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Dogblr Downunder

I just want to take a moment to express my love and appreciation for dogblr downunder. There’s only a handful of us, but over the last year we have become a tight knit group of dog-obsessed pals and I love that I have like-minded friends across the country that are always there to chat to.

@salty-sighthound you’re a gem of a person, incredibly strong and caring and I will always lament not getting one of the Muppets when I had the chance!

@missyspitz I love the way you are so open-minded about every topic under the sun and you always bring a new perspective which I think has made me a more open-minded person like you. Thank you so much.

@calliefield you’re a great laugh, so generous and honestly so down for anything. Serious shit, laughs, games, projects – you’re there for it all.

@ratherlargedog I’m honestly super impressed by your whole being – so smart, so successful and always down for a joke. Like, get out of here with your brilliance???

@buckskin-babies my Adventure Time pal, the only person in the squad (really?!) that gets it. Your knowledge of dogs is simply astounding and your shitposting about dogs is world class.

@awaterloggedstickwilldojustfine your training journey with Lamoni is such an inspiration! I love learning about your latest adventures with him and all your incredible achievements!

@fightingsail probably the kindest person in the entire world? So astoundingly generous, thoughtful and sweet. This girl right here sends everyone birthday cards and will use her last dollar to make you smile.

@sidetongue you are so supportive and kind to so many people on here and your shelter work is an inspiration.

@herebelife what can I say about you that hasn’t been said? You’re so incredibly talented in everything and every day it seems like you bring out a new skill you were hiding somewhere. An inspiration in dog training, in art, in profession and in grabbing life with both hands and making it yours.

Ladies, I love you all.

Winchester brothers- My boys

Title: My boys

Pairings: Winchester brothers x reader

Word count:1198

Request: Hey! :) Your blog is amazing and you are such an amazing writer! I’m requesting a oneshot where the reader is cranky and on her period and Sam and Dean lovingly take care of her, buying her snacks, watching her favorite movie with her and doing anything to make her smile. A lot of happiness and a comical atmosphere would be awesome, cute moments included. Thank you so much! Love you and your writing lots❤️❤️

A/N: I made this more humor than cute.. sorry xxx

“Stop moving!”

“Sorry Sammy it hurts!” You groaned your hands falling on top of Sam’s large one. 

“Quit your whining both of you!” Dean groaned. You groaned shuffling as you kicked your leg out that was resting on Dean’s lap. Your leg knocked Dean, making his balance sway. He looked away from the tv to glare at you. 

“I’m in pain Boob, leave me alone!” You groaned. Sam let out a booming laugh, his head falling back as his hand rubbed soothing circles on your stomach. You pressed your back further into his lap as you finally rested your feet still against the older Winchesters lap. 

“yeah boob, leave her alone she’s in pain” Sam mocked your words poking his pink tongue out at his brother. Dean turned to face Sam, a glare marking his face as he picked up the remote and threw it at Sam. Sam ducked. 

“I swear to God” Dean growled jumping up as he pushed your legs off him. Sam threw his arms up to shield himself from his brother as Dean dragged him off the couch. 

You watched as they wrestle, Dean trying to mess up Sam’s hair. “Noooo” You whined making the brothers freeze. Your arms wrapped around your stomach and they knew instantly what you needed. 

“Sorry Kiddo” Dean apologized as he pulled Sam back up onto the couch. 

“Well I don’t except your apology” You smirked turning your head away from the Winchesters. 

“oh come on (y/n)” Sam pouted, your head bouncing as his large hand petted your head. 

“I’ll forgive you on one condition” You drawled, the same sly smirk making your features. 

“I’ll go get the chocolate” Dean groaned, grabbing his keys off the side. 

“Thank youuuu” You called, head falling back on his shoulder as you pecked his cheek, giggling when the stubble ticked your lips. 


“Are you crying?” Sam flustered as he looked down at you. 

“It’s just so sad” you whimpered nuzzling deeper into Sam. 

“It’s an egg (yn)” Sam trailed off, a smile dancing on his plump lips. 

“hey!” you snapped jumping up, causing the taller man to jump too. “He sacrificed himself for the city!  Humpty Dumpty sacrificed himself so Puss in boots could rescue the city!’‘ 

You felt the slight bounce of Sam’s chest rise and fall as he let a soft chuckle fall from his parted lips. The ends of his hair dipped in his eyes as he looked at you with amusement. 

’'You’re too cute (y/n)” He grinned, ruffling your locks, which promoted a moan from you.

You were about to snap a comment at the moose, but you were cut off when the door opened. You looked over to see Dean struggling to get the thick brown bags through the door. 

“You buy the whole store Dean!” you yelped. “You can’t do that by yourself” You protested as the older man struggled. “Sammy, go help your brother” You smirked using the base of your foot to kick the giant hunter off. 

Sam gave you a narrowed look as he helped Dean put everything down.  ’'Yeah we’ll you eat like a pig, so I saved me and Sammy from constantly going to the store-(y/n). Shit. I’m sorry’' 

“Dude” Sam groaned as he made his way over to you, pulling you into his arms. “You know she’s already hormonal enough” Sam scolded his older brother as he tried to sooth you. 

“I’m sorry (y/n), you know I was only joking. Plus I think it’s hot how much you can eat” Dean reasoned. 

“It wasn’t you” You whimpered, as you yanked the older brother into a hug. 

“What then?” They said in sync, voice laced with concern. 

“I miss Humpty’' 


’'Piss off!” You snapped, throwing your pillow at Sam’s head. A umph feel from his lips as he slacked from the soft weight of the pillow. He placed his hands on the plump pillow, pulling it away from his face. 

“We’re going on a hunt (y/n), you need to go” Sam groaned. 

“Good God Man, don’t provoke it” Dean snickered winning a shoe to the face. 

“Hey!” Dean whined, rubbing the aching spot on his head. “Why does he get a pillow and I got a shoe!” Dean yelped. 

“Fine let’s go” You snapped, storming to the bathroom. 


“You saved a life (y/n), aren’t you glad you went on the hunt. You helped a lo-”

“Don’t get all mushy gushy with me Samantha” You snarled pointing your index finger at Sam. 

“I swear Sammy, you love provoking her” Dean muttered, as Sam narrowed his hazel eyes at the older Winchester. 

“You know Dean, your talking but all I can hear is blah blah blah” You hissed, motioning chatty motions with your hands. Dean’s brows raised as Sam started to laugh so hard he was crying. 

“I’m sorry I love you guys” You cried out wrapping your arms around their encks and yanking them in. Sam’s cheeks looked like a chipmunks cheek from how much you were squishing him.

“ (y/n), my face is squished against your chest” Sam grunted.

“You shouldn’t be complaining about that Sammy” Dean smirked, flashing you a wolfish smile. 

If anyone was too pass now they would just see you squishing two chipmunk like men.


“Oh come on, give a smile” Dean begged. 

“No” you growled crossing your arms. Sam glanced up from his laptop.



’'Geez okay’' 


’'DEANEA MICHAEL WINCHESTER!!” You screamed throwing your half eaten cooking in front of his face.

“Deanea?” Dean questioned. 

“It sounds like I more angry if I use your full first name, but yours is Dean, and I always call you Dean so I decided to give you a different one” You shrugged in calmness before pointed to the cookie. 


“Owww!” Sam cried out hands wrapping around his stomach. 

“What?!” You and Dean chorused in panic. You looked up from your book as Dean looked up from his burger. 

“I have stomach ache. Ow God. You have no idea how much this hurts” Sam winced. 

“Oh really?” You glared through narrowed eyes.


“Your so annoying Dean!” Sam snapped. 

“stop being such a girl” Dean groaned rolling his eyes and shaking off his brothers annoyance. Sam growled before stomping over to the table and slamming himself into the chair. 

“Sam?” You called softly. Sam looked up annoyed. 

“you wanna borrow one of my tampons?”. As soon as you said this, Sam flipped the bird at you and Dean started to hammer his palm on the table, trying to catch his breath. 


“Thank you guys, I know I can be a hassle.” You smiled in relief as now all your pain was over. 

“It’s okay (y/n). We’d do anything to see you smile” Sam smiled. 

“I love you guys” You grinned. 

“We love you too (y/n)” They chorused as they sandwiched you in a hug. 

“I’m used to it, I have to deal with Samantha’s period too’' 


My Best Friend’s Brother Part 7

Title: My Best Friend’s Brother

Summary: Back in college you and Sam Winchester were the best of friends, you had even introduced him to Jess and became the official third wheel, the three of you were inseparable until Jess’s death and then your best friend just disappeared from your life. A few years later living in New York City you run into your ex best friend and piece some things together about his mysterious life. You and Dean grow close, he becomes your best friend too, but can you keep your feeling platonic and brotherly like they are with Sam?

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam x Reader (Best friends)

Warnings: language, smut

A/N:  Again just thank you to everyone who is liking these and giving feedback, I love yall and it means so much to me that you take the time to read these and tell me how much you liked them, thank youuu <3 sorry this part is a little short but part 8 is already halfway done and you can expect it tomorrow ;)

“Guys??” Sam yelled out, the two of you froze looking at each other trying to figure out what to do.

“Ok uhhh you stay in the shower I got this” Dean said scrambling out of the shower, “Uhh yeah Sammy just a sec I’m on the john” Dean quickly dried off and put his clothes back on. He flushed the toilet for effect and then walked out of the bathroom.

“Where’s Y/N?” Sam questioned

“Oh she’s in the shower, I drank a bunch of water and couldn’t hold it so she let me in to go to the bathroom.” Dean explained praying that Sam would accept that.

Sam looked at his brother with a questioning look but decided not to push, “Alright well me and Cas think that this ghost is a girl named Taylor Smith…” Sam rambled on about the case and you were able to get out of the shower and get dressed. You took a quick look at yourself in the mirror and then exit the bathroom.

“Hey Sammy so what’s the plan?”


The case was easy enough, you burned the bones, there were a few issues leading up to it, but now you were done and walking back into the motel room.

“So.. tired… need bed…” you mumbled walking into the room, the boys following closely behind. You peeled your t-shirt off, pretending you didn’t notice Dean staring, and put on one his flannels that came down to your mid thighs and you removed your jeans and falling into bed.

“Let’s get some good sleep and then we’ll head back to the bunker in the morning” Sam said as he crawled into his bed.

“Mmhmm sounds good Sammy” you mumbled already feeling sleep take over. A few minutes later you feel a strong arm wrap around you and pull you close. You turn in Dean’s arms to face him.

“Hey there sweetheart” he whispered resting his hand on your hip and thumbing at the lace material of your underwear. You heard Sam snoring in his bed so you placed your hands on Dean’s chest and leaned your head up planting a kiss on him. He returned the kiss and then placed kisses on your nose, forehead, and cheeks. You giggled and lifted your hand to stroke his face. You felt something you hadn’t felt in a long time in that moment. You felt so at peace, safe, and unbelievably happy. The two of you stayed like that for a few minutes looking into each other’s eyes his hands rubbing your side while you held his face. Dean leaned in for another kiss but this time it was different. It was like the shower kiss, hot and needy. You reached your arms out putting them around his neck to pull him closer and he used his hand to push you on your back and laid himself on top of you, using his forearms to hold himself up enough so he wasn’t crushing you but still allowing every inch of his body to be in contact with yours. His other hand reached down to your hip and trailed to your thigh where he pulled your legs to wrap around his body. You dug your heels into his lower back to pull him flush against you could feel his erection pushing at your center through the layers of fabric pulling a moan from you. This caused Dean to let out his own moan and then trail kisses and bites down your neck.

“Baby girl we should stop, as fun as this is, if we keep going I won’t be able to hold back anymore and I definitely don’t want our first time to be quiet and five feet from my little brother” he whispered laughing a bit and you giggled nodding.

“Would you at least keep kissing me for a little bit, nothing sexual, I just like your kisses” you whispered back giving him your best puppy eyes.

“Your worse than Sammy with those eyes, and sweetheart everything about you is sexual…” he moaned dipping his head back down to sucking another love mark on your neck, “but you know I can’t say no to you, we can make out like teenagers for a little bit but then we gotta sleep, Sam will notice if we’re both exhausted tomorrow” Dean said rolling the two of you to your original position facing each other. The two of you shared kisses and whispered talking about everything sharing quiet giggles until you fell asleep spooning with interlocking hands.


The drive home was pretty uneventful, you and Dean shared looks and touches whenever you could but Sammy was awake and talking pretty much the whole way home. Not that you minded though the three of you laughed and debated music, tv shows, and movies all the way back to bunker, you couldn’t believe how lucky you were to have this little family. Growing up in the foster system you never thought you’d have something like this. You thought Sam and Jess would be the closest you ever got to a family, but this, this was a real family, it might be strange and unconventional but it’s the kind of love and kindness you’d craved your whole life. When you got back to the bunker Sam and Dean went into the kitchen to start dinner you went to change and then made your way to the kitchen. Sam and Dean were listening to music and laughing while prepping the food and you just stopped in the door way watching thinking once again how lucky you are. Dean turned around and made eye contact with you the smile he gave you was blinding, “Come sit and talk to us princess, me and Sammy will handle all the cooking we just want your company” he said leading you to a chair. You giggled and smiled back at him taking a seat and you chatted and watched them cook for a bit.

“Everything ok Y/N? You keep giving us this weird dreamy look” Sam said while chopping some vegetables. You felt yourself blush not realizing you’d been so obvious.

“Umm ya I’m fine, I just… I don’t think you boys realize how much you’ve given me” the boys both stopped and looked at you and you continued, “all I ever wanted was a family, I grew up in the system, was in and out of homes my whole life and all I craved was some sort of family love and bond. Our little family might not be normal, all three of us, well four including Cas, are pretty messed up, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I just really love you boys” you said feeling yourself getting emotional you looked down, feeling the need to hide from being so vulnerable but you felt arms wrap you in a big hug.

You looked up to see Dean, his eyes watering, “baby girl we love you too and we love this fucked up family too” you laughed tears escaping and Sam walked over to hug you too.

“I’m sorry guys I didn’t mean to get so mushy out of nowhere it just was on my mind” the boys both smiled at you and Sam squeezed your hand getting back to the food. Dean gave you another hug and you thought he was going to walk away but he turned back to you and grabbed your hand, “You don’t talk about how you grew up much, I just know a few stories here and there but really all I know about you is from college or me knowing you” he questioned.

“I don’t really like talking about it, a lot of bad people run those homes and it was a hard way to grow up, a lot of things happened to me that I’m just not ready to share yet” you looked up at his face and saw the love in his eyes.

“When you are ready to talk about any of that I’m here for you.” And with that he turned back to dinner.


You and the boys shared a great meal talking and laughing till you decided to do a movie night. You went to shower and put pjs on and then made your way to Dean’s room to watch the movie. You walked in to see him lying on his bed in nothing but some thin gray sweatpants, his bare chest glistening from the shower he just took.

“umm where’s Sammy” you asked trying not to stare to much but you could see his smirk he knew what he was doing to you.

“Sam decided to go to bed so looks like it’s just me and you tonight” his eyes gave you a playful look and you felt your stomach flip. You turned and shut his bedroom door and then crawled into the bed with him your heart about to beat out of your chest.

Dean could tell you were nervous and he pulled you onto his lap and wrapped his arms around, “Baby we don’t have to do anything tonight, we can watch a movie and kiss and cuddle, I will be perfectly happy with that. I know we’ve built up all this sexual tension but I don’t mind waiting a bit if you need to” he said pushing your hair off your shoulders and placing a hand to your neck and rubbing his thumb across your cheek. He was so damn sweet.

“Thank you Dean, I don’t want to wait long, I’m just nervous, it’s been a really long time since I’ve been with anyone, and frankly I’ve only been with one person and I’m already self-conscious as it is and this gorgeous man who’s had a lot of sex and that I can’t believe would want me…”

Dean gripped your face in his hands and looked you in your eyes, “Y/N I don’t care if you’ve been with 1 or 100 people, it doesn’t change how badly I want you, and we will figure out together how to make the other feel good “he smirked at that and then continued “I know you’re self-conscious and me saying this won’t change that but baby girl you have no reason to be you are beautiful, you’ve got these gorgeous y/e/c eyes, a blinding smile, you’ve legs that could kill, baby those thighs of yours are delicious and I just want to bury my face down there and never come back up, “you giggled turning red, “you’ve got these hips that just feel perfect gripped in my hands. And don’t even get my started on those breasts of yours, you drive me crazy, everything about you, physical and just you as a person, is beautiful, but also honey I’ve wanted to fuck you since the moment I laid eyes on you. The first glimpse I got of you was from behind and oh my god that ass,” he said gripping your ass tightly” that is an ass to sink my teeth into” you blushing profusely at all these words but couldn’t help the smile that was spread across your face. “I will wait for you as long as you want, but baby don’t doubt how sexy you are and just how badly I want you” you could explode from happiness at his words. Your insanely hot and sweet best friend wanted you. Finally feeling your walls coming down and feeling brave you went to straddle him like you had the other day. This time taking his face in your hands and pressing a kiss to his lips. It was sweet and full of emotion and Dean wrapped his arms around you holding him to you, but then you felt that sudden need, the need to have him fill you, the need to feel his body naked against yours, so you deepened the kiss and rolled your hips pulling a groan from him, with that you snuck your tongue into his mouth after gently biting his bottom lip. He gripped you tighter pulling you down to him and the two of you moaned and kiss holding each other as tight as you could. With your hips rolling you could feel his length hardened beneath you, he felt huge and you felt your nervousness pang at little at the thought of how that would fit in you but you pushed that thought away and moved your lips to his throat biting and sucking pulling sensual moans from his mouth. He gripped you tightly and flipped you over onto your back and resumed the position you had been in the other night but this time not holding back from rubbing up against you, giving you the friction you craved. He moved his mouth down to your neck and while kissing you started to unbutton your (his) shirt and slowly moved his hand into your shirt. You gasped as his fingers tweaked your nipples sending a warm sensation straight to your core.

“Deannn” you moaned out, he moved his mouth back to your lips and removed your shirt as he kissed you. You reached down to pull your panties off but Dean’s hand stopped you.

“Are you sure? I meant it when I said we could wait” His eyes searching yours.

“Dean I want you make me yours” you said completely sure of yourself. You wanted this, you wanted him.

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A Wayhaught Breakfast
  • Nicole's lips tasted like syrup and coffee, and Waverly couldn't help but grin into the kiss. Her bliss was cut short, however, when she heard Wynonna clearing her throat behind them. Tearing her lips away form her girlfriend's she turned to glare at her sister.
  • "Sorry, it's way too early for that shit guys, I at least need some coffee on my stomach before you two get all mushy on me." Wynonna half apologized, one hand reaching for the coffee pot, the other grabbing a pancake from the stack. She tore off a giant bite of pancake with her teeth and grimaced before spitting it right back out into the trash can.
  • "What the fuck was that?"
  • "A blueberry pancake?" Waverly offered distractedly, eyes never breaking contact with Nicole's.
  • "You know I hate fruit in my pancakes." Wynonna pouted.
  • "Blueberry pancakes are Nicole's favorite."
  • "Blueberry pancakes are Nicole's favorite? Blueberry pancakes are Nicole's favorite? What am I? Chopped liver?"
  • Nicole's thumb reached out to swipe a smudge of syrup from her lips and her brain short circuited as she watched the tip of the redhead's thumb disappear past her lips.
  • "Sure Wynonna, whatever you want."
  • "What the heck?"
  • She turned at that to see Wynonna staring at them, eyes narrowed accusingly.
  • "What?"
  • "I knew letting Haught move in with us would come back to bit me in the ass." The eldest Earp shook her head before taking her coffee and the entire platter of bacon back to the living room.
  • "Wynonna! That's for everybody!" Waverly called after her sister.
  • "You know what I like to eat for breakfast more than blueberry pancakes?" Nicole's whispered voice tickled her ear.
  • "What?"
  • "You."
  • As Nicole's lips once again closed over hers, she forgot all about breakfast.

anonymous asked:

How would you be able to tell if the members WINNER of liked you?

lol anon how could you do this to me, my poor heart my POOR HEART I CANT EVEN LET ME JUST CRY FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK THIS IS JUST TOO MUCH but at the same time i love you and im thankful for your very cute request! I actually love it lol *hugs* I hope you are very happy, safe and well~ Take care !!

SEUNGYOON – Oh wow Seungyoon would straight up be the most charming man ever. You’d notice how he would look at you a little longer than before and sometimes you’d catch him looking at you and he would just give you his puppy smile. Yoon would also most likely sing a random love song whenever you’re around and when he’s done singing he’d tell you, “Heard that? That’s for you.” You’d also notice how extra motherly he can be, especially when you two would go out to the mall or park, he would wrap his arm around you when you two were crossing the street and would be the one to pull you in so you could walk in the inner part of the sidewalk. It’s the little things he does, when you cough a bit or when your nose is runny, he’d excuse himself out to buy you medicine. Definitely would let you hear his composed songs because your opinion is important to him :”)

SEUNGHOON – Seunghoon would be the mature type, so when he likes you he would act normal as always but he would definitely drop some hints here and there. Hoon would most likely want to invite you outside to play with his dogs and would even treat you to dinner. The type to put his jacket over you and would wrap it around you snuggly-tight and would say, “See? I told you it will be cold outside, you should listen to me.” Would be a worrier, and would constantly text or call you if you were okay or if you’re already home. You’d notice how he can also be a bit jealous whenever you talk about a person you think is cute but he’d be like, “But I’m cuter right?” Seunghoon would hug you a lot , and would take his time doing so! You’ll find how he takes care of you so well. He would even share with you the rap his been trying to perfect, and would ask you for your feedback. He’ll make it into a profession just to make you laugh and make sure you part from him with a smile.

JINWOO – Jinwoo would be hella awkward. He’s the eldest of the five but he doesn’t have a clue what to do with his feelings and you’d catch on later on that he likes you. He’d often stammer when you’re around, especially when it’s only the two of you together. If you trip or get nauseous, you bet he’s going to bring you to the hospital even if he has to carry you over his shoulder (he would get hella embarrassed once he realized he carried you lol). Would honestly just look at you with his doe eyes and would tuck in a loose strand of your hair and as always he’ll get flustered after. Would randomly give you sweets or snacks and he’d be so proud of himself and you’d see him smiling with his dimples out and he’s just the cutest thing. You’d definitely notice how his aura was different than before . Honestly, you’ll find him adorable especially when he tries his best not to panic or be flustered because he really likes you and wants to win over your feelings.

MINO – When Mino likes you, you would notice the little changes he does. When he goes out to buy some food in the convenience store,  he would mostly just buy for himself, but now he would usually ask you what would you like or just surprise you with an extra carton of banana milk. He lends you his caps and would often put them on you far down your head just to tease you. He will do anything just to make you laugh and smile, even if that means looking stupid in public. As much as Mino loves his food, whenever you’re out eating, he would offer you his portions if you liked them. He would make you baby him and often times would ask for your selca or even take lots of selcas together. You’d notice that he’s arm would be around you whenever you watch some tv and he’d rest his head on your shoulder and just talk about his day. He’d share his problems with you because he feels like he could trust you.

TAEHYUN – Oh you know when he likes you when he’s being a brat but at the same time he’s being a sweet guy. He would be the one teasing you most of the time, you’d notice that and it would sometimes get out of control and that’s when he goes all mushy and just be cuddly with you. He would be really sorry if he hurt you. He would really be touchy with you, he would often make your lap his pillow or your shoulder. The type to get childishly jealous when you’re hanging out with another friend. Taehyun would definitely make up excuses you to be near you or to touch you, like, “Ah, you’ll get lost in the crowd. Give me your hand.” Or when you and your friend go out he would invite himself, because you promised to go to the mall with him. Taehyun is the type to be a little selfish and childish, but also he likes you very much to the point he gets that way. One time, he called you so you could listen to a song he composed and it literally moved you to tears, but what he didn’t say was that was for you.

Basically the Winner members would enjoy it and would find great fulfilment when they share their art and work with you. That’s one of the indications they like you! :”)

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allura gets injured and shiro patches her up/takes care of her? (from shiroallura)

Ahh thanks @shiroallura! ^ ^

“You should really be more careful.”

The reprimanding nature of Shiro’s words is severely undermined by the fact that his voice was filled with concern, and that he is currently sitting on the floor by her feet, very gently wrapping her injured arm with a familiar determined crease between his brows that Allura always finds endearing. 

It hurts like hell, but it’s always nice to be on the receiving end of Shiro’s complete attention. 

“Yeah, you really should,” Lance pipes up from where he’s standing next to the healing pod that Coran is currently readying for Allura. “I mean, because we love you and all but also Shiro is always an absolute wreck when you get hurt and it’s kind of painful to watch.”

Shiro pauses momentarily to shoot Lance a look. “I was concerned, just like I would be if any of you got hurt.”

“Oh please,” Allura interrupts, verbally shrugging it off. “Any one of you would have done the same thing. Plus, it’s only a broken arm at most. I’ll be back to normal in no time at all.”

Shiro frowns up at her. “Allura–”

“Shiro,” she interrupts, her voice firm. “I assessed the situation and knew the risks. I knew the odds and I knew it was worth the risk. I made a choice as a leader to take that risk.”

The frown doesn’t go away, but Shiro sighs as he finishes wrapping her arm and leans forward to rest his head on her knee. 

“You scared me,” he mumbles, curling one hand around her ankle.

“Part of the job, love,” she says, reaching out with her good hand to run her fingers through his hair. “I’m sorry for scaring you,” she adds on, because she is, even though she knows it’s unavoidable. Like she said; it’s part of the job. 

“Before you guys start getting mushy,” Pidge says, their arms crossed over their chest. “This time, remember that we’re all in the room with you, right?”

“Aw, leave them alone, they’re cute,” Hunk interjects on their behalf. Allura smiles at him and he returns it easily. “I’m glad you got out of there okay, Princess.” 

“Thank you, Hunk.” 

“All ready to go,” Coran announces. He claps his hands together in satisfaction as the pod whirrs open. 

Shiro is up in an instant, swooping Allura up into his arms carefully and carrying her over to the pod. 

“Excuse me,” she protests, “my legs are working just fine, thank you.” 

“Indulge me,” he says, setting her down and helping to her maneuver into the pod. He kisses her forehead, and when he backs away, he’s grinning at her. “Or next time I’ll make a fuss when you decide it’s necessary to bridal carry me when I get even the slightest bit injured.”

She opens her mouth to retort back at him, but ends up snapping her mouth shut. 

He’s definitely got her there. 

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Hello, my dears! So my birthday is June 27th and I would love a music-inspired story--any rating really. Thank you!

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Happiest of birthdays to you!! This gorgeous little ficlet was written especially for you by @thegirlfromoverthepond.  Enjoy!!

The Power of Love

Thank you to @xerxia31 for betaing this!

And Happy Birthday to the giftee :)

Rated M

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This has been a long time coming. I still can’t believe I’ve hit 500 let alone 550+. I can’t express just how thankful I am to all of you. I love playing Pacifica and I love roleplaying…and knowing that other people enjoy my writing…it seriously brings me to tears. I wish I could do more for all of you, and I just want you guys too know that I am always open to make new friends.I’d love too be more than just a roleplay partner for any of you.

ANYWAY. Since I suck at art and art giveaways, I decided to avoid doing another one at this time. Instead, let’s do a forever follow! These types of things make me nervous because I worry I’ll forget someone. If I do, I’m very sorry and hopefully you don’t hate me. *weeps*

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Yesterday I reached this incredible milestone and it honestly feels surreal to me. I just can’t believe I have this many people following my silly blog! I wanted to do something different, but school’s been stealing all my time so I thought I’d do a follow forever :)

In all the years I’ve been here, I’ve had the absolute pleasure of meeting so many wonderful, talented and inspiring people. Being a part of this fandom has brought me so much joy, I can’t even begin to put it into words. I know I get upset and complain a lot sometimes but I really do love being here flailing and crying over cs with you guys and each and every one of you holds a special place in my heart.  (this got very mushy very fast lmao)

To all my amazing and wonderful followers: thank you so much for sticking with me through everything. You have no idea how much your support means to me. I love you all so much! *hugs*

     * I’m really sorry for those of you who get spammed because of the mentions on here. I’d forgotten about this (very) annoying problem and by the time I remembered this was already done and I didn’t want to waste it. I hope you understand :)

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I’m really sorry if I’ve forgotten someone, Tumblr unfollowed a bunch of people a couple of weeks ago and I’m not sure if I followed everyone again. 

I have hit 10,000 followers.

It’s a bit surreal, to be honest. I look at that number and it’s so big. Like, it represents 10,000 individuals with hopes, dreams, bad days, pets, talents and it’s all tied together by a love of books and that means so much to me. Like, sincerely thank you for enjoying my blog. I put a lot of work and love into it and knowing that so many people enjoy my content, from my reviews and recommendations to my photos is really wonderful and it makes me all mushy.

This year has been really hard and I can’t even imagine how I’d be without the booklr community. It’s been such a support and I’ve made so many wonderful, wonderful friends that are truly incredible and have been so kind and good to me. Putting my time and energy and love into running this blog and sharing my love of books has been therapeutic and really fun for me so I’m so glad there’s such an amazing book loving community on here. I HOPE WE ALL BLOG UNTIL WE’RE 80 AND SENILE.

I’m really sorry that I can’t do a giveaway or something for you guys, but I’m tight on money and there’s stuff going on at home so I have no idea when I can do a giveaway, but I hope my sincere thanks is enough <3 I LOVE ALL OF YOU GUYS. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE OF YOU! 

A precious reminder that I love making new friends and hearing from my book bunnies (followers makes me feel like a cult, so you’re all “book bunnies” now). Whether to get to know me, comment on books you like, ask for recs, tell me about your day, whatever! I just really enjoy hearing from you guys, and I’m sorry that I can miss messages and tags, but I do really love talking to everyone  <3 Okay, I’m done with the mush. I’m just very happy and really touched :)


Happy Thanksgiving You Jive Turkeys!

I hope you have a day full of love, laughter, and good turkey! Or if you are like me, stuffing! ;) I am so thankful for the incredible people I have met this year and will meet in December!

You guys are truly a blessing & I appreciate and love each and every one of you!

Enjoy your day!


marianas-ass  asked:

I legit stayed up for so long reading all your stuff holy moly SOOOOO GOOD MAN I was wondering if you wouldn't mind doing a pref or just an imagine of when you watch TFIOS with one of the guys and you get all soft and mushy and they think it's cute?

I did muke for this one, idk I feel like Luke’s especially is really shitty I’m sorry!! But thank you for liking our work, that means a lot :)



You didn’t want to go to the movie theatre to watch the fault in our stars, knowing it would make you tear up and you didn’t want to embarras yourself in front of strangers. However, when Luke surprised you with tickets you couldn’t say no. You’d be quite nervous to go because you knew your usual reaction to soppy movies. Throughout the movie, you wouldn’t be able to hold back the tears. When Luke noticed, he wrapped his arm tighter around you and he’d mumble something about the fact that he hadn’t seen this side of you before, but that he thought it was cute to see you so delicate. When the tears started streaming more, he’d get slightly worried about you, but everything would be just fine as you left the theatre, Luke couldn’t stop saying how adorable he find you though.

When Michael offered to watch TFIOS together, you mindlessly agreed. It wasn’t until you entered the movie theatre that you realized that watching a movie which was most certainly going to make you tear up might not be such a good idea. Even Michael admitted that he could get quite emotional during movies like that, so you knew this night was going to be interesting.

The movie wasn’t even halfway through and the tears were already streaming down your face. You tried your hardest to keep Michael from noticing your current state, so you focussed on keeping your breath steady and you tried to recollect yourself. Right at the moment a teardrop fell onto Michaels hands, a shaky breath escaped your lips, causing him to shift his gaze from the screen to your face. He’d chuckle slightly as he wiped your tears away, mumbling something along the lines of the movie not being as saddening as he expected it to be.

At the part where Augustus started getting worse, so did you. You couldn’t control the tears anymore as they streamed down your face and a small sob escaped your lips. Michael took you in his arms, placing a kiss on your forehead before continuing to watch the movie, mumbling something about how cute you are. Moments later you felt a tear dropping onto your head, and you looked up to see Michael with watery eyes. You’d start to laugh softly and Michael would mutter “I’m only crying because you’re crying.” which would make you smile even more. You’d leave the theatre with cheeks flushed red and tear stains on your shirts. “We’re a hot mess.” You’d giggle, and Michael would just roll his eyes at you.

- Naomi x



These are my two best friends, Gen and Bridie ( thriftorama). We met on facebook 3+ years ago through our class page for our college. I think I married both of them via internet before we even met in person. Everyone told me, the first people you meet in college won’t be the group of people you end up spending the rest of college with. They were partially right: these two are the people I plan on spending the rest of my life with. They are those rare friends who know me better than I know myself. They have seen me at my absolute worst. These girls have held my hand through panic attacks, eating disorders, depression, years of bad dating choices, and drunken escapades. They have stayed up all night with me to laugh, to cry, to watch all 4 High School Musical movies. And in the fall I have the absolute delight of living with both of these nerds. I can’t imagine not knowing them. They make me a better person. They make me feel more loved than I can say. 

Gen, Bridie, I promise to always put quarters in the “Lee, NO” jar, to be the drunkest in the room, to hide the Edward Cullen action figure in the best places, and to finally get that life sized cut out of Jesus. I love you guys.