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BTS Mafia Reaction: When their fiancee runs away

||| Anon asked:  Hi there ! Can I get a BTS and EXO mafia reaction when their fiancee runs away? |||

EXO Reaction

Jin/Kim Seokjin

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He would find this whole situation amusing.

“It’s cute how you think you can just run away like that. You should know better that there is no easy escape.”

Park Jimin 

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He thought about the possibility of this happening but didn’t actually think you would do that.

“I guess I should lock her up when I get her back.”

V/Kim Taehyung

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A few weeks after your escape you came back to your new apartment to find him laying in your bed.

“Oh Jagi you’re back!! How did you like your vacation? I felt so lonely sleeping without you.”

Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon

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He was at a business dinner when he was told that you ran away.

“She did what? I’m sorry gentlemen, I have to excuse myself. Some urgent problems came up.”

Suga/Min Yoongi

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He would be mad and annoyed. You already tried leaving him before so he enhanced the protection around you but this time you outsmarted him.

“There she goes, making trouble for me again.”

J-Hope/Jung Hoseok

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When he found you he pinned you down and decided to have a serious talk with you.

“Now Jagi, what did I say about trying anything stupid?”

Jeon Jungkook

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He would meet you outside your work.

“So you were smart enough to escape but not to change your job?” he smirked getting you in his car.

A/N: I wrote this as if the member is the leader. Feel free to request more scenarios, reactions etc, I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female!! 😄

Goldilocks || 04

Rated M (language and smut)

Warnings: dry humping, breast play

Summary: After getting evicted, your two best friends Jimin and Taehyung offer you a place to stay until you get back on your feet. Needless to say, with a part time job and a mountain of student debt, that’s not happening any time soon. Eventually, they DO become really fond of having you around, helping with chores and even splitting rent. So when you come home one day to find someone has been sleeping in your couch-bed, well… it’s something you won’t take lightly.

Word Count: 3.9k

Out of context Goldilocks quote:
“If you guys are done making butt jokes I’d really like to watch this movie.”

Link to: Goldilocks Masterlist || Previous Part || Next Part

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A/N: OH LOOK THE RATING CHANGED. Yeah so imma just leave this here and run. No EOPQ, but feedback is appreciated and depending on the reaction, I might be a hoe and drop 05 tomorrow. If you’re someone who doesn’t like smut, asterisk* is where it starts, skip until the *asterisk where it ends. You won’t be missing plot stuff. I made sure of that. NOW I’M GONNA RUN BYE~~


Taehyung has always loved boobs.

It has become apparent over the past few years of your close friendship that it isn’t even a sexual thing sometimes. He simply loves boobs. Perky, droopy, big, small, even man-boobs. He’s explained several times that “they’re just like, really comfy, okay?”

The sad thing is, you can completely believe him, and this is one of the main reasons why you choose to cross your arms when he begins pleading, unabashed as Jungkook and Jimin look on.

“Baby, just come cuddle with me,” Taehyung laughs, gesturing in a pitiful attempt to persuade you to join him, speaking loudly to be heard above both the pouring rain outside and the dialogue of the movie.

“Go take care of your boner first,” you retort.

Taehyung’s lips slip into an easy, suggestive smile, “Wanna help me with that? Or should I say… give me a hand?”

You stifle a laugh, “The only hand I’ll be giving you is my entire fist up your ass.”

“Damn baby, that’s a bit much. Can’t we just start with a finger?”

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Protect you.

Stiles Little sister! reader x pack

I know I just did a Stiles sister imagine, but I got this idea as I was falling asleep and I had to write it. Hope you enjoy!

please request!!

italics are flash backs

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You knew it was to late too call him, you had begged and begged Scott, Lydia, and Malia to let you call your older brother for help, but now it seemed no mater if you called him or not, you were all going to die. Scott had made it a point to everyone to keep you out of the loop to stop you from calling Stiles, but once you arrived to Scotts house with a cut on the back of your hand with raised eyebrow, they knew they couldn’t hide it anymore.

The pack huddled around the table of the McCall house, discussing plans, but there was an elephant in the room, y/n. “You know if she finds out, she is going to tell Stiles.” Malia pointed out and Scott sighed, looking down at the table and nodding “Which is why we aren’t telling her. Not only will she tell Stiles, she could become a target.” “But Gerard only wants to kill supernatural beings.” Liam spoke. Lydia nodded her head, “Yeah but, Gerard knows how to use weaknesses against us, and she is a weakness for almost all of us. He used Allison to get what he wanted from Scott, he knows y/n is like a sister to Scott and one of your best friends along with the rest of us, so he knows we will do anything for her, including sacrifice ourselves for her.” “Yeah, but she’s human, she’s innocent, he wouldn’t–” Mason began, but Scott interrupted “You don’t know Gerard like we do.” he stated, looking up at his friends and stood up straight, rubbing his hands together, “The plan is to keep as much of this under wraps from her. Mason, Liam, and Corey you watch her at school, I don’t want her talking to Nolan or Gabe, they will back her into a corner which you won’t be able to get her out of. She does not find out anything, day goes on as usual, got it?” Scott stated, and the three boys nodded.

The plan was underway, and for a day or two it was fine. Sure Liam and Corey got some stares, but it wasn’t to noticeable, and when you’d ask, Liam would quickly mock it up to lacrosse. In Biology, Mason noticed some other students with cuts on their hands, and he bumped Corey’s shoulder. “What do you think that is from?” he asked his boyfriend and Corey shrugged, “Not sure, ask.” he mumbled as he scribbled notes in his notebook. “Psst!” Mason directed towards another student, “What happed to everyone’s hand?” the student looked at him and smirked slightly, “Nolan, Gabe, and Aaron are testing how fast people are healing in the library to see if they are like Dunbar.” he said, and turned his attention back to the board. Mason instantly turned cold, and turned towards his boyfriend, who wore a similar expression, obviously hearing. Looking at his best friend who sat in front of him, and watched as he clenched his fist and breathed heavily in anger.

Once the bell rang, the three wrangled outside the classroom as students began to fill the hall. “Okay, y/n was in history she has free period now and I know for a fact she has a history paper due and she wanted to work on it, so she would go to the library to do that, right?”  Mason asked and Liam nodded, his anger evident upon his face. “You guys head towards her locker, I’m going to go to the library to see if I can catch her before they do.” Liam said, and the three nodded heading in their separate directions. Liam raced his way through the school as fast as he could, skidding around people, tripping on his own two feet just to get to you. Of course a few teachers yelled at him for running, so he stopped for a few paces, waited till he was out of sight and took off running again. Finally spotting your backpack right outside the entrance, reaching to open the door, skidding as fast as he could, his body slammed the door closed.

“H-Hey y/n, whatcha doing?” he asked, huffing and puffing, groaning in pain from the door. “Hey…” you trailed off. Confused, you cocked a small smile, but remained confused, “I need a few more resources for my paper, going to check out some books.” “Why don’t we ditch and go to the public library instead?” he said, smiling at you, but you tilted your head, growing more and more confused “Excuse me what?” you mumbled, shaking your head and sighing, placing your hand back on the handle and Liam instantly placed his over yours, “You can’t go in there.” he said, and you stared at him, and glared, “Liam–” “No listen to me, you can’t go in there.” “Why not?” you asked quickly growing annoyed. Liam couldn’t come up with a reason, and you stared at him for a moment before humming in response and swinging the door open.

“Y/n, no!” he exclaimed, but it was to late. Aaron and Nolan took hold of Liam, pinning him against the wall, as Gabe grabbed your hand. You let out a shriek in surprise, and tried pulling away, “Sorry sweetheart, gotta make sure you’re not one of them. This might hurt a little.” Gabe said as he took the knife and sliced the top of your hand. You gasped and instantly punched him in the face. He backed away holding his nose, “What the hell?!” he growled. “Don’t call me sweetheart ever again you sociopath!” You exclaimed, and you watched as Nolan and Aaron let go of Liam, and he scrambled to follow you out. Once you were out and the door was closed, you groaned in pain, looking at both your hands, one covered with blood the other one starting to bruise from the force of the punch. Liam ripped a piece of his shirt and began to wrap your hand, “That was pretty badass…” he said with a small smirk, but once he noticed your confused, and somewhat fearful expression, he placed two fingers under your chin to make you look at him. “Hey…” he tried to say gently, but you interrupted  “What the hell is going on here?!” you yelled, ripping your hand away, staring at him. “I want an explanation! And than you, I know it was badass, but I want to know what the hell is going on in this town!” you yelled, and Liam flinched and nodded, “To keep it short and simple, they were testing to see how fast you healed because they are hunters…Hunters trained by Gerard.”  Once you heard his name your expression turned cold, “Bring me to Scott.”

You arrived at Scotts house, anger written on your face. Once Liam parked the car you quickly jumped out and raced inside the house. Whipping your head side to side, you noticed Lydia, Scott, and Malia all crowed behind the kitchen island. Scott looked up at the sound of the door opening and a smile stretched across his face, “Hey–” “Don’t you hey me! Have you lost your damn mind?!” You yelled and his face softened. Liam followed in, his hands stuffed in his pockets  as he looked down ashamed. “What happened?” Scott asked and Liam sighed, “Nolan and Gabe were testing people in the library, I tried to stop her, but she’s more like Stiles than I thought.” he said, rubbing the back of his neck. Scott bit his lip and sighed turning his attention back to you, “We were going to tell you I swear, but we had to figure everything out first.” He said, and you glared up at him, tense air filling the room. “Liar.” you claimed, and his eyes widened, “What?” “Your eyebrow twitches when you lie Scott, you’ve been friends with Stiles since you were four, I know you well enough to know your quirks.” You said, and he went to protest, but Malia stood up.

“You’re right, he is lying.” She said, walking over to the two of you, and you looked at Scott than back at Malia, you could see him begging her not to tell you, but she didn’t listen. “We didn’t tell you because we didn’t want you to call Stiles and tell him.” she said and your eyes widened as you turned your attention to Scott again, “You didn’t call Stiles?!” you yelled and he jumped slightly. You let out a sarcastic laugh and pointed at him, “You, you Scott McCall, are out of your damn mind if you think you can do this alone.” You said as you took a few steps away and pulled your phone out your pocket. “What are you doing?” Scott asked, “What does it look like? I’m using my brain unlike you and calling Stiles.” you claimed, and Scott ripped the phone away before you had the chance, “No. we have everything under control.” he said and you raised your cut hand, “Doesn’t look like it Scotty boy!” you exclaimed, and he took both your hands and examined them, “ Why is one bruised?” he asked and you looked away, mumbling, “It’s fine” under your breath. Scott sighed, and turned to Liam, “She punched Gabe when he cut her hand.” Liam admitted, and you glared at him as Scott turned his attention back to you, dropping your hands “You punched him?!” he exclaimed and you nodded. Scott sighed and sat on the couch. “Okay, listen, Malia and I are going out tomorrow to figure somethings out, you are going to stay with Lydia.” he said and you groaned, but Lydia smirked, coming up and hugging you sideways, “Oh come on it will be fun! We can go to the movies, mani,  pedis all that good stuff.” you looked at her, and though her smile did warm your heart a bit, you were still angry at Scott for not telling you or Stiles. “Fine but the minute everything goes south, I’m calling Stiles.” you stated and Scott nodded slightly handing your phone back.

You spent the night at Scotts house, he felt a little weary about you being at home by yourself since you punched Gabe. The next morning you woke up and heard Lydia calling for Scott, but he was already gone. You raced down the stairs after getting dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans, a white t-shirt, converse, and one of Stiles’ flannels tied around your waist. “Lydia, are you read– Woah, sour wolf here.”  You said, noticing Peters presence, a slight smirk on your face. “Every time I see you, miniature Stiles, I think there’s no way you could be more agitating than your brother, but I’m always proven wrong.” He said with a sarcastic smile and you returned the expression. “As I was saying, Lydia are you ready to go?” you asked and she sighed, “Something came up, y/n…” She trailed off, and you nodded, a smile plastered on your face, “It’s okay, go on, I’ll stay here.” “Are you sure?” she asked, and you nodded, “Yeah, it may be better that way.” you said and she smiled, “Okay don’t hesitate to call if you need anything.” and you nodded in agreement, watching her and Peter walk out the house. Once you heard the car engine roar away, you ripped out your phone, pulled up your contact list, and your thumb hovered over Stiles’ contact. ‘Once everything goes south, I’m calling…Scott agreed’ you thought to yourself, and you bit your lip as you pressed his name and placed the phone to your ear. “Hey this is Stiles Stilinski, you have reached my voicemail, leave your name and I’ll call you back when it’s most convenient for me.” You heard and you shut your eyes and groaned, leaving a message, “Hey Stiles…I need you to call me back as soon as you can, something is happening…something bad and I don’t have time to explain on voicemail so please call me.” you spoke and hung up.

You held your phone close to your chest as you took deep breaths and paced around the foyer of Scotts house, but a sudden sound caught your attention. A car door slamming close. “She’s in there.” you heard a voice that sounded familiar, it made your blood run cold. Gabe. You backed away from the door slowly, as you quietly grabbed your bag and phone, racing up the staircase as fast as you could before he busted up in the house and did something. You made your way into Scott’s room and shut the door behind you, locking it as you backed against his bed. First, you called Scott…he didn’t answer, then you tried Lydia, she didn’t answer either…You tried Malia, sent to voicemail. Cursing to yourself, you glanced around the room, trying to find a place to hide, but no where was good enough. You glanced at the window…this could possibly be your worst idea ever, but it was your only option to escape whatever was coming for you. You opened the window as quietly as possible and threw your bag down and watched it land on the ground a story below you. You stared at the ground for a moment, shutting your eyes tightly as you swung your legs over the edge and sat there. Breathing deeply, you were trying to brace yourself for the pain you would feel if you landed the wrong way, but now wasn’t the time to second guess yourself because, as you were about to just hide in the closet, the doorknob began to jiggle. You glanced back down at the ground, took a deep breath, shut your eyes and jumped, but you never felt the hard impact of the ground. Instead, you felt strong arms catch you.

Opening your eyes, you glanced up at who had caught you, and behold it was Peter Hale. He smirked down at you as he placed you on your feet, whispering, “I still have a heart you know.” You nodded your head and grabbed your bag as he grabbed your hand, running with you to the car, pushing you in the backseat, then hopping into the front and driving off before being noticed and caught. You sat back and let out the breath you had been holding for so long. “What just happened?” you asked, “You seemed to have pissed off the wrong person.” Peter said. “How did you know they were coming?” you inquired and Lydia sighed, “A feeling…” she mumbled, and you looked up at her, fear racing in your mind. “A feeling that someone was going to die?” you asked and she nodded, looking down, but then turning to face you, “But hey, it might’ve not had been you, so everything’s okay.” she said, a fake smile peering upon her face.

The day dragged on and on, and the moon was peering out from the clouds, you remained silent in the back seat while Lydia and Peter tried to figure out where Scott and Malia were. Pulling up to a shipping unit, the two elders unbuckled and demanded you stay in the car until they got back. You listened, and stayed in your seat. What Lydia had told you shook you to the core. She felt someone was going to die in the house…you against hunters…it had to be you, and you couldn’t shake the feeling that it wasn’t over. You pulled out your phone to see if Stiles called you back…he didn’t. You sighed and slumped in your seat, drumming on your knees with your thumbs until something in the corner of your eye caught your attention. Two or three black SUVs pulled up and you knew what was about to happen. “Son of a bitch…” you whispered, as you jumped out the car and made your way towards the pack and watched as they all frantically argued with each other. “Guys!” you exclaimed, running towards them, “Hunters, they’re here!” you yelled and before you even had a chance to catch your breath gunshots rang out in the parking lot.

You all watched as Deucalion dropped to the ground with probably over twenty bullets in his chest. “Run!” Scott yelled, and you felt a pair of arms wrap around you and pull you behind a trash can. You stayed as still as possible hearing the bullets bouncing off the metal trash can, not wanting to risk getting injured. You glanced around watching everyone take cover, looking at Scott something came out from behind him. The familiar blue jeep rolled up, and you gasped as you saw your brother. “Stiles!” You exclaimed as you pushed yourself to your feet, and with a leap of faith started running towards the jeep, but you suddenly stopped feeling a sharp pain in your abdomen. “No!” you heard someone scream as you fell to your knees, clutching your stomach. The gunfire had stopped and all the hunters were crowding into their cars and sped away.

Stiles jumped out the jeep, and ran to you, tears streaming down his face as he knelt down in front of you to hold you up, holding his hand to your wound. “Hey, hey, hey…y/n, hey, you’re going to be okay.” he whispered, untying the flannel from around your waist and placing over the gunshot wound that was spewing blood. A small weak smile appeared upon your lips, “You came…” “Of course I came, you think you were going to do this without me.” he said, taking in your form, trying to hold you up on your knees, but all you wanted to do was lay down. “Stiles…” you whispered weakly your voice cracking as tears began to stream down your face. Stiles shook his head, “ No, you’re okay…nothing a little stitch can’t fix up.” he said to you, holding your face in a firm grasp to keep you looking at him, “Y/n, you’re going to be okay.” he said, his voice shaking. Your knees began to shake as you grew weaker and you slumped forward into his chest. “Easy, easy…” he mumbled as he laid you down in his lap, pushing your hair out your face. Blood started to form on your lips as you took in sharp, deep, wheezing breaths, “Stiles, I feel so cold…” you whispered, and he looked down at you, shaking his head, “Scott go get a jacket from my car.” he said, and Lydia stepped up, knelt down and looked at her boyfriend, “Not that kind of cold Stiles…” She said, taking his free hand and placing it in your hand and he gasped, a sob escaping his lips. “No, you’re not going to die! I promised mom I would protect you. I am not letting you die!” he said, shaking his head, holding you tightly. “Stiles you did protect me…” you whispered, groaning in pain as you squeezed his hand tightly, “I punched one of the hunters…” you said and he laughed softly, looking down at you, “Why did you do that?” “Because I have an awesome big brother who showed me how to protect myself.” you said, and smiled up at him. Stiles let a few more tears escape his eyes, and he held you tighter as he knew you were nearing death. “Tell dad I love him…” you mumbled and Stiles nodded. Your breathing began to speed up as you looked up at him, and nodding slightly with a weak smile, as your grip on his hand began to loosen, your eyes began to close, but you were trying to hold on as long as possible. Stiles sucked in a deep breath, “It’s okay, it’s okay…” he whispered kissing the top of your forehead, as he watched you take your final breaths, “I’m proud of us..” you were able to whisper as you finally let your body go, turning ice cold and your breathing completely stopping.

My Best Girl

Summary: Cisco is oblivious to your love for him, and you can’t seem to distance yourself from him. 

Pairing: Cisco x Reader, Cisco x Gypsy

Warnings: Angst, Fluff

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“Cisco!” Caitlin called out for the engineer.

“What?” he questioned coming into the cortex with a Twizzler in between his lips. His eyes darted between Cait, the robot and you. You were sprawled out on the floor, holding an arm of the robot which was dangerously close to your face. Cait was whacking it with a folder, also trying to keep it from destroying her table. Cisco quickly sprang into action, shutting down the manic robot.

“What happened?” he asked while picking you up off the floor.

“Well…” Cait started.

“I had nothing to do with this!” you exclaimed.

Cait sighed, throwing you daggers with her eyes, “Traitor!”

“Guys I spent three days working on that robot, what happened?” Cisco asked again this time sounding a little annoyed.

“You said it was ready to use. I mean the thing was designed to give us an extra pair of hands around the lab, right? So, I needed help testing a couple of samples, all I did was tell it to hold the samples, a second later it started flinging the samples around almost hitting Millie in the face when she tried to stop it. After that it tried to pin us both down, that’s when I called you,” Cait explained. Though he was annoyed and disappointed that another invention failed, hearing that you almost got hurt from it his face softened.

“You okay?”  Cisco asked quietly while looking at you for any signs of cuts.

“I’m okay Cisco. I’m sorry about your robot,” you apologized.

“No, don’t be sorry,” he says while walking over to the robot. “Hey Butterfingers, it’s bad enough that you couldn’t do the job I programmed you to do, but then you try to maime my best girl. You’re going in the incinerator, you hear me?!?!” You laugh at the silly exchange Cisco was having with the robot, while also hiding the blush that crept up your cheeks at Cisco calling you his best girl.

“Don’t be silly Cisco. Just reprogram it or something,” Cait said, as she cleaned up the mess.

“No, no, no. This thing tried to hurt my Millie. No one lays a finger, or in this case, robotic claw on her like that and gets away with it,” Cisco claims, making Cait roll her eyes.

“Calm down, mi Amor. Give poor Butterfingers another chance,” you say throwing your arms around his shoulders and bring his back close to your chest.

“Fine, only because my girl said so. You put a gear out of line again, and it’s to the incinerator, understood?” Cisco warned the robot while you giggled. “Okay, I gotta go or H.R. is gonna mess up my lab. Again.” Before walking out of the cortex he placed a kiss on your cheek, you hoped Cisco didn’t wonder why your cheeks were burning as you mindlessly brought your hand where his lips were a second ago, staring longingly at his retreating figure.

“Ahem,” Cait cleared her throat obnoxiously snapping your attention back to the reality, you tried to ignore her disapproving eyes and raised eyebrows by going over to the med bay, where you were working before the whole robot fiasco took place. After a minute or so of working in silence Cait came over to standing in front of you effectively making you stop in your tracks. “When are you gonna tell him? I’m tired of watching you give him googly eyes!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Cait,” you lie but at her expression, you let out a frustrated, defeated breath.

You had a crush.

No, not a crush, you were in love. Hopelessly head over heels in love with Cisco Ramon, your best friend who only saw you as his best friend. When you first noticed your feelings towards Cisco moved from platonic to romantic you tried to stop yourself. It didn’t help that he kept calling you ‘his girl’ and ‘mi Amor’, hugging you and kissing your cheeks whenever he could. Before you knew it, you feel in love with your best friend, but you knew that Cisco only saw you as a friend. This leads you to the situation you were in now, it hurt you every time you were near him because you could feel yourself falling more and more for him. But you couldn’t bring yourself to put distance between you and him. Everyone around you knew about your feelings for him, but Cisco was oblivious.

“Cait, what do you want me to do? I know that he only sees me as a friend. I’m more afraid of losing his friendship than the rejection,” you said, trying not sound as upset as you were. Cait sighed and pulled you into a hug soothing you.

You were bouncing on the balls of your feet as you got dressed, barely containing the excitement. The reason for your excitement was simple, today’s your birthday. Ever since you started working at S.T.A.R labs, Cisco would go overboard with decorations, presents, and celebrations for your birthday. Two years ago, at your request, he tamed it down to no decorations, a couple presents, and a simple birthday cake, even so, it was always a joyful occasion for you. Today was also Cisco’s and your weekly movie marathon night, doubling your excitement.

Before Cisco and the others came into your life, days like this were filled with tears and despair. Your family died in a car crash when you were a teen since then you moved away from your hometown cutting ties with all extended family as they reminded you of what you lost too much. Thankfully the hole in your heart diminished as your friends turned into your family, and being with them (especially Cisco) made you miss your parents, and siblings less during special occasions like your birthday.

You walked into the cortex and sat down at your station, patiently waiting for Cisco to greet you with the annual birthday hugs and kisses. When you heard, his voice approaching you turned your chair, facing the doorway. Cisco was laughing when he came into the cortex, a sound that filled you from top to bottom with warmth. However, the warmth left you when you noticed the arm that was wrapped around his waist, and the woman attached to his side. Gypsy. Cisco was staring at her with adoration and longing, a look you longed to get from him. It took them a couple of seconds to notice that they weren’t alone.

“Hey, (Y/N/N). Listen Gypsy just dropped in, if anyone asks where I am just tell them I’m out with her. I’ll be there for our movie marathon, okay,” Cisco said, and before you had the chance to process what he said, Gypsy leaned in kissing him. If your brain couldn’t understand what was happening before, it couldn’t comprehend anything right now. All you could focus on was the pain you were experiencing, the heartbreak sending sharp shooting pain through your body. When you opened your mouth to respond to him, you noticed that they had already left. The day that started off joyful quickly turned painful. Shortly after Cisco left, Caitlin, Barry, and HR came into the Cortex laughing about something HR probably said.

Barry immediately noticed your slumped shoulders and uncharacteristic quietness. “Hey, the birthday girl is not supposed to be sad,” he exclaimed coming over to you and throwing his arms around your shoulder. Barry and you shared a brother, sister relationship, you two would relentlessly tease each other, scold one another as well as be each other’s rock. Cisco would repeat from time to time that you both held the ability to read each other’s mind. Naturally, Barry was the first one to notice your feelings for Cisco and he has been the one who encouraged you the most to tell Cisco about them.

“Wait, it’s your birthday? Miss. (Y/L/N) why did you not tell me, I’m going to start on the decorations. Oh, and we must have cake, and presents,” HR starts to ramble but you weren’t in the mood for celebrations. When it came to celebrating your birthday, Cisco would keep you busy the entire day to keep your mind from wandering off to sad thoughts of your family not being there, which would result in you in tears. Coming to terms with the fact that he forgot about your birthday, along with the pain of watching him with another woman, knowing he would never look at you the same way as he looked at her, broke you. Added to that your family’s absence got to you, as well. The tears slipped out faster than you thought and within seconds you were sobbing into Barry’s shoulder. Cait dragged HR out of the cortex, explaining quietly to him why you were crying. It took you a couple of minutes to calm down but once the sobs turned into sniffles Barry took your face in his large hands making you face him.

“Missing them?” he whispers, to which you nod. “Come on, we’re going to my apartment and cooking!” Before you could protest he picked you up bridal style and sped you to his apartment. The rest of the day was spent cooking, and messing around. Cait and HR dropped by half way through the day with presents and cupcakes. Cait and Barry were curious on where Cisco was, knowing how every year he would be the one to remind them of your birthday. Not wanting to upset you further they didn’t ask for his whereabouts. When the sun set, you made your way back to your place, knowing that Cisco wouldn’t skip out on the movie night.

Once at your place, you prepped the couch, adding more pillows and bringing out your plush throws. You also made the popcorn and brought out the other snacks you reserved for this night. You waited and waited for him to show up, checking your phone every five minutes. The pain you felt in the morning returned with more intensity as the time passed with no response from Cisco.  Three hours after he was supposed to show up at your apartment you gave up hope of him coming. Sighing, you picked up the framed picture of your family, hugging it you laid on the couch letting the tears you held back spill out.

It was the annoying beeping of your phone that woke you up, you opened your eyes and put your hand up to shield your eyes from the sunlight piercing through your curtains. Picking up your phone as yet another notification beeps through, you get up from the couch where you guess you feel asleep last night. There was a total of 17 missed calls and 24 messages, 10 of the missed calls and 16 of the messages were from Cisco, the rest from Barry and Cait. Taking note of the time, you rushed to get ready and head over to the lab, not bothering to read any of the messages. You arrived at work a whooping 4 hours late, and when you walked into the cortex Cisco tackled you into a hug. You pushed him off of you, mad at him for not only forgetting your birthday and not showing up to your movie night but also not even having the decency to let you know that he wasn’t going to make it.

“Where were you? I was so worried, mi Amor,” he exclaimed as you brushed past him. Cait, Barry, and HR were all in the cortex, eyes darting from Cisco to you. When you don’t respond to Cisco, he sighs and walks over to your lab station. “Are you mad at me for missing movie night? I’m sorry. It’s just that well, Gypsy only visits occasionally and we have movie night every week it could wait,” he explained. Cait and HR visibly winced at this, realizing exactly how much Cisco hurt you. Barry, on the other hand, was furious, he knew that if Cisco didn’t show up to the movie night, you probably spent the entire night crying. Your eyes stung at those words, he still didn’t remember that yesterday was your birthday. Knowing yourself, you knew if you didn’t get out of this situation soon you would start sobbing, grabbing your things, you tried to make your way out of the cortex. However, you were stopped by Cisco who got a hold of your wrist. “Oh come on, (Y/N/N). It was one night, I said I was sorry, you’re blowing this out of proportion,” that all it took for the tears you were holding back to escape. Hearing you sniffle Cisco’s hold on your wrist faltered, giving you the perfect opening to escape from his grasp. Seeing your crying figure leave the cortex, Barry lost all his cool and went off on Cisco.

“What the hell man?!!” he all but screamed.

“What? I don’t know why it was big deal. I’ve missed movie nights before,” Cisco answered confused.

“Cisco, what was yesterday’s date?” Cait asked, to try and get him to realize his mistake.

“(Y/B/M) (Y/B/D),” Cisco replied it took a couple of seconds for him to realize why you were so upset. He missed your birthday. He completely forgot about it. URGH! How could he forget about his girl’s birthday?

“Oh I messed up,” he sighed, closing his eyes.

“Yeah you messed up,” Barry responded bitterly.

“I need to talk to her,” Cisco said, and started walking out of the cortex.

“Cisco, I don’t think she wants to see you right now,” Barry said, blocking the way out.

“But I have to, I hurt her Barry,” he said trying to swerve past him.

“Cisco, she’s mad at you at the moment. If she sees you, she’ll just be more upset,” Caitlin commented.

Defeated Cisco let’s out a sigh, “How do I fix this?” A deafening silence followed his question and he knew that he was to fix this himself. After leaving the cortex you made it to your car, however, you were in no shape to drive so you sat there crying, hoping that letting it all out of your system will make you feel better. It took a while for the stinging behind your eyes to diminish, and sobs to dwindle down to sniffles. While you were in the car Barry had called you several times along with sending you messages, deciding not to worry him further you called him.

“(Y/N/N), where are you?” he asked as soon as you picked up.

“In my car,” you croaked out.

“Do you want company?”

“No Barry I’m gonna go home now,” you say wanting nothing more than to curl into a ball under the covers. “I promise to call you if things go bad,” you added and bid him goodbye.

You were laying on your couch, curled up underneath your favorite blanket when the doorbell rang. Groaning you get up and open the door, only to be met face to face with a large bouquet of your favorite flowers, there were red tulips along with lilies of the valley. As you grabbed the beautiful flowers from the delivery boy, he wished you a happy belated birthday and left. Confused you closed your door and started to inspect the flowers for a card, upon finding it you opened it to find a simple ‘Sorry’ written on it. From that, it didn’t take that long for you to figure out the sender’s identity. Though you were not willing to forgive him for his actions just yet, you accepted the flowers happily putting them in water.

You went back to laying on the couch, opting to watch Supernatural instead of moping underneath your blankets. Ten minutes into the episode another knock came from your door when you opened it you were greeted by two teen girls holding what looked like 15 boxes of your favorite brand of chocolate. Seeing their struggle, you quickly grabbed some of the boxes from them, they too wished you a happy belated birthday and left. However, you called them back and gave 5 boxes each, when they refused you chuckled, saying chocolate is a medicine that all woman should share with each other. Opening the boxes, you found a note attached to the lid, unfolding it while popping a chocolate in your mouth you moaned in satisfaction as you read the note.

‘I know you were too nice not to share the boxes with the girls that delivered it. Unfortunately, that also means I had to stick this same note to all 15 of the boxes. So, girls if you’re reading this note, please stop. Now. I know I forgot your birthday, and I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me, that I would forget my girl’s birthday. I also know that since I wasn’t there to distract you, you spent the entire day thinking about your family. And on top of that, I had to be an idiot, and not show up to our movie marathon. Not only that, I didn’t even let you know I could make it, you went to sleep holding that framed picture of your family, didn’t you? I’m so sorry, mi Amor. I know that nothing I say can ever make up for the pain I caused you, but I hope I will be able to earn it from you.’

Okay, the mentality you had of not forgiving him was quickly diminishing. You couldn’t help it, the man had a way of making your heart melt. Another ten minutes passed before you had to get up from the couch once again to answer the knocking at your door. This time it was a woman at your door holding a beautiful wooden box, she smiled giving you the box and wishing you a happy belated birthday. There was a card attached to this present as well, it read ‘Put this on and be ready by 6.’ Curious and a little excited you opened the box to find a beautiful sapphire chiffon dress and matching jewelry. Looking at the time you noted you only had an hour to get ready, you quickly put on the dress, fixing your hair and makeup. At precisely six there was another knock at your door, this time you were greeted by none other than Cisco, dressed in a suit with his tie matching your dress. He held a single rose out to you, you smiled as you grabbed it, putting it in the vase with the others flowers he got you.

“I know that it may seem obligatory to tell your date that they look beautiful but mi amor you look stunning,” he says.

“Date?” you ask with raised eyebrows.

“Yes,” he said and offered his arm to you which you took. He walked you to a fancy restaurant, a little nervous. Feeling the nervousness come off him, you veered the conversation towards something he was more familiar. And within minutes he was back to being his usual happy sassy self. After dinner, he walked with you to a park where he got fidgety and nervous again, once you came to a pond he stopped and moved in front of him.

“(Y/N/N), I am so sorry for forgetting your birthday and I know how much it must have hurt when I didn’t show up to our movie night as well. Amor, when you left the Cortex crying I was afraid that I lost you forever. When that thought came to my mind, I realized just what you mean to me. (Y/N/N), I can’t imagine my life without you, I don’t think I could survive a single day without seeing your smiling face. I’ve been an oblivious idiot for long enough, I love you, I love you so much. Please give me a chance and be my girlfriend?” he exclaimed, holding tightly to your hands. His speech left you with very few words to say, and after a couple of minutes of silence, Cisco lets go of your hand with a crestfallen face. Sighing he turns away from you, “I understand. I mean I never expected someone as beautiful as you to agree to be in a relationship with me. I mean you are way out of my league, I just hope this won’t affect our friendship. I really don’t want to lose you, gosh I just messed everything up didn’t I? I’m such an id-“ You stopped Cisco’s rambling by crashing your lips to his, it took him a second before matching the kiss with the same amount of passion you had.

“Cisco Ramon, you are an idiot,” you laughed pulling away from him, “Only because you were totally oblivious to my love for you for this long.”

“You love me?” Cisco asked quietly afraid he might have heard you wrong.

“Yes, Cisco I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“FINALLY!!!” Cisco and you jumped at the sound coming from a large bush near the pond. Cisco moved slightly in front of you as you watch Barry, Cait, and HR get up from their hiding spot, brushing the dirt and leaves off them.

“How long have you guys been following us?” you ask amused at your disheveled friends.

“Since the restaurant,” HR confessed before Barry or Cait could come up with a lie.

“Hey Cisco, hurt her-“ Barry started.

“And I’ll freeze your balls,” Cait finished, smirking evilly. Cisco’s expression at the comment was priceless, you knew he was imagining at Killer Frost grabbing hold of his manhood. Shuddering at the thought yourself, you couldn’t help but laugh at his alarmed and within moments the rest of the huddle were clutching their sides laughing. Cisco pulled you in for another kiss, holding you close and beaming at you as he let go, giving you the expression that you had seen him give many women before, but this time it was different. Not only was it aimed at you, there were adoration and longing, but there was also love in his expression.

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you can't deny you're looking for the sunset

Admittedly, the first thing he thinks of when Beth tells him of the opportunity in National City is not the promise of growth. It’s not putting Biomax at the forefront, in the spotlight where he’s tried to hold them in for years.

(Just one breakthrough, that’s all he needed.

Years of modifying and rethinking, and then-

Then it happened in a matter of months that he can barely recall past a blur.)

It’s Lena Luthor.

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Pieces of Us - New Orleans

Word Count: 417

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: Companion piece to Fragments. These will be drabbles of random memories.

Written for Karina’s Hiatus Challenge weeks 1-3 as well, cuz I suck and I’m late. 

“Dean! Rise and shine, cowboy!” You came barging in and jumped on the bed, throwing yourself right beside him and bouncing up and down. “Wake up, wake up, wake up!”

“Could you be any louder?” Dean groaned, rubbing his hand down his face.  

“You know I could be.” You giggled, running your hand over his chest. “What’s got your panties in such a twist, De?”

“It’s 8:30, I have a hangover, and you’re annoying me.” Dean grumbled, shoving his face back in the pillow. You gasped and slapped your hand over your chest in fake horror.

“I’m annoying you?” You whispered, starting to fake cry and roll out of the bed. You continued your fake pouting, knowing that Dean didn’t actually mean what he said in a rude way, but you were going to fuck with him anyway. You slowly dragged yourself from the room, sniffling all the way out.

“Baby…” Dean rolled out of bed and started to follow you out. “You know you could never annoy me. I’m so sorry.”

“I know!” You spun around and tackled him, pinning him back on the bed and planting kisses all over his face. 

“I thought you didn’t get hangovers.”

“I don’t unless I drink with you.” He complained, rolling you over and pinning you beneath him. “How are you so awake right now?”

“Singer blood.” You explained. “I thought you wanted to be up early to look for a case.”

“I did.” Dean sighed and dropped to your side, nuzzling his face in your neck. “But we can change plans, right? Where’s your dad?”

“Still on some case with Rufus. I think he’s gonna be gone for awhile.”

Dean rubbed circles with his fingertips along your hipbone and you sighed at the pleasure of it, reaching over to wrap your arms and legs around him. “And my dad’s in California somewhere. Looks like we actually have some time alone.” Dean smirked. You looked away a bit, cringing and hoping he wouldn’t get mad at you. “What?”

“I think I might’ve already found us a case. Some Voodoo thing in New Orleans. But I don’t mind staying here a little bit longer if you don’t.” You smiled and Dean pulled you impossibly closer.

“I don’t mind at all.” Dean nestled your head under his chin and within minutes he was breathing heavy again, sound asleep. You couldn’t help but giggle, positioning yourself more comfortably against him and letting the sound of his breathing lull you back to sleep.  

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Sitting on the sofa wrapped in your boyfriend’s arms, you sigh happily as you snuggle into his chest just a little bit more.
“Babe, you couldn’t get any closer,” he laughs, tightening his strong arm around you.
“I can try,” you smile back. You place a hand on his chest, twirling your finger round in the fabric of his top and he leans down to kiss you on the nose. You tilt your head up to look at him and he takes your lips with his swiftly, flipping you underneath him in the sofa, pinning you down with his hips.
“Eggsy,” you moan into his mouth, feeling his member stiffen. Suddenly his phone rings and he sits up immediately to answer it.
“Really?” You ask, an annoyed look on your face.
“Sorry love, it’s work,” he whispers, covering the mouth piece on the phone. He turns back to it, hand lowering and nods along, saying the odd ‘yep’ and 'okay’, then he finishes the call and turns back to you.
“I’m sorry, I’ll be right back, I just-”
“It’s fine, just go,” you sigh, trying to smile, but it doesn’t reach your eyes, “who knew tailors would have to be on call 24/7.”
“I’ll be as quick as I can, and we can continue where we left off when I get back,” he winks, squeezing you into his chest and kissing all around your head before he dashes out of the door. You sit there, head in your hands, when JB waddles over to you and sits underneath you, whining a little.
“I know, I feel ya buddy,” you say, reaching down to stroke him. You sit like this for a while when he suddenly runs to the door, sniffing and scratching at it.
“Daddy home already?” You ask him as he yelps at the door. You open it, something that you immediately regret when you’re met with a hit to the head from someone in a balaclava.

“Where now?” Eggsy talks into his mic, asking where to go next down this maze of corridors at Valentine’s place.
“Umm,” Merlin starts.
“Wait, what’s wrong? You never 'umm’,” he says, panic in his voice rising.
“Listen, we’ve got a situation. Don’t freak out-”
“What the fuck do you mean don’t freak out? Tell me what’s going on!”
“(Y/N)’s here.”
“Fuck! Fuckin’ swear I’m gonna fuckin’ kill everyone if they lay a finger on her!”
“Calm down, we’ll get her, I promise, but you’ve got a job to do first.”
“What if-”
“No what ifs, just get the job done first. You know how it goes,” Merlin says calmly as Eggsy breathes furiously on the other end.
“Fine. Which way?”

You wake up in a small cell, your hands tied to the back of the chair, your ankles tied to the legs of it.
“She’s awake!” A man in a white coat calls out. Another man dressed the same comes into the room and through your blurry vision you see him smiling and hear the cracks of his knuckles.
“So you’re Galahad’s girlfriend. How fortuitous that we found you,” he says as you frown at him.
“Who the fuck is Galahad?” You ask, speech a little slurred as your head pounds. The man laughs, turning to the first man in the room and he starts laughing too. You sit there, thoroughly confused as to what’s going on and who this Galahad person is.
“She thinks she can lie to us!” The man chuckles.
“I’m not lying! I don’t know who Galahad is. My boyfriend’s name is Eggsy,” you say louder as you get frustrated with their laughing and accusing you of lying to them.
“It’s Galahad.”
“Eggsy!” You scream.
“Shut up,” the man says, getting annoyed with you and he slaps your face hard, jerking your head to the side. You gasp and he grabs your chin, forcing you to look up at him.
“If you don’t start talking soon, things will get a lot worse for you,” the man spits, “where are the headquarters?”
“What-” you’re cut off by another slap.
“I asked you a question. You answer it. No questions from you,” he says through gritted teeth, “now where are the headquarters of Kingsman?”
“I don’t know,” you sigh.
“Liar!” He shouts, knocking into your stomach with a bat. You retch from the pain, saliva dripping out of your mouth and onto the floor, then he pushes you back into the chair forcefully.
“Tell me where it is and I won’t have to break any bones,” he continues.
“I really don’t know,” you sob, tears flowing from your eyes. He kicks you in the chest, throwing your body and chair to the ground and you hit the back of your head on the concrete floor, making you black out again. He rains punches down on your face as you lay there unconscious, inflicting as much pain as he can on you before you wake up and scream.

“Well done Galahad-”
“Where is she?” Eggsy asks as soon as Valentine has been taken out. This wasn’t the time for any congratulations, he needed to get to you, hold you, kiss you, feel your skin against his again. He didn’t know what he’d do if anything had happened to you, he’d be nothing.
“Go back out the way you came in, make a right, third door on the left,” Merlin instructs. Eggsy gets there as Merlin unlocks the door remotely and when he steps in the first thing he sees are the two men, heads exploded, laying on the floor lifeless. He sees a shadow in the darkness, close to the floor and as he approaches he realises its you. Looking down at your bloodied face, he almost starts to cry, but knows he needs to concentrate on getting you the help you need.
“Merlin, I need help, she’s… she’s I dunno, she ain’t breathing!” He shouts. Soon enough, Merlin appears at the door, running in to help Eggsy. They cut your wrists and ankles free, laying you out on the floor in the recovery position.
“Do something!” Eggsy says, gripping onto his hair frustrated.
“I need you to stay calm,” Merlin says softly, “she’s got a nasty cut on the back of her head, a couple of broken ribs and a broken wrist. She’s breathing, but it’s shallow, one of the ribs may have punctured a lung. Help me lift her.” Eggsy lifts your shoulders as Merlin takes your legs, then they get you into the plane and back to headquarters, where you’re checked over in the infirmary.
“What if she-”
“What did I say about what ifs? She’s going to be fine. Stop worrying. Come with me,” Merlin says, pushing Eggsy towards the door. They go outside into the fresh air, walking around the grounds in silence when Eggsy starts opening up.
“I lover her. Is it possible to be with someone in this job? If she died because of me…” he trails off, unable to finish his sentence.
“Of course it’s possible. It’s time for her to know the truth. Be open, be honest, so she knows what she’s getting into. I’ve seen you two together before, it’s going to take more than this to scare her off, trust me,” he says, looking straight ahead at the gardens.
“Thanks Merlin,” he says, then heads back inside to check on you. He sits next to your bed, gripping onto your hand tightly as you lay there hooked up to monitors and a drip. His head rests on your thigh and eventually his eyes close, drifting off into a deep sleep after the exhausting mission.
“Eggsy. Eggsy, wake up,” you whisper, panicking. He wakes up, wiping the dribble from his mouth and adjusting his glasses.
“It’s okay, I’m here love,” he says sleepily, “are you in pain? Do you need me to get you anything?”
“Eggsy, where am I?” You ask, frightened, bringing the blanket up to your chin.
“You’re in a hospital… At my work…”
“A tailors shop has its own hospital?”
“Nah, well, yeah actually. I’ve gotta tell you something,” he starts, sitting down on the bed next to you and putting his arm around you. He explains everything, from his dad to the present day, and tells you all that happened at Valentine’s bunker. You sit there, taking it all in, then turn to face him.
“I love you Eggsy,” you say, stroking his cheek and giving him a kiss on the lips.
“But…?” He says, expecting you to break up with him. You shake your head, smiling at him.
“But nothing, silly.”
“Oh! Okay,” he beams, “so that means we can finish off what we started earlier?”
“Yeah, when my ribs have healed, babe!”
“Sorry. I love you y'know.” You smile at his words and he settles into the bed next to you, holding you close all night.


Norman Reedus x Reader - You’re all I need (SMUT) (Request)

- Anon: Could you do Norman getting caught having a little sneaky him time in his trailer over the new make up artist that he’s crushing on bad
and she catches him saying her name (reader) from outside and storms in on him and he doesnt notice till hes finished that shes stood there
and she gets annoyed with him and wont let him explain himself and he gets frustrated and teary cuz he’s embarrassed and pins her to a wall and smut like hell 😍😍
pretty please I would just die 😶



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Anger Management

Imagine getting into an argument with Damon and you two end up having angry sex.

– Anon Request

Btw, guys, to me, ‘imagine’ requests are like long drabbles, so unless you want like a long fic, specify one shot or just write ‘fic/fanfic/fanfiction’ and don’t mention imagine in it :)

(gif not mine, credits to the owner)

“You are so stupid!” You screamed at him, throwing your arms up in frustration. “Me?! Stupid?! Who’s the one who attacked without a plan?!” He screamed at you. “I know what was I doing! And frankly, I can save myself!” You yelled back. “So you’re calling me weak?!” Damon asked, anger flaring up his face. “I’m not calling you weak! I’m calling you reckless!” You screamed, annoyed at him.

“Well I’m sorry for pushing you out of the way in getting fucking stabbed!” He screamed. “I’m an Original for fuck’s sake! I won’t die but you will!” You screamed at him. “You can’t follow a simple task and you could’ve ended up dead for real!” You screamed, fear in your heart as you spoke those scary words.

“If it means that you’re alive then why the fuck do I care?! I fucking love you,  (y/n)! You’re the only one I ever think about! Can’t you get that in your head?!” He asked. You sped, pinning him to the wall. “If you love me like you say, you’re not going to risk your life for me when I know I can live no matter what and you can die!” You seethed.

He sped, switching places so he pinned you on the wall, his hips firmly against yours, his hand tightly keeping both of yours above your head. “I’m sorry princess, but no can do, you’re always the first one I will save no matter what you are, even if your a fucking immortal, I will save you no matter what.” He said, staring down at you, and the neck second, his lips were attached to yours, fiercely kissing you.

He let go of your hands and they dropped to your hips, pulling you against his hard member. In his excuse, angry you never fails to turn him on.

You both sped, hitting wall per wall as your kisses grew hungrier and intense, clothes getting ripped from the other in a matter of seconds. You ended up in the living room, Damon pinning you down the couch as he kissed down your body, sucking marks that’ll last for a few seconds, feeling your skin heat up even just a tiny bit to his touch.

You flipped the two of you and you straddled his lap, pushing yourself down his entire length, moaning at the feel of him filling you up, making you feel as if it was your first time with him.

He held you close and tight, fingertips digging into your soft flesh, his other arm sprawled across your back, his hand tangling on your hair as he pulled, exposing your neck to his lips. You raked your nails up and down the expanse of his back, eliciting a hiss from him.

You two then moved around once again, ending on top of the rug on the floor, him pressing you down the ground as he thrusts into you hard and fast, making you scream his name so loud the whole Mystic Falls probably hearing you two having intense angry sex.

Pleasure quickly built in your systems and with one hard thrust, he hand you coming hard and hot around him as he spilled into you, coming as your walls clenched around him.

You two breathed hard, chest heaving against each other, still on the floor. He gently pulled out of you and he sped the both of you back on the couch, resting you on top of him. You shook as he soothed you by running his hand up and down your back. “I’m sorry for being reckless, (y/n).” He started, not looking down at you. You closed your eyes and sighed. “And I’m sorry for calling you stupid.” You replied.

He looked down at you and slowly brought your face to look up at him. He softly pressed his lips to yours. “I love you.” He murmured against your mouth. “I love you too.” You said, closing your eyes as you enjoyed the feel of his lips moving with yours.

I don’t want to be an annoying shipper because I totally respect that Tom and Zendaya are real people! But if they are dating and people are shipping them I think we can all pin that on Tom. The boy talks about her like she is the greatest thing on earth and his eyes always look so shiny and in love when someone mentions her. Like boy reign in the puppy dog eyes it’s a bit obvious you love her! Hahaha (If they are just friends I am sorry for fuelling fire haha)

{ three's a crowd? | erwin x reader x levi }

A/N: I had writers block but I hope this is good. I really did try hard.

Warnings: none. poly!relationship. unfair tickle attack

The superiors had been called into a meeting a night before the expedition to Wall Maria to discuss the plan when in battle. Everything was going well but you couldn’t help bit to feel this feeling in your guy that was all too familiar. Nervousness. You had always been like this before expeditions and with the pressure of being promoted to a squad leader didn’t help your case at all. Don’t get me wrong, you were ecstatic about becoming a squad leader but that just meant more pressure. Pressure that you weren’t familiar to. You were scared.

You tried to listen to the Commanders instructions but your mind was wondering off and it definitely didn’t go unnoticed.

“That is all. Meeting dismissed. Get a good nights rest, You’ll need it.” Commander Erwin said and everyone stood up heading towards to the door.
“Squad leader (Last), Stay after. I need to have a word with you.” Your heard Commander’s deep voice say. You sighed and turned back around sitting in the chair in front of his desk.

As soon as everyone was out you heard the door shut followed by footsteps approaching from behind you. You looked over to see captain Levi sit down in a couch not too far away from the Commander’s desk. He had the same stoic expression as his legs were crossed. He leaned back into the chair and his arms spread along the top of the chair.

“What’s on your mind, (First)?” The muscular blonde asked.

The formalities were cut. It was just you, Erwin and Levi. The relationship between you three had always been interesting to say the least. It was very unconventional. There weren’t any titles but they was no denying there was something going on in between you three.

“Nothing,” You shrugged and gained a sudden interest in your boots. “Everything is fine.” You finished.

You didn’t want to talk about what was on your mind because it was a little embarrassing. I mean, your nerves were getting the best of you and you started to doubt yourself. Talking about “nerves” to two men that have been doing this for years is a bit unsettling. What if they thought you were childish? Or weren’t fit for the role?

“Cut the bullshit, (Name).” Levi spoke up. “You’re a terrible liar.” He scoffed.
“Levi..” Erwin warned but there was no need because you were already upset.
“Why are you such an asshole sometimes, Levi?” You stood up from your spot. “Is it completely necessary to make other people feel like shit? Because I already do!” You snapped.

Levi looked shocked and Ewrin stayed quiet.
“Goodnight.” You said calmly as you headed towards the door and before they knew it, you were gone.

Eventually you get back to your sleeping quarters. You laid in your bed wrapped up in a blanket burrito. You were surprised Hanji didn’t pester you with something. Maybe she sensed your foul mood.

You soon heard a soft knock on your door and sighed inwardly. You stayed quiet and a voice all too familiar spoken up.

“(Name), we’re coming in.” Erwin’s voice spoke through the door.
‘We?’ You thought but you soon heard the door open followed footsteps approaching your bed. You felt the weight sink into your bed but you never turned over to look at the two men. You stared at the wall.

There was an incoherent whisper behind you.
“I’m sorry for being an asshole.” Levi’s voice spoke through the silence. “Now can you stop being mad at me?” He asked with a slightly annoyed tone. You stayed silent.

“You know,” Erwin’s voice spoke up. “It’d be a shame if someone started a tickle fight.” Your eyes widened. You were the only ticklish one in the room. They wouldn’t.
“2 on 1 are some pretty shitty odds, right?” Levi said. They would.

You soon felt your covers being snatched off of you and you were being pinned down. Levi was above you as he held your arms your your head as Erwin started to attack your body with tickles. Fits of laughter escaped from your lips as Erwin went for your sides.

“St-” You couldn’t even get out a single word from your laughter. Levi actually smiled at the sight of you. He thought it was pretty cute.
“We’ll stop if you forgive Levi.” Erwin said.
“Ok! Ok! I forgive him!” You cried out and soon he removed his hands.

Your hair was messy, your cheeks were flushed with pink and your lips were slightly parted trying to catch your breath. You snatched your arms away from Levi and crossed your arms.
“Well that wasn’t fair at all.” You said with a pout. Erwin chuckled at your cuteness.
“Desperate times calls for desperate measures.” Erwin said.

There was a small silence.
“Are you ever going to tell us what had you upset?” Levi asked and you sighed.
“I’m scared.” You said as you looked up at the ceiling. “I just feel like sometimes all this bloodshed isn’t worth it. I don’t want to lose anymore people that I love.” You said.
“Its alright to be scared.” You felt Erwin’s warm hand rub circles on your belly. “You should have told us.” He said.
“You guys don’t think I’m weak?” You asked.
“Shut up. You’re far from it, brat.” Levi’s tone contradicted his sweet actions. He took his hand and gently stroked your cheek you smiled up at him and gently placed your hand on the outside of his.

The rest of the night was nothing but cuddles and sweet kisses until you finally fell asleep. Cuddles are the cure for pre expedition nerves.

Waves & City Lights II

Part 1 - Part 2

genre: super sweet fluff

member: nct’s ten

word count: 4,071

YAYY PART 2!! I hope you enjoy the second day of Y/N’s vacation with Ten! There is probably so many mistakes. Who wants Part 3?

NOTE: AHHH ALSO my requests are open again!

Originally posted by haechanz

Why the hell did you have to come on this vacation? Although, could you complain? From the sunlight that shines off every dew soaked flower, to the light that emits from his eyes every time you stare too much. He made every place beautiful.

“Hello, YN.” Ten said, playing with the back of his hair. “Are you ready to go?”

You gave him a puzzled look, holding your phone up to your ear. “Yeah, he’s here, Yeri.” You said, hanging up the phone.

Then, you faced Ten. “Go where?”

“We’re all going to have lunch, after that we’re going to get ready for the beach.” Ten said. “Do you feel better today?”

You felt your blush. “I’m fine.” You said sternly.

Did he think you’d be a hungover mess?

He giggled at your pout. “Alright, alright. Let’s get going.”

You walked the hotel hallways, until shuffling into the elevator. You were alone, and you spoke up through the silent barrier between the two of you.

“H-Hey, Ten?” You said lowly. He turned to you in attention, his breath-taking eyes were blown wide, waiting for your words,

“Hmm?” He responded.

“Thank you, for taking care of me last night, I never get like that, I don’t even like drinking that much. Not even Yeri has seen me like that, and you were the one who had to put up with it..”

Your hands balled into fists, with your head held down.

“So, I’m really, really sorry!”

You looked up to see Ten smiling softly, looking up at the roof of the elevator.

“I volunteered, though.” He said.

You looked at him, confused. “Huh?”

Ten locked eyes with you, and slowly walked over until you were only inches apart. “Yeri had every intention of taking you home by herself, but I wanted to do it.”

“Why?” You asked. “So I’d owe you?” You asked, in a disgusted tone.

“Nope.” He responded, flicking your forehead. You rubbed the sore spot as he continued.

“I helped you because I knew you never got like that. You’re a quite elegant person, I wanted to see if I can handle you at your state of intoxication. And honestly, it wasn’t that bad. You’re not a messy drunk. Actually, you were rather cute.”

You felt your cheeks heat up. Elegant? Cute?

“Why would have to see if you could handle me?” You said, arms crossed. “After this vacation, you’ll never have to see me again anyway.”

“I hope that’s not the case. Believe it or not, I’m quite interested in you.” He said, appearing un-phased by his sudden statement.

You felt your heat beat at your chest, almost terrified he could hear it. Interested in me? You didn’t know if it was shock, relief or happiness that flood through at his words.

Finally, the elevator doors opened, and you shuffled into the lobby, making your way across it to the front door. You walked the sidewalks beside Ten, as he steered you in the direction of the restaurant Yeri and Jaehyun were at.

“By the way.” He continued. “You claimed to never get drunk, and that you don’t like drinking, so what compelled you to get so hammered last night?”

The fact my bestfriend tried pairing me up unknowingly to a cute asshole with earrings. You thought.

What you really said was:

“I needed a break from reality.” You huffed.

“Don’t we all.” He said. “But, isn’t that what vacation is for? Relaxing, and taking the edge off?”

You chuckled. “This vacation is probably bringing me a whole lot more stress than I had upon arrival.”

“You seemed pretty at ease last night, cuddling into my shirt as I carried you out the restaurant. You were like a cute little kitten.” He said teasingly, looking at you from the corner of his eye.

“What!” You said, alarmed. “I was not! I was drunk, and probably thought I was laying in bed or-”

“so defensive~” He interrupted. “Maybe you do like me after all.” He said, holding his chin as if he was thinking it out thoroughly.

“Don’t flatter yourself.” You said, clearly annoyed.

“I surely won’t, princess.”

“Y/N!” Yeri called from across the restaurant. “Over here!”

You walked over to the table that sat Yeri and Jaehyun, who were sitting close together, hands laying upon one another on top of the table.

And of course, two seats on the other side of table, for you and Ten.

You and Ten sat down at the table. “How are you feeling today, Y/N?” Yeri asked, a smile on her face.

“I’m perfectly fine.” You said nervously, knowing exactly what she was referring to. “Let’s just forget about last night, I’m starving!” You said opening your menu. 

When you picked up the menu and opened it, another menu with the choices of margaritas slipped out, and onto the table. You didn’t pay attention to it at first, looking at the main menu for a succulent steak or something for your raging hunger you had, since you had not eaten since last night.

Ten giggled and grab the margarita menu from under you, moving it out of your reach. “Better keep this away from Y/N, don’t want a repeat of last night.” He teased.

You gave him a harsh look, then Yeri spoke up.

“Awhh Ten don’t tease Y/N! You were the one who carried her all prince-like , and tucked her in, right? Making sure all her breakable jewelry and shoes were off, so she could sleep comfortably?” Yeri said, with a devilish smile.

Jaehyun chuckled at Ten, and Ten’s face started getting red. He was clearly embarrassed that she called him out. You guess even Ten has a soft side.

You looked up at Ten. “Is that true?” You said.

Did Ten really tuck you in bed, and make sure you were comfortable? It seems in his character, considering he gave you the entire bed to yourself.

Ten played with his hair, looking up towards the ceiling, he replied nervously. “I knew if I didn’t, she would complain in the middle of the night so-”

“Don’t give me that crap!” Jaehyun said, grinning at Ten. “You know, I dare you to list three things you like about Y/N.”

You felt yourself swallow hard, looking up at Ten to see if he’d reply.

“That’s easy though.”  He said, looking over to you. “She’s strong willed, she has beautiful aspect on things around her, and she is really cute when she wants to be.”

You couldn’t tell if he was being sweet or sarcastic. The soft smile he gave you after Jaehyun had left him alone made you think there could’ve been a hint of truth to his words of how he felt about you.

“Awwh! She really is like that though! Our Y/N is so smart and cute.” Yeri agreed.

All you could do was lay your head down in embarrassment from these two.

Once you got back to the hotel, it was time for the beach. You shuffled to throw everything you needed for a day in the sun into a bag neatly. Ten was already ready to go, and was watching you move across the room in a hurry.

“Why do you need that much stuff?” He asked, unknowingly.

“Well, I’ll need sunglasses, towels, a change of clothes, sunscreen, a different pair of sandals, a-”

“Okay, okay, you’re very well prepared. That’s admirable, it means you’re reliable.” He said.

“Thanks I guess.” You responded, too busy cramming your necessities in your beach bag.

You glanced over at Ten, who only wore a white tank top and swim trunks. The tank top was very thin, and you could see every outline of his toned, dancer’s body.

He caught you staring a little too hard and snickered, the sound caused you to automatically turn your head, your face turning red.

“Shouldn’t you be putting on your own bathing suit?” Ten said.

You turned around, an annoyed expression on your face. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

Ten rolled his eyes and sighed. “Stop trying to always pin me as a bad guy, I’m only saying that because we have to leave in 5 minutes.”

You looked down at your phone, and he was right. “S-Sorry.” You muttered out.

You left Ten in the room as you headed to the bathroom to change. You put on your bathing suit, and put some clothing on over that, since you’d much rather walk on the beach than get into the water.

You walked out the bathroom to see the room was empty. Then you saw a frantic Yeri walk in. “You’re ready right? It’s time to go, lets hurry down there, the boys are already packing the car.” You nodded and followed your friend out the door to your hotel room.

You walked out the front door of your hotel and followed Yeri to Jaehyun’s car. Jaehyun’s car was considerably bigger than Yeri’s, so you decided you would all pile in, and head to the beach. Ten walked up from behind the car, and slammed the trunk shut.

“I think we can head out now.” He said.

You crawled into the backseat of the car, Ten following you.

Jaehyun drove, as Yeri sat in the passenger seat, talking his ear off.

You smiled. 

She loved being around Jaehyun, telling him anything she could think of, and he just smiled at how cute she was when she talked. He was always genuinely interested in anything she talked about, he was interested in anything involving Yeri in general.

Ten caught your stare towards the couple in front of you, he watched as your eyes followed Jaehyun. He grabbed Yeri’s hand, bringing it to his lips and kissing the back of it affectionately. Yeri continued talking the whole time, a little smile forming at his action.

You loved seeing her happy.

You directed your attention the window beside you, watching the passing scenery. This didn’t last long though, as you felt your hand being grabbed.

You turned to Ten, who was pressing his lips to the back of your hand, that in which was interlocked with his own, copying Jaehyun’s action. His were eyes closed at first, then his eyes were looking up at you, lips hovering over your hand. He waited for your reaction.

You felt his breath on the back of your hand, and you pulled away quickly. You looked up to see if Yeri and Jaehyun saw, but they were too busy wrapped up in their own little world.

You looked back at Ten. You expected him to have a smirk on his face, but you were met with a sweet smile, before he looked away toward the window.

With that little action, it was almost like he was trying to tell you that even if you didn’t return his interest, that it was okay. That he didn’t expect anything from you, he only wanted to show you his affection.

You rubbed the back of your hand where his skin touched yours, and your heart felt like it was wrapped in a fuzzy blanket.

Is this how Yeri felt, when Jaehyun kissed her hand?

You smiled to yourself, and looked to the boy beside you.

I wonder.

We pulled up to the beach, windows down, letting the salty air hit us ever so softly in the face. The air’s moisture left kisses all over our skin, as we finally stepped out the car. The first thing we heard was the crashing of waves, after you hopped out the vehicle, Ten came out right behind you. You, and your three friends went to grab things out the trunk and head down to the waters.

Once everything was laid out on the beach, Yeri asked you to lay down with her, and the boys wanted to play in the water.

You and Yeri laid back in your beach chairs, tanning and talking about little things while the boys were away. You enjoyed times like this, when it’s just you and your bestfriend.

“How do you feel, Y/N?” Yeri said.

“I feel fine, why are you sick?” You responded.

“No honey, about Ten, how are you feeling?”

You shuffled in your seat. “Am I supposed to feel any different?”

“Have you seriously not made any progress today?” She said.

You looked at the back of your hand, remembering the feeling of his plush lips.

“He told me he was interested in me earlier.” You said.

“Really?!” Yeri said, sitting straight up. “What did you say back?”

You looked down, and didn’t give her an answer.

“You didn’t say anything, did you?” She said, taking note of your posture. “So that means the problem here is you.”

You looked out in the water to see the boy of conversation standing up in the water, talking to Jaehyun. You saw how his smile stood out more that anything else on this beach, he was more effortlessly breath-taking than anything you had ever seen. Ten looked towards you, catching your gaze.

From the water, he smiled even bigger, waving his hands in the air, signaling you to get in. You shook your head no, because you weren’t planning on getting in.

You laid back down in your chair, enjoying how the air felt against your skin. You felt the sun beaming down on you, it was a tired, comfortable feeling. You just wanted to take a nap. You drifted into your sleepy bliss, only to be shaken into reality by two cold, wet hands. “Y/N!”

“What do you want, Ten?”

“Come get in the water with me.”






With that, you shot up from your laying down position, only to be in the closer view of a shirtless Ten. He had droplets of water clinging on his skin, you could see every crease and cut of his toned chest and abs. He raked his hand through the front of his stringy, wet, jet black hair. It was a sight to behold of, but you just turned your head as soon as you examined him. You knew he looked good, but you had to stick your ground.

“What did I do now? Why won’t you look at me? Come on, Let’s go play in the water.”

“I don’t want to, Ten.”

Ten looked over to Yeri for approval of what he was going to do next, which was met with two big thumbs up from Yeri.

“Suit yourself.” He said.

Ten scooped you up in you strong, wet arms and carried you (princess style of course) towards the water.

“Chittaphon I swear to God if you put me anywhere near that water I will beat the hell out of you.”

“Ooooh is that a promise?” He said, raising his eyebrows.

“I hate you.” You said.

“That won’t stop me!” He yelled, throwing you into the water.

You hit the cold water and sunk in, then came paddling up to the surface for air. You came up, only to be clung onto by Yeri, who you guessed jumped in after you. She laughed hard, and you couldn’t help but laugh yourself. Jaehyun came over and scooped Yeri up from your side, and threw her in next.

Ten swam towards you and grabbed your hands, you both spinning in the water. “You can hate me all you want princess, I promise you that won’t stop me.”

Now you knew what he truly meant by that. You were honestly happy to hear it.

You played on the beach all day, and you four grew exhausted. The sun was setting, so you decided to part ways. Jaehyun and Yeri laid down on the sand, waiting for the stars to come out so they could star gaze to the calming sounds of the ocean, and talk about they’re future together.

Ten wanted ice cream, so you both walked to the pier. At first he went on about how you two should share an ice cream cone, and how it’d be romantic. You automatically shut that idea down though.

You and Ten leaned against the rails at the pier, looking out into the ocean, that started to look more pitch black by the second.

“One more night, and this dream will be over.” Ten said, taking another lick of his ice cream cone.

“What do you mean?” you responded.

“One more night of vacation, and one last night with you.” He said bluntly.

You remained silent for a moment, being careful how you answered. “Are you sure of that?”

“You’re the one that told me I was going to see you again.” He said, cocking an eyebrow at you.


“Well?” He repeated.

“I mean, it wouldn’t hurt to hang out again when he get back home.”

“So you do have interest in me.” He chuckled.

“I never said that!” You retorted.

“But, you changed your mind in only a couple of hours, so something had to of changed.” He said. “I really hope it did, because I’m starting to like you way too much.” He said, hand holding his head.

“Oh really?” You said giggling.

“It’s true!” He said, giggling along with you.

Once you finished your ice cream, you walked back down to the beach, where you saw Yeri and Jaehyun, up and packing.

“I’m so sorry!” You said, running up to them. “Did we take too long? We should’ve been here to help you pack!”

“Don’t worry but it” Jaehyun said. “Me and Yeri will go throw this stuff in the car. How about you two say goodbye to the ocean for us?” He looked at Yeri and they both smiled. She was rubbing off on him.

Once they both left, you and Ten walked down to the water, letting the waves wash up and hit the pads of your feet through your sandals.

“Hey Y/N?” Ten said.

“Hmm?” You hummed in response.

“I’m glad this happened.” He said softly.

You looked up to him. “The beach?” You asked.

“This whole crazy set up.” He said. “I’m really happy to have met you, I really owe Yeri and Jaehyun.”

You smiled at his statement, and grabbed his hand, Ten looked down in shock.

His eyes grew wide as you interlocked your fingers with his own, and brought them to your lips, planting a gentle kiss to the back of his strong, yet soft hand.

He pulled your interlocked hand, and held it to his chest, bringing your body close to his as he looked at you. You could see his eyes sparkle, you assumed it was from how the stars reflected off the water.

“You two,it’s time to get going now.” Jaehyun called.

Once you were back in your hotel room, you and Ten decided to take showers. He insisted you go first, but you had to unpack your beach bag anyway, so you let him go.

 Once he was out, you exchanged looks. He walked past you with nothing but a towel hanging around his waist, and a toothbrush in his mouth. He smelled fresh. You turned away quickly from the tempting sight.

Once in the shower, you felt the cold air around you replace with the warm streams of water. It felt nice to wash off the salty, sandy feel the beach always left you with. The main reason you didn’t want to get in the water in the first place.

You smiled. But whose fault is that?

You stepped out the shower, and threw on some comfortable clothes. You did the rest of your nightly routine, then stepped out the bathroom.

You saw Ten by the window, staring out aimlessly. You walked up beside him.

“What are you thinking about?” You asked him.

He turned towards you, giving you one of the most melting smiles you had ever seen.

“I was looking at the lights, and ya know-” He started. “Last night when I was taking you home from the restaurant, you were still hammered, and you told me you wanted to tell me a secret about the lights of the city.”

“I wanted to show you.” You said.

“Why me?” He said.

“I listened to Yeri talk about how she wanted to share the sight with Jaehyun. They’re so in love.”

You took a deep breath before continuing.

“I love hanging out with them, but I envy the feeling of being with someone who loves you, and knowing whole heartedly that you love them back. I want to know the feeling of wanting to share something with someone. I want to share this sight with someone I love-”

“And you wanted to show me?” Ten interrupted.

You felt a blush rise on your cheeks as you realized your mistake.”I guess my drunk persona did, but-”

You paused and turned your attention towards the lights, taking a deep breath. “Maybe the sight is too beautiful for me.” You chuckled. “I don’t deserve to be loved.”

Then, you felt a gentle hand tilt your chin towards Ten, as he crashed his lips into yours. The kiss was slow, and affectionate. It was tender and passionate, Ten was letting you know that you deserved to be loved, carefully and beautifully.

He pulled back from the kiss, and looked you in your eyes. One hand caressing the side of your face.

“Don’t say things like that. Especially when there’s people like me, who would follow you to the ends of the Earth if that’s what you wanted.” He said.

You fell into his arms, he cradled you as you both looked towards the lights. You stayed like for what felt like hours, until Ten pulled back and raked his hands through your hair. “Y/N, I think it’s time to sleep now.”

You agreed groggily as you walked over to the bed and got under the covers, Ten followed you to your side of the bed and touched your face.

“Goodnight Y/N, if it makes you feel better, I want to see any sight with you that you think is even remotely cool.” He said, smiling at you softly.

“Although-” He continued. “I think I’ve seen the best one yet.”

You smiled back at him, as he walked over to his pallot on the floor.

“Ten, what are you doing?” You asked.

“Sleeping?” He asked, confused.

“Would you come up here, and sleep with me?” You asked, sheepishly.

“Wouldn’t that be wrong of me?” He asked, eyes wide.

“Not like that stupid.” You said, throwing a pillow at him “I just want to lay with you. I can’t let you sleep on the hard floor both nights, now can I?”

Ten smiled. “I guess not.”

You waited to feel when Ten get on the bed, and as soon as he was under covers, he immediately pulled you close, nuzzling you and planting a kiss into your hair.

Your heart was beating so fast and so loud, you couldn’t even think straight. As time progressed, you could hear Ten’s heartbeat and breathing. It calmed you, like everything about him did.

You fell in love with sound, almost as fast as you fell in love with Ten.

You were entrapped in his warmth, and with every heartbeat, you felt your self  drift into sleep.

You woke up by the light blinding you from your (come to think of it) obnoxiously large window. You turned over, only to be face to face with the boy of your heart’s desires.


He was gorgeous. You could see every detail he possessed, his angelic features graced with the bliss and peace that came with a deep sleep. You could watch him sleep all day, he was such a sight for sore eyes, you could never get enough of him.

When his eyes fluttered open you felt your heart skip a beat. He took a small glance at you before closing his eyes again and wrapping an arm around you to bring you to his chest. You looked at him to see him smiling softly. He looked down at you again, placing a soft, chaste kiss to the tip of your nose.

“Good morning princess.”

“Good morning Ten.”

A perfect moment, but you forgot one thing. It was the last day of your vacation, and last day to do anything together at this place, and you weren’t alone-

Your door flew open, and a loud melodic voice erupted from the door frame.

“Y/NNNNNNNN, time for breakfast!” Yeri exclaimed, only did her gaze just fix on the two of you, cuddled close in bed, with Ten’s arms caging you.

She looked stunned at first, then a smile spilled onto her face, as she called into her own room.

“Jaehyun, baby, get the camera.”

A lot of people  wanted this Part 2, so here we are! Let me know if you want the Part 3! (Part 3 will be the final part!)

Imagine meeting Thranduil in modern Earth.

requested by: anon

“I’m sorry, I don’t think I caught your name earlier.”

He was oddly tall and uncomfortably handsome as he walked beside you. You’d met him in a meeting at work and become immediately intrigued. With this short almost white hair, his icy eyes and chiselled cheekbones, you were inexplicably drawn to him and you couldn’t quite pin why. “Ah yes, my name’s Thrand.”

Walking through London, the first thought in your head was, “Strand? As in the Strand?”

A small exhale, as if he were a little annoyed. “No, Thrand. As in Thranduil.”

“Oh.” You gave a nod, repeating the word in your mind. “And what is that, like, french or something?”

He pursed his lips or a moment and gave an eyeroll that wasn’t as subtle as he probably thought it was. He didn’t even look at you as he said, “No. It’s a… very old language.”

You nodded as if that meant something. “Right. You’re rather strange, aren’t you, Thrandy?”

His eyes turned from judgemental to warm and a small smile crept its way to his lips. “Yes,” his voice was calm and quiet, as if he were bashful. “I’ve always felt I was meant to be somewhere else.”

written by: archie

You’re My Boo

jikook | rated t | halloween au | 1.2k | ao3

Jimin may or may not regret inviting his boyfriend over for a lazy Halloween. 


Jimin stared blankly back at Jungkook, his mind quickly rolling through the last seven times his boyfriend had attempted to scare him today. It was such a Jungkook thing to do—turn a lazy date night at home into some sort of ‘Scare Jimin’ game that came at the expense of, well, Jimin!

“You’re not scary,” Jimin deadpanned.

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Science Vs Reality (Part 6)

Originally posted by perfectfeelings

Pairing: Mad Sweeney X Reader

Word Count: 3600

Warnings: (Explicit 18+) Under the table and under the belt 

-Part 1- -Part 2- -Part 3- -Part 4- -Part 5- -Part 6- -Part 7- -Part 8-

Blankets tossed on the floor, clothes tugged and bunched every which way, you growled loud as the morning sun started breaching the horizon. You hadn’t slept in the least, even after attempting to soothe what Sweeney started your body was smoldering, heart beating so hard into every vein you barely closed your eyes. What you saw behind them only licked the flames higher. 

Your door suddenly swung open, freaking you out into quickly fixing your attire as your mother charged straight for your closet, not so much as glancing to you, thankfully. “If he hasn’t hit too many stops your father should be here in four hours. Which should be plenty of time to convince you to wear something nice and put on a smile.” 

Crawling to sit politely on the edge of your bed, you rolled your eyes. “Mother, seriously?” 

A dress was flung in your face, heavy enough to tip you. “Yes, seriously. You promised to wear dresses on special occasions!” 

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anonymous asked:

Would you be cool with me taking one of your flags to a concert (Muse)? Also, not to be annoying but where does the money from sales go to and is what you're selling ethically produced? Thanks and sorry!

1) Yes, yes we would be cool with that!  

2) Not annoying @ all!  All proceeds from sales of our antifa flags, pins, patches, shirts and stickers go directly to The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund.  

We do our best to make sure that everything we carry is sourced ethically:
 -our flags are imported from Germany;
 -our pins are made by a worker-owned co-op;
-our SHARP patches are the last remaining ones commissioned by members of the original SHARP chapter about 15 years ago, so we can’t vouch for where they were sourced, unfortunately.
-for our t-shirts, we always choose the most ethical option our shirt supplier makes available to us, but that varies depending on what brands are available at any given time.
-our stickers come from a worker-owned co-op. 

anonymous asked:

Knowing I have both a katsudon son and a Tayaki son is so good

Isn’t katsudon Izuku’s fav food too? :D

Anon said: In your head do any of the characters in Boku No Academia have weird kinks?

Sorry anon, I don’t really ever think about that sorta stuff so I’m definitely lacking in that type of headcanons (try @syblatortue‘s blog for that sorta things!!!! nothing especially weird imho but I’m 100% sure you won’t be disappointed :D)


I’M GLAD TO HEAR THAT!!!!!! Honestly I don’t think he used to be generally a sad kid? He seemed pretty fired up and ready to do good, generally!! I loved it t b h !!!!! So I’m, like, pretending there’s no angst for now. Cause I’m a weak baby.

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Natasha Romanoff being annoyed that you were able to beat her in sparring.

“Good job. You’re really awesome. Was it an off day for you?” Your easy smile didn’t fall off your face when Natasha ignored the hand that you offered to help pull her up. She shrugged, slowly drinking from her water bottle. “It probably was. I’m not the best fighter. I don’t even know how I actually pinned you down.”

“I don’t have a single clue on how you managed to do that.” Natasha mumbled under her breath. You furrowed your eyebrows.

“What was that?” 

“Oh, nothing. Sorry.” You nodded slowly, still smiling. 

“Okay, well, I was wondering if you wanted to grab some coffee tomorrow?” Natasha forced herself not to sigh, but before she answered, she was interrupted by the famous Clint Barton.

“Of course, she would! You wouldn’t miss it for the world, right, Nat?” Clint raised his eyebrows at Natasha. She clenched her jaw and nodded stiffly. 

“Great! I’ll see you later.” You bounded off, already in search of another person to chat with. Natasha watched you leave before turning to glare at Clint who grinned sheepishly.

“I know that you say you don’t like them, but secretly I think you do. Y/N reminds me of you except for the fact that they show a few of their emotions. Look, just go with Y/N to get coffee and get to know them. Maybe you’ll get over the fact that they beat you while sparring.” Natasha narrowed her eyebrows and clenched her fists.

“I am not upset about that.”

“Sure, you aren’t, Nat.”

gif credit: not mine. please message me if yours.

gif came from: google images ~ The Avengers AOU

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Michael keeps asking the reader out and you find it funny

“Michael. You need to find someone else, it’s depressing, seeing you love sick for this girl.” Isaiah told Michael as they sat at the bar in the Garrison.

“I wish I could Isaiah, you don’t know how much a fucking want that.” Michael grinned and finished his whisky with one swig.

“Damn, Michael slow down.” Isaiah said with a laugh as John walked over.

“What’s got you looking so sorry for yourself?” John kept is cigar in his mouth and nodded at Michael.

“He’s hung up on a girl he’s asked out about 6 times and she’s said no every time.” Isaiah chuckled.

“So why does he keep on asking?” John asked, confused.

“Because she’s too nice to tell him to fuck off. She just says, ‘I don’t want to go out with anyone at the moment, Michael’ Even though she has fuck me, written all over her face!” Isaiah exclaimed and Michael punched him on the arm.

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Like, okay, to get kind of real and be obvious about how much I project on Anne Shirley always…

When I was in sixth grade, I was on the girls basketball team for three practices. On the third, the coach pulled me aside and told me that the reason I didn’t have any friends was because I cried so much. I quit.

I ruined parties that the whole class was invited to by being moody and dramatic. Teachers had to remind me, “Alex, your voice projects. Take it down a few notches.” I used to start get into talking about something and watch the faces of the people around me slowly go from amusement to discomfort or boredom and that was the way that I knew I had gone too far.

When I was fourteen, I finally convinced my mom to let me go to public school instead of my small church school. I thought, I just need a bigger pond and then I’ll find some kids like me and it’ll be fine. I made a couple kind of friends, one that’s actually lasted though we haven’t been close in years, but I remember sitting down to lunch with them and a couple other people one day, and one girl told me, “You talk so much, you need to learn to talk less or someone’s going to punch you in the mouth.” 

And after about three months, I went back to my old school because I wasn’t really close to any of those kids but at least they all knew me and the teasing was more passive aggressive than outright.

I was too eager in class. I cared about the wrong things too much. I was too sensitive. I was annoying. My whole life. And I constantly told myself that I could do better the next day, I could just tone myself down and be quieter and more subdued, but the next day rolled around and I couldn’t. I had one teacher in my junior year of high school, who claimed to be a really good people reader, that told me, “You’re proud of the things that make you unique but you also feel alienated by them.”

And I’ve always related to Anne in the books because she talks too much, she’s too eager, too sensitive, she’s annoying, but only really for the first half of the first book. After that, the things that make her annoying are treated like endearing quirks that make everyone love her that much more, like they kind of were in the first place but her peers needed to catch up. That…feels like wish fulfillment to me. 

It’s a little different now that I’m not in school anymore. I lost some of my special snowflake syndrome and my voice doesn’t usually project accidentally unless I’m just really excited. I definitely cry less.  I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t really need to be accepted, because I’m fine on my own. But it still affects me. I have friends now that I thought for the longest time didn’t like me because I thought I came on way too strong and scared them off. I still go into new social situations and think, “be better, be better, just don’t be so full Alex” but then I am. 

I remember a few years ago a post going around about how when you’ve been told that you’re annoying it’s hard to get that out of your head, and that’s true. And then Anne in Anne With an E is someone who has been told that she’s annoying several times and in some really terrible ways. You can hear it in the way she delivers her line to Matthew, “Am I talking too much?” And how relieved she is when he says he doesn’t mind. You can see it in the way she tries so hard to be “quiet as a mouse” when she meets Diana. The way she’s so quick to believe that people don’t like her or won’t like her or want her around.  The way she gets so excited to make new friends and start over and then wants to quit at the first sign of messing up. The way she clings to a hope that tomorrow, she’ll be better and won’t make as many mistakes.

She’s a more nervous Anne than I’ve seen before but…in a lot of ways, I appreciate that. Because most people don’t find it cute and quirky, especially when you’re a kid and especially in Anne’s case because as an orphan, the societal cards are kind of already stacked against her.  Amybeth McNulty is excellent at pinning down that this Anne has been convinced that she’s annoying, and that affects her deeply as a person.