sorry to all my non homestuck followers

welp.. long text warnin’
so.. i just reached 1000 followers today (now itz 1004) and i just wanted 2 thank u all so much 4 followin me, favin my picz and all the reblogz with so nice lil messages u sometimes leave in hashtagz or my inbox.. i read everythin and it rly makes me so happy that someone actually like my art.. just awww c’:
i also wanted 2 apologize 4 my crappy english, trololol, and im way too lazy 2 use grammar properly so itz like Temero grammar fail x2 combobob. i just hope u understand what im tryin 2 say here. xD
(and yep, sorry 4 bein so inactive lately, im tryin 2 get my drawin mood back, guyz ;-;)
and because my apologizin never ends, i also want 2 apologize 4 non answerin questions/texts or requests u are sendin me, cuz i currently have exactly 100 inbox messages and it just keepz comin and i cant even reply everythin let alone reply in time.. so, welp, sorry about that ;-;
thatz now all from meh, and thanx everyone one more time!