to lay here a bit longer, I don’t want to face them right now.”

He nods, “Take all the time you need.” He turns to leave but I find myself stopping him.


He freezes, “Yes?”

“Could you stay? Jin would always tell me that nothing would make you feel better than being with your mate. I think we could both feel better right now.”

“You want me to stay?” He is completely dumbstruck by my words.

I nod, “If you are still mad I understand.”

“No!” He rushes forward eagerly, his sudden movement making me jump back against the headboard. Again, he freezes, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, it’ just that you came up so fast.”

“I’ll take it slow.”

He very slowly climbs up the bed so he is lying next to me. His hands rest on his chest when he finds a comfortable position on his back. I move to my side to stare at him, my hands tucked between my cheek and the pillow. We sit there for a moment, feeling more tense now than before.

“This isn’t really helping,” I mumble.

“I’m sorry, I can go.”

Again, he tries to leave, and again I stop him, rolling on top of him, surprising both of us. His hands catch my hips as I straddle his waist, both of us frozen. My face is burning with embarrassment; I look away and slowly begin to move away. He suddenly rolls us over so he is on top, his massive body locking me underneath him. I usually panic in situations like this but right now I just want him closer. My small fists cling to the back of his shirt as I burry my face in the crook of his delicious smelling neck. He eagerly does the same to me, taking deep breaths of my scent. This is what I wanted.

A tingle runs down my spine when I feel something sharp poking my neck followed by the short caress of his tongue. I can’t hold in the whimper my omega makes, wishing for him to continue, to just mark me and mate me right now. Just the thought has my body buzzing. I’m so caught up in my own feelings that I don’t notice Kris’s body getting warmer and his grip on me tightening.

He ruts against me.

It’s only once but it’s enough to make him tense and pull away. He isn’t able to get very far with my hands gripping his shirt but it’s enough for me to see his face, and his golden eyes. “I’m sorry,” He mumbles out, again trying to pull away.

“Stop apologizing and come closer,” I groan. “I want you closer.”

“But Insoo, I don’t think I can control myself right now, I just want to…” His eyes are fixated on my neck. I throw my head back, baring it to him completely.

“Mark me,” I demand. I want it so bad, I need it. I feel like if he doesn’t mark me I am going to die.

“Insoo, you can’t just say things like that. You might not be ready-“

I snarl and flip us back over so I’m on top, “I’m not a fan of being prepared. I much more enjoy living in the moment and in this moment all I want is for you to mark me like my alpha is supposed to. Come on,” I tease, “Or maybe you aren’t man enough to.”

That is all it takes to bring out his alpha instincts to flip me back over and pin my hands to the bed, “What was that omega?”

“I said maybe you aren’t man enough to mark me.”

He chuckles, “You are a brave little omega.”

“I’m no fucking omega, and you know that.”

“I don’t know that. I’m waiting for you to prove it to me.”

I grin, “Shall we see who the stronger alpha is?”

“How will we do that?”

“First to cum looses.”

I see the battle on his face, he wants to sit back and talk, still worried that I’m not ready, but his alpha isn’t backing down from the challenge. I honestly don’t know if I am ready but I don’t care right now, I want him to mark me, I want him closer, I want this more than anything. My wolf is crying inside for more of his scent, for more of his touches, I crave it. I see the want in his eyes too, his teeth sink into his bottom lip as he decides.

“You know once we start I won’t be able to stop,” He snarls in my ear, rutting against my unclothed core again, making me tense. “The second your delicious heat sucks me in I will not be letting you get away.”

“Kris,” I whine softly.

“What is it little wolf? Scared already?” He mocks with a smirk.

“No, I’m tired of your warning and apologies, if you don’t mark me I swear to god I’m going to top you.”

He chuckles darkly before licking a strip up my neck, “So sweet.”

I groan, “You take forever!” I snatch my hands back and grab him by the collar of his t-shirt. Without any hesitation I smash our lips together in an aggressive kiss that has my bones tingling and my toes curling. His arms are under me, bringing me closer to deepen the kiss. I nibble on his bottom lip, earning a deep moan from the giant, earning me access to his hot cavern. I’m not surprised when he tries to fight for dominance in the kiss but I don’t give in.

I jump when the back of my shirt rips open, earning him the upper hand in all of this. He makes quick work of the shirt, shredding it to pieces so his massive hands are flat against my back. I know what he is doing, his rough callused hands feel a long my scars down my spine. Returning the favor of ruining my shirt I tear his a part, he leans away, glaring down at me.

“I know I have more but that doesn’t mean you can do that,” He teases.

“You started it.” I give him a cheeky grin, with a quick swing of my hips I manage to get on top again, catching sight of the scar on his chest. My fingers skim over the spider like mark. It isn’t very big, just a tiny bit smaller than my hand. “I did quite a number on you didn’t I?”

“I did it to myself. I attacked you, I deserve it 100 times over.”

I shake my head, “We are getting off track.”

He sits up, his arms wrap around my shoulders, holding us chest to chest, “I’m sorry for not saving you.”

“You did in a way.”

“I mean before you even got in that situation, I should have known you were hurting. I was running around while you were getting beaten,” His hands caress my back, soft lips run down my neck to my shoulder. “I want to be closer to you.”

“All you have to do is pop that button.”

He chuckles, “That challenge is still on you know.”

“I’m waiting.”

His hand slips in between us and pops open his pants and watches my face as he pulls himself out of his pants. I gulp at the sight of his massive rock hard member. He chuckles, “Are you ready for me little wolf?”

I puff out my chest and put on a brave face, “Bring it on.”  

“Go ahead ms. Alpha.”

I place my hands on his shoulders, letting my nails dig into his skin as I prepare myself. With a deep breath I position myself over him before closing my eyes and sinking down slowly on his manhood. I can feel him staring at me but I don’t open my eyes. My mouth forms a perfect O at the filling sensation, it burns to my core, it would be a lie to say it doesn’t hurt but the throbbing pleasure rocking through me keeps me going. My head drops to his shoulder for a minute, mumbling a string of curse words to keep myself from screaming.

“How do I feel little wolf?” He purrs in my ear. “Because you feel absolutely amazing. I don’t want to rush you because I don’t want to hurt you but it is taking all of my self control not to pin you down and fuck you so hard I break this bed. So please-“

“Is that begging I hear?” I chuckle once I can actually speak.

“No it’s a warning. You have a minute to adjust before I win.”

I rock my hips a few times, moaning softly, “Fuck.”

“Your time is shrinking fast,” He warns through grit teeth. As promised with one last teasing rut I flipped on to my back where I see golden eyes staring down at me, his teeth bared ready to mark me, I could have came right then and there if not for my pride. He slams into my hard making me honestly scream, my face burns bright pink in the crook of his neck.

“You are going to pay for this,” I snarl as he thrust again. My claws dig into his back, ready to return the pain of him stretching me. I can feel his member throbbing as my walls constrict around him.

“You are so fucking tight, how did I live this long without you?”

“How long do I have to wait for you to fuck me like to promise?”

“I love this dirty mouth of yours, such a brave girl,” He purrs. He rests on his elbows, his face buried in the crook of my neck, and nibbles there softly. “I can’t wait to mark you as mine.”

Suddenly his slams into me again, but he doesn’t stop this time, he continues to pump into me like the animal beneath his skin. He groans fill my ears adding to knot forming in the pit of my stomach. This is so much more than I was ever expecting, the pleasure grips me and turns my world upside down. I can’t contain my moans as my orgasm begins in my toes, not yet! But as his knot begins to form and it becomes harder and harder for him to pump in and out I’m getting stretched more. My nails drag down his back, drawing blood, and making him cry out.

I jump when his teeth sink into my neck, sending us both over the edge, locking his knot in place deep inside me. My trembling legs wrap around his waist, my arms around his neck. My wolf is screaming at me, with Kris’s teeth still in my neck she commands me to respond to the action. I cave to my wolf and mirror Kris’s actions, marking him as mine. But the moment I do it we both freeze.

Oh my god, I just marked him. I can’t even run away for the next twenty minutes until his knot returns to it’s normal size. I pull away and stare at the wound with wide eyes. Kris releases me stares at me with a shocked expression. Panic begins to fill me and my heart races, I just marked an actual alpha. That’s not what’s supposed to happen. Omega’s do not mark their alphas, he’s going to be furious. I close my eyes and pull him back so I’m back in the crook of his neck. I run my tongue against the broken skin getting rid of the blood revealing the clear bite mark. As mad as I know he will be it’s satisfying to see it there. It tells everyone he is mine and I am his. I bite my lip to hold back my smile.


So sorry for not posting at all yesterday! I worked until midnight and hand to work again at seven so I went straight to bed! I hope you understand and have a good night!


Stand by you (2x08 missing scene)

 This is set between Magnus’ scene with Jace & the party. Magnus deserves to be treated with respect and both he and Alec deserve to have their relationship spoken about with respect by Alec’s family.  Parabatai have it out and Malec are happy. 

Thank you so much to @ladymatt (it was a long edit session but you were an angel as always) and @blj2007 (i really appreciated your comments and support !!)

When Alec walked into the living room he was surprised to see Magnus standing at the drink cart tossing back a glass of whisky. When he’d seen him earlier he’d seemed so happy about how plans were going for Max’s party. But maybe one of the suppliers had been unreasonable, he didn’t really understand half of what went into planning one of these things.

“Well, I delivered the invitation to Mother and they’re coming. So that’s one less thing we need to worry about,” Alec said, coming to stand by Magnus, relieved that at least that meeting was over.

“Well Alec I must say I’m surprised, I felt sure she’d object,” Magnus paused as Alec’s face hardened, “she did object didn’t she, Alexander?”

“And I made it very clear that we care about Max and that whatever function was being held we would be attending together.” Alec paused and then grinned, “so she decided to accept your very generous offer to host it.”

“Why, Alexander, I wish I’d been there to see it!” Magnus said making no attempt to hide his glee at the prospect of Maryse being put in her place.

“It needed to be done.” Alec said simply, although his smile suggested he felt at least slightly triumphant about his success, “So, have you seen Jace? I said I’d tell him whether she was definitely coming. I think he needs a bit of time to prepare given he hasn’t seen her since she practically disowned him after everything happened with Valentine. I assume he’s still here, somewhere?”

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random question but do you have a FAVORITE gay-themed movie? and can you recommend some good ones? sorry i know it's a weird question

oh darling i’m a complete film geek so it’s not a weird question at all  :)

if i had to pick one favourite then it would definitely be Weekend. it’s so brutally honest, both in the way it’s shot and in it’s directing and acting. and also, when i was watching it for the first time (with headphones on) i had to hold a pillow in front of my face because i felt like i was watching two people through a key hole and i felt like i was intruding on their private life. if a film makes you feel like that then you know it’s good.

as for the recommendation bit i have to say that there are a lot of absolutely terrible LGBTQ films out there, full of clichés and “for-effect” plots. but here are some “gay themed” films that i would actually recommend watching:

and yes, i’ve intentionally picked films that involves younger people, since i think that speaks to tumblr more. and i would urge you not to be discouraged by the fact that ½ of these are not in english. i can tell you that if you’ve chosen not to watch films in the past just because they’re not in english then you’ve missed out on a glorious slice of life, trust me.


Day 11

Imagine Being Mates To Sam And Paul

For My Followers

To say you’re loved is an understatement, your adored, cherished, worshipped, protected, and coveted.

There is an army of wolves ready to guard you at a moments notice mostly from boredom.

Nothing from the pack or your friends can even come close to what you have with Sam and Paul.


You’re sitting against a book shelf reading Harry Potter when you hear them.

“Paul we just have to patient,” a gruff voice lectures from behind the shelf.

“But I want to meet them. Sam I love you but we can both feel the gap,” another voice grumbles. You’re almost annoyed that they are interrupting the peaceful library setting but you’re also intrigued at their conversation.

“I know Paul, I know,” Sam sighs. You crane your neck and look though a gap in the books at the pair. Both are muscular, tall, dark haired men.

“I’m just impatient,” Paul mutters so Sam takes his hand.

“I understand,” Sam says and kisses Paul on the cheek. It’s sweet and intimate, suddenly you feel as if you’re intruding on a private moment.

In that second you accidentally shove a book out and it falls on Paul’s feet.

“What!” he exclaims and they both jump in shock. You immediately reach out the hole to try and grab the book only to knock more down.

“Sorry!” you squeak and peek your head out. “My bad.” Looking up you expect angry faces when you meet the gaze of the men, but when your eyes connect their expressions go blank.

You stare at them oddly as they just watch you.

“Uh, hi?” you greet.

“It’s her,” Paul whispers.

“She’s gorgeous,” Sam utters and you blush.

“I’m (Y/N),” you offer.

“I’m Sam and this is Paul. Would you get coffee with us?”


After coffee you ended up spending the whole day together laughing and having fun.

Your life changed completely that day, you never expected to ever find one true love much less two.

Sam and Paul are a dream to be with and when you met them things just seemed to click into place.


“What are you thinking about?” Paul whispers into your ear. You’re all snuggled into bed after a long day.

“How lucky I am,” you answer.

“We’re the lucky ones,” Sam corrects and nuzzles his head into your neck. You’re in the middle of them and they have their arms slung over you haphazardly.

“Everything is perfect with you,” Paul adds and kisses your cheek.

“It is perfect,” you mumble as sleep takes you.

It couldn’t be more perfect.

Mr. Grady

Pairing: Owen x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 2043

Author’s Note: I’ve been so far up Chris Pratt’s ass that I’ve decided to start writing some fics for him because hey! he’s pretty gorgeous as well ;) This is my first one so it might be a little rough but I hope you guys like it!! Thanks to the amazing @mf-despair-queen for proofreading this!

Originally posted by jurassicparkfilms

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A Fool of Mine [6]

Originally posted by come-home

Title: A Fool of Mine
Chapter: 6/?
Pairing: Gaston/Reader
Words: 1,628
Summary: [ Dinner, n stuff. ]
Tags: @17gnomes-in-a-trenchcoat @with-a-hint-of-pesto-aioli @juggernaut-jones @lost-and-confused-fallen-angel @blackxthexbeast @the7thsilence @leah5684
A/N: THIS CHAPTER IS REALLY SHORT AND IM SORRY AND ALSO I DIDNT REMEMBER THAT ADAM READ BELLE ROMEO AND JULIET IN THE ANIMATED UNTIL AFTER I WROTE THAT PART OK but it’s technically not cheating bc this is based offa the live action and the Human Again scene isn’t even technically a part of the original ;;)))))

The first thing you noticed when you awoke was your pounding headache. You pulled yourself out of bed and glanced at yourself in the mirror - your hair was wild and there were bags under your eyes.

Throwing open the curtains was your biggest mistake. The light hurt your eyes, which certainly didn't help your migraine.

Definitely a hangover.

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She’s A Servant

Originally posted by alphabomb

Requested by anonymous:

“Could you do an imagine where the reader is in love with Arthur, but doesn’t dare say anything. She does tell Merlin however, who urged her to tell him. When morgana kidnapped the reader and tortures her, Arthur goes out of his mind to try and get her back, and when he does, he finally confesses to her that he has loved her for so long and they have a moment.”

Warnings: torture scene, angst, fluff

Note: First Merlin request!! let’s see how this goes :’) x I got super carried away with this but oh well

Wash the King’s ceremonial robes, make the beds, feed the royal horses, help out in the kitchen and… and… oh god what was the last thing? 

You inwardly cursed yourself as you ran through all the possible things you might have to do but could not for the life of you remember. Why were you so forgetful? These five things were the only things you needed to remember for the day, that was your only job. “Oh right do a delivery for Gaius.” You muttered when it hit you, letting out a breath of relief. 

You hurried down the endless maze of hallways of Camelot castle, weaving and dodging the other servants. You hadn’t been this stressed since King Arthur’s coronation. One of the other servants had to take the day off because of a high fever which left you with double the workload you normally had.

“Can someone for the love of god please go and fetch him! Tell him it’s a matter of urgency!” A loud voice thundered. You ignored it continuing to hurry through the hallways, being a servant for Uther Pendragon had made you used to shouting.

As you rounded a corner you smacked into a firm chest sending you stumbling back. Luckily you had pretty good balance and managed to not drop the mountain of clothes you had piled up in your arms.

“Ah *yn* just the person I wanted to see.” The person greeted and you poked your head around the clothes to see Gwaine. “Gwaine.” You greeted. “I must say you do look lovely today.” He remarked. “What do you want?” You asked raising a brow, knowing fully well it was probably going to be something you didn’t want to do.

“Well…” He trailed off. Yep here we go. “Agravaine needs to see the King, it’s an urgent matter regarding the kingdom. So it would be really helpfully if you went and fetched him.” He spoke before sending you an innocent smile.

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Keeping it Professional | Chapter 1

Lena sits up and looks down at the girl next to her.


The blonde’s eyes are full of something…Something that only urges Lena closer to her.

“Do it.”


“Do it.”

So she does.

Kara’s lips are soft against Lena’s, their kisses are hesitant at first but grow by the second. Kara makes the next move as she softly pulls on one of Lena’s lapels to bring her closer situating the brunette on her lap. It’s Kara that slightly grazes her tongue along the CEO’s lips which part slightly giving the other girl access eliciting a soft whimper from her in return. It’s Kara’s hand that slowly toys with the hem of Lena’s blouse craving more contact, more of anything. But it’s Lena who pulls away and stands with bruised lips and darkened eyes. And it’s Lena who extends her hand to Kara and whispers, “Your place or mine?”

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To Borrow #7

Here is our sweet sweet muffin V. This man needs more love and protection than almost anyone in MM (I think if pressured enough Yoosung would cut a bittccch but V would still take all the abuse >_<) 

This will close the Borrow series and I thank anyone who has taken the time to read, reblog or just like the stuff I wrote. Really appreciate and love you all <3 

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a selection of hero/villain shorts

inspired by the dialogues of @the-modern-typewriter 

“If it were up to me,” the hero said, their fingers closing around the villain’s wrists, “I’d kill you now. Oh, I’m not actually going to, of course. I like to think I still have some sort of moral compass left, even after everything that’s happened. Even after everything I’ve done. Everything you’ve made me do.” Without quite meaning to, they tightened their grip. It felt as though something was bubbling up from deep inside them, something dark and rotten and long-hidden that wanted to get out. “But if I didn’t…oh, the things I could do to you. I could break your bones one by one. Start with your fingers, and see how long it took you to start screaming. Isn’t that what you did to that nice young man who tried to double-cross you?” The villain didn’t respond. “Of course, if that doesn’t appeal to your delicate sensibilities, I could just string you up instead. Hang you by your wrists like a piece of meat. Or I could - ” They broke off. “Wait a minute. Are you getting off on this?”

“No,” said the villain, unconvincingly.

“What,” said the hero, “are you doing in my house? And in my dressing gown?

“Making you breakfast!” The villain brandished a spitting frying pan as evidence. “I couldn’t help noticing last week that you’re just not filling out that super-suit of yours like you used to. You need feeding up, otherwise our battles are going to get terribly one-sided. I’ve done you some bacon, see?”

The hero sniffed. The bacon reeked of bitter almonds, with a faint trace of lemon underneath - presumably an attempt to cover up the smell of the poison, which they judged was probably enough to kill an elephant. Several elephants. “You do know I’ve been trained to recognise the smell of cyanide from a distance of five feet or less?” they said. “Here’s a tip: try using something odourless next time.”

The villain looked downcast. “I was only trying to be nice.”

“And murder me,” the hero pointed out.

“Well - yes, but in a nice way.”

“How did you even find out where I live?”

The villain finished securing the cable ties around the hero’s ankles. “Oh, I hacked into those security cameras you installed to keep away intruders. Ironic, really. Sorry - are these too tight?”

“No, they’re - wait, you hacked into my cameras?”

“Well, yes,” the villain said, as though it were obvious. “The encryption on them was terrible, and I was curious. By the way, I’m glad to see that what they say about men with big feet is true.”

The hero covered his face with his hands.

The hero slammed the villain up against the wall rather harder than was necessary, relishing the choked-off sound they made as their back hit the metal. They tightened their arm so that the muscles bulged, cutting off the villain’s air supply, and snarled directly into their ear, “I know what you did.”

The villain made a desperate hand gesture that could reasonably have been interpreted as What are you talking about? The hero relaxed their grip slightly, finally allowing their enemy to breathe - albeit only in shallow, retching gasps. “I know what you did,” they said again. “You turned those innocent people into mincemeat over a fucking business transaction. I already knew you were scum, but this is a new low.”

“Wasn’t me,” the villain said, their voice rough around the edges.

The hero laughed, short and sharp. “You expect me to believe that?”

“Well, exacting bloody and disproportionate retribution for imagined slights is one of my favourite pastimes,” the villain said, and gasped as the hero’s arm tightened around their neck again. “No, wait! Wait. Listen. I’m not guilty this time, honestly. Hand on my cold black heart. Half of those people were in my employ, what would I gain by getting rid of them?”

“Prove it,” the hero hissed.

“Let me down, and I will,” the villain said, coaxingly.

The hero hesitated, their grip just loose enough to pin the villain in place. For a second, their eyes locked, and the hero thought - or imagined - that they saw a hint of sincerity somewhere in there.

I’m going to regret this, they thought grimly - and lowered their arm.

“Oh, please,” the villain sneered. “You’re not going to kill me, you’re too - ”

Without even bothering to look, the hero fired. Blood sprayed outwards in a semicircle, spattering the wall behind where the villain’s head had been. Their body swayed, then toppled gently to one side, collapsing on to the floor as though all the air had been let out of it (which, in a way, it had). The hero turned and stared at the mess.

“Well, that was a lot easier than I was expecting,” they said.

Crash into Me (Ch.6)

(Juice x OC Janna)

Special thanks to my girls @juiceboxxortiz & @chaosmieu for the incredible support on this!!

Originally posted by stilinski-ortiz

The next weeks they would get up and go to work where Janna continued to work well with everyone. Juice kept up with Gemma’s paperwork and Janna would work on Juice’s bike. At the end of each day Janna and Juice would go home and where they would continue to fall harder and harder for one another each day.

Everyone began to notice the two growing closer and closer. “Hey man” Jax came into the shop. “So you and Janna?”

Juice chuckled at his friends utter lack of tact. “Yeah me and Janna.” He smiled.

“So things are going good?”

“I guess man. We haven’t really talked about it.”

“Bro it’s been what? Almost 2 months now?”

“Yeah.. don’t say nothin but my foots fine, been fine for 2 weeks. I just…”

“You don’t want her to go.” Jax finished for him. Juice nodded Jax wanted to help ‘Shit what would Chibs say?’ Their Scottish brother with all the answers was gone on a run to meet with the Irish and Jax was lost… or was he. “Hold up.” And he ran out of the office. Returning a few moments later with the only other man that had any advice worth listening to.

“What the shit boy?” Bobby grumbled.

“Tell him.” Jax said to a very thrown off Juice. “Go ahead.” He prompted.

Jax gave up and filled Bobby in on what was happening. Bobby siged and looked over at their youngest member. “You gotta tell her Juice. And I don’t just mean that you want her to stay. You gotta give it all to her. How you feel that you want her to stay. And not just that.”

“What do you mean?” He had a feeling he knew but he needed to hear it.

“The club boy. You’ve gotta give it to her straight. You can’t promise sunshine and rainbows but you can promise honesty. This life.. it’s all or it’s nothing.”

Juice shook his head knowing full well that Bobby was right. Hell, Bobby was always right.

Janna had just finished stripping Juice’s bike for paint when she felt a presence behind her. Turing around she saw a man with tattoos from the top of his head all the way to his knuckles. “May I help you?”

“You Janna?” At her nod he flipped the tooth pick in his mouth and stepped forward. “Happy” He introduced himself.

“Oh my God! Hi! Yes! Perfect timing I just finished stripping the bike. Did you need a picture? I found some at the house.” Janna rambled on in a flurry sending the Tacoma killers eyebrows to what would’ve been a hair line if he had hair.

Tig was leaned against his bike giggling like an idiot when Bobby and Jax stepped out of the office where they had left Juice with some serious thinking to do. “Do we even wanna know?” Bobby asked knowing a happy Tig usually mean something unpleasant was happening. Tig just kept laughing and pointed.

Following his finger Jax and Bobby saw that in this case at least, his laughter was brought on by just one person’s misfortune. That person was Happy. “Oh man this is too good.”

They watched on betting how long it would take for Happy’s resolve to break and him to snap at the adorable bubble that was a bouncing Janna chatting his head off.

After thirty minutes of still nothing the guys figured Happy was just tougher than he looked in the patience department and gave up all hope of Janna’s bubble being popped when  they saw Happy nod and Janna squeal with delight giving him a peck on the cheek and skipping off in search of Juice.

“What the hell?” Tig looked to Bobby Jax and the prospect who had walked up.

“Maybe he likes her?” Half-Sack butted in.

“Shut up prospect. Don’t you have shit to clean up?” Tig grumbled.

That night Janna woke up to cold sheets. Sitting up she saw Juice’s crutches still by the bed. She decided to investigate and made her way down the hall where she heard humming. Peeking around the corner she saw Juice walking not limping but walking just fine around the kitchen humming along as he made himself a midnight snack. Slipping away she went quietly back to bed a small smile playing at her lips as she thought of only one reason he’d still be faking injuries.

The next morning Juice came hopping down the hall to the kitchen for breakfast. Janna rolled her eyes at his over exaggeration. “If you’re hungry there’s an omelette on the stove.” She smiled at him.

“Uuhh thanks.” He said using the crutches still Janna laughed watching him try to carry his plate and maintain his “limp”. “What’s so funny?”

“You.” She stated “try just walking.”

“I can’t” He shot back.

“Oh we’re still playing this game. I see.”

“What do you mean?”

“Hmm? Nothing babe.” Janna faked innocence.

Juice sighed dropping his chin to his chest and dropping the crutches and walking over to her. “Oh my God Babe!!! It’s a miracle you can walk!!!”

“Ok ok how long have you known?” He gave in.

“I suspected it for a while if mean the actual bruise has nearly faded and there is no way that you still need the crutches when you’ve been getting up on your own. But I went with it not completely sure. However you ruined it for yourself lastnight.” Juice raised his eyebrows smirking at her break down. “Last night I woke suddenly, and so so cold.” She said sadly for dramatic effect. “Reaching out for my lover slash personal space heater I quickly realized I was alone.” Janna faked wiping away a worried tear. Juice just chuckled. “Suddenly I heard a strange noise from the kitchen. Thinking the worst I bravely made my way down the hall. Expecting the blood of my Puerto Rican boy toy strewn all over the kitchen I braced myself to face a malicious intruder. Only instead I found my bronzed bone machine dancing around the kitchen humming, fixing himself a midnight snack.”

Juice was nearly in tears trying to keep from laughing at her outrageous names for him. “You know what the worst part is?”

“What’s that babe?” He couldn’t wait to hear this.

“You don’t even make me a snack while you were in here.” She faked hurt.

“Oh baby I am so sorry. Please tell me how I could ever make it up to you??” He played along.

“Well.. now that you mention it there is one thing but I don’t think you’d be up for it.”

“No babe tell me. Anything you want name it and I’ll make it happen.”


“Anything.” He promised. That was a mistake because a slow smirk started to spread over Janna’s face.

“Well I have always had a fantasy about being a rich lady with a hot pool boy named Miguel.”

“Looks like I’m gonna have to get us a pool the huh?” He smiled finishing his omelette.

Pulling into work without the crutches and Juice driving the truck. Everyone cheered their friend. “Well looks like you’re back on your feet.” Gemma smiled giving Juice a hug. Completely ignoring Janna in the process. “Does this mean you’re back to work too?”

“Yep I’m good to go.”

“Actually Ma we need Juice. You good to ride man?” Jax cut in.

“Yeah but I don’t have my bike fixed yet.”

“Actually…” Janna said with a smirk, and took off running to the garage.

“You didn’t?” Juice followed her into the garage over to the table. Pulling back the tarp Janna revealed Juice’s fully restored bike. “You did!! Holy shit babe this is amazing!”

As the guys helped get the bike down Gemma watched the group suspiciously. “This looks great. But I need Juice, we have a legitimate business we gotta keep up with here.”

“Ow bout Janna keep fillin in? She’s been doing great so far.” Chibs cut in.

“I really don’t mind Gemma. I’ve…”

“I don’t know.” Gemma cut her off “I haven’t been here and how do I know shes actually any good and not just some hot piece for you all to stare at?”

Janna clenched her fists and took a deep breath.   “Ma she’s really is good it’ll be fine.” Jax assured her. “Juice you’re with Chibs. Ope, you’re with me.“  With that the guys made their way to their bikes. Spotting Tig Jax motioned him closer. “Hey do me a favor?”

“Sure man” Tig said wiping his mouth of the candy bar he’d been snacking on.

“Keep an eye on those two.” He indicated to Janna and Gemma.

“No problem.” He assured him.

A few hours and three cars later Janna was underneath an old Carola working the rusty oil plug loose when Gemma came in the garage. “Tiggy I need you to check the breaks on the Buick. I don’t think it was done right they’re still squealing.”

“No no Janna just did that one.” He complained having done this same thing to the Accord Janna had done earlier and finding nothing wrong.

“That’s why I want you to look at it she probably didn’t do it right.”

“FUCK!!” Tig and Gemma turned to see Janna rolling out from under the Carola, blood pouring from over her eye.

Gemma just looked to Tig with raised eyebrows as if to say ‘See? Incompetent’. 

“Ya know? What is your problem?” Janna asked ignoring the blood dripping down from her eye to her neck and down her chest.

“My problem DARLIN” Gemma said sarcastically. “Is little tarts coming in on my boys and using them.”

“USING HIM?!?” Janna yelled

“Yeah USING him. You come in here from off the streets, spread your legs and now your living with him??”

“I didn’t ask to live with him. I caused the accident so I decided to be a decent human being and help him in any way I could.”

“Well he’s all better now?? You can go.” Gemma crossed her arms over her chest.

“That’s not your decision to make. That’s Juice’s and mine and so far he hasn’t asked me to leave…”

“Well that’s because he’s blinded by easy pussy” Gemma cut her off. “He can’t see you for what you really are..”

“Oh and I suppose you think you do?” Janna cut her back off “Let me guess you think I’m just some stupid whore using Juice for what money??” At Gemmas nod of ‘you said it not me’ Janna growled. “You know what you need to pull your tit out of his mouth and let him be the grown ass man that he is and make his own fucking decision.”

Gemma saw red and grabbed a wrench off the table taking a step towards Janna.

“WHOA WHOA WHOA” Tig grabbed Gemma around the waist pulling her back.

“Let her go!” Janna demanded picking up her own wrench. “I ain’t scared of shit. You wanna do this like some back ally street brawl?? Let’s go bitch!!”

“What the hell is this?” Jax came running up with Opie on his heels.

“Jesus” Opie said pulling the wrench out of Janna’s hand and looking at her eye.

“Shit!” Jax said seeing the blood “Ma you didnt..”

Gemma’s eyes went wide at the accusation and she thew her wrench down storming off to the office slamming the door in her wake.

Just then Juice and Chibs pulled up and Janna groaned. Walking in Juice immediately ran to Janna. “Jesus Christ baby what happend?”

“Gemma hit her in the head with a wrench.” Jax supplied.

“No no no” Tig stopped them “Gemma never hit her.”

“He’s right” Janna backed him up. “I did this on my own.” At their confused looks she explained. “Gemma came out while I was under the car and said somethings and … I don’t know.. I got frustrated and yanked on the socket wrench. It slipped.” She ended sheepishly.

“You hit your own face with a socket wrench?” Juice asked her a smirk playing on her lips.

“Keep up the jokes and we’ll see who’s laughing in the end..” She smirked back and leaned in “Miguel.”

The guys were instantly uncomfortable with their flirtatious attitude in the wake of screaming and blood.

“Come on love.” Chibs jumped in. “Let’s patch you up.”

Once Chibs had Janna patched up Juice insisted on driving Janna home on his bike. “But my truck?” She was nervous about riding the bike.

“We’ll get it tonight.” At her quizzical look he siged. “SAMCRO party tonight. You’re prolly gonna have to drive me home anyway.” He smiled holing up the helmet to her. Janna relented and took the helmet.

“Oh my God that wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought.” She giggled as the pulled up. Juice couldn’t help but join in the infectious smiling.

Watching her smiling in the sunshine shaking her hair out huge grin decorating her face. Juice once again found himself thinking she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever had the privilege of seeing.

“Come here.” He said pulling her in for a heated kiss. At Janna’s moan Juice squeezed her a bit tighter to himself, and let his hands roam.

At the clearing of a throat they jumped apart. “Sorry Mr and Mrs Martin.” Janna giggled as Juice pulled her away from the prying eyes of the elderly couple across the street.

Pulling her into the house Juice backed her up against the door. Feeling his lips trail down her neck and his large warm hands spread over her stomach under her shirt Janna was lost in the feel of him. Suddenly like a freight train rushing through her mind a mocking voice brought her back to reality. ‘He’s blinded by easy pussy’ Gemma’s voice mocked. Echoing through her memory.

Janna froze. “Babe you ok?” Juice asked sensing her tension.

“Hmm yeah.” She assured him giving a small peck of a kiss to the corner of his mouth. “Are you hungry?” She attempted distraction moving around him and into the kitchen. “We should probably eat and then get ready if we’re going tonight.”

Juice followed her curiously “What’s wrong Janna?”

“Nothing.” She sapped

“Bullshit” He called her out.

“What does it matter?” She huffed “I’m leaving anyway.”

“What?!” He was starting to get pissed. “Why the hell would you leave.”

“Look it’s been fun Juice but we knew this was temporary. I help you get better and then … ”

“And then what Janna? You just gonna leave? Seriously?” They stared at eachother unsure of what to say. “I want you to stay.”

“You don’t know what you want Juice.” She wanted to cry. “You’re just blinded by easy pussy.” Janna mumbled ashamed of what she felt was the truth.

“That’s not you…” he started but Janna cut him off.

“How would you know? Huh? We barely know each other it’s been what? A.. a… a month?”

“Two months.” He corrected. “It’s been two months of you and me 24 fucking 7. And you don’t live with and work with and spend every God damn second of every God damn day  with someone and not get to know them enough to know when their words aren’t their own. If any thing you sound like Ge….” he stopped she sounded like Gemma. “What was it you and Gemma were fighting about.”

“Forget it Juice.” She brushed him off.


Tears were slowly starting to fall down her cheeks. But he couldn’t stop the fear of her leaving him manifesting its self into anger. “I HAVE BEEN FAKING BEING MORE HURT THAN I AM FOR THE PAST 3 WEEKS BECAUSE I DIDN’T WANT YOU GONE! JESUS CHRIST JANNA I LOVE YOU!”

Janna froze looking into his eyes. ‘Shit!’ He mentally kicked himself. This was not how this was supposed to happen. He ran a frustrated hand down his face and stormed up to her. Grabbing her face he planted a hard kiss to her mouth. ‘Just one more for the road.’ He thought looking into those mesmerizing eyes trying to remember them as best he could before he never saw them again.

Janna looked into his deep dark eyes full of hurt as his jaw ticked wishing it had words to make her stay while his thumbs brushed away tears from her eyes. Then he was gone.

The next thing she realized was the sound of his bike leaving down the road.
Leading Suspects - Chapter 2

Chapter 1 can be found here


“Unf,” I grunt as I startle awake, arms flailing as I try to catch myself before falling out of my chair. Blinking and rubbing the shitty sleep from my eyes, I stand out of my chair a little so I can check on Madge. She’s still fast asleep, facing the wall, her beautiful face bruised. I know from what the nurses told me when I arrived that the worst of the bruises on her face rests over a cracked cheekbone, and that they extend down her torso over her ribs, one of which is also cracked.

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The Terrible bad Day


Reader comes home early and scares bucky

word count 649

“WHAT THE HELL BUCK!!!!” I yelled as I grabbed at my bleeding wound.

“I stabbed you…I love you…I know your pissed but I…I just reacted.” Bucky smiled sheepishly, as he held the knife to his palm with his thumb and held it up and out.  His eyebrows were up and his lips were pulled tight.

I glared at him as I held my left upper arm where he had gotten me, “YOU STABBED!!!!!!!” I growled the obvious, “YOU F@#*ING STABBED ME!!!!!”

“Well… I didn’t kill you! You weren’t supposed to be home for another week! I thought you were an intruder or worse!” Bucky tried to explain as he took a step towards me after dropping the knife.

Though I know it’s not his fault I step back, it was his PTSD from HYDRA that kept him up on edge, but I was still angry. After all it hurt like hell. I began muttering angrily under my breath, trying to calm down. Finally, my lips pinched together holding until the dizziness comes to my attention. I soon found myself falling forward were Bucky lurched forward for me, and I blacked out. I woke up in a hospital bed alone. I push the blue nurse button and waited for a young man in soft green scrubs to pop it. “Hey, you’re up. How…”

I interrupt him, “Bucky? Where’s Bucky?”

“Bucky? Would that be the man who brought you in? Shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, broad and tall?” he asked as he did a work up.

“Uh yeah, where is he?”

“Well when he came in he said he stabbed you by accident but with you out and with the severity of the cut… he’s with the cops.”

“The Cops! It was an accident he has PTSD I came home early and forgot to call in advance to warn him. It was late I was tired and forgot! I scared him that’s all! Where is he? I need to find him, I need to let him know I’m ok and that I forgive him.”

He gave me a look like he didn’t believe me, “I’ll get the doctor so he can double check and I’ll notify the police you are awake and responsive.” And with that he was gone.

Poor Bucky, he must be freaking out and I was stuck here hooked up to all these ivs. Soon enough a cop steps in, she smiles and says, “Before we allow you to see the man who brought you in, James Barnes, I will need to ask you a few questions.”

“Alright make it fast, he must be freaking out”

“Ma’am…where do you live?”

“The Avengers Tower with my boyfriend Bucky.”

“Has he ever been violent before?”

“What kind of question is that? He was scared, he was reacting… he was scared.”

“Of a little thing like you? Have you seen him?”

“He’s sick, it’s not his fault, he was only defending our home. Now I wish to see my boyfriend.”

“But we haven’t discussed what happened.”

“Bring him in! I am done with this they shouldn’t have called you!”

Finally, they released him and he came running to my bed side. I moved to allow him into the small hospital bed. He cuddled into the side he didn’t get me on. His cheek rested upon my breast and his arms held onto me by my waist tightly. We were cramped into such a small space but it seemed to calm down my beloved lover. While his face was squished to my breast he mumbled, “I’m sorry I almost killed you.”

I kissed the top of his head, “Bullshit I’m still here. You don’t miss unless it’s on purpose. You never intended to hurt your intruder beyond just a little. I’m just fragile.”

“I love you and your breast.”

I chuckled and stroked his hair till we both fell asleep.

What We Deserve

prompt: First off, I just wanted to say how much I love your writing. Especially Death Wish XD I kind of just have a basic idea for a drabble request. What if, when Steve found Bucky in Bucharest, Bucky was with someone in his apartment? Like, he was out at the market being all domestic and when Steve breaks in the reader is there making coffee or something. I just think that has the potential to be really cute/fluffy/angsty all at the same time <3

requested by: @reedsreadsreviews

warnings: swearing, a little fluff, a whole hell of a lot of angst, mentions of torture

length: 5,917 words

a/n: IT’S HER FAULT SHE PUT THIS IDEA IN MY HEAD AND IT TURNED INTO A MONSTER. this fic is also partially inspired by the song “way down we go” by kaleo. also @barnestans i’m tagging you just cause i like to torture you tbh. i could probs be convinced to do a part 2

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father tell me, do we get what we deserve?
oh, we get what we deserve

The cool night last night had fogged up the windows. You had opened them this morning, even though Bucky protested. He complained about how cold it would get in the little apartment the two of you had been sharing for the past year. His words were true enough. It was hardly a place of high caliber; the walls were too thin, the insulation sucked, and anything that went wrong in the apartment maintenance wise Bucky had learned to fix himself. But despite his protests, you had opened them anyway, giving him an affectionate pat on the chest.

“You worry too much, old man,” you teased. “Besides, that’s what you’re for. To keep me warm.” You waggled your eyebrows at him suggestively, and you managed to get a smile out of him. It was such a rarity, that you always took the time to admire them when he did.

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