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Naoto sighed softly, sitting in the food court of Junes as she munched idly from a box of doughnuts. She had been invited back to Inaba by Yukiko for a brief stay at the heiress' inn, a way of "getting everyone together". All the detective could think, however, was how the group would react to her frame: plumpened and porked by hours and hours of desk-work. A belch parted her lips as she waited, fiddling with her too-tight jacket as she looked around for Yukiko...-midnightcookingchannel

“Naoto-kuuun~!” The airy voice of the raven-haired heiress came running up to her bloated-looking friend. Yukiko had heard that Naoto had been having some “weight issues”, but seeing her now, all her features all rounded out as she munched on donuts, crumbs dirtying her button-up shirt and jeans…She had to try and hide her blush. “I-I’m sorry to have kept you waiting…Unfortunately the others ended up dealing with last-minute business so, um…I suppose it’s just us two…~”

Inoue Yuriya SNS 160715: A long talk about everything that happened in the previous month

Quite a lot happened recently, didn’t it! *Laugh*

Sorry to have kept you waiting for so many days. 😅
In that sense it’s impossible for this not to be long.
I’d be happy if you could read it all if you were to find some time.  😊
(If you don’t know about the tour yet, this has spoilers)

Everyone allowed me to rank-in at the Sounsenkyou,
there’s the tour, AKBSHOW Festival SP, USJ,
and then (without being directly linked to Sounsenkyou ) there’s being in the new single senbatsu…
I was able to get chosen for so many things.

The “senbatsu” for this tour is made up around the ranked-in members,
so a great deal of songs had their lyrics distribution adjusted & assigned amongst these 16 people.

Like 74 Okubun no 1 no Kimi e,
or the Leave-setlist’s Wink wa 3Kai,
and Sakura, Minna de Tabeta!

Also, the units!!!
This made me suuuuper happy. 🌸
If you talk about concerts,
the last time when I got picked for a small unit was Nageki no Figure the 2014 Kyushu Tour, wasn’t it?
Moreover, my unit now gets performed every tour stop…

That it’s Ame no Pianist, makes me really happy as well. 💖
I loved the original with Rena-san,
but I remember being very impressed when I first saw Moriyasu-san do it in Tetsuna as well.
Thanks to that, whenever I got asked “which senior do you look up to?” back then, I answered Moriyasu-san! *Laugh*

By the way, during the unit I am the 2nd one to sing my lines~
And I was so glad that Sashihara-san sent me a mail afterwards praising my performance!!!!
(But let’s not get too overconfident, okay. *Laugh*)

I’m saying this now but, at the time when I was chosen after Saishuu Bell’s shonichi dance auditions,
the only member that said, “I’m so relieved, I was hoping Yuriya would get selected.”, was Sashihara-san. 😭💕
Back then, hearing that encouraged me a lot.

Secondly, AKBSHOW Festival SP recording and USJ!

These are also things I get to appear in thanks to my Sounsenkyou rank (but USJ is still upcoming!)

For the Festival, I was among the few that got chosen to be in a unit out of the representatives from each group..
It’s all thanks to you!!!
Once again I felt how amazing it is to have ranked-in.
Thank you very much.

Aah, I’m looking forward to the USJ performances as well!!!  😻

Then, the single’s senbatsu.

I still can’t believe that I was actually chosen to be in the next senbatsu.
It’s a strange feeling. *Laugh*

For the longest time I’ve been far away from the single senbatsu.
Not even being in the senbatsu for B-sides, only when it’s one for the entire Team H or 2nd generation.
And dispite all that, now I was chosen for the HKT A-side senbatsu.

Like I said, a strange feeling!!! *Laugh*

But, like, it’s strange, yet I immediately accepted the fact.
Hmmm. How can I say it, moreso than “Wow I’m shocked!” it was “Yeah!!!” *Laugh*

Maybe, now that I have been selected for senbatsu, I will be able to have confidence in myself.

I know that’s it’s still very early,
and self-confident things aren’t really my style.

But thanks to everyone of you, I’ve been experiencing this amazing time.
So even if it’s step-by-step, I’m very proud to be able to progress like this.

That’s why, being in this sebatsu, I want to aim for the top!

There are probably also people that wonder that I’m suddenly not being too ambitious..
But, I definitely want to connect this opportunity to the next!
Because right now there is “momentum”!

Hanachan’s the center.

I think this is a great opportunity for a new kind of wind to blow through HKT!
Something to be excited about. ✨

However, for me this is my precious first-sebatsu single.
I don’t want to get blown away by the wind.
I want to be on the side where all of us are making this new wind blow!

And, I want to become a member that’s needed for HKT.

Soon, the 4th gens will come around, right.  😊
Me personally, I’ve always thought that when things go into a decline it’s bad.
Until now, there have been times where things haven’t been going up a lot, or have even been stagnated.
But, if you look at it as a whole, I think that things have been going up little by little, never declining.

Through lots of effort, I’ve finally arrived at the current situation!
To be able to do my best here, is the result of doing my best up until now!

Standing somewhat at the front, makes me feel a lot of things.

Back during the time of “Tasogare no Tandem” [[tln: She centered this song during the Sashiko du Soleil tour]]
My ‘they are looking at me’-sort of self-awareness increased a lot.
The uneasiness and pressure made me feel hazy.

The things I’m experiencing for the first time has increased a lot,
but I’m not good at doing things for the first time, especially because I’m weak with nervousness. *Laugh*
But, chances like these may only come around once.

Yesterday I sang “To be continued”

I’ve liked this song for a long while, but I really felt its meaning again.  😊

“I’ll decide one thing that I want to do tomorrow
With my goal done, I’ll be able to walk straight ahead
without being lost”

Never forget to be diligent and work hard.  😊💕

But I don’t know know what is next for me.

“It’s not that I did everything I wanted to I leave something behind and night falls.”

“I’ll do what I can within the time limit. Even if I do my best there are still things I left behind in the past.”
[[tln: All the quoted parts are lyrics from To be continued.]]

“Do what I can within the time limit”, I want to do my best more than that!

Every single one of these unfamiliar things might not go well.
However, thinking “This is a unique time.” and “Nothing else but to just do it!”
I will do my utmost best.

I’d be very happy if you were to continue supporting me from here on as well.

At the same time, I hope this opportunity leads to many more people becoming oshi’s of mine~ 😘

Hehehe. 😊

I’ll do my best.

I’m poor at writing things out,
but these were my thoughts.  😄

Thank you very much for reading!! 😊

Thank you very much for coming to like me.  ❤️ ❤️


Basorexia-The overwhelming desire to kiss someone

You sat on the swings and waited for your best friend to arrive, he randomly called you half an hour ago and told you to meet him at the swings, it was very short notice and that made you wonder what could be wrong. Your mind began to flood with different possibilities as to what could have happened when suddenly all of them ceased when you saw his figure approaching you, waving and taking a seat next to you on the swings. 

“Finally.” You joked causing a smile to break out across his face. “Sorry I kept you waiting, the boys held me up a little.” He chuckles and you nod waiting for him to initiate the conversation so that he could at least tell you why you two were in the park right at sunset. However he just stared at the sky, almost as if he was in some type of hypnotic trance. You gently reach over and push his hair behind his ear, a small smile creeping onto his lips and his gaze goes to his feet. “You okay?” Your gentle voice somewhat soothing his nerves.  

Jeonghan nods, slowly stands up offering you his hand. “Come walk with me.” He says in an almost hushed tone. His behavior was off, he was a relaxed person in general however he was more upbeat than what he displayed now. Pulling you up, he blushes to himself making sure to hide it from you. 

You both walk around the pathway through the large park, the silence between you two was normal as usual, at least it was for you. Jeonghan felt a bit awkward, it seemed as though the temperature was heating up and his stomach was in knots, but he couldn’t let you know that. Suddenly his hand brushes against yours, making him jolt back to reality. To his surprise your fingers slowly began to intertwine with his, your gaze never turned from him as you took this bold step. Nothing was said for what seemed to be forever, your eyes slowly moved to stare down at his lips. A thousand thoughts were hitting you at once, your desire growing larger by the second, you just wanted to know how they’d feel on yours, how they’d move perfectly in sync. 

 You had no control over your own actions, it seemed as though something just possessed you as you leaned in to kiss him. Jeonghan being in shock didn’t kiss back due to the fact that he was trying to comprehend what was happening and if it was real, after realization hit you, you finally yank yourself away covering your mouth in embarrassment. “I-I didn’t mean to..” You began to blush, as you turn to run away you felt his hands grab you and pull your figure into his tight embrace. You were grateful that he was hugging you from behind, you didn’t want him to see your face at the moment. Jeonghan presses a soft kiss to the back of your neck and sighs happily, “Now I don’t have to hold in my feelings anymore.” He smiles. “Y/n, look at me please.” He quietly begged making you twist around in his arms to meet his eyes.

Both of you managed to smile at each other has he presses a quick but loving kiss onto your lips. As he released you from his arms, the smiles never left either of your faces. Tugging him by his hand, you pulled him along with you as you both ran around the park like two little kids, sharing many kisses throughout the evening.

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Can we have a scenario of tanizaki and s/o being ambushed and s/o protects him with an ability that she kept secret from him until then? (His reaction too please? Thank you~)

being ambushed means.. being attacked from every side right? Sorry my english is crap >///<

Btw I use the ability of my OC if you don’t mind :>

Junichirou Tanizaki

Damn, that was not good. Tanizaki thought you escaped your followers but it seemed they just got you both in an ambush and waited for you to make a mistake. He tried to fool them using light snow, but before he was able to activate his ability he was shot in his shoulder, making him gasp in pain

“Tanizaki-kun!!” you yelled and stood before him, shielding him from your attacker. “No.. don’t .. You can’t fight them without an ability..” Tanizaki mumbled and hold his shoulder when he tried to stand up. “That’s not true..” you mumbled, never told him that you actually have an ability. “Cover your ears, love. Could be unpleasant otherwise..” you mumbled.

Tanizaki blinked in confusion before he heard you saying your abilities name. “Last Man Standing..” his eyes widen and he covered his ears right in time before an ear piercing cry was heard, stunning your attackers and made them unable to move. You used this moment to carry your boyfriend away until they lost your track.

“Y..You’re an ability user???!” he asked, still not believing that you lied to him. “Yeah.. I thought this ability would never be useful so I hid it because I wanted you to accept me because of me and not because I am also an ability user..” you explained.

“..Idiot, come here.” Tanizaki mumbled and put his healthy arm around your shoulder, kissing you softly. “I would never put something like an ability to look for a girlfriend. I love you because you’re kind and cute. .. and now badass. But.. no more secrets, alright?” he asked. “Alright!”

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I saw Panic again last night and it was the best concert experiences I've ever had. When they came out, I was standing right in front of Dallon and he saw my Brobecks shirt and he pointed and winked at me (and then I threw up. Again so sorry to those around me. I had too much water) But we kept looking at each other and he kept throwing picks at me and on the third try I got one. It was a fantastic show!

Aw man all of you are seeing Panic now and I still have to wait until November (okay I saw them end of May so I’m not complaining).

But omg I’m sorry you had to throw up, I hope you were alright then, though.
And I’m so jealous, even though I was right at the barrier and directly in front of Dallon I didn’t manage to catch a pick. One hit the tips of my fingers and then flew away. I hope I’ll get the chance again to be that close to the stage.

You are all so great for wearing Brobecks shirts to your shows! I bet Dallon loves seeing them around.

Ah I’m happy for you!

Again - Luna+Krystal

Lunstal first date for anon, (from Krys POV) :) Don’t worry, I kept the message so I won’t forget the Krytoria you asked for ^^ Anyway, I’m sorry for the long wait and I hope you enjoy it! (it’s a bit cheesy this time but oh well)

Before, it had seemed like asking her out was going to be the hard bit. Finding the courage, making sure the moment was right, worrying about her answer and all the possible consequences… surely nothing could be harder than the first hurdle.

Sitting opposite her date, Krystal realizes that’s completely wrong. For everything to go well, you have to have some kind of conversation. Talk about things you both like, keep each other happy so nobody wants to leave. Eat something that’s your favourite, or do something memorable, but whatever you do make sure that they’ll want to see you again. After all, that’s her biggest fear. That Luna won’t want to continue this past the first…..

“Are you okay? You look a bit out of it.” 

Of course, it helps if you’re not a million miles away. Back in the real world at last, Krystal looks down and pulls a loose thread from her shirt, snapping it between her fingers until it’s in shreds.

“I’m fine. Just a little nervous.” Luna smiles kindly in an attempt to make her more comfortable. Her makeup is subtly different to usual; pinker lip colour, a more obvious highlight, eyeshadow that shimmers when it catches the light… little things that you probably wouldn’t notice unless you saw her all the time. Unless you spent so long thinking about that face. Unless you fell in love with the person behind it.

“Don’t be! I love spending time with you, so don’t worry.” A little more at ease, Krystal leans back and brushes the thread pieces away. All she’s hoping for is that she’ll want to continue this, that eventually they’ll move out of the awkward starting phase and into the part where you know each other like yourself, the soulmate stage if you like. 

“I love it too. I liked you for so long before doing anything about it…. so I always treasured those times in case that was all we got.”

Making eye contact with a slightly taken aback Luna, Krystal finds herself blushing and hastily looking away. Saying something embarrassing like that must have made her crush uncomfortable. She’d ruined it. She was sure. She’ll never want to do this again and they’ll never get closer and…

“I didn’t know anyone would like me that much. Thank you, for treasuring all those things. We should do a lot more to remember in the future; that is, if you want to…?”

Seeing the hope in her eyes, Krystal is the happiest she’s been all this time. It’s the hope that this won’t be the one shot that fizzles out into nothing.

It’s the same hope she’s had since she took the ‘hardest’ step to ask her out.

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stream just stopped ! I hope someone get it up on youtube, It's a true blessing, Its everything I hoped for for pewdiecry. I wish I can do a master post about the moments in it, but I'll have to wait to see if it got up on youtube. Did you watch it ? what was you favourite part ? for me, It was when cry started teasing pewds, and pewds got all "you always tell me you're proud of me and now this" and then crys tune of "hey buddy buddy" killed me. sorry long message ><

I’m downloading the stream as we speak, it’ll be up on YouTube soon!

My favorite part was the same as yours! Plus, the way Pewds kept bringing it up and just sounded like a naggy wife the whole time, it was hilarious! Ah, I’m so happy we got a stream for the first time in literal years, they should definitely do it more often.

To everyone who’s been wanting to know if there’s going to be another part of Lets Not Fall In Love….


I’m sorry I haven’t updated it and it’s almost been 2 months (holy shit) I was in a funk for awhile and had no inspiration. I don’t like to rush it because then it comes out sloppy and half assed. But I do feel super sorry that I’ve kept you all waiting. Just know half of part 8 is already done. I just have to type up the rest and then edit it. Thank you for sticking around!

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I love your Barba/Carisi stories, especially Collateral Comfort, Running, Always. When can we expect more?

Thank you! Collateral Comfort is a particular favorite of mine too, so I’m glad you like it.

You can expect more, um, late next week? I always fail you guys when I give a timeframe for posting, but my episode tag for the finale is about  three quarters done (and at 24K as of last night D:), I’m editing it right now. Life is a little hectic, but I should have it finished in about a week (10 days???). Like, maybe the weekend after this one?

I’m so sorry to keep you all waiting. At first it was life/my poor emotional state that was delaying me lol, but now it’s the fact I keep writing. I keep adding to the story. It’s probably gonna hit 30K, so even though I’ve kept you waiting, at least you’ll have something looooooong to read :D

And, for what it’s worth, the episode tag I’m working on is somewhat similar to Collateral Comfort. Not in terms of plot or even characterization, but in terms of its general vibe. It’s Sonny-centric and it deals with Sonny’s feelings about everything; losing Dodds, being a cop, seeing Liv in pain, knowing Barba is in danger. So if you liked that story, I think you’ll like this one too.



Thats right folks Im back in action~!! Im sorry that i have kept all of you waiting but now I have return I shall give you ALL MY LOVE! I know some of the threads might have died so talk to me if you still want to continue or make a new thread. But i have them saved so i have a good portion of every’s threads on drafts. So I know I’ve spoken to a few but lets talk if you like to continue. 


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I just played the demo and omg it's so cool!!! The graphics are very great and I already love the characters! The battles are so interesting and the "sniper mode" made me feel so powerfull!! I'd love to have more sniping moments with Rourke! The morale system is also very cool I love it!(i kept telling the wrong thing, sorry Adair..) I can't wait to see more of it! i'll do my best to share your game and save for your funding! Thanks for this awesome game!!!

Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! There are more sniper mode battles (and more challenging too, since the one on the demo is some sort of tutorial).

Don’t worry about Adair, there are other characters who will appreciate being said nicer things, haha. Thanks for your kind words :D

Trust me, I love you which makes this harder.

How many times have you said I Am Sorry?
How many times have you made me cry?
How many times did you keep me around just for insurance?
How many times did you ignore me?
How many times did you let me care when you didnt?

You left me confused, depressed, and anxious. You broke me down in so many ways. I waited and I was patient. I still tried to be your friend. At some point you lost all respect for me and just kept me around when you needed me there. And to lose the person I once thought was a friend is the saddest part of it all.

I will miss what we once had, but I will not miss how you made me feel the past month. Someday I will find someone who actually values me as a person and cares. And maybe someday you will regret how you treated me. But then it will all be to late.

Goodbye to you. And goodbye to the version of myself where I let someone string me along so they arent alone.

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Do you think Rory and Jess kept in touch over the time period between Season 6 - GG: A Year in the Life? I basically wanted to know your thoughts on what you think their relationship would be once the revival starts. I'd like to think they kept in touch at least cordially. (I'm kinda freaking out over Milo saying he only worked less than 6 days for the whole revival. Also how present Matt and the other dudes in the LDB seem to be; plus Matt reading all 4 scripts D: No bueno!)

i mean, personally, i do. like, at the end of the day they’re in each other’s lives. whether people like it or not.

so i’ve always pictured future r/j to be invested in each other and keeping in touch via email or even text – cause you bet your ass he finally got a cell phone, my silly reformed luddite (give me jess sending rory an emoji and she spits her coffee she’s so surprised). 

i mean, they’re off doing their own thing, he’s probably still at Truncheon and she’s doing her newspaper business stuff so it’s probably not ALL THE TIME but i like to think it’s a very regular occurrence. 

as far as milo working less than 6 days like, at this point, i don’t keep up with any spoiler news cause tbh it’s just bringing me down? like i don’t care that matt is in all of them – supposedly – or that he read all four scripts cause i don’t give a shit about his character. like, ppl may run me through cause you can’t have a god damn opinion in this fandom without someone busting your balls for it, but i only really care about my main 4: rory, paris, lane, and jess. 

so i guess we’ll see. :)

anon 1: wonwoo’s voice is my favourite thing if you miss him a lot I suggest you listen to their vapp on their first anniversary and they did karaoke and wonwoo sung solo and they kept chanting 전원우

anon 2: wait what :((( I HAVEN’T NOTICED THIS I only saw one photoset on pledis17 where he’s pouting and I think I queued it?? maybe he misses wonwoo too much or idk promotions this time is really hard on them with one member missing plus you gotta remember they haven’t taken a break literally before their debut and with their upcoming tour ;; I pray everyday for them to stay healthy and happy

anon 3: HI U CAN JUST MESSAGE ME i sometimes take ages but i promise I always try to reply…jsyk….I’ve forgotten to reply my irl friends for an entire month before…………………(then again said friend also took 1 month to reply me)

@wonwoo-on-helium​ : haha well it’s ok let them support svt the way they want to as long as it doesn’t bring a bad name to our fandom!! i mean…if a non-fandom person read all the tags we use…’s pretty embarrassing HAHA

anon 4: oh man…o’s used to be the scariest thing but I promise you, as long as you do enough practice, the questions get kinda repetitive and you’ll get the hang of it!! and when you look back at it 3 years later you’re gonna wish you were doing it (instead of a’s/ib/poly) (at least that’s the case for most people I know) gooooooood luck!!


[Thanks to some encouragement, I’ve got my fight back! Rp’s will resume tomorrow. I’m truly sorry about anyone I kept waiting… I want to try again. I really want to focus my energy on Knight and a pokemon OC I will soon reveal in due time. He’s my oldest (Going on 9 years) and I want to make something special for him and the poke community. Thank all of you for bearing with my anxious periods of silence… It’s not easy to fight off, but im glad I have helping hands. To ANYONE who I owe or wants to restart, or even get a thead started, message me! I’m open to anyone and everyone!… Save for a few things in the rules…

Thank you! Good night! Pokemon Go has left me so tired, not to mention the sgdq streams keeping me up at night!]

@headoftorchwood - (plotting call)

      Torchwood was not the sort of business that could fairly be described as having busy days or slow ones but this was the quietest the Hub had been since Gwen joined. She’d been dividing her time between the last of her paperwork and a game of Spider Solitare on her desktop when she finally talked herself into making the call she’d been avoiding. 

Being redirected to Rhys’ answerphone wasn’t exactly a relief- she did have to wonder what had kept him from picking up -but at least the machine wouldn’t ask questions. “It’s me,” she said. “Really sorry but it looks like it’s gonna be another long night here.” She polished off that lie, scribbling her initials at the bottom of the now finished report and tried to sound as guilty as she felt. “Don’t wait up, okay? I’ll see you in the morning.” 

Hanging up, Gwen exhaled slowly and stood, ready to bring her papers to Jack’s office and then startling just slightly when she found he’d been standing close by. She recovered quickly enough with a little smile and asked, “We don’t get a lot of days like this, do we?”