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rubber duck | madzie | 500 words

Madzie lies at the bottom of the tub, gazing up at the bright yellow rubber duck floating above her. She’s too big to lay all the way down in the little tub, so her knees are hugged to her chest, feet propped up on the tiled wall. It’s still nice though. Everything always feels better underwater. It’s easier to breathe, as backwards as that would sound to most people.

But well. Most people don’t have gills.

She can hear Magnus pacing outside the door, obviously still upset. She feels badly, but it’s also partly why she’d come in here. This is the one place neither of them ever follow her, so she takes advantage of that, sometimes.

“Madzie, darling?” Magnus calls out softly.

Madzie closes her eyes. She hates how small his voice sounds. I did that, she thinks, her stomach dropping heavily with guilt.

She takes one last deep pull of water in through her gills, centering herself in the feeling, before slowly emerging from the tub. The ripples caused by her movement send the little rubber duck drifting away from her. He’s running away too, she thinks.

She hadn’t thought to grab her favorite bathrobe when she fled in here to hide, so she magics it in from her bedroom. She hasn’t quite mastered conjuring something directly onto her body, so instead it appears folded neatly on the counter and Madzie dons it quickly. The slightly too big hood (complete with floppy rabbit ears) falls down over her eyes. She hesitates for a moment before reaching into the tub to retrieve the duckling, tucking it into the pocket of her robe. It’s comforting.

She opens the door to find Magnus still standing outside, just as she suspects. With her bath hood drawn over her eyes, she can only really see him from the ankles down. She can’t really tell from his ankles whether he’s still upset with her, but she’s also too afraid to look up at his face.

“Have a good swim, guppy?” he asks her, just like he always does. She knows the familiar question is meant to make her feel better, but instead she feels worse.

“I’m sorry I messed up your potion,” she tells Magnus’s ankles, fiddling with the ties on her robe.

“Oh sweetheart,” Magnus says, crouching down to try to see her under her hood. “You didn’t ruin anything, okay? Potions are tricky things sometimes, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fixed.”

She finally looks up at him then, and his steady gaze is gentle. Sincere.

“I’ll show you,” he tells her, reaching out a hand.

Madzie’s fingers rub idly along the smooth surface of the rubber duck in her pocket. Part of her longs to be back in the tub, submerged and safe.

But Magnus is still waiting, his hand outstretched patiently. She takes it, and the warmth of her small hand enclosed in his is instantly calming.

Maybe there’s safety on land too, as long as Magnus is there.

Modern-Day Knight

Prompt: Baekhyun falling in love with a damsel not so much in distress

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1177

He was there by the end of the hall waiting for you.


You sighed and rolled your head back to give an exasperated stare at the ceiling, enough to burn a hole perhaps. Unfortunately, nothing began to smolder or spark and you inwardly groaned when he noticed you approaching him. Like a loyal dog, he took his spot to your right.

“Hi.” He adjusted his backpack.

“You know you don’t have to do this…honestly,” you grumbled back, staring straight ahead.

“A hello would be nice.”

“Fine. Hello Byun Baekhyun. How are you today? Oh, you’re good? Me too. In fact, I’ve been perfectly fine my entire life, you don’t have to walk me to my classes, thank you very much.”

“Did you get a bad grade on your timed writing again?”

“Shut up, I don’t want to talk about it,” you mumbled.

The two of you continued your walk in silence, letting the other teenagers make conversation noise for you as you were all herded to class by the bell schedule. You could tell he was looking at you, sparing a glance here and there.

“Why are you doing this?” you asked.

“You don’t like me, do you?” he responded, expertly avoiding your question.

You sighed. “It’s not that I don’t like you, it’s just that…all of, well, whatever you’re doing is really unnecessary,” you answered, proficiently rounding the subject of conversation back to the original question.


“Yeah, that one day. That one day those jealous bitches ganged up on me after school because they learned how rich my family was. Jealous because they assumed that my parentals were paying for some esteemed, retired university professors to tutor me. Of course! That’s the only way I could be getting such ‘perfect’ grades. That one day I was having such a shitty migraine and the AC was out and it was so goddamn hot that I couldn’t fucking see straight-”

“So what did you get on the timed write? You’re starting to curse a lot.”

“A fucking 89. Because the conclusion could’ve tied in with my thesis statement better and the thematic connection to the real world or whatever shit was weak. ‘The analysis in your second paragraph could’ve been better’ she said. We have like, 45 minutes to write the damned thing! What does she want from us? Is it really that hard to get a fucking A?”

Baekhyun began to chuckle. “Well, most people get C’s or lower. I’m pretty sure an 89 is more than fine.”

“I understand that, it’s just that I was that close to getting an A. Sorry I don’t make sense when I write under pressure. Sorry I’m illiterate.”

“That’s not what illiterate-”

“I know what illiterate means,” you deadpanned. “Sorry, I didn’t mean for it to come out harshly…it’s just the way I talk,” you added quietly, softer.

“Nah, it’s ok. I understood you.”

More silence. Well, at least between the two of you. The hallways were still loud as usual. But you could hear it, his thinking, his body language. When he was thinking about something or trying to put his words together in his head, his movements became noisy. You could see him thinking, hear his thoughts about to escape-

“So are they?”


“Your parents. Are they paying for tutors?”


“But you’re rich.”

“My parents are rich. I don’t make shit. But it’s not like they’re making me find my own way in the world on my own. That’s not true. They love me and support my however they can, just…nothing unnecessarily extravagant. They don’t want me to be spoiled. They want me to be able to come up with solutions on my own without being dependent on their money. They want me to work hard and be responsible for myself. Yeah, if I need help, they’ll hire a tutor, probably someone a lot better than the neighbor’s visiting university student, but nothing too much, and plus, that doesn’t happen much anymore anyway. They’ll pay for university, but I need to get accepted on my own, yeah? I make good grades not because of my parents money, but because I work hard by myself.”

Baekhyun was quiet for a moment, processing your words. You mentally kicked yourself for being deep all of a sudden.

“It sounds like you’ve rehearsed that,” he commented, no trace of scrutiny in his voice. A simple comment.

“It’s because I have.”


“It’s because I feel like I need to justify myself to at least myself sometimes. Mostly because no one has time to listen to that speech, and they probably don’t want to either.”

“But why?” His curiosity began bubbling through his voice.

You scoffed. “I know people talk about me. They come up with a bunch of wacko rumors now. They all think I’m some relative of an important political person or nobility or some crazy shit like that. My parents just have good jobs that they’ve earned with hard work. But people think I’m some princess, someone’s third cousin twice removed…Just because a bunch of girls got mad at me because their grades aren’t better than mine. It’s such a dumb rumor too! Like, if you’re gonna start rumors about someone, at least make it scandalous, not some floofy princess shit when I can actually kick anyone’s ass any day. Fuckers.”

Baekhyun started laughing. His eyes crinkling a bit, a pleasant smile showing off a cute row of top teeth.

“What?” You let yourself smile in return.

“I don’t know. When other people say it, it almost sounds real, but when you say it, they just sound like idiots.”

“That’s because they are.”

“Aigoo…” He gave you a playful flick on the side of your head.

“Ow! What the fuck?”

“Princesses shouldn’t say stuff like that, you and your cursing mouth.”

“Well, deal with it.”

“And you can kick anyone’s ass any day? Pfft. When I saw you, you were shoved against the lockers with your hair being pulled in two directions at once.”

“Don’t you dare fucking patronize me, Byun Baekhyun. I’ll fight you, and I will beat you.”

“Ok fine, just saying.” He gave you a lighthearted smile. “Princesses do need knights though. To protect them.”

You tsked. “You really don’t know when to shut up, do you?”

“No, not really, no.”

You arrived in front of your math class. Baekhyun began making his way to his class with a friendly goodbye.

“Wait, Baekhyun.”

“Yeah?” He turned on his heel to face you again.

“Why did you do anything that day? To stop them. You didn’t even know me. Most people just watch…”

“Mmm…I just felt like it was the right thing to do? I don’t know. Chivalry? Honor? Kinda like a knight, I guess.” He grinned before hurrying to his own class, the warning bell chiming after him.

“Fucking Byun Baekhyun,” you muttered under your breath.


Baekhyun got to the classroom door just as the final bell rang.

“Shit,” he thought, trying to suppress a smile, “she’s starting to grow on me.”

no sleep for dreaming - an MMFD fic

I don’t do prompts usually because it takes me too long to write anything but I saw this one a while back and took a fancy to it.   

At first this was just going to be Finn’s POV but there was stuff I wanted to say that he wouldn’t know about so, I had to write from Rae’s POV as well, so I could include the prompt line “it’s just this once” and because I really wanted to use the line about the hotpot. I really like that line, what can I say?

It’s set after Finn’s nan’s funeral and just so you know, this is not the resting place of the porn written last week, in case that was the enticement for reading this. That’s for another time. You pervs.

As is always the way of it, love and undying gratitude to @slitherouter for her endless excitement and enthusiasm and to @how-ardently for her unstinting support and unwavering hand holding and always knowing exactly what the hell it is that I’m trying to say.

The title is taken from the Tears For Fears song Break it Down Again from their Elemental album.

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