sorry tho it's in french

Sebaciel moments in the anime

I’ve found some old screen captures of when I was watching Kuroshitsuji a while ago. (lol everything is in french sorry, translated it for you)


“I feel a great desire in you, a strong attachment for this soul”

“Why are you so obsessed with the soul of this child anyway?”

“Why is Sebastian…” (in the context:…so important for me?)


The season 2 and ciel in wonderland ovas are basically filled with this shit, istg if this isn’t called canon i don’t fucking know what is

for @warkittyz36

Your first week at the new high school was an uneventful one. Faculty had helped you settle in before classes began, and with your desk set up, the classroom decorated, you had felt ready to tackle the sophomore Spanish class. The rest of the Foreign language department had made their introductions, save for one mysterious and very absent figure.

When you had asked why, they had all laughed.

No one taught like she taught. She didn’t need to show up to meetings to keep her job.

You’d be lying if the thought of her didn’t terrify you.

(it also definitely explains why you were accepted as the Spanish teacher instead of the French teacher)

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a playlist for: something that feels kinda close to post-apocalyptic but isnt quite there yet. kinda adventurous, kinda scary, kinda sad

listen here!

1. m1 a1 -gorillaz 2. 2-1 -imogen heap 3. the captain -the knife 4. oya -ibeyi 5. germs -yeasayer 6. heaven knows -the pretty reckless 7. nameless world -skip the use 8. every planet we reach is dead -gorillaz 9. suburban war -arcade fire 10. all we have is now -the flaming lips 11. the execution of all things -rilo kiley 12. les voyages de l'ame -alcest