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Wasn't tlj the worst? I hate hate hate what they did with Luke and I'm so mad

yup, it was. for me it’s the worst sw movie and honestly i can’t believe i’ve been waiting 2 years for… this. and yeah i didn’t like luke’s storyline in this movie, he’s so ooc in tlj is was simply painful to watch. 

you have to admit one thing though…

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Hey this is weird and im sorry but I just wanted to say that I appreciate all your positive star wars posts! It was really disappointing to get home from a movie I really liked and find all the hate in the tags

i ain’t about that negative life!! STAR WARS IS MY FAV and i loved the new film!! i know that feeling, it sucks seeing ppl ur supposedly friends with or people u wanted to be excited with doing nothing but trashing something that u love.. BUT i HOPE U CAN AVOID IT and enjoy the movie that much more!!

Sorry to disappoint the people who were expecting this to get explicit but this is about the maximum level of PG13 spiciness to expect from here on out, I just wanted to write a comic about people who were So Into each other it would give everybody the warm fuzzies when they finally got together. And also give everyone more cocky bro Jack, because I think there’s a distinct lack of that in the tag for a guy with a one-armed Gaston pushups emote.

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Why do you always reblog the same people and answer to the same people? I mean maybe you didn't realise that but I've seen some people being REALLY upset that you only reblog "simple screenshots" over and over instead of fanart...

I’m not intentionally prioritising certain people over others. I just interact with what’s in the tag as I go through it however I see fit at the time. Some people are just way more active all the time which leads to repeat “notices”. Not my intention at all and I’m sorry if that upsets any of you.

You also shouldn’t be making stuff and putting in the tag just to get noticed either. That’s always going to end up in disappointment at some stage then because I literally can’t get to everyone

What I don’t want is people resenting each other over it. Whether it be people not getting noticed hating those that do or those getting noticed to feel better than the others. We’re all just here to have fun but I will definitely try to be more cognisant of it going forward

Not Northside Material - Part 3

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A/N: I actually love all of you so much, hopefully you continue to enjoy this! I always get nervous posting bc I’m always worried y’all wont like it and i’ll disappoint you, so any feedback is amazing, replies, reblogs, likes, all of it! (also i go through every reblog and check tags btw)  I’ll try to tag anyone but there’s a lot of you so if i forget anyone I promise it’s totally accidental and I didn’t mean to! (Also some peoples URLs didn’t tag properly last time but I couldn’t fix it so I’m also sorry to those people!)

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

Summary: With Y/N settling into Southside well, and Sweet Pea constantly eager to see her for some reason, she’s noticed Jugheads distaste of the relationship. Will she still come when he calls?

Words: 3,038

Warnings: It’s always just gonna be Swears and Serpents (for now)

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So today, @deerstalkers-and-jumpers gave me the brilliant idea of going to St. Barts hospital (where TRF was filmed) to see the graffitis that some fans wrote, and I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED 

I am tagging some people that I think might be interested in seeing this silly photo i took, if you don’t wanna be tag please tell me 

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if i’m forgetting someone, I’M SORRY.

lol a lot of people who watch skam are so fake. They came in and watched s3 because of the great “representation” that it had and kept talking about how important and “woke” it was. Fast forward to a few months later and they are already writing s4, a season about a Muslim girl and her struggles in Norway/the Western world, off as boring. It’s only been going on for a WEEK and they are already saying that it’s boring or disappointing? Why? Because it’s not about the two teenage white boys that they fetishize and call their “gay babies” and they’re not on screen making out? Is that why?? Stop being gross

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How do you keep everything so organized? What sort of study cycles/techniques do you use?

Hey! For the first question, here are some key details:


A huge influence is how organized my room is, because if it is already messy, I really don’t care about cleaning it or organizing other stuff; it’s like bleh, what difference does it make?

So if I notice my life is getting too messy, I try to clean and organize everything I can in my room (because it’s my study space too) and try to keep it that way with each passing day because it makes me feel like I have everything together. Sometimes it can be hard, but a few small actions (like picking up dirty clothes or notebooks) help.


I have always loved and preached the use of planners (this year, in my case, it’s an already set up planner in which I incorporated the Bullet Journal system). However, I never really took all advantage of it.

Last month, I started taking it seriously. Nothing fancy; I only write down stuff like:

- ‘Goals’ for the day (like how much water I want to drink, brushing teeth, make bed, etc)

- Stuff forwarded (how do you even say this?) from the previous day, if any.

- Detailed steps/small actions that make a bigger task, etc.

Really simple, I just write the stuff down and try to do them all and mark them as done.


The key to getting things done with a planner or any to-do list is:

  • you only have to write down like 3 or 5 tasks, nothing overwhelming.
    • do not be ambiguous (’solve 3 problems from Matrix chapter’ is better than just saying ‘study’)
    • try to sort them, most important tasks first
  • you pick the first thing in the list, start working on it
    • do not work on other tasks
  • Finished that task? Start working on the second one. Keep going.
  • If something you hadn’t planned comes up, deal with it and move on, keep working on your tasks.
  • If you do all of them and still have energy/motivation, do something else, create a new list, whatever
    • you don’t have to be productive all the time.


I try to sort everything into categories, so I know where everything belongs. Everything has a place, so when something is used, I have to know where to put it back before things get too messy.

Now to the second question.

How I study:

What I normally try to do is:

  • Solve past exams and as many practice problems as I can.
    • Last semester, a TA told us that practice guides are not meant to be completed; make sure you know how to do the easy ones and start with the complicated ones, they’re usually a combination of the simple stuff.
  • Take notes on class and explain what I did on a problem (even ‘multiplied by x and added y…’) so I don’t get confused if I ever try to study from an exercise.
    • Since I’m an engineering student, my classes are basically all math-related stuff, but this counts with basically every subject: annotate.
  • DO READINGS. Try to know what comes in next class, how and why some stuff works, etc. 
  • Ask, ask, ask, ask. Any doubt will only grow and drive students to despair when the final comes.

Some things I have learned

There was a time when I was not ever sure if I was going to pass my classes, and I learned a few lessons:

  • Most teachers do help. That’s how I noticed doing all the homework was actually worth it, even the smallest one. They don’t really care about the contents, some of them just want to see you take their classes seriously.
    • If a student who did poorly on exams but turned all the homework in, is struggling, teachers will probably come to the rescue.
  • Some people are not really friend material. They can drag you down and distract you from your priorities.
    • Be yourself. If something matters to you, go for it. Likewise, if grades are not really important to these people, you don’t have to follow them.
  • Free time of others does not mean your own free time. Know what is best for you.
    • This does not mean ‘BREAKS NOT ALLOWED HERE’. Take care of yourself.
  • Sometimes, even though I felt like I studied pretty hard for something, I would just get back a really disappointing grade. Am I worth anything less? Nah, next time it will be.
  • There is always room for improvement.
  • My best grades always came from studying like a week in advance or revising periodically.

I hope this helps (and sorry for the late reply). Good luck!

Imperfect Pt. 3 [Batsis]

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A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long. I know it isn’t that good, but I really wanted it to be out. I know people waited so I hope I didn’t disappoint :)

Pairing: None

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1314

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3



Bruce didn’t need a case in addition to the headache [F/N] had given him, but apparently luck wasn’t on his side.

A sigh left his lips as he approached the Commissioner, who stood next to the light source of the iconic beam of light. Damian and Dick were not too far behind, also annoyed that they had a case that night–actually, only Damian was. However, Bruce knew that the case would be about the incident Dick informed him of earlier.

“Commissioner.” said Bruce.

“Batman.” Commissioner Gordon nodded his head, “there’s been another murder.”

“So I’ve been told.” Bruce stated. “You need my help.”

The Commissioner cleared his throat. “Actually, this case isn’t mine.”

Bruce frowned. “Then whose is it?”

“It’s mine.” said an all too familiar voice that made Bruce’s eyes widen. He saw his own daughter–the same daughter that made herself drunk in less than an hour at the party and went around flirting with literally every man in the hall–step forward. She was dressed modestly, a sight he wasn’t used to.

Shock and confusion filled Bruce’s head. What was she doing here? Why was she involved in the case? Was this even his daughter? His [F/N] was a party animal who flung herself at every man in her sight. She was a careless, impulsive woman stuck in her teens.

“[F/N] Wayne?” he asked, keeping his tone leveled.

“It’s Agent Wayne, actually.” she smiled, showing her badge. Bruce almost choked on his own saliva.

A CIA Agent?!

He tried to keep himself composed but his head was spinning as he tried to wrap it around the idea of [F/N] being a CIA agent. It was difficult to believe, especially after everything he saw and heard. When he was with her she was a spoiled kid with no sense of responsibility.

However, he also knew that it could all be an act. After all, he also built quite a reputation for himself as Bruce Wayne. It seemed that [F/N] did the exact same thing… and she fooled everyone.

That was when he realized his own daughter had crafted the biggest lie of them all, and that he had no clue who [F/N] Wayne truly was.

“I’ll leave you two to it.” said the Commissioner. “Miss Wayne, if you require assistance from the law enforcement, you know where to find me.” 

“Thank you Commissioner.” [F/N] smiled. As soon as Commissioner Gordon left the rooftop, her smile dropped. 

Damian stood next to Bruce, looking just as shocked. “How did you become an agent?” he managed to utter out, his tone mocking. 

[F/N] approached them but stood a distance away. “Is that the tone you should be using on your older sister?” Her lips twitched upwards. “I guess that’s to be expected.” She failed to mask the pain in her voice.

Damian made a surprised noise. She knew about their secret identities too?

To Bruce though, that didn’t come as a surprise. If she was a CIA agent and managed to keep it a secret from a family of detectives, she definitely already knew of their nightly activities.


“All along. I just never told anyone.” she admitted, “except Dick.”

Everyone turned their head to Dick with a glare. Dick brought his hands up in defeat. “Hey! She told me literally two hours ago!”

Bruce sighed and turned back to his daughter, looking at her once again. It was the first time he was looking at her, truly looking at her. He wanted to be angry with her, but he couldn’t help but also feel a sense of pride.

It was a strange feeling, mixed with the guilt of how he treated her all these years. She wasn’t a disappointment. He didn’t do anything wrong. 

[F/N] Wayne turned out fine. In fact, she turned out amazing. Not only was she able to create a misleading image of herself, she was able to fool her own family while being a CIA agent despite being so well-known, and she hadn’t gotten caught yet. That took skills, a lot of skills.

He couldn’t think of anything but the way he looked at her whenever she came to visit, the horrible things he said about her to Alfred and the boys. He was disappointed in himself for not discovering her secret earlier, for not realizing that his [F/N] would never turn out like what she made them believe she turned out. 

She was his daughter, a Wayne, his own flesh and blood. He should know that she wasn’t like that at all. 

But did Bruce really know his own daughter? After all, he missed so much of her life, especially when he devoted his life to fighting crime. He took in other children, training them and often leaving for weeks to months on missions. [F/N] Wayne, his daughter, his dear, sweet daughter, was always alone. 

Upon the realization, Bruce begun to understand why she chose to lie, why she chose to be her own person.

“Never mind any of this, we have work to do.” said [F/N], her eyes hardening. “This case is very important and I’d like to catch the one responsible as soon as possible.”

She began to explain the situation and what they had so far and it was dire indeed. She told them how if it got really bad she may have to call the CIA and FBI and she clearly expressed her desire not to do that.

“Please find out all you can about the suspects. Don’t do anything rash that may alert them of our presence.” said [F/N] once she was done.

Bruce nodded solemnly; this case was obviously important to her and it was the least he could do.

“What about you?” asked Damian.

“I will be doing my own investigation, utilizing the resources of the law I have access to.” [F/N] answered. “The victim surely left his research and progress somewhere as well. It may contain valuable information, so I’ll be looking into that as well.”

Damian nodded, staying silent. He had long since recovered from his initial shock and as he watched his older sister speak, he couldn’t help but come to the same realization as their father and gain a level of respect for her.

“Thank you.” She gave them a bittersweet smile that showed her happiness of being with her family, but the unbearable pain of years of being the other child.

Dick left quickly and dragged Damian along, leaving Bruce with his eldest daughter. He glanced at her and saw she was avoiding his gaze. He sighed and decided to say something.

“You sure you can handle this?” he inquired with concern.

“I’ve been in much worse situations than this. I’ll be fine dad.” she muttered.

“Care to tell me a few examples?”

“Russia, North Korea, Iraq, Sudan, to name a few.” she listed, “the government sends me to act as their spy in those countries. My job is to keep an eye on the other governments, make sure there aren’t threats. Sometimes I’m called to smuggle out several people, sometimes I have to infiltrate an organization. It’s really all over the place. I do whatever the task calls for.“

To her surprise, Bruce chuckled lowly. “What?” she asked. After all, she had never seen her dad smile before, not around her.

“You’re more like me than anyone thought.” he stated.

“Yeah, well… I am your daughter.” [F/N] retorted, “even when I don’t act like it… even when you may not see me as a daughter.”

“[F/N]…” Bruce trailed off, wanting to say something to reassure her, but what could he say? What could he possibly say right now?

[F/N] shook her head and took a step back. “Let’s just get going. We have a case to solve and time is not in our favor.”

Without another word, she left the rooftop, leaving a loud silence in her wake.

Not a game anymore pt 3

After 10 years of being in the dark, memories of a tragedy rise to the surface of the reader’s mind and she is consumed with grief, anger and vengeance. But why is the monstrous clown awake 17 years before it should be? Questions are in need of answering and the lives of many other children and adults alike are in need of saving. It’s only a matter of time before the reader loses another close friend or worse. But does the reader have the willpower to confront the clown, or will her mind cripple under pressure?

Wearing the bell around her neck is a constant reminder that she is back in the grasp of the terror clown. She won’t remove it in fear of what he may do to her but she can only hope her friend doesn’t comment on it. The situation with her deceased best friend and the sort of apology from Pennywise still holds her back from accepting what happened, after all, the clown couldn’t feel anything other than hunger, surely.

Hey it’s Captain Asshole here bringing you a chapter of their story rather than the request they should be putting out right now. But that’s how I roll. I live to disappoint more and more people every day. I don’t wanna make promises but I hope to have it up within the next couple of days. I’m sorry for the wait. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this chapter. And as always, let me know if you wanna be tagged in the future!

Not a clownfucker? Why you here? Weird dude. I don’t tag my stuff in the main It movie tags so it’s on you dude not me.


The bell would jingle whenever you moved your upper body, a constant reminder that //he// was always present in some way. Maybe even watching your every move. So you were cautious with your daily life, no longer actively researching about the recent victims and ways you could possibly stand up to Pennywise. But in doing so, you’d already extended your trip for a longer period, expecting to be there for a while.

Your friend was busy most of the time, spending the late afternoons to spend time with you when his shifts would end. Because you were alone most of the time, you chose to be around the public, visiting the library (avoiding going anywhere like the archives) or going to diners to simply sit and read or doodle or do anything. Any reason to not be alone at any time because you needed to think. You couldn’t afford another visit from the clown yet, not until you could have closure on many things. Your fears, trying to somehow forgive him for killing your best friend 10 years ago, the victims he chose and why the hell he was awake so early swirled around in your head like a thick soup of thoughts and a constant headache.

Maybe…maybe the only way to find answers was to ask the creepy clown him(it)self. But that would mean facing him again and you weren’t so sure if you were ready for that still. It came as a shock when he showed up the first time you were alone and it had created a bubble of nervousness to surround you. There were times where you certainly checked behind your back more than once just to be sure he wasn’t there.


You sipped on your usual hot beverage now, your eyes glued to the screen of the laptop set on the table you were accommodating. You weren’t doing a lot, just flicking between your social media platforms and occasionally typing a few things on a word document to clear them from your head. It was a technique you’d adopted from a collegue some time ago so you weren’t distracted from work and now it was what you did most. You didn’t often keep the blocks of text later on, usually just deleting them without rereading them because to do so would fill your head with those thoughts again.

Your fingers tapped on the keys lightly as you noted down your current thoughts. As you typed out a paragraph or a sentence, you would flick back to Twitter or another social media platform so you weren’t overwhelmed. This time, your thoughts were pulled from your screen by someone sliding into the chair opposite you. You grinned at the figure when you realised who it was.

“Oh hey there, (mf/n).” You greeted lightly. The young man beamed at you and pulled his chair closer to the table.

“Hiya. I got out of work earlier today.” He responded in his gently voice. You raised an eyebrow.

“Huh. How did you know where to find me?”

“The main barista here is a friend of mine. He says you come here a lot.”

You chuckled and shook your head in disbelief.

“Of course he’s your friend. It’s true though, I come here nearly every day.”

(Mf/n) stared at you with his doe-like eyes, his gaze almost intense and slightly uncomfortable.

“You’re always away from home when I’m out. There’s a reason for that, isn’t there?” He asked quietly, the tone more serious. Your brows furrowed a little and your gaze dropped to the table.

“No. I just- it’s nice to be out and about.”

The male in front of you frowned and folded his arms on the table.

“You’re lying. You don’t wanna be alone, do you?” You shifted in your seat and your hands slowly curled into fists but despite this, he didn’t stop. “And what about that necklace, huh? That looks horribly familiar-”

“Shut up.” You cut him off in a low, aggressive voice. Your gaze had darkened and you were breathing heavily. Your eyes glanced at the laptop screen and they widened for the search feed on Instagram was no longer on screen, something sinister and malicious grinned at you with sharp teeth and the paleness of the skin contrasted against the orange hair glared at you, burning into your retinas. All sense of anger that had annoyingly bubbled to the surface was wiped away now as you slammed the lid of the laptop down with so much force you were sure to have caused damage. Your eyes flicked to (mf/n) for a moment and he stared in confusion.

“What’s- what’s wrong?”

“We should head back home. I’m sorry.” You said mutedly. You ignored everything and everyone around you whilst you stuffed the closed laptop into your bag, wanting to be ready to leave as soon as. You barely glanced to see if (mf/n) was following you as you exited the diner. You just wanted to go back to the house and curl up under the covers and hope the day would end quickly.

But as you rushed down the road, a hand grasped your wrist and pulled you to a stand still, making you cry out in surprise and spin round to hit whoever it was. Luckily for them, they had fast reflexes and easily deflected your swing.

“(Y/n), stop!” (Mf/n) snapped and your breath caught into your throat.

“Shit! Don’t ever scare me like that again!” You cried and tried to pull your hand away from his grip but he was persistent.

“I had to stop you rushing off. Look, I’m sorry about pushing you but I’m concerned.” He muttered and his gaze shifted away from you almost bashfully. You sighed gently with a saddened frown.

“I know… You don’t need to apologise though, I’m being difficult like always. I’m surprised you still talk to me seeing as the others don’t. I’m the worst.”

(Mf/n) then pulled you in for one of his warm hugs and you exhaled as he gently squeezed you.

“Don’t say that about yourself. None of us really knew of what you were going through. Hell, I still don’t but I wanna help you. So please, don’t shut me out.” He said, his words muffled against the top of your head. You were acutely aware that you were both obstructing the sidewalk but in that moment you didn’t care, you craved the affection and comfort for a lot had changed over 10 years. You pulled away eventually though and you messed with the zip of your friend’s jacket.

“He won’t leave me alone. That evening, when I was home alone, he came to me and had me wear the necklace. He was…different this time though. Something with his body language was not as aggressive or creepy as he had been ten years ago.” You looked up to meet eyes with (mf/n). “What do you think it means?”

The male swallowed nervously and his shifted from one foot to another.

“I don’t know but I don’t like it. Nothing good’ll come out of it though.”

He was right. You knew deep down that Pennywise liked to play games, to manipulate and strike fear in the hearts of his victims to the point of near madness because he was sadistic and in the end he was going to consume each and every one of the children and adults he chose to. But for some reason that you couldn’t pinpoint, the thought made you sad. You were just food to him, his finest meal he’ll ever eat. With a sigh, you pulled away from (mf/n) and smiled faintly.

“Come on, let’s go back home.” You murmured. He didn’t question you and instead followed you back to his house, all traces of conversation filtered away.


You were dreaming that night but you wish you weren’t. Dreams were no longer welcome in your mind and hadn’t been for some time because of the nature of them. For the first few years of your new life, you took prescription drugs to prevent dreams when you went to be because they affected you so badly. But eventually you had stopped taking them because you had begun to feel empty and no one would approach you anymore. You’d become lonely, craving contact with people because being alone was frightening and depressing. But now you wish you had some of those pills to take now.

In your dream now you were floating through a world of shimmering darkness, like a black liquid infused with fine glittery particles that swirled in ever-changing shapes and patterns. For the most part, you felt relaxed but there was still a hint of nervousness. What you were worried about was what you weren’t able to pinpoint on in this dream. However, you were about to find out.

You didn’t see the gloved hand curl round your head but you felt it clasp over your mouth, startling you to the point of awakening with wide eyes, shooting up but immediately being slammed down by a rough force. It took a short moment for your eyes to adjust in the dark and focus on the face directly in front of you. And then your scream was muffled behind the large hand still pressed against your mouth as your eyes stared into Pennywise’s amber ones.

“Shhh… You don’t want to wake your f-f-friend up, do you?” He hissed at you and you froze. His weight pinned you down into the mattress as he straddled you, his knees either side of your shoulders with the long length of his legs. You were uncomfortable as your hands had automatically reached out to his hand to try pry it from your mouth with no success, the need to breathe increasing by the second. He could tell, no doubt smelling your desperation.

“Don’t cry out if I move my hand away, will you?” He asked quietly and your nodded slightly, your wide eyes never blinking. He smirked and his hand slid away, trailing down your neck and the centre of your chest to rest with his other hand on your stomach. You inhaled sharply and exhaled as he leaned his head down close to your face.

“Why are you here?” You asked him and he grunted, his dark nose scrunching up and his plump lips pouting.

“I can’t keep away from you but you won’t stop being around others.”

You narrowed your eyes slightly.

“That’s because I want to be as far away from you as possible until I’ve collected my thoughts.” You replied tightly. His face was inches from yours now and it strained your eyes to focus on his.

“What are you thinking of, little one?”

You didn’t like that nickname, you told yourself. And yet it made you feel tingly. You shivered a little as his unnaturally sweet breath fanned across your face.

“I wanna know why you’re awake early.” You asked after a moment, your gaze shifting away to glance into the darkness of the room. The creature tensed up dramatically to the point where you were convinced he was stone. He stared at you, his lazy eye pointing almost completely the opposite way it should be and after 30 seconds you had become extremely unnerved and freaked out. But he still did not move. You shifted under him, trying to move his hands or his legs to move away from his looming face but he had an iron grip on you.

“P-Pennywise, come on. Say something.” You whispered harshly and it seemed to snap him out of his trance. He sprung backwards to crouch at the foot of the bed, his already angry brow more furrowed than before.

“You. Y-you’ve done something to me.” He rumbled at you.


You pushed your covers back and got onto all fours to crawl towards him, your brow furrowed. You couldn’t understand why you approached him, or why your hand reached out to grab him. It didn’t make sense. You should be cowering in fear of him, but you weren’t.

Pennywise didn’t allow your hand to reach him, he instead snapped his hand out to curl his hand around your throat and throw you backwards against your pillows, nearly causing whiplash. You could only choke, your airway cut off under his grip as his now amber tinged with red eyes bored down into your own eyes.

“You fear me, but it doesn’t make me wanna eat you.” He growled. You wanted to speak, to say something. He didn’t want to eat you? What did this mean? But you couldn’t ask anything more for when the fingertip of his index finger of his free hand lightly tapped your forehead, you were instantly plunged into the darkness of sleep. And soon, the swirling glitter particles invaded your dreams once more.


Wowee this took way longer than it should have to write. I’m annoyed to be honest and again, I’m sorry the requests aren’t out yet. I’ll get them out sometime soon.

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So many people ask about it in tags and messages that it was pretty obvious to me that I won’t make Beast and Wirt a couple, I hope you’re not disappointed by this. Also, because I’m really sorry that you waited sp long for this part, I made short extra special, link below

All the other parts of Demon Boyfriends series here


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Damn straight.
For anyone who’s ever been called a ‘fake fan’

Stop turning on each other, you guys.

If any of y'all receive hate for liking/disliking season 4, shipping or not shipping a certain couple, or just expressing your opinion in a healthy, non-malignant way, I’m sorry. I really am. You don’t deserve it.

We’re all in this together. If someone was disappointed with season 4, they have the right to express their opinion in a healthy way. The 'norbury’ tag was meant to do that. They didn’t tag people associated with the show or send death threats or anything; they raised GENUINE questions about plot holes and character inconsistencies. The producers have the option of ignoring it. ( @arglocked thanks for organising this, btw)

Similarly, if someone liked season 4, that’s their opinion and it’s all fine. I’m glad they’re not burning in hell like the rest of us.

Basically, don’t be an anti-anything. Keep making your fanart and fanvids, writing your fanfic and metas, cracking your jokes.

We’re gonna need each other to survive this indefinite hiatus.

anonymous asked:

Wanted to reblog and follow you after your Rick and Morty and WoW crossover artwork. It was very good. But you used the word "retarded" in your tags. Very disappointing. As a person who is technically "retarded", it's upsetting to see people behaving like that in your favourite fandoms.

oh god I’m so sorry!!! I didn’t mean to insult or upset anyone, and my english still bad so basically some words I take from translator (if it’s about wrong word)
I would change the tags, but I don’t know what word can suit to the case of Morty right:c

charlesmacvalay  asked:

Hello! I love your blog! As a fan of asoiaf and lover of art history I've been very interested in regional art styles of westeros and I was wondering if you had any thoughts on it?

Hi! Thank you so much! I’m not sure that I know enough about art and art history to really have any thoughts about this tho :( Like, I imagine that the Westerlands would favor extremely ornate styles, and for the Reach, I always think of medieval France, and Dorne makes me think about Moorish Spain or Morocco or Palestine or India, and for the North, I imagine much simpler, rougher styles, but that’s pretty much the extent of my thoughts :( I’m sorry! 

However, I do have a tag for #art history in westeros that might be of interest to you? @asoiafuniversity also has a tag for #art. Also some of my friends, like @bidonica and @alamutjones and @goodqueenaly and @him-e and I know I’m forgetting people but my friends are great at this kind of thing, so friends, do you have any thoughts?

not to beat a dead horse, but in light of some recent opinions i’ve seen, let me make one thing clear:

pointing out the good Todd Brotzman has done, theorizing and analyzing his actions patiently and in understanding, and defending some of what he said/did? is in no way equatable to stifling, silencing, or harassing other members of the fandom for criticizing or expressing disappointment in his actions.

however, on the flip side, constructively criticizing or expressing disappointment in Todd Brotzman’s actions from the past ep(s) should in no way be equatable with; calling him genuinely hurtful and gross names, heedlessly tearing his character apart because he did some shitty things, or making unnecessarily harsh comments toward him (ie “eat glass”&#157;, “fuck u Todd”, or “everyone deserves better than Todd Brotzman”&#157;. all of which are genuine comments i’ve seen circulating)

in case anyone’s forgotten, not only is Todd a Spectacularly multidimensional character (something i shouldn’t have to emphasize any more than i already have), but he’s also a character who’s mistakes, actions, and despondency resonate with a lot of people. he’s a character a lot of people relate to (myself included). he’s very much an accurate representation of slow recovery and self-improvement; he makes mistakes and has bad days, moments, and slip-ups. and though it’s more likely than not not the intention of said posts, to see people so blatantly tearing him down and tossing comments like “eat glass” around when he makes mistakes?? can be incredibly discouraging for people who relate to his actions and recovery process. people who see his improvements, and movement toward open honesty, as encouraging and inspiring

i’m just saying; it’s okay to be angry, and make posts criticizing a character’s actions. but when those posts border on straight up tearing the character down in the heat of anger? sure, some people (myself included) are gonna sweep through and try to battle that particular negativity with positive (or at least critically analytical) posts of their own. it’s okay to be disappointed by a character, or even dislike that character, but there comes a point where seeing little but sharp anger, name calling, and blatant insults in the tag for a lot of people’s favorite character can become a little discouraging for those people

I don’t want to keep on salting about m20 because it gets tiring repeating yourself over and over again, but I just wanna get some things off my chest?? firstly the “Misty and Brock not being in M20 is for the children!!!” argument… just doesn’t make sense? and with the very saddening news that a movie with all the companions was an initial idea and later ditched just proves the point that it wasn’t “for the children” at all.

like, kids aren’t stupid. and we live in the age of the internet too, where it’s extremely easy to search for virtually anything. if younger viewers are interested in the anime, they can very easily search online and learn about Misty, Brock, etc. like I assume a lot of younger people in the fandom have done? to assume all kids are ignorant about OS-BW is… just very unrealistic lol. chances are a lot of younger fans know who the early companions are. and well, if the anime actually cared about continuity we wouldn’t have had this issue but that’s a rant for another day… :)

also, this argument of “it’s for kids so stop complaining” is also… ??? because pokemon is for all ages. it’s not an obvious for-kids-only show like idk, stuff on baby channels is, and plenty of official pokemon anime things are published on websites like Twitter (from both Japan and the west) where you’re unlikely to find the “target audience” of the anime - so yes adults are allowed to criticise the anime for things like M20. being mainly targeted at kids also doesn’t mean it’s absolutely free of criticism from older fans, and there’s a lot of hypocrisy in saying “you’re an adult so stop criticising it” when I bet that 98% of the people going around saying that have criticised the anime for whatever reason at one point.

speaking of fans, I’m so tired of pro-M20 fans yelling at anti-M20 fans every time they have a negative opinion, because frankly I haven’t seen any anti (so far) being rude to pros about their opinions, like personally I hope everyone who’s looking forward to the movie has a great time, but as soon as you say ONE negative thing you get people being like “LOL YOU MAD? STAY SALTY NOSTALGIA IDIOT” or something like… there is zero need for that lol. people have opinions??? sorry that’s so infuriating for you??? I’m more upset at how people are treating those who are, rightfully, disappointed with M20 than the movie itself tbh.

(as a side note, the tag “m20” was accidentally started by me because I used it as something people could blacklist if they didn’t want to see my negativity towards it. I didn’t mean it to become widely used, despite how funny I find it, or it was merely a coincidence and people just had the same as idea as me, whatever, my point is the original use of this tag was not with the intentions of starting a “hate tag”. it was a blacklist tag.)

I’m probably forgetting a lot of things but… like I said I hope everyone who is excited for this movie has a good time but sadly I’m not that interested in it besides the credits where the companions get their cameos so uhhhh…. yeah

My ask is always open.

In light of all the anon hate that seems to be spreading (which I in no way condone and am very disappointed in) I just want to put it out there for everyone (especially my friends) that my ask and messages are always open, and I will endeavor to be as helpful as I possibly can if you feel the need to reach out for any reason. Please feel free to share this message and add more people. I’m going to tag a mess of people under the read more. Please note if I have tagged you I consider you a friend even if we have never spoken and if ii forgot to tag you I’m sorry.

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