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Photo wall of Nerdity!  I’ve taken this like six times and it always has weird shadows I’m giving up! 8)

Gwen (upper right), the Squirrel-Girl sketch (upper right), BB-8 (bottom left) and Carol (middle bottom) are from @m-sciuto

Tony (middle left) is from @gingerjuju

The triple frame in the center is three cards from @grumpycakes  Left is the christmas card from Avengers tower, with Steve, Tony and DJ.  Center is Clint and Phil wishing me a happy birthday.  And right is the Interns, Harris, Darcy, Shawn and Drew on a Christmas card of their own. 8)

The Carol with wings (top center frame set) is her petvengers version from @nocek  

Adorable stretchy Nat and Clint is from @3fiddymore

The Kitty/Piotr on the far right was purchased at an Artist Alley years ago, and the Wanda and Sam in the next to bottom row were gifts, and I do not know the artists.  If anyone does, let me know so I can tag ‘em!

The painted BB-8, the painting of my two monsters kitties under the Christmas tree, and the adorable Steve/Tony meet BB-8 were all gifts sent during my Christmas Card exchange.  I very carefully noted the artist name/tumblr on the back, and then, like an idiot, framed them and STUCK THEM TO THE WALL.

What I’m saying is that if you are the one who sent it, and are still following my inept ass, please let me know so I can credit you. 8)

Closeup of Steve and Tony meet BB-8:


All That Glitters is Inexperience


Prompt Rating: T

Note: Please see [this] post for request rules if you’d like to make one! As tumblr is the only site that will let me list an individual rating per chapter I’ll rate them as content demands. However the larger compilation on both FFN and AO3 are rated M because I don’t want to go back and change ratings later should smutty requests be made (please see the post linked above for further notes on ratings and prompts).

**Please keep in mind that requests are currently closed! The above is for reference only!

“Responsible photographer" Hmmm… Again I’m sorry I’m so slow with these. The Erza art isn’t really new or the latest anymore. Thanks to @ajerzaaddict for the request!

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Keaton Henson - To Your Health ( Sessions)
In this session for, Keaton Henson arrives at the Lightship95 to perform tracks from his latest album 'Dear', including this performance of "To Your ...

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Second Chances

Dean x Reader

Summary: You’re set up by Sam to have a blind date, but he doesn’t show. Meanwhile, you have an amazing time with a handsome stranger.

Warnings: Cursing

Requested by me~

A/N: Sorry my updates have been a little slow. I’ve been super busy with summer homework and a ton of other things. Also, keep sending in your preferences! I’ll post all of them after the deadline, August 1st!

Originally posted by thewinchesterdaily

The monotonous tone of the clock filled the bar, and despite the constant noise, it still made itself clear in your ears.

It was half past 8- an hour after your blind date was supposed to happen. Your best friend, Sam, decided to hook you up with a close guy friend of his, ignoring your initial whining. Turns out, he didn’t show. Thanks Sam.

Taking a long gulp out of your glass, you stand up and head towards the park. The sun had just set, and the stars were just coming out. You walk past a couple, hand in hand. Your heart aches slightly, but you push it away and sit down at the nearest bench.

You admire the stars, trying to forget the earlier heartbreak you had experienced. Moments, or maybe a few seconds, pass before a handsome stranger ends up sitting next to you.

“Hey”, he says, voice deep and smooth. You snap your eyes to his, and immediately admire the layers of color.

“Hey”, you respond, looking away, suddenly shy.

He takes a few moments before speaking again. “You look upset. What’s wrong?”

You hesitate at first, for this was only a stranger. But, the alcohol in your veins brings you courage.

“Blind date didn’t show”, you simply answer, shrugging as you speak. You notice the man frown. “That sucks. I’m sorry.”

“It’s not big deal. Don’t worry about it”, you lie, trying to hide the pain in your voice.

The man quietly ponders a bit before talking. “I can be your blind date.”

You blush profusely at the thought of this very attractive man wanting to be your date. “N-no, you don’t have to-”

“I want to”, he interrupts you, giving you a soft smile.

Ah hell. Why not?

As soon as you agree, he’s grinning wildly, an expression on his face filled with childlike wonder. You begin to talk about your jobs, and a bit of family (though you notice he shies away from it).

You both decide to head over to a playground, and somehow, you end up swinging on a swing, humorous laughter filling the night air.

The night ends sooner than you’d both like. He offers to walk you home, and when you’re saying goodbye, you realize you don’t even know his name.

“I never caught your name, stranger”, you joke, a soft smile planted on your lips.

“It’s Dean.”

Your heart shatters as he utters his name. This was your blind date- the one who decided not to show up.

He notices your sudden shock, and he eyes you carefully. “What’s wrong?”

“Sam set you up to this, right?” you mutter, voice sharp and hard. Dean’s face morphs into one of confusion.

“How do you know Sam-”

“He’s my best friend!” you suddenly shout, anger filling your core.

Dean slowly puts the pieces together, and his face contorts into a grimace. “You’re Y/N.”

The ache in your chest is suddenly too much, so you spat out a “Goodnight”, and slammed the door in his face.

The next couple days are filled with bitter heartbreak. The disappointment you felt burned hotter than fire, leaving pain throughout your body, You hadn’t told Sam about the encounter, trying to spare his feelings. But, you were alone to deal with your feelings, the sadness.

One day, there was a knock at your door. You quickly tried to fix your smeared mascara and your messy hair. Once you looked presentable, you opened the door. The same eyes that brought butterflies to your stomach instead brought an uneasy sensation.

Before you stood the last man you wanted to see right now. He’s dressed in a nice suit, and his hair is gelled back nicely. In his shaking hands are your favorite flowers.

You try to shut the door, but his foot wedges its way to stop you. “Wait. Please.”

His voice sounds desperate and broken, and your eyes soften for a bit. You weakly step away from the door, letting him inside.

You push away tears as you look at the ground, too upset to look at him again.

“Y/N?” You curse yourself for looking up, and he seems to notice the tears sparkling in your eyes. “Hey, don’t cry.” He kneels down to your height and gazes into your eyes.

“I’m sorry I missed our date, I really am. I know this is a shitty excuse, but I thought it was next week. But spending time with you, hell, I haven’t had that much fun in a long time.” Dean looks genuinely sincere, his own voice wavering with emotion.

“I guess what I’m trying to ask you is…” He gently takes your hand, and you allow him to. “To give an idiot like me another chance.”

Gears spin rapidly in your head as you try to decide. Your brain screams for you to run, and leave this man behind forever. But, your heart beats sympathetically, leaning you towards love.

You take a deep breath. “I guess that’s what second chances are for”, you whisper out, smiling gently.

Dean grins, his eyes lighting up. He softly takes you into his arms, and you can’t help but notice how well your figures mold together.

Maybe, everyone deserves a second chance.

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I’m trying to get through some art block before I get back to actual photos so here’s girlfriend horse OC to pass the time I’m sorry I’m being slow I have three art trades and an update to do ;^; I promise to bring you ponies soon!

anonymous asked:

Waaaah! Soraru's new song "Biidama no Naka no Uchuu" is just too awesome ;A; I cried listening to it -o- I'm sorry, I just wanted to say it to someone and my friends don't like this stuff so ;-;

The visuals and music were just perfect, weren’t they!! It felt nostalgic and warm like the time that we’ve spent together with Soraru’s music & Nicodou career, so I totally understand why you’d cry (;;w;;) Soraru’s rich voice matched the song very well too~ 

His album just got released a few days ago, so I hope everyone enjoys the songs inside (。> u < 。) And no worries, I can’t discuss most of my hobbies with my friends either so feel free to come in to give me your cute thoughts anytime (though I’m a super slow responder, sorry) <3


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Show your own personal aesthetic!
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I don’t really know that I actually have a personal aesthetic other than ducks (which obviously I included) but I like taking pictures of pretty things, so :0

Here is a combination of my house, Ireland, and New York

I taaaaag @furoppii @kittyzumi @escurochi @rionydal and @ozxiii if you all want to do it!

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edit: i originally posted this cos i’ve read this tip from several sources (journal/article blogs & sites, etc.), but after researching, i realized that google maps api actually doesn’t offer anything related to offline maps (aka offline maps is only for use in their own app). also cross-app sharing of information does not happen as the offline cache is stored in the google maps directory & any sharing of information between apps can be a privacy breach. basically map data sharing to the pokemon go app is just not done; it has to be loaded from the api each time

so in other words i’m now inclined to think that this tip doesn’t work. i also had my hopes up when i tried it because map information was loading so well for me earlier but i’m pretty sure it was just good server + connectivity at the moment that did that (given how pokemon go servers are awful since launch, it would always be slow before). sorry if this gave any misinformation

original post below:

hi, useful pokémon go tip again: to reduce battery and data usage, download maps offline on the google maps app. pokémon go uses the google maps api to load map data, which means that if you download the offline maps of areas you’re commonly at in google maps, pokémon go doesn’t have to to constantly refresh when you load up the game again or reach that area. you’ll instantly be able to tell by how fast pokéstops load the information

in the google maps app:

settings > offline areas > add icon > swipe around to download the map of whatever area(s) you choose


Day 2: Cuddling Somewhere. 

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Hux has strict rules about shoes in his quarters. 

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