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A post about the show 13 reasons why and why I don’t like Hannah Baker.

By the end of the first episode I really didn’t like Hannah. This didn’t change, not even when I felt emphaty. I’m really sorry if I’m one of the bad guys, I’m really sorry if I end up offending someone. But, remember, I’m a flawed person too. A person who needs to write her thoughts now.

The tapes: for me, revenge. As I see it, the tapes were Hannah’s way to get revenge on everyone who hurt her. They were not about explaining, making people understand, showing how people change. No, they were about payback and haunting. And if you want to tell me otherwise, I’m all ears. People told me she wanted to leave an explanation. She didn’t. Because the ones who deserved the explanation more than anyone were her parents, yes, the ones who were broken in a million pieces after her death. In fact, I cannot forgive Hannah Baker for killing part of her parents when she died in that bathtub.

Justin: we learn how Justin started everything, everything that lead her to her death. Yeah. But we also see how messed up his life was. The reason for him to act like an idiot. I grew fond of Justin. I understood him in some ways. I cannot defend him, I cannot say it was OK, none of it was. He did terrible things but in the end… He was so troubled I don’t think he could distinguish between right and wrong at any point. I feel weird cause, after all he did to Hannah and Jess, I have the strange emphaty towards him. Maybe I’m like him in some way, maybe I’m the kind who allows things to happen.

Jess: Jess was wrecked by the tapes. She went through hell. And maybe she wasn’t a good friend. But neither was Hannah. Telling everyone how Jess got raped and couldn’t even remember it was not fair at all. Saying Jess destroyed the friendship by herself was low. And I’ll defend Jess, yeah, cause no one did, cause Hannah pointed her finger but, apparently, she didn’t fight too hard to keep the friendship. Also, friends come and go, I’m sorry to say. And you cannot, ever, blame someone for your suicide because this person grew apart and couldn’t be a real friend to you for too long.

Zach: shit with Zach was weird, I’m gonna defend him too. He had things of his own, and he really liked her, apparently, she didn’t give him a chance. And he wasn’t mean to her cause he “didn’t get what he wanted”, he was mean in response to her being an asshole, too. So, Hannah can be hurt and be an idiot, but if the others do the same, they are monsters?

Marcus: total asshole. Tipical teenager. He didn’t care much. But he didn’t deserve to be tormented either.

Sheri: wtf? She did one thing wrong and this is proof the world is fucked up and a reason to kill yourself? The girl was nothing but kind and was ate by guilt before and after the tapes, did she deserve to be haunted like this? I don’t think so.

Courtney: one more that was judged because she wasn’t a real friend and didn’t want to be so, either. Can you blame her? No. She wasn’t true to herself? Maybe. Who am I to judge? Who was Hannah? Courtney was an idiot but she didn’t deserve to be exposed.

Ryan: another idiot, yes. Bad behaviour, selfish and all. Does he deserve to live his life thinking he was a reason for someone to commit suicide? I don’t think so. He deserved to pay for his actions, he deserved to know he acted wrong. But in the end he was just an idiot who didn’t try to destroy her in any way.

Tyler: the one who really needed some therapy. He was always bullyed and laughed at, even by Hannah. He had some real problems and carrying responsibility for her suicide would lead to some things that are much bigger than what was already shown. So, this is just an example of the consequences of the tapes.

Bryce: didn’t get to listen to the tapes. We never learn why Bryce was like he was. We never see him being punished and Hannah punishes everyone but him. So Clay has to do it for her. She wanted someone to fight for her and that I understand, mainly because I cannot imagine how she felt. Do I blame Bryce? For many things, yes. For her suicide? No. Because she doesn’t put all the blame in him. He’s not the last drop so at some point she thought she could handle things in a different way, she didn’t.

Mr Porter: he was not more than a counselor, and he cannot carry responsibility for her suicide. Was he good as a counselor? Probably not. Was he useful? Not at all. Everyone is fighting their own battles day after day, he was too, and that’s why he wasn’t there for her. How could he know? Can he be guilty because he gave a crappy advice and didn’t go after her like she wanted? I don’t think so. She left. That’s on her.

Clay: she put Clay through hell, for what? FOR WHAT? he felt like crap, he felt guilty, he faced some shit he clearly didn’t deserve to. So, why? Listening to the tapes was pure torture to Clay. She affected him for good and that doesn’t seem fair at all. She put him in danger, a danger he didn’t deserve. Torturing Clay was low, and I cannot accept it, I cannot like Hannah Baker when I know she was totally aware of how bad the tapes would hit Clay.

Alex: the ultimate consequence… The list was a childish stupid shit to do, yes. Going to the boy’s locker room was too. Why did she do that? She wasn’t allowed there and it was obvious they would talk even more after that. Blaming him for destroying Hannah and Jesse’s friendship? Unfair and stupid. Alex was a thunderstorm, he had so much going on inside his head, he couldn’t even handle Hannah’s thunder, or anything else, to be honest. I would have liked to learn more about him… After all, Hannah’s suicide lead to his. So, are we to blame Hannah the way she blamed him? Alex couldn’t handle the pressure, the guilt and he gives all the signs, he silently walks to his death and noone sees it, no one cares. So what good did the tapes do? They didn’t prevent anything, on the contrary, they lead to destruction and more and more pain. Hannah wanted to be a ghost seeking revenge and she got it.

The parents: the ones who are fucked up without doing anything, without stupid tapes to explain shit. The main reason why I can’t stand Hannah is the fact that, when she killed herself, she was gone, the pain was gone, and exactly at this moment her parent’s worst nightmare began. She didn’t think of them. She didn’t leave a note for them. She dedicated her last week to torment all the kids at school but not a word for her parents. Her mother’s desperation crushed me. She killed herself but she broke them, in a million pieces, never to be put together again. Can you tell me that’s not selfish? Not even a little? I just cannot forgive something like that, because finding your kid dead in the tub is pretty much the worst thing a parent can face.

Edit: if you don’t agree and GET MAD at me, please don’t reply. If you agree or don’t and want to reply with your own non-aggressive opinion, please reply. Edit 2: in case you didn’t understand, I don’t judge the reasons for which she killed herself, I don’t dislike her because of that. I just don’t like the tapes themselves and the apparent reasons for which she left them.

Movie Night

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Title: Movie Night

Characters: Castiel x Reader, Dean, and Sam

Word Count: 1,058

Warnings: fluff, comfort

A/N: This was requested by @flufy07! I hope you all enjoy this!! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

Movie night with your brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, was originally your idea.  It was meant to relax you and your brothers after a hunt.  It wasn’t meant for you to watch one of the scariest movies of your life.  The movie scared you more than your job did.

As the movie ended Sam and Dean were cracking jokes about the whole movie.  You were supposed to be laughing with them, and you would have too, but you were too scared.  When you went to get up from the couch, Dean playfully tapped your arm.

“Oh come on [Y/N],” Dean smirked.  “You aren’t scared of that movie were you?  You’re a Winchester.  There’s more to be afraid of in our line of work.”

“Pssh,” you scoffed.  “That movie was a joke.”  You forced out a yawn, stretching your limbs.  “If anything it almost put me to sleep.”

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You had no idea what was taking him so long. It’d been almost 20 minutes and he still wasn’t done. 

What was so difficult? Sort his hair out, throw a t-shirt and plaid on. Pants. Socks. Shoes. Jacket. Done. 

You were getting pissed and so was Dean. 

Sighing, you leaned forward and kissed Dean’s cheek, getting out to go see what the hell Sam was up to. 

“Sammy, hurry the fu-” 

You stopped midsentence and wretched, gagging as you saw Sam flexing in the mirror, his veins popping and looking like they were going to burst. 

Just the thought made you wanna vomit, thinking of the bursting and the internal bleeding. Eww.

You weren’t afraid of blood. Well, not in the typical way. 

Someone bleeding out in front of you, you could handle. 

Thinking about burst arteris and veins? That made you wanna projectile vomit. 

You turned around as Sam stopped checking out his muscles, stumbling out and climbing back into the car, keeping everything down and trying to block out the image of two huge veins. 

“You ok, sweetheart?”

You shook your head, looking into Dean’s eyes and trying to forget what you’d just seen. 

Then he climbed into the car, smiling at you, a little embarrassed that you’d seen him flexing, but otherwise unaware of your need to let it all out at the sight of his arms. 

Then Dean had to do it. 

Clenching his jaw, the vein around his temple was clearly visible and you lost control. 


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AN: I think that this request is very beautiful and heart warming, it put such a smile on my face to get it! Thank you to the anon that came up with this amazing request! I hope you will like it! *I do not own the gif, and please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxo :3

Pairing: Steve X Reader

Prompt: Hello I was wondering if you could do a Reader x Steve one shot where the reader is a civilian. She helped when Bucky came back and she’s always there to listen( even research each place he’s sent on missions so that he can know the beauty and not just horrors of a place). She’s proved to him that he could have a home in a world he didn’t think he belonged in.

((It starts out after the first movie, then jumps a few times, each jump bringing you eventually after Age of Ultron. I hope you do not get confused… ALSO this is going to be more from Steve “point of view”, just fyi))



~After the battle in New York~

The streets of New York City would never look the same to him again after the battle. Every street corner he turned, he practically relived the fight. But, he was consistently reminded that he was not the only one suffering. Shops and restaurants were still buried in rubble, people’s lives suddenly were thrown into complete chaos.

S.H.I.E.L.D had taken no public responsibility for the destruction seeing as the New Yorkers were easy to point fingers at the aliens that had come instead f the Avengers that helped save them. Still, Steve felt bad. As he walked along the sidewalks he saw people struggling to stay afloat and rebuild their lives, and all because they were caught in the middle of a fight that was not even theirs.

Steve kicked a loose piece of pavement around as he walked down the street, his hands shoved in his pockets and a baseball cap covering his eyes as he looked down. He didn’t want anyone to recognize him, he just wanted to blend in and pretend to be a normal New Yorker, even just for a few minutes.

He came across a broken, crumbling café. It didn’t look much different than many of the other stores around, but the thing that grabbed his interest was the girl that was in it. Through the broken glass windows and piled of drywall and brick, he could see a girl with her hands gripping a heavy chunk of cement, her legs wobbling as she tried to move it across the small café.

Steve contemplated for a second, then walked through a hole in the front of the shop where he had assumed the door had once been. “That looks heavy.” He commented.

The girl looked up for a moment, then grunted and quickly set it back down. She brushed the fly-away hairs out of her face. “Just a little.”

Steve walked over and around ruble to get to the girl, then picked up the cement at her feet easily. “Where did you want this?”

She looked up at Steve with wide eyes then gestured over to a pile of debris in the back corner of the shop. 

He set it down, never breaking a sweat. “Can I help you pick anything else up?”

She looked at him for a second, then drummed her fingers along her chin thoughtfully. “You aren’t from around here, are you?”

Steve grinned. “I used to live in Brooklyn, but I don’t anymore. Why’d you ask?”

“Because,” She explained as she scooped up some of the smaller rocks lying around on the floor and walked them over to the pile. “Most New Yorkers don’t have enough time on their hands to go around helping other people, they’re too busy rebuilding their own homes to worry about the homes of others.”

“What can I say, I enjoy helping others.” Steve grinned at her.

“So, what’s your name?” Steve asked.

“Y/N.” She answered, “What about yours?”

He laughed. “Steve.”

“Steve, hm. You look familiar…” She commented whilst walking up to him, trying to get a closer look at his face.

Steve clumsily backed up and nearly fell over some of the rocks and rubble. “I doubt that you’d recognize me, you know, with the city being as big as it is and all.”

She shrugged and grabbed a broom that was leaning against the wall and began to sweep the dust together.

“Why don’t you hire help?” Steve asked as it occurred to him that this girl was the only one picking up in the shop.

“Can’t afford it.” She said bluntly. “I practically sold my soul just to get this café. It’s been my dream ever since I was a little kid, I always wanted to own my own little store on the busy streets of New York City. My parents told me that it was a dumb plan, not very practical. But, still I decided to drop out of school and jump on a train to New York with every cent that I had saved up.”

The girl shook her head and wiped the sweat the began to bead on her forehead. “It was a stupid choice when I look back on it.”

“No,” Steve said softly. “I know what its like to want something that bad and being told that you can’t.”

She looked up at Steve and a small smile graced her lips, but then she looked down and frowned again. “Things were really starting to turn around, I was starting to finally make up all of the money that I spent on this place. Business was looking good. But,” She sighed. “then, aliens decided to attack the city, and now my dream is in ruins.”

Steve knew that what the aliens did to her shop wasn’t her fault, yet he still felt guilty for what she was going through. “I’m sorry I couldn’t stop them from wrecking this place.”

She looked up at him with a questioning face, then it clicked. Her broom fell from her fingertips. “You…you are Captain America!”

His eyes widened when he realized his mistake, then he rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. “Yes, but I’d prefer it if you called me Steve.”

She shook her head, her cheeks flushing. “I’m sorry, you must have better things to do than hear my sob story and pick up rocks.”

“No way.” Steve smirked at her and continued to grab bricks and cement blocks from the floor. “And if it’s not too much trouble, I’d like to hear more about you.”


Steve walked into Y/N’s café, the bell hanging over her door let off a small ding.

“Y/N?” Steve called as he closed the door behind him. “Are you here?”

She popped out from behind the counter where she had been putting some of the baked goods in the glass display case.

“Steve!” She ran out from behind the counter and jumped into his arms, hugging him tightly. “I know that you said you would come over, but I thought maybe they had made you leave early or something because you weren’t showing up…”

Steve’s face flushed a light rose color when she kissed his cheek, though he knew she meant it only in a friendly way.

She pulled away from him and led him over to one of the small café tables. She flipped the sign on her door over to say “closed” and grabbed some of the muffins and pastries from the glass case and put the on a dish at the table where Steve sat.

“Oh, Y/N, I can’t eat those, you made them to sell-”

“Oh, it’s no big deal.” She interrupted with a goofy grin, one that Steve had come to love and miss while he was on missions.

After his meeting Y/N for the first time, he couldn’t get her out of his mind. He managed to convince S.H.I.E.L.D. to pay her some of the money she needed to stay afloat by saying that it was only fair considering it was partly the Avenger’s fault that her shop was like that. Which, as it turned out, wasn’t a complete lie. It was Iron Man’s bombs that had exploded in front of her shop, leaving it crumbling.

Steve kept coming back for cups of coffee and desserts (always leaving large tips, of course), and soon after became really close friends with Y/N. It wasn’t long before she was helping him prepare for missions and letting him vent about S.H.I.E.L.D.. She was even there for him when he came back from fighting Bucky, holding him in her arms when he cried or couldn’t hold himself up. It was around that time that he realized that he was completely, hopelessly in love with her.

“I have the file for you, just hold on.” She informed him as she placed a steaming cup of black coffee (his favorite) on the table. He watched her run to the backroom of the shop where he knew the stairs up to her apartment was. Sometimes, he wished that he could just tell Y/N how he felt, and live in the small apartment with her and help her run the café. He wished that his life was a little simpler and that he didn’t have to run off and fight all the time.

She jogged back into the room and pushed her hair out of her face as she handed the folder to him.

“The Slovakian town your heading to is in extreme tension right now.” Y/N explained as Steve leafed through the file. All sorts of pictures and information was piled in it. Y/N voluntarily decided to do research on every place that Steve went so that he had a grasp on the area and its people, and also so he is reminded that they are people and not just enemies. “There are riots popping up, they are extremely opposed to Stark, and presumably anyone associated with him. Like you, for example.”

Steve set the papers down and rubbed his temples. “Great.”

“But, their culture is so beautiful.” Y/N said with a softer voice, her eyes lighting up. “They are such a proud people with an amazing sense of unity and protectiveness over their country.”

Steve’s insides felt warm and he could feel his chest tightening. He looked at the clock and sighed, scooping up all the papers.

“I’ve got to go, the team leaves first thing tomorrow. I’ll finish reading the file before I go to bed.” He said regretfully as he gulped down the rest of his coffee.

She got up and grabbed him a little doggie baggie to put the rest of the baked goods in and handed it to him. “Be careful, Steve.”

“I always am, Y/N.” He said and kissed her on the cheek, she really was his best friends.

“I know you are, but…” She rubbed her arms, something Steve had noticed her to do when she got uncomfortable or upset. “…this Ultron guy, he’s pretty strong right? It scares me to think that you have to fight him. You were already in Slovakia once to get Loki’s scepter and the team took a pretty big beating, I just don’t like the idea of you having to go back.”

“Nothing will happen to me, Y/N.” He said with a fake smile stretched out uncomfortably on his lips. “Nothing ever does.”

“Just don’t go thinking that you’re bigger than you are, okay?”

“Never, Y/N. Never.”


Steve’s feet dragged as he headed down the block that he had walked down a million times before. The stars were dotted over the dark New York City sky, they glittered and glistened much like Y/N’s eyes.

He needed to see her.

He went to open the café door, but it was locked. Of course it is, it’s the middle of the night!

Steve felt the tears prick at his eyes as he leaned his forehead against the cool door. God, he felt stupid. Stupid and empty.

“Steve? Is that you?”

He jerked his head up and saw Y/N leaning out of her apartment window and looking down at him.

He heard her run down the stairs and saw lights being flicked on as she made her way to him. She unlocked the door and flung it open, her eyes widened when she saw the tears falling from his eyes.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were back from Slovakia? Did you defeat Ultron?” She asked as she tugged him inside and wrapped her arms around him.

He didn’t respond verbally, he just nodded. He hadn’t felt this hallow since…well, since Bucky.

“Baby, what happened?” She whispered to him.

He dug his face in her messy hair and took her scent in, taking a little comfort in it. “I…I really shouldn’t be crying. Out of everyone on the team, I shouldn’t be the one crying.”

“What do you mean, Steve? What happened?”

“One of our newest teammates, Pietro Maximoff, was shot. He died.” Steve said, swallowing the lump in his throat. “I didn’t know him all that well, but…”

“But…?” She pressed on.

“He has a twin sister, and she’s a mess. Her other half is gone, she’s broken. The whole thing reminds me too much of all the people I have lost, all the friends and family, and how alone I am.”

She was silent for a second, and he felt a tear roll down her cheek. Her hands rubbed circles in his back.

“Steve, you aren’t alone.” She said softly. Her voice was like music to him, it soothed his soul and took him far away friend reality, yet still somehow kept him grounded.

“Steve, I love you.”

Steve’s eyes widened as he pulled away to look at her face. “You…love me?”

She smiled and nodded, the tears falling down her face freely. She stood on her tip toes and pressed her lips against his.

She felt so real, too real to be a dream. To real to be a lie.

For the first time in a very long time, he knew that everything was going to be okay, because he knew he was home.

Title: Don’t be Late 

A/N: Here is part three of Ten Years Waiting. You can find Parts One and Two here on my masterpost. Thank you to all who have liked and shared this! You guys are amazing. It has taken a lot for me to get back to writing and I was nervous about sharing it because I wasn’t sure if you all would like it. I love you guys! Part Four coming Soon. 

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Dean was lying on his motel bed, finishing off his fourth beer when his phone rang. He picked it up, and paused before answering. He didn’t recognize the number, but not very many people had his new number. It must be important.

“Yeah?” His voice was gruff, from sitting in silence and he coughed to clear his throat.

“Dean?” He straightened up at the sound of your voice on the other end.


“Yeah. It’s me.”

A mixture of confusion and excitement flowed through him. “How’d you get this number?” It hadn’t come out the way he meant it to. “I mean, I got this phone last week and it’s a new number…”

“Sam stopped by earlier. He gave it to me.”

“Sam stopped by? I’m going to kill him.” He was serious. He told his little brother to drop it and mind his own business. But of course, he couldn’t keep his nose out of it.

“Should I have not called?” Your voice sounded disappointed and sad and it pained him to hear it.

“No! I’m glad you called!” Dean stood from the bed, and began pacing. He looked over to the kitchen table where Sam was sitting, pretending to do research. Sam looked up, and shrugged. “I just wasn’t expecting it. How are you?” Dean walked past Sam, stopping to hit him on the back of the head, and walked outside. He really didn’t need Sam eavesdropping. He was nervous enough.

“I’m fine.”

“Oh good.” There was a silence that lasted a few minutes.

“Dean, I’m sorry I ran out of the diner today. I didn’t think I would ever see you again.”

He released a breath that he didn’t know he was holding. “No, it’s my fault. I should have given you a warning or something.”


Dean heard you chuckle lightly and smiled. “I missed that laugh.” More silence… “(Y/N)?”

“I’m here. I’m just thinking.”

“What are you thinking about?”

“I think we need to talk. In person.”

“Yeah. That would be nice. Did you have anything in mind?”

“Do you remember where we went on our first date?”

“Of course. The park downtown.”

“4 O’clock tomorrow?”

“I’ll be there.”

“Okay. I’ll see you then.”



“It was nice to see you today. Even if it was only for a second.”

“Goodbye, Dean.” The phone went silent, and Dean was left standing there. He wasn’t sure how he was feeling right now. He was mad at Sam for butting in. He was happy that you had called him. He was nervous about seeing you tomorrow… He sighed and walked back into the motel room.

“Who was that?” Sam asked innocently.

“Oh don’t act like you don’t know.” Dean accused.

Sam smiled. “So what did she say?”

“She wants to meet tomorrow to talk.”

“That’s a good thing right?” he asked, hopeful.

“I guess. I mean, I missed her like crazy, but what if she wants to meet tomorrow to tell me she hates me?”

“I don’t think that’s what it is about. Trust me.” Sam said reassuringly.

“I don’t know Sam… ” Dean sighed. “I guess we’ll find out.”

Dean arrived at the park a few minutes early and sat in his car. He spotted you sitting on a park bench. You were wearing a yellow sundress and your short hair was blowing softly in the wind. You were watching the kids on the playground with a small smile on your face. He didn’t think that you could be anymore beautiful in that moment. For every fear that he had about meeting up after all this time, there were ten reasons he couldn’t stay away from you any longer. He took the keys out the ignition and got out of the car. He pulled at his flannel shirt, trying to smooth out any wrinkles. Your head turned at the sound of his car door and you gave him a small smile. He grinned and made his way over to you. He held his arms out expectantly, and was relieved when you stood and put your arms around this waist. Dean hadn’t felt like this in ten years, and the smell of your familiar perfume prompted him to give you a small squeeze.

“You look beautiful.”

You smiled and turned to kiss his cheek. Dean released you and motioned for you to sit. He sat next to you, and he couldn’t take the smile off his face. “What has you all smiley?” you teased.

“Well, I was a bit nervous. But now I’m just excited to see you again.”

“That doesn’t have anything to do with the kiss to the cheek does it? Cause I’m telling you right now Winchester that’s all you’re getting.” You said, trying to seem stern.

Dean threw his head back and laughed. “Awe come on (Y/N)! That little thing…” He teased back. You nudged him with your elbow.  “I missed this.”

“Me too.” you sat in comfortable silence for a few minutes.

“I’m sorry I left you like that.” Dean whispered.

“I know.” your voice was quiet, and filled with emotion.

“When I left, I thought I was coming back.” Dean sighed and rubbed his face. “I thought that once I found dad, I could come back and everything would be like it was. But then things went to shit. Jess died, dad died… everyone died.” You reached for his hand. Dean accepted your comfort and tried to laugh it off. “I went to hell for God’s sake. Hell…. Who does that?”


“No. Let me finish. I started the apocalypse. I’ve gotten good people killed. I can’t tell you how many times I let Sam down… I was a demon…” his voice broke. He blinked furiously, not wanting you to see the tears beginning to form. He turned to you. “How was I supposed to come back? How could I justify bring you into all of my crap?”

“Can I say something?” Dean nodded. “I. Don’t. Blame. You. Not at all, Dean. I know why you had to leave, and I know how hard it was for you to lose everything. I know, because I lost everything when you left. But you have to understand that I loved you, Dean, I loved you so much and you didn’t have faith in me… in us.”

“What if something had happened to you? What if it had followed me home and you got hurt?”

“Dean, I was a hunter too. Remember? We took that risk every time that you left. But you always came back and we were always fine.”

“You weren’t there. You didn’t see Jess’ body on the ceiling… just like my mom’s. Sam was careful, and no one knew that he was a hunter, not even her. That damn demon found her and now she is gone. I can’t handle that pressure.”

“You don’t think that I felt the same way?” you sighed and ran your fingers through your hair. “You didn’t call, you didn’t write I… I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!” You stood up and began pacing in front of the bench. “For months, I thought you were gone. Then you popped up on the news… I figured shifter, but I couldn’t let myself think that you were gone for good.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Me too. I just need you to realize that this goes both ways. I wasn’t some damsel in distress. I was your partner.”

“It never works out… It just doesn’t.”

“Have you ever thought that maybe we could have been the exception?” Dean nodded. He understood what you were saying.

“So, you know what I have been up to… sort of.” Dean said, trying to change the subject to something a bit more light. “What have you been up to?”

“Well actually, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.”

“Oh yeah?” Dean raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah. I wanted to tell you before you found out from someone else…”

“Don’t tell me…” he interrupted, “You’re married?”

“GOD NO!” you said quickly, “I mean… no, I’m not.”

“Well that’s kinda hard to believe. I mean, how have you not been scooped up by now.”

“Well, since you left, I haven’t really wanted to be ‘scooped’. Besides, I don’t think Emily would like it very much.”

“So Emily is your… Umm, partner?”

You laughed. “No Dean. I’m not a lesbian… as much as I think you would like that.” you nudged him. You looked at the ground. “Emily is my daughter.” You looked up at him. His eyes were wide, and his mouth was open, but no words came out. You decided to go along with your practiced speech. “She’s 9. Well, she’ll tell you that she 9 and a half. She likes animals, and she wants to be a vet when she grows up. She reads all the time…” I laughed softly, “Hell, I think that she might be smarter than me sometimes. Oh, and she’s funny, although most of the time I have no idea where she gets half of her jokes…” You paused and placed your hand on his knee.

“Wow. That’s… she sounds great.”

“She really is.”

“So it’s just the two of you?”


“Can I ask what happened? To her dad, I mean.”

“He left.” You could tell that Dean was on the verge of getting angry. He had always been very protective of you. From the moment that he found you hiding in that closet, you knew he would go to the ends of the earth for you. “Before you get mad let me explain… He didn’t know, anything. He has no clue that she is his.” His shoulders relaxed and he seemed to calm down a bit.


“Yeah,” you took a deep breath, “I didn’t want to bother him. He had a lot going on at the time and I thought that when the right time came along I would tell him. But, I never got the chance. He had to leave town and he never came back.” He shifted on the bench, feeling a bit uncomfortable.

“He sounds like a dick.”

“He’s not so bad.”

He nodded. “She’s nine?”

You began to tear up and you sniffled. “Yeah, she’ll be 10 in a few months.” The two of you sat in silence for a few minutes. You could see that the wheels in his head were turning.

“(Y/N)?” You closed your eyes, preparing yourself for the question. “Is she… um, I mean… Is she-”

“Yeah, She’s yours.”

“How did this happen?”

“I found out about it a few weeks after you left. I was going to tell you, like I said… but I never heard from you again…”

“If I would have known, I wouldn’t have…”

“Wouldn’t have what, Dean? Not gone and helped your brother? Saved the world? I understand, okay? Even if you would have known, I know you and I know that you would have gone and did all of those things. It’s who you are. You save people, and it’s important to you. I know that you were telling the truth earlier if you had thought that it was safe, you would have been here with me, so I don’t blame you for anything. I love you, I still do.”

“This is… crazy. I don’t even know what to say.”

“Say you forgive me.” You asked, desperation in your voice.

“You did nothing wrong, I know that keeping it from me wasn’t really your choice.”

“Thank you. That means a lot to me.”  You leaned over and wrapped your arms around him and locked him in a tight embrace. After all this time, you were together and he finally knew the truth. It was like a weight had been lifted off of your shoulders. You let him go, and wiped the tears that had fallen on your cheeks.

He cleared his throat. “I just can’t believe it. I mean, I had always told myself that if I ever had kids I would be there, you know? Dad wasn’t around a lot and I resented that all the time. Without even trying I managed to be completely absent from my kid’s life. I’m sure that she hates me for it.”

“NO!” you said earnestly. “She doesn’t hate you at all. She loves you.”

“How can she love me when I have never met her?”

“Because I am honest with her Dean. I haven’t told her about demons and angels or Lucifer… but I told her who her dad was. I told her about how he was very sorry that he couldn’t be here and that he was a hero.”

“A hero?” he scoffed, “Really?”

“Yes, a hero. That’s exactly what you are and I won’t have you tell me any different. I told her that you are out in the world fighting to keep us safe.” You smiled. “I gave her a picture… the one of us on our 6 month anniversary. She keeps it under her pillow.”

“So she knows who I am.”

“Yes,” You paused, “ and there is something else you should know.”

“She’s not sick is she? It’s not cancer is it?” he asked, in full panic mode.

“No, no. She is fine! She’s perfectly healthy. It’s just that… well… She’s met Sam.”

“What?!” he got up and stood in front of you, his hands on his waist. “What do you mean she met Sam?”

“He came by the house last night. Dean, he had no idea and I was kinda blind-sighted. I asked him not to say anything, I wanted to tell you in person.”

“Does she know I’m in town?” You nodded.

“I think so, when she met Sam I think she got her hopes up. I told her the two of you are always together.”

“Should I…? I mean, can I…” he stuttered.

“Meet her?”

He released a breath. “If that’s okay with you.”

“Of course it is!” you said, standing up in front of him. “I would never keep her from you. She needs you… we both do.”

He smiled awkwardly. “You need me, huh?”

You slapped his arm playfully. “Yes, I do… So do you wanna come by the house tomorrow night for dinner? Sam’s invited of course too.”

“I can do that.” You leaned forward and hugged him for a minute, neither of you really wanting to let go.

“We’ll see you at 7.” You said, releasing him. “Don’t be late.”

Request: Hi, I just wanted to say your writing is amazing! And um I wasn’t sure if you were doing requests or not but I was wondering if you were if you could do one where the reader has been on the show for a while and she’s really good friends with all of them but her husband is deployed and they all help him to surprise her some way, sorry it’s kinda specific but I thought you could do an amazing job with it! Thank you!

A/n: here you go! I hope you like this anon! I wrote this last minute, but it was so much fun! Thank you!


“I love you too babe. Please be safe.” I muttered.
“I promise.” Jake exhaled. The line went dead, and I was back in reality. No longer speaking to my husband who has been deployed for 7 months now.

“Hey y/n, Robert needs you on set. It’s time for your scene with Dean.” The assistant said as she motioned for me to follow.
I shoved my phone into my pocket and wiped my tears away.

I’ve been on supernatural for a year now, and it’s been the best experience. It helped me cope with my husband leaving and the guys, they have been nothing but supportive.

“There you are!” Jensen stammered and went back to reviewing his lines.
My mind was else where, hoping jake was safe. Usually I’d be fine and go on about my day, but today was hard.

“Hey, you ok?” Jensen asked snapping me back.
“Y-yeah sorry. Just a lot on my mind.” I exhaled. Trying to keep the tears from falling.
Jensen didn’t budge. He crossed his arms over his chest and cleared his throat.
My eyes met his and he softened.
“Hey what’s wrong? Is it jake? Is he ok?” He became worried.
“Y-yeah he’s fine! I just miss him a lot right now.” I mumbled trying to compose myself. Jensen wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me in. “It’s ok. I know you miss him. But hey, he’ll be home soon!” He muttered and wiped my tears away. “And you can make him watch the show! He’ll see how far you’ve come!”

My stomach fluttered and a smile grew. He was right. Jake was coming home soon and he’ll be able to see me doing what I love the most! And for that, I was excited.
“Thank you.” I said.
“Don’t mention it.” Jensen chuckled and pressed his lips to my head. “Ready to start shooting?” He asked.
I nodded and went into position.

“And action!” Robert yelped and before I knew it, both jensen and I snapped into our characters.

(Jensens pov)

The scene y/n and I did, was brutal. All of our emotions were let out and we lost control of ourselves. We escaped into the minds of our characters and once the scene was over, it was hard to transition back. Especially for her. She went into her trailer to take a little nap since she was emotionally exhausted.

“Hey you ok?” Jared asked, while holding A plate of cookies in his hand.
“Yeah. Just had an intense moment with dean.” I muttered.
Jared pursed his lips and nodded. He knew exactly what I meant.
My phone went off and I retrieved it from my pocket. It was an unknown number.
“Hello?” I exhaled.
“H-hey is this Jensen?” A familiar voice rang.
“Yep. And may I ask who is calling?”
“Oh it’s me, Jake.” He replied.

“Hey jake! How’s everything going? Miss you out here man.” I rambled, not realizing I was a bit enthusiastic.
“It’s okay. I guess. But hey, I’m coming home tomorrow night and I was wondering if you and the other guys could help me out?” Jake spewed.
“Yeah of course!” I exclaimed. “What’s up?”

“I want to surprise y/n.” He cheered.


It was near the end of the day and I was ready to head home and sleep. I’ve been doing that a lot lately.
It was my last scene of the night and it was with all of the boys. They stood in their spots and waited for the cue to start.

“Dean we have to find Crowley to get that stupid thing off you!” Jared/Sam exclaimed.

“You don’t think I know that Sammy? I’ve tried calling him.” Dean muttered.

“Maybe we should summon him.” I stammered, crossing my arms over my chest.

“Or maybe we should summon someone else?” Cas exhaled.
“Yeah I know the perfect guy to summon!” Jensen smiled.

What the hell? This wasn’t in the script?
“W-what’s happening? Did someone change the script?” I flipped through my lines, trying to pin point this moment.

Jared put all the props together and pulled me closer to them.
“What’re we doing?!” I scoffed.

“Hopefully this works Sammy. We really need him for this.” Dean mumbled.

Cas tilted his head to the side and let out a soft sigh.

There was smoke around the room and Jared finished up the summoning. But nothing happened.
“You rang?” A familiar voice said from behind. My head snapped back and when I laid eyes on the man, my heart began to race and a lump formed in my throat. It was jake. His lips curved up and chuckled. “Missed me?”

I ran straight into his arms and pranced on top of him, my legs wrapping around his waist.

I could hear the boys laughing from behind.
Jakes lips crashed into mine and my stomach fluttered. My husband was back home. Safe and in my arms.

“I’m back baby.” He smiled through our kiss.
“Welcome home.” I cried.

I turned to the guys and let out a laugh. “You guys are so mean! I really thought they changed the script on me last minute!” I chuckled.
“Hey we had to make it realistic. We didn’t want to ruin the surprise!” Jensen cackled.
“Well thank you. All of you.” I smiled.
“No problem.” Jensen muttered.
“Yeah, it was fun. And we’re glad he’s home!” Jared smiled.

“Welcome back man.” Misha stammered.

“Thanks for the help guys. I couldn’t have done it without you.” Jake said as he tangled his hand into mine.
“Lets get some drinks!” I squealed clenching onto my husband.

“Sounds great!” Jared yelped.

We all made our way out of the set and climbed into the car where cliff waited patiently.

This was beyond anything I could ask for. I had my three best friends and my husband, all with me.

AN: I am so glad y'all liked “Reliving Those Memories.” I had so much fun writing it. Thank y'all for you kind feedback! Hope y'all enjoy Part 2 just as much. (Gif not mine.)

Part 1


“Reliving Those Memories” (Part 2)

You awoke to find arms wrapped around you. At first you forgot, but then you recalled Pietro coming to your room last night to comfort you. You smiled at the thought of Pietro kissing you for the first time. Of course, the circumstances weren’t ideal, but he cared for you deeply. It showed last night. He never left your side, as you gently wept.

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IMAGINE Sam receiving a call from you after a long time of not seeing each other.

“Y/N?” Sam breathed out, shocked to hear your voice again after he thought he’d never hear you again.

“Hey, Sam.” You say quietly, smiling to yourself. “Took me a lot of guts to call you.. But I just wanted to say hi and I’m sorry about the way we ended the last time we saw each other.”

There was a long silence. Sam was still trying to adjust to the idea that you were calling him and apologizing. “Uh, hey. It’s good to hear your voice again.” Sam finally answers, smiling a little. “It’s fine. We both said some pretty messed up things. I’m sorry too.”

“I hope you’re doing fine.” You say and wait for a moment. “That’s all I wanted to say.” And before he could have time to react, you hang up leaving him confused but relieved to hear you again.

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